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Righteous Indignation

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Righteous Indignation
by Pirate Turner



        Green eyes watched with quietly building fury as the foxy lady strutted all around her Captain, her voice always a sultry croon and her every move the moves of the vixen she was. The final straw came when she raised her tail and slowly stroked him underneath the chin. She stepped forward, whiskers and fur bristling with barely controlled fury, as the fox gave her man a come-hither pat to the chin before beginning to walk off, twitching her buttocks and tail one hip at a time as she did so.

        Jenny walked to stand before Bucky, whose shocked mind, she knew, was whirling with how to politely put Mimi in her place without causing a fight that would perhaps lead to continued trouble between their crews. She turned around, grasped Bucky's hand in her own, and called, "Mimi?" When the fox woman turned to look down her muzzle at her, she continued, her voice calm but firm, "If we're to work together on this mission -- "

        "I'm not working with you; I'm working with your Captain."

        Jenny's eyes flashed. "You're working with my husband, which means that you are also working with myself and our crew and family."

        Mimi's mouth hung wide open, but no sound came out. She blinked. Her face twitched in anger and shock. Still she could not find the words to express the fury that swirled within her.

        To make her point purrfectly clear, Jenny held up Bucky's hand that joined with hers. Their matching golden rings winked at Mimi, and she stifled a howl. Jenny turned in her husband's arms and kissed him firmly. Mimi left the cockpit in outrage even as Jenny's tail swished happily.

The End