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Across the Universes

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Across the Universes
by Pirate Turner


        She held her breath as she watched the small, red bird make its smooth landing upon the grass. Some might have trouble distinguishing it, but to Jubilee, there was no mistaking it for being the robin that it was as she intently watch it begin to peck at the birdseed she had scattered just moments before. The others couldn't understand her fascination with the robin. After all, it was just a bird, like all the rest, but then, none of them had been through what she had been through. The others seemed to have forgotten what had happened, to had moved on with their lives as if it was nothing at all, but she couldn't. She would never forget the incredible young man she had met on that particular journey, and he had touched her heart and soul in the short time they had been blessed enough to be together in ways that no other ever could. The bird raised its head to look at her as a gentle breeze stirred through their surroundings.

        Closing her eyes, Jubilee could feel his fingers softly caressing her cheek where the wind gently touched her face. She could have sworn that she could hear his voice on the wind, calling her name, but she knew it was only her imagination. A tiny, scurrying sound brought her eyes back open just in time to see the robin turn its back on her and fly away. "Robin..." she breathed softly as a single tear slipped down her cheek.


        A universe away, a young man dressed in a brightly-colored uniform yet hidden from the sight of passer-bys below by the shadows that surrounded him looked up as the first raindrop of the dark day splashed atop his black hair. Robin shook his head and turned, swinging on towards home, her image still haunting his mind, just as it had since the very moment they had first met.

The End