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The Short Cut To Happiness

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The Short Cut To Happiness
by Lopaka Tanu


"Okay, so what do you want my help with?"  Declan kept his eyes focused on the ball.  If he kept tracking it through each rebound, he wouldn't have let his mind wander just where exactly Trager was.  It wasn't like they were dating or anything, so really, he had no reason to be jealous.

Standing by the window, Kyle turned away from tracking the fireflies.  There were six thousand of them in his visual field.  The knowledge of so many creatures all devoted to the same act was not helping his thoughts.  "Are you certain?"

"Yeah."  Rolling his eyes, Declan stopped the ball mid skip.  "I wouldn't offer if I wasn't serious."  And if he could distract himself, so much the better.  He released the ball in to the next bounce.

"What does sex feel like?"  Kyle watched the tiny red ball go wildly soaring across the room.  "You lost your ball."

"Yeah, I got that."  Well, Declan figured, he should have known to be careful what he had wished for.  Running a hand nervously over his stomach, he coughed to cover his embarrassment.  "I, uh, what?"

"You have had sex, correct?"  Taking a step towards him, Kyle couldn't keep the hope and excitement from his voice.  "I have overheard you and Lori talking about it several times."

Dropping his feet to the floor, Declan quickly rose from his chair. He ran his hands over his pants, trying to dry his palms.  "Look. I..."  Shrugging, he glanced about the room to find the ball.  "We
had, yeah, once."

That caused Kyle's face to light up with delight.  Taking another step towards the other teen, he could barely keep hold of his racing thoughts.  "Describe it, please!"

"What?"  Declan glanced up in alarm at the other teen.  For the first time, he noticed how cheerful Kyle was over the subject.  Had he been a dog, his tail might be threatening to wag off.  That thought caused Declan to snort.  "Why do you want to know all of a sudden?"

"It is not all of a sudden.  I have always been curious."  Tilting his head to the side, he let his eyes scan over the walls.  "At this time, there are approximately twenty-five people in this dorm engaged in sexual activities.  Eight couples, a threesome I believe they are called, and six people masturbating."  As he finished speaking, he smiled at Declan.  "Sex is all around us in every day culture.  Of course I am curious."

"Right."  Ball forgotten, Declan plopped down on the bed.  The will to stand seemed to have left his body.  Movement drew his wide eyed stare back to Kyle.

"I am making you uncomfortable."  One look was all he need to confirm this.  Sighing, Kyle let his hands drop to his sides.  Turning away, he faced the window again.

Crises averted, Declan continued to stare at Kyle for several more minutes.  Thoughts in his head clicked, but they were all giving him the wrong reaction.  He shouldn't be disappointed that Kyle had backed down.  Guys didn't, well, Kyle and he didn't talk like this.

It felt wrong.  Kyle was all child like.  That was like taking advantage of someone's kid.  Blinking, Declan rewound his thoughts. Taking advantage of?

Running a hand through his hair, he chuckled nervously.  So, he had been thinking about actually doing something with Kyle.  There was nothing new about that at all.  He had been entertaining thoughts about him ever since that first party.

A guy on his knees, chugging an entire can, eyes closed in ecstasy. Of course his perverted thoughts had strayed there.  He wasn't certain there wasn't a guy who hadn't thought about it.  Kyle was pretty.

Pretty enough to over look the fact he was a guy.

Especially if all you needed to focus on were those soft lips.  Declan shivered.  Tugging on the front of his jeans, he shifted on the bed. "It's like you're dying."

"Hmm?"  Lost in thoughts, Kyle turned so he could watch Declan's reflection in the window.

"Sex."  Declan swallowed, unable to meet Kyle's expressive eyes, even in a reflection.  "Your whole world is narrowed down to the heat swallowing your dick.  It's like something is trying to draw every last bit of your essence through the head.  You want it to go, but you can't quite get there.  So, each thrust, you try so very hard, until."  He took a shuddering breath.  "You're there."

A hand upon his thigh startled Declan.  Coming back to the real world, he found Kyle kneeling in front of him.  His eyes were wide, pupils dilated.  Declan found his eyes drawn to Kyle's lips as the teen licked them.

"Is that how it is every time?"  Unconsciously, Kyle ran his hand up Declan's leg, fingers gently squeezing the muscles of his inner thigh.  His breath threatened to catch in his throat, making it hard to breathe.

"Yeah."  He found himself nodding.  It had been, each time.  There was no lying to himself.  That was how he had experienced with every girl he had been with.  Declan figured he must have been lost in the lust, else he would not have spoke again.  "Want me to show you?"

The question caused Kyle to tremble.  He looked away, biting his lip.  A gentle hand on his cheek drew his attention back to Declan.  Eyes wide, he took a hesitant breath.  "I want to know."

Declan's heart felt like it exploded in his chest.  Fingers trembling, he ran them over the softness of Kyle's cheek.  He started leaning forward, already tilting Kyle's face up.  Licking his lips, he gave the other teen a tender smile.  "All right."

Holding his breath, Kyle reached forward to press his lips against Declan's.  The moment they made contact, he felt a surge run down his spine.  Moaning, he tried not to do anything wrong.  This was Declan's effort, he was doing the demonstrating.

Still, it felt so good to have the other teen's hand in his hair that he couldn't help pushing back.


It was raining against the window.  From his pillow, Declan could see the blue security light shining through the glass panes.  The rivulets of water were illuminated in blue, giving them an almost ethereal feel.  Declan made a noise of understanding.

So, that's what ethereal meant.

He felt almost breathless.  Everything that had happened, it was so new, so vastly different.  Declan wasn't sure what to feel or how to react to the fact he had sex with a guy.  Not just any guy.

Glancing over to the next pillow, he found Kyle on his back, softly snoring.  The feel of his body against his own, surrounding him, swallowing him.  The thought of being buried balls deep in the other teen caused his pulse to speed up.

The hard line of his angles, firm, yet yielding to him as he took him.  The only thing soft on Kyle was inside.  There were no breasts, no gentle curves that begged to have his hands slide along to hold.  It had been all clinging and desperate, almost violent.

"Oh god."  His throat was sore, but his wasn't the only one.

Kyle was a babbler.

Between moans and pained grunts, he had confessed everything he had done to study human sexuality.  The amount of semen in every teaspoon depended upon the circumstances surrounding the sexual encounter. That had been an erotic little factoid that Kyle had whispered in his ear while he had emptied himself in the teen.

A part of Declan had been scared.  Not only of the act itself, or what others would do to him if they found out.  That had been secondary. What caused his heart to skip a few beats then, and even now, was the fact of how comfortable it felt.

He never felt this at ease.

Awkwardness between him and his current sexual partner was a situational normality he had come to depend upon.  He never stuck around long enough for the cuddling and sleeping part.  Not that the thought of holding someone was unappealing, but because holding that person was.

There wasn't any of that with Kyle.  In fact, he ran his hand up Kyle's shoulder.  The mere act seemed to settle something within himself.

And it didn't hurt Kyle either, from the way he sighed.  Burrowing deeper in to the covers and pillows, Kyle automatically sought to get closer.

They were facing each other, so Declan found himself watching the other teen sleep.  He wanted to tell Kyle how beautiful he was while he slept.  From the way his eyelashes fluttered while dreaming, to the soft bow of his lips.

A heaviness settled upon Declan's chest.  This was bad.  Majorly. Still, no matter how much he knew it was a mistake, he wanted more.

Would Kyle feel the same way?

Rolling his eyes, Declan figured he had had enough being a girl for one night.  Pulling the blankets up over his shoulder, he scooted closer to Kyle.  Their legs were now entwined and chests making
contact.  Closing his eyes, Declan let the warmth emanating from Kyle's body sooth him in to sleep.

So he was a little girlish.  Fine.


Coming awake, Declan felt supremely comfortable, except for his bladder.  Moaning in distress, he tried to turn over to alleviate the pressure.  This only served to make it more apparent.  The half hard dick he sported was more interested in relieving the pressure than anything else.

Groaning to himself about his traitor body, he opened his eyes. Staring back at him were two alien blue eyes.  Declan nearly jumped from the bed until he remembered.


He and Kyle had sex.  Really fantastic sex.  Kyle had enjoyed it, thoroughly.

Settling back in to the covers, Declan smirked at the other teen. "Morning."

A brilliant smile blossomed upon Kyle's face.  "Good morning." Leaning in closer to Declan, Kyle uncertainly wrapped their fingers together.  "Is this normal to feel this way?"

Having been distracted by the feel of Kyle's hand in his own, Declan looked up in surprise.  It took him a second to recall his words. "What way?"

"Apprehensive.  Yet, I also feel joy, I believe this is defined as giddy."  Staring, Kyle seemed to be trying to memorize Declan's face.  His fingers tightened around the other teen's.

Declan snorted.  "Yeah, it's normal."  Now that Kyle mentioned it, he felt a little of those emotions himself.  Mostly, however, he felt contented.  That, he knew, would change when the scope of what had happened settled upon him.  But, for now, he wanted to enjoy this feeling of peace.  "How did it feel?"

"Sex was wonderful!"  Kyle closed his eyes.  Humming to himself, he replayed the sensations in his mind.  "There was pain, as I knew there would be.  It was unexpected, however, and surprisingly, enhanced the experience.  I believe I understand why people are so fond of the act."

"That's good, Kyle."  Leaning forward, Declan surprised the other teen with a quick peck on the lips.  Backing away, he watched as Kyle opened his eyes in shock, the slowly melted in to pleased.  "That's real good."


Drumming his fingers against the door of his SUV, Declan scanned the campus for any sign of Kyle.  If they were going to check out those coordinates before Trager checked in, they needed to get going.  The pit in his stomach that had started during breakfast was only getting worse with each passing second.

It wasn't exactly guilt, but he knew there was some of that in there.  They had both wanted it, Kyle especially.  Sure, he could have told the guy no, but that would have hurt his feelings.  And wasn't that a lame justification?

Still, he knew there was really no reason to feel bad.  They were good, life was good, nothing they had done had technically been wrong.  Well, in some states it had been illegal, but those laws were made void by Supreme court rulings.

Kyle wanted it.  He asked for it even.  Staring wide eyed at the SUV, Declan ran his fingers along the chrome trim.  The guy was smart enough to make his own decisions, even if he didn't have all the experience that came with it.  Sex was just sex, nothing wrong with him.

Besides, he was clean.

He had only been with three girls, and they had been virgins when he was with them.  They hadn't been afterwards, but that was a different argument.  Kyle had been no different than the girls in that respect.  Kyle had wanted to know what sex felt like, Trager had asked the same of him.

Trager was a Trager, so was Kyle.

That caused him to take a groaning breath.  His skin felt too tight and his shirt was suffocating him.  At this rate, he'd be sniffing after her brother next year when he became legal.  Whimpering, he tamped down on those thoughts.  That was just plain silly!

Where the hell was Kyle?

Heart racing, he didn't hear the footsteps behind him.  He sure did feel the touch upon his shoulder.  Crying out, Declan spun to throw off the person's hand.  Backed against the hood of his Dad's SUV, he placed a hand to his chest.

Upon seeing who it was, Declan closed his eyes.  "Jesus Christ, Kyle, you scared the hell out of me!"

"I am sorry, I did not mean for this to happen."  Kyle, himself, looked pale.

Declan knew for sure he hadn't caused the other boy's lack of coloring.  Swallowing, he tried to regain some of his composure.  For starters, he climbed off the hood of the SUV.  "What's wrong?"

Looking away, Kyle wouldn't bring himself to meet the other teen's eyes.  "Nothing."  His eyes twirled, not settling upon one thing or the other.  "Should we look for Lori, or just wait for her here?"

"I thought we were going to check out those coordinates."  When that didn't get a response, Declan ran slid a hand up Kyle's arm.  This earned him a concerned look from the other teen.  "What happened?"

"Nothing..."  He took a shuddering breath, then exhaled with a deep sigh.  His shoulders were sunken, making his shirt bunch.  Kyle looked up again when Declan's other hand cupped his cheek.  The world seemed to slow around them.  "Declan?"

"Did someone hurt you?"  Declan couldn't keep the anger from his voice.  The thought that someone might have harmed Kyle in any way made his blood boil.

"No!"  Swallowing, Kyle met Declan's eyes unflinching.  "I am unhurt.  There was just someone, he told me about..."  He paused to take a calming breath.  "I don't want to talk about it here.  All that matters is that you know it's better this way."

It hurt.  Declan knew that Kyle was keeping his problems bottled up, and he wanted to help him out.  "What way, Kyle?"

"That no one know about me, not even myself."  When he glanced towards Declan, even for just that moment, Kyle's eyes were filled with tears.  "He said that he killed for me, professor Kern."  Shaking his head, Kyle sniffed.  "Can't talk about it, not here."

"Okay.  That's okay, Kyle."  Declan slid his arms all the way around Kyle's body.  He drew the shaking teen against him, pressing his lips to his temple.  His heart did a flipflop beat when Kyle returned his embrace with just as much strength.


Sitting on the bench, Declan watched the passing crowd.  Beside him, his head on Declan's shoulder, Kyle was staring off at nothing.  They had been sitting there for the past twenty minutes, counting down the time until Lori came back.

His arm around Kyle, Declan knew he was risking a lot of questions from Trager, but he thought it worth it.  Kyle had been through a lot in the past twenty-four hours and deserved to be comforted. Personally, he wasn't even sure how to take what they had done.

Sure, the sex had been great, fantastic even.  There was a chance of more coming, too.  On top of that, he was already developing feelings for Kyle.  That way laid the path to the problem.

Was he even sure he wanted to try for a relationship?

Kyle was so inexperienced.  Hell, Declan wasn't all that knowledgeful, despite years of dating.  But, unlike all his previous attempts, this one was different on several levels.  Not just the important part of gender, but because he kinda liked Kyle for Kyle.

With the others, there had been that thrill of anticipation, but most of it had felt like an obligation.  He wasn't thinking that he had to sleep with those girls.  That had been the fun part.  There was just an aspect, as Meghan had liked to say, of expectation to them.

With Kyle, there was none of that.  He wanted to, god help him, ask Kyle on a date.  Not just to get in his pants either.  Though, he knew how wonderful burying himself balls deep in that sweet ass...

Clearing his throat, Declan adjusted the front of his pants while carefully avoiding looking at Kyle.  Blowing out through his thinly pressed lips, he switched to actively scanning the crowd.  There was still no sign of any familiar clothing from Trager.

A look at his watch told him she was more than five minutes late.  If she had gotten in trouble, he wasn't taking the rap with her parents.  She knew they weren't supposed to be here, but that wasn't his fault.  He wasn't worried about her getting hurt, he knew Trager could handle herself.

Sitting up a little, Declan tried to see through the throngs of lounging collegiate.  They were like those flies over the river in spring, probably thinking about the same things too.  His cheeks
colored.  For the first time,  Declan kinda regretted fucking Kyle.  He would never be able to look at animals the same again.

Eventually, he noticed a familiar brown shirt in the crowd.  It was just a flash, but he knew those breasts well enough to be able to identify them among the pack.  Sure enough, a short time later, Trager came strolling towards them

Chin held high, Lori shifted her bag higher on her shoulder.  Looking from Kyle to Declan, she raised an eyebrow.

Declan considered being an ass, but figured that might cause too much trouble.  Instead, he squeezed Kyle closer to him for a second, then released him.  "Come on, let's go."

Raising his head from Declan's shoulder, Kyle blinked in surprise at Lori.  Seeing her, his expression quickly changed back to his normal exuberance.  "Lori, you look better today."

"Thank you, Kyle, I feel it."  She added the last part Declan's way. When all she got was a shrug, she sighed.  "Let's go."

"I thought I already said it."  Holding up his keys, he shook them. "Kyle and I've been ready for a while."

"Really?  Because it looks like you two were snuggling on the bench to me."  Snickering, Lori missed Kyle's blush.  Walking over to Declan, she tried to snatch the keys from his hand.  "I want to drive us back."

"No thank you, I've experienced enough drama this weekend."  Standing up, Declan dragged Kyle with him.  "For being," he checked his watch, "fifteen minutes late, you can have the back seat.  Kyle gets shotgun.  Come on, Kyle."

"What?"  For her part, Lori looked a little relieved.  Then she turned on the anger.  "I am not taking the kids seat!  I want to drive, now hand the keys over!"

"It's my dad's SUV, I get to drive it because only I'm covered under the insurance.  Check Mate, Trager!"  Smirking, Declan stuck out his tongue.  It was so childish, he knew that had it been anyone else, he would never hear the end of the teasing.  He was feeling kinda excited, in a way he hadn't in a long time.


"You've reached the residence of McDonough and Wife.  If you are try to reach our my son, you are on the wrong line.  Otherwise, leave a message and I will attend you at my earliest convenience."

Closing his cellphone, Declan rolled his eyes and pulled up his jacket.  The air outside the gas station was cold despite the warmth of earlier in the day.  That probably had something to do with the near constant thunder and rain since they had left.  He was certain that Kyle could explain it to him.

Then again, that was probably a bad idea.

Cheeks coloring, Declan scratched at the back of his head.  Yeah, thinking about Kyle babbling was not going to help improve his driving in the current weather.  Though, there was the bonus of his refusal to allow Trager to drive.  This way he was certain he would get home.

After the last time he drove in the rain, there was no way in hell he was letting that happen again.  Careful was more than just his motto or his middle name.  He would drive like there was a glass of acid in his lap without a cap.  If there was something more precious to a guy than his dick, he wasn't Declan McDonough.

Without his dick, he couldn't experience the wonder and beauty that was fucking Kyle.  Declan knew he was grinning like an idiot when he looked over at the other teen.  Even in the rain, his hair plastered to his head, Kyle was sexy.  His pouty lips, those eyes, the curve of his lower back as it tapered to his rise of his ass.

Returning Declan's smile, Kyle huddled deeper in his jacket.  He walked over, shivering and doing a passable impersonation of miserable.

Declan glanced at the pump, watching the price rise ever higher while the amount of gas seemed to remain the same.  His dad was going to love this.  When Kyle got near enough to hear him over the pouring, Declan nodded.  "The 'wet look' looks good on you."

"I am wet."  Glancing down, Kyle flapped the edges of his jacket.  The overhang on the pumps was just barely big enough to protect the pumps and little else.  "So are you."

"Don't worry about it.  There are towels in the back."  Still, he could see that Kyle was faring worse than him.  His light jacket was little more than a wind breaker, it wasn't fit for this type of weather.  Sighing, signaled for Kyle to come closer.

Kyle marched the remaining two steps between them.  As Declan wrapped his jacket around them both, Kyle instantly dropped his head to the other teen's shoulder.  It provided little shelter from the downpour, but the heat of his skin made Kyle sigh in pleasure.

Declan stood there holding Kyle, unconsciously running his hand over his back.  Over his shoulder, Declan watched the gas gage as it continued to pump.  At least that was modern enough that he didn't have to waste valuable heat holding it.  As warm lips touched the skin of his neck, Declan closed his eyes.

The sound of the pump handle clicking off jerked Declan from his pleasant sensations.  Reluctantly, he pulled away from Kyle.  As he turned to the car, he caught Kyle bundling himself back up in the thin jacket.  "Why don't you get in the car, were almost ready to go.  I just need to go inside and get my change.  Do you want anything?"  He jerked a thumb over his shoulder towards the store.

Kyle glanced at the glass windows of the gas station.  It looked warm and inviting inside.  "I am a little hungry."

"Cool, I'll get you some chips, may be a little jerky."  He held up his fingers about an inch apart.  Winking at Kyle, he patted the back passenger door.  "I'll be back in just a sec."

"All right."  Grabbing the door handle, Kyle quickly pulled it open. He nearly jumped getting inside.  The door slammed shut harder than was strictly necessary.  Once inside, he grabbed at the towels on the seat and started rubbing one over himself.

Declan wished he could stand there watching all day.  Unfortunately, he had to get in the store.  Tugging up the collar on his jacket, he braced himself.  He ran the short distance across the parking lot to the store front.  With no over hang, even just outside the door he was pelted with rain.

Inside, it was warm to the point of uncomfortable.  The clerk behind the counter didn't seem to mind, though.

Walking up to the counter, Declan reached in to his pocket and pulled out his receipt.  Setting the damp paper on the counter, he glanced about for snacks.  He found them on the far side of the building. Walking over, he heard the wet slap of his sandals against the floor.  They were dangerous in rain, but were better than driving in wet shoes.

As he walked up to the snacks, he quickly selected a package of cupcakes, some chips, and a couple sticks of jerky.  The freezer units had a limited offering of sodas, so he grabbed a couple some things orange.  Turning for the counter, he passed the restroom.

He stopped long enough to hit the door three times.  "Hurry up, Trager, if you don't, I'm leaving your butt behind."  Snickering over the pun, he continued up to the counter.  It took a little finagling, but he got the goods on the counter for the bored clerk to ring them up.

Checking the receipt over, the man opened up the cash register.  He pulled out two dimes and three pennies.  After closing the drawer, he dropped them in Declan's open palm.

Sighing, Declan shook his head.  A quick glance over his shoulder Trager was coming out.  She looked pissed.  He sighed again, he thought she had gotten that out of her system.

Snatching up the bag of goodies, he ran out through the rain back to the car.  He threw himself in the car, tossing the bag back to the waiting Kyle.  "I got us a little something chocolatie too.  One's for me, one's for you."

Digging through the bag, Kyle found the cupcakes.  They were the first thing he grabbed.  "Sugars and artificial flavoring, this is not very healthy."

"Your favorite, I know."  He caught Kyle's look in the mirror, and winked.


Pulling up in front of the Trager house, Declan allowed himself to yawn.  He put the SUV in park, turning off the engine.  For several moments, the only sounds in the car were three people lightly breathing.  Rubbing at his eyes, he let his head lull to the side.

Lori had her mouth hanging open like she was trying to catch flies, lightly snoring.  A string of drool was running down her cheek to her jacket collar.

Declan snorted.  Looking over his shoulder, he saw Kyle laid out on the seat, eyes wide open.  A quick glance to Trager revealed that she was out cold.  Feeling a little devilish, Declan reached back with one hand.

His fingers hovered in the air over Kyle's groin.  Then he laid them gently over his zipper.  Biting his lip, he traced the track of Kyle's zipper, letting his fingers linger on the hardening flesh.  When he looked back again, he found Kyle staring at him.

Kyle appeared hopeful, lips twisted in a half smile.  His eyes fluttered shut as Declan began to massage the front of his pants. Gasping, he arched off the seat.

That was enough.  Any more, and he knew the other teen would start up and then they would never get out.  May be off, but not out.  With a final squeeze of Kyle's erection, he patted him on the thigh.  "Time to get up, you're home."

In the passenger seat, Lori snorted awake.  Hand coming up to rub at her cheek, she blinked blearily about her.  "We're home?  How long?"

"A few minutes.  I decided to let you have a few minutes more." Reaching under the steering wheel, Declan put the wheel all the way up.  "Let's go, you two, don't want your mother coming out here and thinking some sorta wild orgy is going on."

"Between you two, may be."  Slapping at Declan's arm, Lori glared at him.  "I was perfectly chaste this trip."

"Sure, Trager, whatever you say."  Declan chuckled while she slapped his arm again.  It felt nice, being comfortable to tease her again. Then it hit him.  They were friends.  The awkwardness since 'the sex' hadn't been there all day.

It was kinda nice.

Opening his door, Declan smoothly slid out of the front seat.  He pushed his hair back down from where it had been messed up by the head rest during the drive.  That done, he closed his door and turned to the back door.  Kyle was sitting there staring at him through the glass.  This caused his heart to flutter.

He raised the handle and pulled the door open.  The moment it open, he found himself enveloped by Kyle.  Holding on to him, he helped Kyle slide out of the car.  Declan smiled as he felt Kyle's erection against his thigh.

Pulling back a little, he ran a hand through Kyle's hair.  The other teen smiled at him, letting his eyes roam over Declan's face.  Declan knew they were being watched.  If he wanted things to remain simple, he would have to pull back now.  No one would question it.

Still, there was just something about the way Kyle was looking at him.  Eyes wrinkled at the corners, a slight smile on his lips.  So much happiness and unspoken vulnerability.  Kyle knew they were being watched too.

Declan knew he should pull back, just pretend like this was two friends.  Let people keep their notions.  To keep the events of the past twenty-four hours secret would be easiest for all.

He leaned forward to press his lips to Kyle's.  Declan didn't want easy, he wanted Kyle.

Immediately, Kyle responded the way Declan had taught him the night before, but with more effort and a few things of his own.
Declan felt a hand on the back of his neck, another sliding down to cup his butt.  Pulling back, he snickered.

Kyle was a quick learner.

There came a manly throat clearing from the front porch.

The happy expression on Kyle's face dropped immediately.  He didn't know what he had done wrong, but he had heard Stephen use that same noise on Lori and Josh.  A little worried, he looked over to the porch.

Standing at the top of the stairs, Stephen had his arms crossed. Raising an eyebrow, he looked between Kyle and Declan.

Oh.  Kyle shrugged.  He didn't want to let go, yet knew he had to go inside and explain.  He wasn't in trouble per se, but if he didn't explain, they would be upset.  Leaning forward again, Kyle kissed
Declan on the lips quickly.

When he pulled back this time, Declan felt the disappointment of having to leave.  He hadn't wanted the weekend to end, but knew it had to.  There would always be tomorrow, though.  As he released Kyle, he let his hands slide down his body to cup his waist.

Kyle quickly mirrored Declan's actions.  His fingers trailed over the top of Declan's jeans before he released him completely.  With a sigh, he faced the car.  Reaching in to the back seat, he grabbed his bag. Kyle gave Declan a final longing look.

"Go on, I'll see you tomorrow."  Reaching up, Declan ran his hand over Kyle's cheek.

Sighing happily, Kyle nodded.  "See you tomorrow, Declan."  With that, he made his way up the front walk to the porch.  To his surprise, not only was Stephen there, but Nicole and Josh were waiting as well.

While Josh looked a little 'freaked out', Nicole and Stephen had concerned expressions.

Feeling his heart speed up, Kyle swallowed around a suddenly dry throat.  "I can explain."

Nicole held up a hand.  Shaking her head, she smiled reassuringly for him.  "It can wait until later.  Right now, dinner is ready."  Draping an arm over his shoulder, she started to guide him inside past scowling Stephen.  "Make sure Lori doesn't kill him."  Then she paused.  "Don't hurt him too much yourself."
Clenching his jaw, Stephen exhaled through his nose.  "Fine.  I won't kill the little punk who's slept with two of my kids."  At Kyle's expression, Stephen shook his head.  "Don't even try lying about it, I can tell."  He gave Nicole another look, then took to the stairs.

Declan considered making a break for it.  Trager was doing the death ray eye thing, and her father was now coming his way.  So much for them being friends.  Sucking in a hard breath, he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Lori, house, now."  Stephen didn't even bother to spare his daughter a look.  He just kept on marching until he was standing right in front of Declan.

Her bags in hand, Lori slammed the back of the SUV shut hard enough to shake the entire vehicle.  She glared death threats at Declan's back as she passed him by.  "You're so dead, McDonough!"

Stephen waited until his daughter was on the porch before he took another step in to Declan's space.  Looming over him, his fingers itched to reach out and snatch the kid by the collar.  From the looks of him, he was plenty spooked just by the possibility.  He should be.  "Did you take advantage of Kyle?"

"I don't know."  Jumping back, Declan ducked his head and held up an arm to shield himself.  When there was no hit, he opened one eye.  The sight that greeted him didn't help allay his fears.  "You didn't hit me."

"I'm considering it."  Clenching his fists, Stephen kept his back rigid.  "Tell me the truth.  Did you take advantage of Kyle?"

Swallowing, Declan nodded.  He could respect that.  "May be a little, but I made sure he enjoyed it."

Stephen grimaced, an expression of disgust crossing his face.  "Oh, I did not need to know that."  He wanted to shiver in revulsion, but that would be immature.  "Just tell me you at least used protection."

"Yeah, it was provided in the dorm."  Declan colored a little at that.  There had been a fun fifteen minutes of explaining things to Kyle.

"Well, I suppose there's that."  Appearing to try not to react, Stephen sighed.  He shook his head in disappointment.  Things were just so wrong some times, but he knew he couldn't do a thing about it.  Then something occurred to him.  Reaching out, he put a finger Declan's chest.  "You had best not be using him."

"Oh, you have nothing to worry about."  That actually made Declan smile.  For the first time, the giddy feeling returned.  "I like Kyle.  Really like him."

That made Stephen want to pound the little punk even more.  He had sullied two of his kids.  Stepping back, he pointed to the driver's seat.  "Get in the car, and go away before I change my mind."

"Yes, sir."  Declan dashed the short distance to his seat.  Climbing in, he slammed the door shut.  As he started the SUV, he glanced out the window to Stephen.  "Just so you know, I intend to ask Kyle out next weekend."  Before the older man could respond, Declan put the SUV in gear and pulled out down the road.

Stephen watched him go, making sure his tail lights disappeared around the corner.  "Over my dead body, you little shit!"  He bounced on the balls of his feet a couple times before throwing a punch.  One of these days, he was going to get that kid alone with no witnesses.


A tapping awoke Kyle.

Blinking, he sat up in his tub.  Lightning flashed through the window, illuminating the inside of his bedroom.  A shadow was highlighted through the pane.

Alarmed, Kyle stood up, the blanket slipping from his body.  As he stood there watching the window, another lightning flash revealed the person on the other side.  His heart skipped a beat as he jerkily climbed out of the tub.

Stumbling over to the window, he unlatched it and pushed it open. Kyle barely had time to move out of the way before Declan was climbing through.  He glanced over at his bedroom door in alarm to make sure no one was coming in.  By the time he faced Declan again, he was closing the window.

Shrugging out of his jacket, Declan let it fall to the floor.  He spun slowly to keep quiet.  Once he saw Kyle, he smiled.  Declan put a finger to his lips before tugging his shirt over his head.

Kyle quickly moved in to help Declan out of his wet clothes.  Grabbing the snap on Declan's jeans, he quickly unfastened, then unzipped them.  Declan's erection quickly bobbed out of the open seam.  When Kyle looked up at his face in alarm, Declan smirked.

Declan shoved two fingers in the waistband of his jeans and shoved them down his hips.  Toeing off his shoes, he kicked his pants the rest of the way off.  That done, he grabbed Kyle by the front of his night shirt.  He pulled him close.

Smirking Declan brought Kyle up flush against him.  He started to snicker at the other teen's serious expression.  "Did you miss me?"

"We are going to get in to trouble."  Kyle turned back to look at the door.

With his hand, Declan captured Kyle's chin, making him look at him once more.  "Do you want me to leave?"

Sighing, Kyle shook his head.

That was all Declan needed.  Wrapping his arms around Kyle's waist, he pressed their lips together.  It was quick and wet, but satisfying. Pulling back, Declan glanced down at Kyle's body.  "Let's get you undressed."

Suddenly, that didn't sound like a bad idea.  Stepping back, Kyle grabbed the hem of his shirt.  Now partially exposed to the room, his skin prickled with goose bumps.  "I am curious how goose bumps got their name.  They do not resemble any known form of geese I am aware of."

Cackling, Declan pressed his lips to the skin under Kyle's ear.

THE END........................