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Shadowed Love

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Shadowed Love
by Pirate Sparrow


Mandrake made his way slowly up to his room without turning on a single light. His eyes were like that of a cat in the dark so he had no trouble getting there. He walked over to his dresser and removed his cuff links, placing them in his jewelry case before continuing to disrobe.

His mind was confused. She had been at the window again; he had sensed it. Why was she watching him? Had she somehow guessed at his secret? He sincerely hoped not!

He was sorry that she had seen him with Vicki. He never should have gone out with her tonight. She had had only one thing on her mind, and he had wanted no part of it. He had told her in a nice way yet she had slapped him. He deserved it for the thoughts he had been thinking lately. He was too old for her yet he desired her in a way that he had never desired another.

He made his way to his lonely bed. His last thoughts were of her -- Jedda -- as he fell asleep with a prayer that she would never know and turn from him in disgust. After all, he was old enough to be her father. He began to dream of his beloved.

Mandrake slept only a couple of hours and then rose and began to pace the floor. He knew he needed to talk to someone about his problem and get another male's view as to what he was thinking. Maybe he was confusing loving Jedda as a child growing up and loving her as a woman. He couldn't go to her and confess his feelings nor Phantom. He could just imagine Phantom's reaction. Flash was not at home but off visiting one of his flames. He certainly couldn't talk to the others about it either as they were too young and inexperienced.

He was supposed to be a man of the world but had no clues as to his own feelings. He knew if he didn't talk to someone soon, he would explode. Since Phantom was the only one there, he decided to check with him in the morning as to Jedda's life, boys, and school and make a decision. This resolved, he returned to bed and to dreams of his beloved.


The End