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The Captain's Heart

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The Captain's Heart
by Pirate Turner


His pink eyes intently watched her every move as she guided his spaceship safely through the galaxy. Her long, pink hair seemed to call to him, and his furry hands ached to caress not only her pink hair but also her silky, white fur. She was so beautiful, and she amazed him more with each new time he looked at her. Inside his throat, his heart swelled to the size of a baseball as he continued to gaze adoringly at her, hoping that he did not appear as obvious as he felt.

Although he had never dared to tell her how he felt about her, the feelings that raged inside him were nothing new. He had first borne silent witness to them the first time that he had seen her, and they had continued to grow ever since. Her remarkable beauty had only increased over the years, but her mind, which was every bit as magnificent as her breath-taking beauty, had also grown just as much if not even more so. Only her compassionate heart filled with unspoken love for all of her crew mates surpassed both her intelligence and beauty.

Not for the first time, the Captain wondered if his First Mate had any idea whatsoever of just how wonderful she was. She had saved not only his life but the others' as well too many times for any one but Blinky to be able to keep track of. She had never hesitated to help when her help was needed, and she had even stood up to her own Queen in order to join the Righteous Indignation in the first place. He had never known a woman braver, more beautiful, or more intelligent than Jenny, and yet she had never once seemed to realize just how much he truly did value her in every role she played to him and the rest of their crew.

Bucky knew that, without Jenny, they would have all died a long time ago. Not only had she saved all their lives on numerous occasions, but she was what kept him going. She was his best friend but also so much more. In the darkest of times, she was the one beacon of hope that shone so brilliantly that it pierced the darkness that surrounded him and, at times, almost made his own heart ache in reverence of her light. He had began to fall for her the very second he had first set eyes on her, and his love had only grown over the years.

Still, though, he dared not voice his true feelings for her. As much as Bucky cared for Jenny, he knew she cared for him just as deeply. The only thing he questioned was rather or not she loved him as much as he loved her. He knew that the Alderberan Sorceresses were taught that males were beneath them, but although he knew Jenny did not share that belief, he did not know if she even believed in love.

His very being ached for him to tell her how felt, and yet he dared not do so for fear that it might drive a wedge between them that not even he could kick down. He would rather face every villain throughout not only the entire aniverse but also from Willy's universe and any others than to ever willingly do anything to harm Jenny or cause a problem between them. He loved her entirely, and both his heart and soul burned for her. However, no matter how much he loved her, he would simply have to continue to bide his time and wait until he thought she might be ready to hear the words that his heart pleaded desperately for him to tell her. Until then, he would continue to admire and love her silently and beg every God and Goddess he could think of that might grant his prayer that she would one day love him as much as he loved and would always love her.


The End