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A Rose on the Grave

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A Rose on the Grave
Authors (for now):  Peja and Texas Aries



Chicago 1920

The large autumn moon gleam through the dark branches of the bare tree limbs which made an eerie sound as they moved in the bitterly cool wind.  The moonlight filtered through the limbs to bathe the little clearing in it's soft silvery light making the freshly turned earth under one of the  trees appear black.  A fine layer of frost covered the grass making it glistening white in the moonlight.

The midnight hour had just wrung when a hand broke through the earth followed by an arm, then shoulder and finally a body crawled out from the depth of the grave coughing and spiting out dirt that had entered into the man's mouth when he laid in death's embraced.

The man was between twenty-eight and thirty-three, around five foot nine and five foot eleven and had a slim build.  The unknown man's blonde hair was streaked with the dirt and some other substance that one can only assume with blood.  The man's eyes snapped open to reveal eyes the color of a deep sapphire blue, a color not found on any normal human as his eyes snapped towards the grave he had just crawled out of.

He scrambled over to the open hole and started to dig frantically calling out "Blair!  Blair!"  Only to squeak as another hand burst from the ground and latched onto him.

With a glad cry of "Blair!" the man started to pull and tug until another man emerged from the grave both men clung to each other.


In Chicago two detectives were just finishing dinner at a small dinner.  Jim Ellison and Gabrielle Van Helsing have been partners for more than three years and matched each other perfectly.  In a police force corrupted by the mob they were honest and probably the most feared.  

In the underground of the mob it was whispered that the two men weren't  quiet human for they seemingly know when someone was lying to them.  They could find any hidden booze even in the most well hidden places.  Some say they were part hound dog for once they got onto your scent nothing would stop them.

Ellison's family was one of the oldest and most powerful families in Chicago.  His father owned most of Chicago and was head of Ellison Emprises which he  ran with the help of his second son Stephan.  

Van Helsing on the other hand was an orphan and was raised by the Sisters of St. Mary's in New York.  He has no idea who his parents are but when the two men met during WWI they have become fast friends bonded together through a secret they shared.  

The secret of heightened senses that they both have suffered from but together they were able to fight the blackout they suffered from when one sense became dominate.

After the war ended Ellison talked his friend into coming to Chicago after they were discharged.  Once back home the two men were talked into joining the force under their old captain, and Ellison's childhood friend Simon Banks.

As the two men awaken in their grave the two Sentinels felt something reach out to them and they were hit with a wave of terror and pain that had them close their eyes to keep from getting sick.  Ellison was the first to recover and when Van Helsing looked up each man silently promise the other that they will find out who and what had happen.