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    Fandom: The Authority
    Rating: NC-17
    Pairing: Apollo/Midnighter
    Spoilers: Stormwatch #6-8 (original Apollo/Midnighter arc), Jenny Sparks #2
    Archive: with permission (ask me and I will answer!)
    Feedback: Brings glory and flights of angels! (
    Summary: In which the Midnighter considers ambient temperature.
    Disclaimer: The Authority and Stormwatch belong to Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, and DC/Wildstorm, who're cool folks and created great things, and I respect them for that. Which is why I would never claim that any of it belonged to me, or attempt to make money off it. Only the story is mine, and I hope that, in this new atmosphere of trust and love, you will keep it that way.
    Sex disclaimer: Hmm, there's a little more here than we've seen the boys doing in-frame (note that rating, please), but ya'll knew they did that. It's what comes after serious smooching in the natural order of relationships. Unless you're one of those marriage-first types, but we'd need to change some laws for that. (Not that the laws don't need changing anyway. Remind your government representative of this whenever you think of it!)
    Notes: Takes place in an abstract time period before Authority #1 and #12. Don't trouble me with post-12 canon bits, for they are nothing to me. I'm only just now getting over my disgust with the artwork to the point that I can read #13 and issues following.