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The dragon amongst wolves

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The dragon amongst wolves
by kallipso_eclipse9
The Found

It had taken a lot of man power for Nabiki to finally find the runaway Satome. A lot of man power and whole lot of money. It had been such a shock for the family when one morning the Tendo household had awoken to find out that the best martial artist in all of Nermia, perhaps the world had just up and disappeared. There was not a trace of him any where.

A search of the school, the multitude of restaurants, the mass of rooftops, both of Ukyo's and The Neko Haten and even Ranma's favorite food stand's had failed to show even one hair of the missing fighter. They had gotten so worried that the Tendo's had eventually had to swallow their fears and called Nodoka to find out if Ranma, or rather Ranko, was over at her house only to be disappointed when Nodoka announced that she had not seen him either. They had gone all around Nermia asking any one and everyone if they had seen him only to find out no one had seen Ranma since the day previous.

When the search for the boy hit a dead end after a full two weeks of searching, the father's quickly set Nabiki out use her massive network of contacts to find the escaped fiancé. It had taken three years but Nabiki had finally received the phone call that they had all been waiting for. They had finally found the martial artist. The Satome's where bristling with held in rage when they learned the location of the wayward boy. Nabiki had finally been able to find Ranma through the use of Nodoka's clan connections.

Ranma was living with a rival clan which had once opposed Nodoka's clan which was why they had more than the usual wrecking crew with them. They quickly made their way up to the compound/temple with full fledged battle aura's, each one determined to get an explanation out of Ranma one way or the other as to the reason why he had put the stupid stunt that had put them through such hell.

Nodoka marched right up to the door and pounded on the wooden paneling with murder in her eyes. That her son had shirked his duty's to the point of actually running away had brought enough grief to their family, but for the boy to actually go to another clan, a rivaling clan, was the worst form of shame imaginable.

Nodoka's face twisted into an ugly scowl and she raised her fist to bang again, to demand that they be heard or else. So when the door was suddenly opened, she had to drop her fist down or else look like some demented tyrant. That the door had been answered by an imposing figure that seemed to fill the door way in more ways than possible did not deter her from her mission in anyway. Though she could feel some of those behinds take a few steps back. `Cowards' she mentally sneered.

"How can I help you?" the giant of a man asked eyeing the slight woman before him before gazing out at the multitude of people behind her.

"You have my child in your house." Nodoka announced forcefully. "Ranma has out standing debt's that must be address. I ask that you either hand my child over to me or grant me the honor of speaking to the head of this clan."

The man stared at her for a beat before opening the door wider. "A small contingent of your people may enter while I get the head of the house but be warned," he looked at the large group of people and their enacing auras. "Should any harm befall anyone in this household due to actions by you or your companions there will be great antagonism between your clan and mine. I am Bankotsu please come this way. " Bankotsu finished his small speech with a near-lethal gaze before leading them to a secluded receiving area. Nodoko nodded, feeling the Kuno siblings relief that they and the other cowards would remain out doors and scowled at them briefly. What kind of unfit martial artist did her son socialize with?

"The master should be with you soon," and with that said Bankotsu turned and left them alone. The wrecking crew found themselves looking around at the delicate looking surroundings with surprised at the lavishness that was shown. They could not believe that any place that Ranma stayed in could stay so nice.

"It's probably a front! That perverted baka ruins everything he touches." Akane said in a rage. Even after three years she still was incapable of controlling her massive temper. "He could never appreciate the fine and hard work that was put in this room. He probably lives in a cell where he belongs."

Kasumi and Nabiki shared a look and shook their heads at the hate filled girl. They had tried nearly everything since Ranma left to try and help there sister recover and learn to deal with all the bad
events that had happened to her but nothing they did or said seemed to have any effect on the girl at all. All they had gotten was nearly broken bones, bruises and damaged property. Their deadbeat father was no help even when they tried to curb there sisters traits he encouraged her.

"Now dear, remember that you can't damage anything in this room. If you feel the need to prove your point to my son you will have to wait until we leave this place," Nodoka reminded Akane gently.

Akane frowned, but nodded to Nodoka in acknowledgement that she understood.

Nodoka smiled at Akane with pride. She would make a perfect wife for her son. Akane could keep him in line and not let him do stupid stunts like this again. All of the wrecking crew present, Ukyo, Shampoo, Cologne, Mousse, Ryouga, and the rest of the Tendo's moved away from the two psychotic women and all breathed a sigh of relief when the master of the household entered.

"Hello," he greeted them. "I have heard that clan Tendo's, Satome's, and Himura's have something to discuss with our clan."

Nodoka immediately sat up straighter than before and turned to address the gentleman. "Hello, my name is Nodoka Himura Satome. I have learned that my wayward child, Ranma Satome, has ended up seeking shelter within your clan walls. I humbly ask that he be returned to our clan," she requested.

The clan head looked at the woman before him with a slight look of puzzlement. "I am truly sorry, but there is no Ranma Satome here."

Nodoka nodded her head in understanding of the man's confusion. "I fear that Ranma may have come under an alias, may we pleased be accepted here to make sure that Ranma is not here?" Nodoka asked. She sent a pointed look at Genma when he went to say something reminded
him her order to stay silent.

The man looked around at all the occupants of the room with a critical eye, but it seemed that no one was able to hone in of this fact as the all waited with held breaths at his decision.

"Very well," the man agreed. "You may be accepted into our clan walls for now. Heed the warning that you where given by Bankotsu we do not wish fighting within our clan walls, but if you harm or attempt to remove any valuables be it people or otherwise you will be punished." The head said in a deadly voice to them.

After bowing in thanks, Kasumi's melodic voice spoke up from her position by her father. "May I ask what clan we are visiting sir?" she  asked softly.

"Yes, Welcome to the Hajime clan home. I hope that you enjoy your stay here. I am Hajime Kale." With that said the clan head turned and left the room leaving some members the wrecking crew wondering if chargingin head first was really such a good idea as they had thought.

Upstairs however someone had already determined that their idea was probably the worst idea ever in existence.

`It has been three years since I last saw any of the Nermia wrecking crew,' the figure mused. `Three years and they look exactly the same.'

`It's so odd to think that the gang has stayed completely the same when here I had changed so much from the being that I once was. Some how I always thought that while I had been changing so much that everyone changed as well but clearly that was not the case. Every one was the exact same as before. Hell, even their aura's haven't developed since I last saw them. It's so weird. It's as if everyone remained frozen in the exact place as they were when I left.'

The figure dropped the curtain from his window and glanced around the bedroom with it's little bosai trees and calm little waterfall.

`And I remember the reason why I left like it was just yesterday. The torment that I went through that finally pushed me over the edge and finally convinced me to leave. The hell I lived. `


end part 1