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Heartless Hunter Axel

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HEARTLESS HUNTER AXELBy Axel Ingleson (Disclaimer: Any recognizable characters belong to SquareEnix and Disney.  Seraphine appears courtesy of and with permission by Saveena-001 from DeviantArt.) -Chapter One-             The afternoon sun beat down on the two Keyblade masters as they relaxed on the beach with their best friend.              Sora, Riku, and Kairi had known each other for as long as they could remember. They had gone out of their way to save each others’ lives when the Heartless and the Nobodies had been on the move.             They decided that it was getting close to lunchtime and headed back into town. They were walking down the road together when a large Heartless suddenly appeared in the street, scattering people throughout the area             They moved to manifest their keyblades, but before they could make an attack on the Heartless, a motorcycle sped by, its rider clad in black with a black helmet hiding his face from the trio.             “Watch out!” Sora called to him as he turned his bike toward the Heartless. “That thing is dangerous!”             The cyclist reached out toward the Heartless, a whirling, flaming chakram appearing in his right hand. He raced past the Heartless, hurling the chakram at the Heartless.              The Heartless stumbled, dropping to its knees, only to rise again and turn its attention to the cyclist, who stood up on the seat of his bike, then leapt upon the Heartless, driving his remaining chakram into its neck while retrieving the other from its back. The Heartless let out a roar of anger as it threw the cyclist off. But by now, Sora, Kairi, and Riku had joined in the fight. As Kairi attacked the feet and legs of the Heartless, Sora and Riku concentrated on its middle, leaving the head to the cyclist, whose identity Sora was already speculating on with amazement.             It took their combined efforts, but eventually they were able to bring down the threatening invader.             The cyclist returned his chakrams to wherever he kept them. Then, he retrieved his bike, which had landed nearby without so much as a dent, and climbed back on. Without looking back, he started the motorcycle and sped off.             Sora watched him speed off in silence for a moment, before a name finally dropped from his lips:             “Axel?”