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    Fandoms: Harry Potter
    Pairings: Severus/Harry
    Rating: Ask me after I get done writing it. When I decide things like this in advance, the fic  "refuses" to comply! I have a "very" perverse muse.
    Warning: AU/Slash/Crossover/Underage sex, bestiality, blatant use of completely made up languages. This is due to the fact that I speak nothing but Americanized English and don't intend to alter that fact. At 39-years-old, it's a little late to get interested in a second language!
    Warning 2: Author is a bit of a bitch to people in this one due to the onset of P.M.S.!
    Summary: Talesan, also known as Merlin forcibly removes the infant son of James and Lily Potter one year before they are murdered. Unlike his parents, the child is a full Mage rather than just witchblooded, and needs his knowledgeable handling in his early years. With the death of his parents, the Old One becomes Harry's surrogate father, and gives Harry the Secrets of the Ages while rearing the little boy. By the time Harry enters Hogwarts, he is already 15-years-old. He has already been taught more about potion-making than Severus Snape ever learned. But Potter doesn't mention *that!*
    Disclaimer: I haven't made any dough on it, nor any money, either. However, if you think you want to stand up in court, in PUBLIC, and be told THERE that S.S.I., Food stamps, AND Medicaid are all federal programs of which the benefits are Non-Transferable, and thereby make a total ass out of not only yourself but your legal department, AND the board of directors... be my guest. This is something I'd LOVE to get to watch! (I'm equally certain that any cops in or near the courtroom would be equally entertained!)