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Fairy Tales Never Really Come True

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Fairy Tales Never Really Come True

Once upon a time...That's how they always start, right? Once upon a time? Okay did that... anyway, within the lavish walls of one of the most illustious luxury resorts on several continents, there was a very handsome rich man, that would be me. Name's Josh Sinclair, in case anyone's interested.

Yeah, okay, this rich man...this very rich man, loved a not so very in poor as dirt, got that? Okay, but beautiful scuba instructor by the name of B.D Thomas.

And oh Jesus, this beauty beyond words only had eyes for the rich guy.

..If ya overlooked the gorgeous ladies of the wet suit that always seemed to be flitting around the lovely blond.

And there lie the problem, cuz the rich, remember..was not so very into sharing. Pretty much dead set against it, really.

Well, rich guy told dirt poor guy he wanted a closed relationship. Hey how could the working stiff refuse? I'm pretty gorgeous myself. Well, aren't I? Yeah, course I am.

And a stallion in bed to boot.

So how the hell come am I, rich guy with the blunt to give scuba boy every thing his greedy little heart desires, how the hell come am I sitting here with nothing in my bed but this fucking bottle of jack and a hot water bottle to cuddle my aching head?

Guess it all boils down to, fairy tales never do really come true.