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"At the risk of losing your friendship, Archie," Saul spoke quietly.

Well, the soft words were something that would have worried Archie even if the words hadn't, which they had, but the soft tones doubled his concern. He lifted his eyes from the case files and directed a questioning gaze at his companion as he continued to speak.

"...But I find I'm having some trouble with the way you're flitting from one woman to the next."

Archie tilted his head slightly. "Oh?"

Saul jerked to his feet, pacing kinetically around the room. "I..I find that I'm having hostile feelings towards them, Archie. I was wondering if..." He paused, his teeth snapping together audibly. "Never mind." he headed for the door at a fast walk


The smaller man stopped, turning around to face him with obvious reluctance. "Sorry."

"Saul, why does it bother you?" He rose and moved slowly towards Saul, careful not to spook the clearly nervous man. "Seeing me with these woman?"

"It's not important."

"Was important enough for you to mention it." Standing before Saul, Archie tapped the nervous man's chin. Saul's gaze rose to meet his, then dashed away. "Speak your mind, Saul."

Saul's lips moved in vain.

"Could it be because you want to be the one in my arms, Saul?" Archie whispered in his ear. "You want to be the one whose in my bed at night, screaming my name in passion?"

Saul stared at him wide-eyed. "You..knew?"

Archie grinned, drawing Saul into his arms and brushing his lips in a testing kiss. "I'm a detective, Saul. And a damn good one, if I say so myself." He captured Saul's lips in a passionate kiss that left them both leaning heavily in each other's arms. "What say we take this to my room?"

Saul didn't even get the chance to agree. Archie grasped his hand and dragged him from the den and up the stairs.

Neither man saw Nero step into the hallway from the outer office. "About time," the genius grumbled with a huff. He smiled then and he headed up to spend some quality time with his beloved orchids