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    Gladiator Slash Fanfiction/with crossover to Highlander (Methos)
    Pairing: Maximus/Quentin (Norman Reedus, BOONDOCK SAINTS, GOSSIP, DARK HARBOR), Commodus and Methos (Highlander)
    Rating: Rated NC-17 Sexual Content
    Disclaimers: Yes, I DO NOT own Maximus or anyone else in the Gladiator movie (I think Russell Crowe is scrumptious). I also don't own any characters from the movie listed above, I just think Norman Reedus is a great match for Maximus. And of course Methos belongs to the creators of Highlander and he is only here for our amusement. So who ever owns the rights to these characters please don't sue, I'm a poor college student just trying to relax from studies. This is just for enjoyment. I will never make any money off of this, but I hope people like what I write
    Archive: yes
    Important: I have borrowed some information from a wonderful Highlander slash fiction writer by the name of Tessa Rae. She has written a wonderful series called "What If..." which keeps Duncan and Methos characters awesomely perfect. With her permission I have been granted the right to use some of her material to keep my timeline with Methos correct. Intermittently, I will quote from her work and I have borrowed her version of shared quickenings, because it creates such a passion between Immortals. Thank you Tessa Rae.
    HUGE THANK YOU TO My Nia, who does my beta. She keeps me humble.