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    FANDOMS: (In order of appearance)
    "THE SHIEK" A movie based on the novel by Edith Maude Hull (1919) cast: Agnes Ayres (Lady Diana), Rudolph Valentino (sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan), Adolphe Menjou (Raoul de St. Hubert), Walter Long (Omar) the shiek's son was also Ahmed date: 1921
    "THE SON OF THE SHEIK": Rudolph Valentino (in a duel role as The sheik/The sheik's son, both named Ahmed Ben Hassan), Montague Love (the Moor, Ghabah), Karl Dane (Ramadan, Ahmed's servant), Bull Montana (Alì), Bynunsky Hyman (Pincher), Charles Requa (Pierre), William Donovan (S'rir), Erwin Connelly (the Zouave)
    SIDENOTE: I've included the entire cast of these two movies since I'm not sure which characters I'll be using and don't want to have to keep searching out this information.
    MILLENIUM: Peter Watts (Special guest star)
    RELIC HUNTER: Sydney Fox: Nigel Bailey
    STARGATE: Colonel Jack O'Neill: General George Hammond: Daniel Jackson
    THE SENTINEL: Simon Banks: Detective Jim Ellison: Blair Sandburg
    RATING: NC-17 eventually
    SUMMARY: Lured into the dark underworld of Cairo, three young men find there is more to an invitation than a mere convention.
    WARNINGS: Slavefic/Non-consensual sex/
    DISCLAIMER: The Characters belong to the wonderful men and woman who bore them into fictional existance. The theme of this story belongs to the world, for there is no copywrite on theme. The words written here belong to me, and I offer them for your reading delight.
    FEEDBACK: I demand you repay me with your thoughts of this. Your thoughts, emotions, impressions of the chapters written help create the next.
    AUTHOR'S DENIAL OF RESPONSIBILITY: I have no idea where the words will take me, I'm only the channel through which these characters speak, so please don't ask me what I'm doing. I'm not even here.
    Consider this AU and let the characters go where they will.
    Want to pass this story along to another list that might like it, just let me know which one?