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The Essence of Napoleon

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The Essence of Napoleon
by Pirate Turner

She stepped carefully into the room, unsure of what she would find as she had heard the whispers that the Emperor had visited this day and had not been too long left. Her delicate eyebrows rose as she spotted the Governor waving a frothy, lacy handkerchief in front of his nose. Her questioning gaze moved from him to Jack and the Captain, who leaned against each other for support as they coughed, gasped, and wheezed for air.

The men looked up as she entered warily but not warily enough. They waved at her, each trying to hack out a warning.

"Emilia!" the Governor wheezed.

The Captain's stutter exploded into a racking cough.

"EM!" Jack shouted.

It was too late, though, for already the toxic stench was assailing the blonde's nose. Her blue eyes rolled back into her head, and she fell in the wake of the conqueror Napoleon.

The End