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Surprise, Surprise
By Kerensa

Blair walked blearily into the bathroom. His hair was fluffed wildly around his head. Blue eyes were halfway closed in sleep.

"Ugh. It's too early in the day for this." Blair shook his head in an effort to wake himself up. "I wonder if he's up yet?" Blair pulled his sweats and t-shirt off. He pulled the curtain back and stepped into the shower. "I hope not, maybe I can get a hot shower for once."

Blair jumped in the air when a hand touched his bare hip. "I didn't know you were in the shower too!"

Quickly, Blair hopped out of the shower and stumbled out of the bathroom, well really it was a shower surrounded by a curtain, sitting in the far corner of his warehouse.

Brrr. It was cold and he was cold now. Wet and cold. Oh joy, cold and wet again.

Blair stomped over and grabbed up a towel. "Damnit Larry, if you want to take a shower, at least turn the water on so I know you're there."

The Barbary ape waved his long, hairy arms and turned back to enjoy his warm shower.