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Phantom of my Dreams

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Phantom of my Dreams
by Pirate Turner

Soft hair of black
That my fingers ache to caress.
Eyes so charming, so deep and rich
Like the night or the gold
That beggars dream of
Like I dream of you.

I see you looking at me.
I know you're trying to figure out
This change that's come over me.
I used to be so carefree around you,
Completely honest with nothing to hide,
But I can't be that way any more.

You'd think me crazy if you knew,
If you even suspected so
I must hide and cling to my dreams,
The dreams that give
True meaning to my life.
You can't know. You can never know.
You can't know that I love you
For I know I'd lose you
If you even so much as suspected.

You think I'm a girl, a child,
But you're wrong.
The girl you knew is grown.
I'm a woman now,
And I know my own heart.
I know the man of my dreams,
And he is you. You are he.
You are one and the same,
And always and forever,
I shall love you,
Even if from afar for all time,
Phantom of my dreams,
King of my heart,
My so-called "uncle",
My love, Mandrake.

The End