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Nobodies In Love

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Nobodies In Love(an Organization XIII AkuDemy love story) by Vash Based on Characters from Kingdom Hearts II


Axel was homeless. Castle Oblivion was a thing of the past. The home he'd worked so hard to save no longer existed. Larxene, Vexen, Zexion, Lexaeus, and Marluxia. They were all gone. Nothing was left for him.

He wished he could just fade into oblivion the same as they had. Even Roxas was gone, now. And the one who held Roxas prisoner wasn't letting him out. 

Axel had tried all he could to save Roxas from Sora. But so far nothing had worked.

He sat on the steps of leading up to Twilight Town's Sunset Terrace and contemplated the situation.


"Still clinging to hope that he'll come around?" Demyx asked as he joined his fellow Nobody. 

"Yeah," Axel admitted. 

"Axel. You know how I feel," Demyx told him. 

"I know," Axel nodded. "But, Demyx, I can't stop thinking..." 

"You have to accept it, Axel," Demyx told him. "Your Roxas is long gone. He's just Sora now." 

"No," Axel shook his head. "Roxas will remember. I know he will." 

Demyx sighed. He wished that Axel wouldn't get his hopes up the way he did so often. He hated seeing Axel get his hopes up only to have them dashed, again and again. He put an arm around Axel and leaned against him, putting his head on the older Nobody's shoulder, expecting to be shrugged off as usual. 

This time, Axel didn't move or try to push Demyx away. 

"Axel?" Demyx asked after a long while. 

"I guess I'm just starting to realize that  you might be right about Roxas." Axel said. 

Demyx dared to put a hand over Axel's. He looked up into those bright green eyes and for a moment he imagined he saw tears other than the twin tattooes that marked Axel's beautiful face. For the longest time, neither Nobody said a single word. They just sat there, their lips as silent as their non-existent heartbeats. Demyx wishing silently that Axel would kiss him. The Nocturne was as pure as they came. But not so pure that he did not long for the older Nobody. 

"Where are you going?" Demyx asked. "Please, tell me..." 

"To find Roxas," Axel told the blond musician. "If it is over between him and me, I need to know." 

"Come back to me when you do," Demyx said, gazing into Axel's eyes. "I'll be waiting." 

Demyx watched as Axel walked away, then summoned his sitar and began to play a song that, to the unknowing ear, sounded sad. Demyx wondered if he might have a heart after all.   

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Axel slumped against the mansion's basement wall. His heart ached from the battle he and Roxas had just fought. Why was the youngest member of Organization XIII so bent on self-destruction? Didn't he realize what going up against the Organization would mean?

"Please, don't do this," he begged. "If you get on their bad side..."

He had seen what happened to those who had tried to defy those in Organization XIII. Had even been the executioner of one of them. And he did not wish the same fate to befall Roxas.

"Who'd miss me anyhow?" Roxas asked.

"I would," Axel told him. He wished he could cry, that he could prove he really cared. But though his eyes stung, he could not bring them to shed the tears he was so desparate to shed.

He vanished as soon as Roxas turned to leave.

It took him half of forever to find Demyx. When he finally did, the blond Nocturne was sitting alone, tears falling from his eyes.



"Axel... please... hold me just for a moment."

"Demyx," Axel asked. "Do you remember anything from your past? Anything at all? Who were you before you were Demyx?"

"I was always Demyx," Demyx replied. "I was made a Nobody while I was still in the womb. This is how I grew up. What I was from before I was born. I have no other being."

"How is this possible?" Axel asked, brushing the tears from Demyx's eyes. "How can you shed tears?"

"I suppose it comes from needing them to survive as a baby," Demyx shrugged. "What about you? Do you remember who you were?"

"Nope," Axel replied. "Don't need to either. Whoever he was, he's in the past. With Roxas. Or whatever he calls himself these days. Right now I'm Axel. That's all that matters."

"No, there's something else that matters." Demyx told him. He snuggled in close and sighed, softly, as he closed his eyes.