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Dusty Wings

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Title: Dusty Wings

Author: Zach/pairatime/writenwright

Word Count: 166

Rating: G

Characters/Pairings: Brian and Dave

Summary: Brian and Dave talk

Author's Notes: I just watch “What about Brian” and had to write this. Rick Gomez is Dave and the real reason I watch the show. This story was written from the last part. It is unbeta. I don’t own anything.


         Dusty Wings


       “My wife had sex with anther man,” Dave growled as he applied more cleaner to the toothbrush in his hand.




       “Less that two days Brian”


       “You were thinking about it to Dave”


       “Yeah thinking” Dave shouted dunking his hand in the bowl of water sending water over the lip.


       “You knew that this would happen”


       “Not this soon…I don’t like this. I don’t like this, I don’t like her…”


       “Than tell her that not me…what are you doing?” Brian asked at last.


       “Cleaning metals”


       “…You don’t have any Metals” Brain said as Dave inspected the one he had just cleaned.


       “They’re not mine, they’re my grandfather’s.”


       “How long have I known you…how did I not know your grandfather was in World War II?”


       “He didn’t talk about it so my parents didn’t either.”


       “So what is it,” Brian asked picking up the one Dave has just cleaned, “a parachute?”


       “Jump Wings”


       “He jumped out of planes hu…so why are you cleaning them?”


       “They were dusty.”