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The Portal Travels 1: The Stranger

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Blueskye sighed, she was really bored. After Aphrodite left everyone went quiet. Hercules and Ares were glaring at one another and it was getting boring. She turned her attention to Joxer. He really was an interesting human. There
was something about him that called to her strongly. He looked over at her and blushed. She surprised everyone by standing up and walking to him. She sat down on his lap and put her arms around his neck. "Joxer, I owe you a boon. tell me what you wish and if it is in my power I will give it to you." She ignored the responses that her voice brought from the others. Sometimes she could speak and bring out deep passion in anyone listening.

Joxer looked at her in surprise when she sat on his lap, but it felt nice to hold her. He was unused to people wanting to touch him or asking what he wanted. Unconsciously he began to rub her back. He smiled when she purred and lay her
head on his shoulder. *This is nice.* he thought.

"Yes it is, but you still haven't answered my question."

He started at the sound of her voice. *Can you hear my thoughts?*



She chuckled softly making him shiver.

*I wish I wasn't so clumsy.*

Blueskye straightened up in his arms and straddled his lap. "I can answer that wish, but you will have to get rid of your armour."

She kissed him gently when his face fell. "I'll replace it with something better I promise."

Ares looked at his nephew in confusion. Strife was a little insane its why he dealt with Mania and Bia, so Ares was hoping he could explain what was going on. He knew that hope was fruitless when he saw the confusion on Strife's face. He was surprised at the jealousy running through him at the sight of her on Joxer's lap. Joxer was his! Where in Hades had that come from? He sighed and turned back to the pair. He was surprised to see that both mortal and fey were looking at him.

Blueskye grinned at him and winked. *Don't worry my lord. You are the one he loves. I just want to care for and protect him for you.*

Ares gapped at her. *HUH?*

Laughter was his only answer.

end part 6