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Don't Buy Me

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Running Wild 2- Don´t Buy Me
by Nadja Lee

" Where are you going?"

Remy turned around, his black duster flowing around him. The always present cigarette was in his hand and his dark shades hid his eyes in the already dark staircase.

" Out, bro. Out."

Scott walked the rest of the stairs to him and the two brothers stood face to face. Though it was late, almost 2 o'clock, Scott wore a tight black t-shirt and tight blue cowboy pants that did his legs and ass every right.

" I thought you said you wouldn't go up against Lopez?"

" Yeah, well...this time it's personal."

" Remy, everything is bloody personal with you," Scott said irritated.

" Keep your voice down or you'll wake Alex," Remy hissed.

" I forbid you to see this guy! He may kill you," Scott said sharply. Remy removed his shades and looked his brother in his shaded eyes.

" Since mom died you have done your best to keep the three of us together and safe. You are my big brother and I normally listen to you but not tonight. This is something I have to do," his voice wasn't pleading; it held a strong edge of steel which wasn't to miss.

" Is there anything I can do to make you stay, bro?" Scott asked softly. Remy shook his head.

" No."

Remy reached inside his pocket and took out a bundle of bills and handed them to Scott. He didn't take them.

" What? What am I to do with those?" Scott nodded almost disgusted to the bills.

" It's for you and Alex. In case...well, you know. Here, take them," Remy again tried to put the bills into Scott's hands. Scott tore the bills from Remy´s hand and threw them on the floor. He reached out and took hold of Remy´s coat and forced him closer.

" Don't you EVER try to buy me. Ever," Scott's voice was low and dangerous and Remy knew he was in deep waters.

" Hey, relax. I didn't mean..." Remy began.

" I'm not for sale. Not now, not ever. I have done all the selling of everything I've got I ever will. Never again. Ever. Do you understand?" His voice was low and Remy feared he wasn't seeing him at all, wasn't even talking to him but someone else, maybe many somebody's.

" I've got it. Cool it," Remy finally succeeded in pulling free from Scott. He picked up the bills and put them back into his pocket. With a shake of his head Remy walked all the way down the stairs. Okay, that brother of his needed some serious psychological help, Remy thought darkly.

" Remy?" Scott's voice came from the top of the stairs. Remy turned around, halfway through the front door.

" Qui, frère1?"

Scott stood almost at the top of the stairs, half hidden in shadows and Remy thought it suited him. All what he had done, for Alex and for him, to keep them alive, to keep them from doing things he knew they'll be forced to sooner or later, was written in the shadows around him.

" Revenez vivant, mon frère. Revenez vivant2," Scott said softly. Remy flashed him a brilliant smile, but it was a false smile, a smile someone gives when they have always had far too little to smile about.

" Toujours, frère. Toujours.3"

And with that Remy was gone. Scott looked after him for a long while before forcing himself to return to the bedroom and the person who was waiting for him. In that instant he felt very old and prayed that he and Remy could keep Alex pure and innocent in mind, body and spirit just for a few years more. If they could.... it had surely been worth it. Worth the pain, the hurt, the humiliation, worth the beatings and the pleading, the tears and the darkness. If just one of them pulled through.... It was worth it. It had to be...........At least he had to believe so as he opened the door to the bedroom and the man inside reached for him. Scott closed his eyes. It was worth it for Alex. It was worth it..................Wasn't it?

The End

1 French for "Yes, brother?"
2 French for " Come back alive, my brother. Come back alive"
3 French for " Always, brother. Always."