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Andou Daisuke

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“Life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on” – Samuel Butler; English composer, novelist and satiric author (1835-1902)

This way or akin to that you could pretty well describe my life, eventually changing the violin into the guitar.

At 30 life is fairly well. Being treated nicely, you are just as wise as to not re-do the mistakes you made in your youth. Which could – generally seen of course – be something like drunk driving in your characteristic red sports car; that just screams young, wealthy and single. Unfortunately and completely out of the blue being stopped by the police that kindly arrest you for the next three days, giving you ”good advice” by proposing you take some weeks off and go into rehab”just for your own health” .

In general never worked well with Andou Daisuke.

I’m one of those people that take the hot food out of a steaming oven without cooking gloves on, yelp, curse and do the exactly same thing two days later. By contrast I’d never order a bad tasting beer twice.

Leaning back in the chair, stretching my long legs out in front of me; and contently sipping at my cold bottle of delicious beer. I’m watching the sunset from this grand balcony. After all, this place isn’t that bad, I assume.

“Andou-san, I cannot remember giving you permission to undulate yourself in such a presumptuous act as drinking in a rehabilitation center!”

I winced; and in not so much as an eye-blink, the nurse had snatched the bottle out of my hands.

I groaned.

At 30 life simply sucks.