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Playing the Odds

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Gibbs opened his eyes to blink dazedly at Tony’s sun washed bedroom. He squinted, wincing in the face of the brightness.  He’d forgotten that Tony’s bedroom had a northeast exposure; even with the blinds drawn it was always bathed in the first light of day.  The orientation of a bedroom and how much sunlight it got wasn’t the sort of thing Gibbs usually gave much thought to.  Until he and Tony had started sleeping together, and then doing more than sleeping, it had been years since he’d stayed in bed long enough to be blinded by morning sunshine.


He sighed, closing his eyes and snuggling in closer to Tony’s warm, solid form.  He buried his face against Tony’s back.  He smiled think, ‘It’s Sunday’.  This was the one day they’d mutually agreed on being a day of rest whenever the job permitted it to be.  To Tony that meant getting to sleep in until he was ready to get up, and it was rapidly coming to mean the same thing for Gibbs.


Of course, more often than not, sex was involved at least once between their usual waking hour and whenever they felt like getting out of bed on Sunday.  Sometimes it was slow and gentle, a languid sort of union that was almost surreal.  If it weren’t for the mess that got made, Gibbs would have thought those times were really just damn good dreams.  Sometimes it was hot and heavy, both of them waking up hard and primed for action.  Those times were more like a wrestling match as they struggled against one another for control.  Gibbs couldn’t honestly say he ever lost---no matter who topped whom.  And then there were times like this morning where just being wrapped around each other, safe and warm, was all that really mattered, when there wasn’t energy or interest to do more than simply enjoy the moment. 


Gibbs kissed the back of Tony’s neck.  He would never have guessed that three months would be enough to change the habits of a lifetime, but apparently it was.  Or maybe Tony was just that persuasive.


For not getting to experience lazy Sundays much in his life, Gibbs found he missed it something fierce when they didn’t get a chance to spend Sunday mornings together.  According to Abby, Gibbs was down right testy when they’d been called into work two weekends in a row.  Even the Director had noticed his unusually foul mood. Speculation at the office was rife over why he’d be so put out about something that had never bothered him before.  Gibbs knew there was a betting pool, although he wasn’t sure how anyone planned to win it since no one, other than Tony, had balls enough to ask out right.


Gibbs knew Tony wasn’t any happier about losing those days together, but for the most part the younger man seemed to take it in stride.  It didn’t hurt that Tony acting annoyed or a bit pissed over a ruined weekend was hardly out of the ordinary.  And to his credit, unlike Gibbs, Tony rarely took resorted to snarling at people. 


Gibbs sighed again.  He wasn’t going to dwell on the Sundays they’d missed.  It was better to just enjoy the moment.  He wrapped his arm more tightly around Tony.  Gibbs liked how well they fit together. They never went to sleep spooned together back to front but that was almost always the position they woke up in.


Tony mumbled something inarticulate, moving restlessly.  Gibbs lifted his head to look at the younger man’s face.  It didn’t happen often, but Tony did have nightmares.  Given how much the younger man had gone through just in his time at NCIS, it was something of a wonder he didn’t have them more often.  But even once was more than Gibbs wanted him to experience, so he needed to make sure he shouldn’t wake Tony and save him from some subconscious induced terror.


Tony shifted, a small groan escaping, as he pulled tried to pull the comforter up over his head.  Not a nightmare, Gibbs decided, just a protest to the bright sunlight.  Feeling playful, he grinned, holding the blanket so Tony couldn’t move it. 


Tony grumbled, rolling over, somehow managing to stay within the circle of Gibbs’ arms.  He buried his face in Gibbs’ chest.


“Damn sun.”  Tony muttered.


Gibbs cupped the back of Tony’s head, petting him in a soothing gesture, liking the fact that Tony had turned into him rather than burying his head under the pillow.  He eyed the windows.  The sunlight would be even brighter and fill the room even earlier in the summer months.  He would have thought Tony would have gotten something heavier to block out the sun. 


“Why don’t you have blackout curtains?”   


“Didn’t need them.”  Tony chuckled quietly.  “Haven’t slept this late since I moved in.”


Gibbs was glad Tony couldn’t see his face.  The younger man kept telling him there was no reason to feel guilty about things done in the past.  And Gibbs tried, but he still felt like an asshole when Tony made completely innocent comments that reminded him just what a shit head he’d been.


Tony raised his head, sleepy green eyes meeting blue.  “Not all your fault you know.”


“How do you do that?”  No one should be able read him that well without even looking. 


“When it comes to us…you’re pretty damn predictable.”  Tony smiled.  “And so far, I’d have to say that’s not a bad thing.”


“I should be insulted.”


“Should be, but you’re not.”  Tony smirked, giving Gibbs a quick kiss.  “You wanna take a shower with me?”


That wasn’t an offer Gibbs would ever say no to.  Especially not when staying at Tony’s place.  The building had installed a new water heater as part of the overall upgrades and renovations the new owner had undertaken after buying the building.  The heater was some sort of special, industrial size thing that seemed to have an endless supply of piping hot water.  At least it hadn’t run out yet, no matter how long they were in there making sure everything was…clean. 


Tony got out of bed, arms reaching overhead to stretch languidly.  Gibbs watched, fascinated by the play of firm muscle and long limbs.  He had been surprised when Tony recently confessed to having practiced yoga for several years, although in hindsight he shouldn’t have been. The past few months had confirmed just how limber Tony was.  That had to come from somewhere.


Gibbs rolled out of bed, grimacing as stiff joints made themselves known. Last night had been a bit rough—not that he’d actually noticed it at the time.  Gibbs’ skin warmed just thinking about it.  He definitely wasn’t about to complain.  If he did, Tony might not do it again…and Gibbs definitely wanted them to have more nights like that. 


Gibbs did a few stretches of his own, trying to wake up heavy limbs.  He was glad Tony had already headed for the bathroom.  Hopefully the running water covered the sound of his knees popping, and his soft groans as he tried to loosen over used, stiff muscles.


They could never claim showering together conserved water.  Like sleeping in, a long shower wasn’t something Gibbs had truly indulged in much.  He learned in the Marine Corps to get in and out quickly.  And for as much as he enjoyed this simple pleasure, he rarely had time to indulge in it. 


Gibbs smiled to himself.  Since getting together with Tony, he’d developed a real appreciation for simple pleasures.  The younger man was definitely good for him in a lot of ways.  He’d have to make sure he told Tony so.  It was the sort of thing Gibbs was trying to do better communicating.  Tony seemed to appreciate his efforts.  Sometimes he rewarded Gibbs with a shy smile he never saw him give to anyone else.  And sometimes it was a kiss, gentle and full of affection.


Tony peeked out from the bathroom, eyebrows arched upward.  “You change your mind?”


Gibbs snorted.  Not very dam likely.  “You are so impatient.”


“That’s not what you said last night.” Tony smirked.  “You didn’t think I was in enough of a hurry then.” 


Gibbs blushed.  He’d made the mistake of questioning Tony’s staying power, challenging him to make Gibbs’ come before he did.  He’d done it, holding Gibbs on the edge of his orgasm for long than the older man had thought humanly possible in the process.  Gibbs had cursed, begged, even ordered Tony to move faster, to push harder, only to have the younger man continue at the same steady and maddeningly slow pace.   When Tony had finally given in to his pleas, fucking him into the mattress, the experience was so intense Gibbs had nearly blacked out when he came. 


“C’mon.” Tony held out a hand in an inviting gesture.  “The water’s warm.”


Gibbs took his hand, letting Tony pull him into the bathroom.  Steam was beginning to fill the small room, the tiled floor warm beneath Gibbs’ bare feet.


Forty minutes later, they left the room a lot cleaner and, more importantly, just as sated as they were the night before. Gibbs was almost tempted to suggest they go back to bed.  A little more sleep wouldn’t be a bad thing.  The rumbling of Tony’s stomach stopped him, reminding of his own hunger.  Dinner was a long time ago. 


Gibbs pulled on a pair of faded blue jeans and an equally faded t-shirt before adding an old gray sweatshirt.  “You got anything that qualifies as edible in your kitchen?” 


“Don’t know.”  Tony shook his head, shrugging into a long sleeved t-shirt, tucking it into a pair of jeans. “I haven’t been here much in the past few days.  And think the last time either of us bought groceries it was for your place.” 


Gibbs grimaced, nodding his understanding.  Their last case had kept the team busy for several days.  There wasn’t time to do much more than grab a quick bite to eat and some sleep whenever they left the office.

Tony ran his fingers through his damp hair, giving it some semblance of order.  It made Gibbs’ fingers itch to mess it up.  He liked the ruffled look, and he loved the way Tony’s hair felt running through his fingers.


“What about Rita?”  Tony’s cleaning lady usually left food in his fridge for him.  


“Rita’s in Orlando until next week.”


Gibbs frowned before he remembered Rita’s daughter had given birth to her first grandchild two weeks ago.  Rita had flown down to stay for several weeks and help the new mother adjust.  And to spoil her grandchild. 


“She’s the happiest grandmother on the planet.”  Tony smiled fondly.  “With the most beautiful grandchild ever born.”  Gibbs had a feeling the younger man would be seeing pictures of the ‘most beautiful grandchild’ the moment Rita got back.  Probably for months.


“If the cupboards are bare we can always head over to Frank’s.”  Tony pointed out as he put on his watch.


Frank’s was a small deli style restaurant a block from Tony’s place.  The food was simple fare but well prepared and delicious.  Tony was a regular and popular, always greeted by name.  He’d introduced Gibbs to the owner the first weekend he’d spent at Tony’s place. 


To say Frank was a large man would be an understatement.  He was big enough to dwarf most professional linebackers, but seemed to be the epitome of a gentle giant.  He didn’t try to crush Gibbs’ hand when he shook it, but Gibbs had noticed the man giving him a once over, measuring him.  Gibbs still didn’t know if he’d been judged on his own merits or his worthiness to be good enough to be considered a friend of Tony’s.  Either way, he evidently passed muster since Frank hadn’t toss him out on his ass.  Frank hadn’t warmed much to him, not giving Gibbs a smile and friendly greeting like Tony always got, but the caliber of the food more than made up for that. 


Gibbs headed for the kitchen.  He opened the fridge, not entirely surprised to find it barren.  Tony didn’t keep much food at his place even when he had time to shop for groceries.  He relied on take out, delivery and Rita.


“We going to Frank’s?” Tony asked.


“Unless you want to eat pickles, mustard and ketchup for breakfast.”


“I have mustard?”  Tony raised both eyebrows, eyes twinkling.  “Hunh. Who knew?”


Gibbs snorted.  Condiments were the one thing Tony always made a point of getting when he did bother to shop for groceries.  Gibbs suspected Rita cleaned them out on a regular basis just like she did everything else in Tony’s refrigerator. 


“We’re going to Frank’s.”  Gibbs shut the refrigerator door, emphatically.  “Then we’re going to go grocery shopping.”


Tony laughed.  Gibbs glared at him.  “What?”


“This is getting to be part of our Sunday routine.”  Tony grinned.  “Sleep in, shop for groceries, laundry.”  He put a hand to his chest, mock horror coloring his expression and tone. “My god, Jethro, we’re domesticated.”


Gibbs found himself grinning back.  Tony was right.  They were domesticated.  And damn if he didn’t like that fact.  Clearly Tony didn’t mind the idea either. 


“Get your shoes on.”


Tony gave him a sloppy salute, heading for where he’d kicked off his sneakers in the living room.  He asked over his shoulder, “This mean you’re buying?”


“You need me to?”  They’d established a habit of trading off who bought dinner, whether they went out to eat or grabbed something on the way home, but breakfast was always up for grabs. 


“Don’t have any cash on me.”  Tony looked a little sheepish.  “Didn’t have time to hit an ATM this week.”


Frank often refused to let Tony pay for his meal.  Gibbs was sure there was a story there, but so far neither Tony nor Frank had given up any details.  If Tony wanted to pay for his meal, he left cash on the table, knowing that even if Frank didn’t take it, the wait staff would spread it out among themselves.  Tips like that was another reason Tony was popular there. 


Gibbs pulled on an older pair of deck shoes he’d left at Tony’s place.  Half his wardrobe had found its way into Tony’s closet and dresser.  Gibbs found it reassuring that Tony had taken to leaving more of his things in Gibbs’ house.  They were merging their possessions and their lives more and more. 


Gibbs smiled to himself.  Tony had definitely called it.  They were domesticated. All they had to do to make it official was move in together and buy a set of matching rings.  Gibbs smile widened.  It would be awhile before they were ready for that step.  But Gibbs was confident they were getting closer every day.


“What?”  Tony gave him a quizzical look.


“What what?”


“You’re smiling.”


“I’m happy.”


“It’s more than that.”


“I’m very happy,” Gibbs said, stepping closer to give Tony a kiss. 


When they ended the kiss, Tony cupped Gibbs’ face with both hands, green eyes searching blue.  “Why are you very happy?” he asked.


“Because I love you.”  Gibbs said simply.  “And I know you love me.”


Gibbs had told Tony he loved him nearly two months ago.  It was only last week Tony had actually said the words back, but there was no doubt he’d meant them.


Tony smiled.  “And that makes you very happy?”


“It does.”


“Good.”  Tony kissed him.  “Makes me very happy too.”




Tony looked toward the front door.  “You ready to take our happy selves outside and get on with the day?”


Gibbs lightly smacked the back of Tony’s head, knowing was expected.  “We already wasted half the morning.”


Tony gave him a look that was full of promise.  “If you play your cards right, we can waste half the afternoon the same way.”


“Like the sound of that.”


Tony laughed.  “I thought you might.”


“Breakfast.”  Gibbs declared.  “We’ll need fortification.”


“Oh yeah,” Tony waggled is eyebrows.  “We will definitely need that.”


Might need a few other things as well, Gibbs thought, adding the pharmacy to their list of errands that needed to be run.  He tucked his wallet into his pocket, grabbing his coat.  Tony shrugged into his coat as well. 


Tony opened the door, taking a deep breath.  “Today is going to be a good day.”


As far as Gibbs was concerned it was already a great day.  It was just going to get better.  Like everything else in his life since he’d welcomed Tony into it.