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Based upon BROTHERS & SISTERS, with no copyright infringement intended and produced without profit to myself or others.  M/M, LANGUAGE.  Kevin/Scotty, with mention of Kevin/Jason.


Author’s Note:  A cynical take on Scotty’s return to Kevin’s life, season 2.


PINING by Natasha Barry


Had anyone ever been grateful at receiving a DUI before?


Scotty Wandell turned away from the departing figure of Kevin Walker, smiling to himself as he completed the meal preparation for the famed soccer player’s meal, the one at a table in the official dining room.  Truly, he didn’t give a shit about the soccer player’s satisfaction with the high-priced meal, and soccer itself could be off the menu as a worldwide phenomenon, but he did enjoy the fact he was apprenticing at a five star restaurant whose client list was sure to impress.


Sure to impress the likes of Kevin Walker, that is.  Not that Kevin was seated in the dining room for the partaking of his own Wandell specially prepared supper, but even the Walker family wouldn’t have been able to garner a reservation at this establishment, unless accompanied by the Senator. 


Thank God Kevin hadn’t resented him and had agreed to take his case though, even though he could tell Kevin was irked at the news he’d smart-mouthed the cop who’d given him the citation, but whatever….  After all, it was an automatic response on his part and he’d been pretty witty, though it looked as though Kevin didn’t think so, turning to him the way he had in the courtroom and then being in a hurry to get back to the office. So much for the luncheon invitation Scotty hoped to extend, or the quaint notion some afternoon delight would be forthcoming.  Not even a coffee date, it looked like.  But Kevin may have acted only as a friend and a lawyer, but it’s not like Kevin couldn’t be talked around, it only required the appropriate bait.


Scotty had been after Kevin from the moment he saw him, or nearly.  At first, thinking the young and handsome lawyer was merely straight, he’d been a bit peeved at such hotness being wasted, which had resulted in his own response of super-gay.  Then, finding out the Walker man was gay, well, that put him in Scotty’s range and he’d taken aim.  He was never one to pass up any opportunity at making a pass at the man he wanted, even if the man did seem to shy away from any personal connection.  Thank God the sister, Sarah, when their paths crossed, had extended that invitation that brought Scotty into the Walker home, the mansion he fought not to be impressed by.


Huge, the place was, the lawyer not the only one to make money in this family, but obviously he came from money as well.  Scotty didn’t want to think how reaching for Kevin was reaching for something unobtainable, but the mansion, the private office in the sky, the man himself all seemed to imply he was.


That was a hell of a family, the Walkers, worthy of southern stock, all a bit mad, in his opinion.  It reminded him of something he’d see on Masterpiece Theatre.  And it was interesting how he managed to remain at Kevin’s side throughout, though it wasn’t really a date, but as if offering silent support.  Most of the time, he knew, though, the lawyer just forgot he was there.  Like the caterers, Scotty ceased to be in the instant the siblings connected with each other. 


So that established them – Scotty Wandell and Kevin Walker - on Walker family ground, anyway.  And finally Kevin succumbed to the Scotty irresistibility factor, and agreed to an official date.  Something about liking his red velvet cupcakes, and Scotty did promise to provide more.


The relationship, if it could even be called that, since it fell somewhat short, was of two months duration and spiced with fun and drama.  A bit older now, Scotty could admit to supplying a lot of that drama himself, having a tendency to push his boyfriend into attitudes Kevin couldn’t accept or weren’t actually applicable.  The problem was Scotty not being sure who and what Kevin was in relation to himself.   He’d never come across anyone like him before.  In hindsight, Scotty could see where he’d been a bit judgmental and even the one primarily responsible for the breakup, not just the official breakup, but his feeling the need to distance himself from Kevin for the pain Kevin caused him, even if inadvertently.  But it was easier putting the sole blame upon Kevin for the breakup.


But after the initial spasm of the affect of their breakup dissolved, Scotty found himself remembering quite a few things he’d said in regards his former boyfriend:


“He can’t wait until I’m out of the room.  I’m just too gay for him.”


“He always talks down to me or looks at me out of those blue eyes – have I told you about his eyes? – as if I’m not worth figuring out.”


“He’s cute.  Hot.  And wealthy.  His family has a mansion.  Like something out of a movie.  Not even in Beverly Hills but it might as well be.”


“He’s not comfortable with being gay.  His family is accepting, but it’s like he’s oblivious to his own sexuality, let alone comfortable in expressing it.”


“The Hollywood Gay Mafia, if there is one, that’s the kind calling him.  They’d be discreet enough for him.  Except for seeing that photo of his old boyfriend in his office, I haven’t a clue what his type really is, but I know I’m not it.”


“He says he has no gay friends.  In fact, as a couple, we have no gay friends.  All of my friends are gay, except the women.  Isn’t that odd?  These self-loathing types are all alike.”


“He doesn’t talk about his boyfriends.  I do know he and the last one broke up ‘cause he cheated on him.  He’s not comfortable with anything serious.  Can barely get him to say I’m his boyfriend.  I wonder if I was one of those suited types he meets all day if that would make a difference?”


“He’s so sweet.  Took me for ice cream and then we had cocoa in bed while watching movies on TCM.”


“It’s weird, but I did find George Michael in his CD collection.  We played WHAM! all day.”


“We went shopping together and he laughed at the clothes I was trying on.”


“He’s bugging me about the temp jobs I take, and the fact the acting isn’t working out.  I tell him you just have to hang in there, that part of the whole making it thing is determination.  He says he understands that as law school isn’t fun.  But he says I should see the difference between a yellow brick road and a road.”


“He hates being gay.  He hates me being gay.  Doesn’t matter when we’re in bed though.”


“He’s got a good apartment, but nothing like what he could have at home.  I guess he figures he has the glamour and money when he’s in Pasadena.  He spends a lot of time there, even sleeps in his old bedroom.”


“To be dramatic about it, the nail in the coffin came when we were with his family – maybe that’s why he sheltered us from them – cause he’s different around them.  Oh, they all tease each other back and forth and argue like it’s going out of style.  But we were at dinner and he told me to shut up as if my opinion had no value whatsoever!  Well, that did it.  I left.  I’ve avoided his calls ever since.  Then I told him what I had to, and why I couldn’t see him anymore.  We were in his office.  I could have shouted from the rafters, if I’d wanted to, on how he used me to make himself feel better about himself.”


It was months later, when he was calmed down, but not having found a guy with the appeal of the boyfriend he’d jettisoned, he was offered the opportunity for a blind date from an actress friend.  He had no better prospects for Valentine’s Day, and otherwise would probably be alone and watching television, so he consented to the setup, especially since a hopeful part of himself quivered at the notion of being on a date with a hot attorney named Kevin.  Really, what were the odds?  Though he reminded himself not to get too excited, in case it turned out to be some different Kevin, he didn’t ask for his intended’s last name.  He really wanted to be properly surprised if it was Kevin Walker.  And he wondered on how Kevin would react on finding his date to be one Scotty Wandell.  There was also a pleasure accorded that Kevin Walker was otherwise dateless on Valentine’s Day, as he was himself.  Maybe they were meant to be together.  And if this Kevin wasn’t his Kevin, but an altogether new possibility, then he’d deal with that.  But it would be an odd coincidence.


But on the night, an initially stunned Kevin became mildly flirtatious, was certainly overdrinking, and even seemed somewhat distracted, as if having a problem remaining intent upon their dialogue.  Being distracted by Kevin’s presence himself, Scotty only took it to mean the man was caught off-guard being blind-dated with his own ex-boyfriend, the one who dumped him. 


Then again, a coldly sober Scotty was enjoying the possibilities of the situation, as well as the physical presence of the man himself.  No kidding - “You are dressed to take the singles out of the party” - Kevin Walker was the hottest guy there.  He even put that presumed golden-boy Chad Barry to shame.  Scotty knew Michelle was crazy about the guy, but -


“My gaydar just red-lined.”


Maybe it was the sudden presence of the soap star stud, or the way he leaned into Kevin, or the fact Chad Barry called Kevin “Kev” but there was something there.  Scotty looked at Kevin, but the old boyfriend didn’t say a word.  But who was Kevin’s real association at this party, Michelle, or Michelle’s boyfriend who seemed a little too proprietary towards Kevin for an allegedly straight man to be?  But he didn’t KNOW Chad was gay.


Kevin continued drinking, and Scotty found himself mesmerized by the blue eyes as always.  With that perfect skin and full lips and curly hair, every time Scotty saw him he wanted to fall into those strong arms or have them fall together onto Kevin’s bed. 


Which they did later, obviously enough, Kevin maybe too drunk to be thinking clearly, but Scotty knew what he was doing.  Why not a reunion of the lovers, since he’d never gotten Kevin clear of his mind, let alone his heart?


They fell into their familiar pattern in bed, Scotty being the one for talking afterwards, but Kevin now slipping into an alcohol-induced doze.  By the time morning arrived, Scotty realized Kevin was using the bathroom and as he didn’t immediately return, Scotty began pulling on his clothes automatically. 


As Kevin returned to him, Scotty wondered what the day held for the two of them.


Then, the betrayal.  “Chad,” Scotty overheard, unashamedly listening to the Walker side of the cell phone conversation.  So Kevin didn’t want him; probably never had, truth be told.  Scotty Wandell had managed to slip into the Walker boxers only due to perseverance.   If Kevin had regretted their breakup, it was probably only because it was yet another in a long line of breakups for that young man who otherwise was accustomed to success. 


“I feel sorry for you,” was his parting shot, even as Kevin looked confused, as perhaps he had a right to be.


Scotty felt sorrier for himself, and went off to lick his wounds.  Then he decided to do something for himself for a change, rather than to himself.  Acting was a kid’s game, and he was now past it.  Facile and doll-types like Chad Barry were all the rage, anyway, though someone as sophisticated as Kevin Walker shouldn’t have been sucked in by that. 


Grown up and responsible Kevin was right about his needing to grow up, anyway. 


Kevin had big shot boyfriends at his beck and call, and money and security.


There had to be something he could do, something that would interest him, that would give him even a fraction of what Kevin had, of what Kevin valued.  A quick assessment assured him the one thing he’d always hated about his apartment is it didn’t have the so-called gourmet kitchen as part of it.  And baking was his favorite form of therapy.  But it was no fun baking here.  But if he attended courses….  His hobby could be his career.


He’d prove his value, to himself and to Kevin.  He wouldn’t be the kid in the playground any longer.


One day in class, the other gay men who were potential gourmets were all abuzz: “Did you hear that?”  “That McCallister guy, the Senator – you know, that gorgeous hunk – he’s got a gay brother.”  “I’d like to meet the brother.”  “Don’t bother, he’s taken.”  “That Luther piece of shit, well, they are replaying that thing over the net and on TV.  That Kitty Walker, she’s got the balls between her and the Senator, but the Mom sounds crazy.”  “Mom Walker likes the gays!”  “I never heard of the Walkers.”  “You remember, how Kitty Walker was on the radio all the time and she’d talk about her gay brother.”  And finally, the triumphant, “The gay brothers are dating each other!”  “Holy shit!”  “And they’re talking about doing it in the Lincoln Bedroom!”


Naturally, Scotty collected all the data in his head and read the papers and had a friend do an internet search.  He even tuned to CNN and FOX (because it was conservative bias and bound to have more talk regarding the Republican Senator and his in-laws) to catch up on what the brouhaha was about.


His own Kevin Walker was dating the Senator’s minister brother?  Holy shit, indeed.   Not many people knew he knew the Walkers, but he’d known Kitty was now engaged to the Senator.  Talk about money and family marrying money and family.  However, the gay brother of the Senator was a newly discovered phenomenon and it only made it more interesting the brothers had gotten together as well.


Of course, he’d already known through the gay on-line chat sites his friends visited that Chad Barry, officially outing himself – how’s that, Kevin? – was no longer seeing Kevin himself.  Though Scotty must have underestimated their bond at the time, the relationship hadn’t lasted.  No one knew the particulars, even though some people asked about the attorney boyfriend, but the actor would only say, “We’re no longer together,” and leave it at that.  Kevin, not being a public figure anyway, was left alone, and had disappeared quickly off the radar of the gay media sites.  Scotty didn’t think many people made the connection between Kitty Walker and Kevin Walker anyway, which was another plus in Kevin’s yearning for anonymity.  Only Kevin managed to make a strong reappearance on the gaydar sites with the latest news of the gay romance astride the presidential campaign trail, with the bonafide connection that Kevin was the same Kevin that had been responsible for the outing of Chad Barry.


Only now Scotty was celebrating his success at the restaurant, his apprenticeship a success.  Which led to the traditional drink of wine by the staff during the nightly cleanup.  Then the drive home and him being stopped because of the missing taillight, his own car a far cry from Kevin’s luxury convertible.


But once he had that ticket in hand, he realized a DUI was something he had to fight, especially as it was unjustified, and the cop’s homophobia was enough to require the man being slapped down, in public if possible.  So he needed a lawyer.  And he knew a lawyer.  Knew a lawyer intimately, in fact.


He made an appointment with Kevin’s through the receptionist under an assumed name, and was in the private office sooner than Kevin could have expected, but it gave Scotty a moment to absorb the fit figure, notice the change in hairstyle, the clear skin and finally the blue eyes, those intense blue eyes, finally taking him in, with a question in their depths. 


Fortunately Kevin agreed to take his case, and Scotty was fully assured he’d make a success of it.  But the physical force of the man only made Scotty think of bed.  Kevin either didn’t see or misconstrued the smile of victory he couldn’t prevent.  But Kevin always did underestimate him.


The court case won, the dinner invitation agreed to.  Scotty didn’t miss how it was only the promise of the five star restaurant with the impossible-to-get dinner reservations that settled Kevin’s mind to agreement.  Otherwise, Kevin wasn’t that relaxed around him.


Following dinner, when Kevin got up to leave, Scotty leaned in for the automatic kiss – really, the entire charade of the DUI was about getting Kevin back again – but Kevin recoiled, without hesitation, as if the intimate contact with his former boyfriend was unthinkable.  Kevin explained how they couldn’t resume their relationship:  Scotty admitting he knew the Senator’s brother was a minister, but not confessing he well-knew the link with Kevin himself.   After all, if that relationship was sub-par or even over with by now, why would it interfere with his own plans for the Wandell-Walker reunion?  He and Kevin had always been good in bed together.  And Kevin’s relationships didn’t last long anyway.  It couldn’t be hard to take Kevin away from minister-guy, no matter how long they’d been dating; Scotty had the prior claim, after all.


So Kevin was planning to remain faithful to his missing-in-action boyfriend.  Well, who knew when Minister man was back, or was even worth being faithful to.  After all, Kevin was still prime and healthy, not a natural celibate.  


Meanwhile, Kevin promised Scotty friendship, maybe out of guilt for having refused his advances, but the attorney obviously being short-sighted about it all.  Perhaps his current boyfriend wouldn’t be too pleased at the inclusion into their lives of an old love, after all?  Had Kevin even considered that?  Or didn’t it matter when the “friend” was Scotty? 


Scotty smirked.


Not that Kevin had ever used the word love to him, but they’d been exclusive for the months they were together, so that meant something.


But this budding friendship status would mean spending a lot of time together, no matter how busy their private schedules proved to be.  Perhaps even Scotty revisiting the Walker manse for family occasions, as in the old days.  And if worse came to worst, well, Kevin had never been immune to the effects of alcohol.  He displayed a marked weakness in that area.  Pining for his Jason McCallister and having Scotty on hand, it was only a matter of time and the circle would be complete.  


He reckoned they would be keeping their own initials, the towels emblazoned W&W.  And perhaps Scotty would open his own restaurant some day, as a celebrity chef, the banner being W&W.  And one table set aside each evening for whichever of the Walker clan dropped in.


Life could be so sweet once one decided to grow up.