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On The Run

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Jamie knocked on the door of the priest's office. "Come in." Father Jim said. He looked up from his desk as Jamie entered the room. "Oh Jamie, what can I do for you?" He offered. "I'm looking for someone. Dr. Loomis. Dr. Sam Loomis. And I was hoping you could help me find him." Jamie answered.

"I'll see what I can come up with." Father Jim said.

"Thank you." Jamie said, then turned and left the room.

Father Jim found her later in the chapel, praying. Jamie looked up. "I couldn't find an address but I found this number." He said, handing her the paper with his number on it.

"Thank you." Jamie said, taking the piece of paper.

"If you need anything else just let me know." he said.

"I will. Thanks." Jamie said as the priest walked off.

Jamie left to find a payphone. She really hoped this number was accurate. She put the money in the slot and dialed the number.

Dr. Loomis picked up the phone. "Hello."

"Dr. Loomis?" Jamie said.

"Speaking." He replied.

Oh thank God. Jamie thought. "It's me Jamie Lloyd." Jamie said.

"Jamie. Where are you? Are you ok? Did Michael..." Dr. Loomis asked, worried for her safety.

"I'm fine. I'm staying at the Catholic Church just outside of town. But I need your help." Jamie said.

"Anything. What is it?" He asked.

"I'd rather not discuss it over the phone. Is there somewhere we can meet?" Jamie asked.

"Yes how's the park tomorrow at noon?" he suggested.

"That's fine." Jamie said.

"I'll see then. Oh and Jamie be careful." He said.

"I will." Jamie said, hanging up the phone.

Dr. Loomis wondered what she needed his help with but figured he'd find out tomorrow. He just worried about her. If she was alive then that meant Michael must be too.

Jamie walked back to the church and into the room she and Michael were staying in. She found him sitting on the bed. She sat down next to him, taking his hand. "I found Dr. Loomis." Jamie told him. Michael tensed, gripping her hand a little too tightly. "It's ok. He can help us. I know he can." Jamie said. "I know you don't exactly trust him but I do. And you can trust me." Jamie continued. He loosed up a little. Jamie knew that this would be difficult but they needed his help whether Michael liked it or not.

The next day, Jamie waited for Dr. Loomis in the park. She sat on one of the park benches. Michael had insisted on coming, though he chose to hide behind a large tree near by. Jamie wasn't sure why he had insisted so much but she knew he didn't exactly trust the doctor even though Jamie did.

Dr. Loomis approached spotting Jamie on the nearby bench. "Jamie." He said as he walked closer.

Jamie stood up, walking over to him. "You came." Jamie said. Not that she was worried he wouldn't.

"Of course." He said. "I worry about you Jamie." He said as they both took a seat on the bench. Jamie knew he worried about her and she knew why. "Now what is it that you need my help with?" He asked. He didn't want to waste time because he knew it must be important if she felt the need to contact him.

Jamie took a moment to think about how she wanted to tell him. "I'm pregnant...with Michael's child." Jamie told him. She paused to let the information sink in.

"And you want me to help you hide?" Dr. Loomis asked.

She looked over at the tree that Michael had been hiding behind. "Sort of." Jamie said. Michael stepped out from behind the tree.

Dr. Loomis saw him and was immediately scared for both Jamie and the baby she was carrying. Jamie stood up and started walking towards Michael. "Jamie no!" Dr. Loomis called terrified.

Taking Michael's hand, she turned back to Dr. Loomis. "It's ok. He won't hurt me. Not anymore. I don't really know why but he feels the need to protect me now." Jamie said. She walked back over to the bench Michael following closely behind her.

Dr. Loomis just stared at her. He was in shock. He had always thought that if anyone could save him it would be Jamie but he never thought he'd see it happen.

Jamie sat down on the bench next to the doctor. "After the explosion in the police station six years ago, a man took me and held me captive. He forced me to get pregnant with Michael's child. I managed to escape but Michael followed me. He was going to kill me until he found out I was pregnant. We need you help Dr. Loomis. We need you to help hide us." Jamie explained.

Dr. Loomis had always felt that Jamie was alive. He still didn't trust Michael but it was obvious Jamie did. His main priority was keeping Jamie and that baby safe. "Ok I'll help you." Dr. Loomis said. "You can stay with me until I find a more permanent place for you." He said.

"Thank you." Jamie said.

Dr. Loomis knew he had to find out who had taken her but he would figure that out later. Now he just needed to protect her and the baby.