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Lethal Weapon in Cascade

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Lethal Weapon in Cascade
by J Driscoll (Firestorm67)



"Where the heck do the two of you think you are going?" snapped an irate voice.

Riggs looked up at the ceiling and replied, "Well Captain the best I can actually put it is this, Roger and I have some vacation coming up and this case we are on needs to be put to bed. I figured that we would kill two birds with one stone. The drugs are coming in from Washington, some place called Cascade. If we "chat" to our snitch we can get a rough idea where and go do something about it. Right Roger?"

Murtaugh stared at him and then turned hurriedly back to his boss and replied, "Right."

The Captain eyed them both suspiciously and growled, "And I am supposed to believe that crock of shit?"

Martin looked offended.

Riggs frowned and asked, "Sir?"

The Captain snapped, "If you think I believe that for one second, you are out of your mind Riggs. However I do believe that you need a holiday, someplace out of my hair, so for appearances sake, I will agree to this latest harebrained idea of yours. If you get killed don't come back here."

Murtaugh hid a smile behind a hand and looked at the ceiling patiently waiting for his partner to understand what had been said.

But Riggs was too busy gushing out thankyou's to notice.

"Oh and Riggs, I will inform the Cascade PD that I am sending in two undercover cops. Don't make me regret sending you on leave. Understand." Bellowed the Captain.

Martin shrugged and replied, "But then everyone will know we are in town Captain. And if they know, then the drug lords will know and our bust will go out the window."

The Captain smiled coldly and replied, "I have a buddy across there and will ask him not to put the word out."


Roger Murtaugh was looking at Riggs saying "Oh man I'm to old for this shit."

Looking across the guest room in one of the Motel 8 inns that they had booked into when they got to Cascade, at the other end, his partner Martin Riggs was holding his weapon and cleaning it, said, "C'mon Roger- you say that every time we go on one of these. Hey we are still breathing aren't we? Have I ever let you down?"

A smile came to Rogers face. Looking at Riggs. Riggs always knowing what to do. Always ready for everything. Even if it got them half killed at every opportunity. He sighed and replied, "No, but there is always a first time Riggs."

Martin was intently investigating every inch of his gun nodding his head as if he were listening to his partner. Silence descended and he looked up saying, "I'm listening."

Roger growled, "No you aren't."

"Yeah I am. We do have fun and you can't deny it." He said with a grin.

Roger shook his head and then grinned saying, "Yeah. We do that. So you think the old man contacted the local law enforcement?"

Martin glowered and replied, "Yes, I wonder who will "see" to our well being? However if they get in our way ….. " He let the sentence go.

Roger smiled, looking at his freak-out partner.

"Oh knowing you, we will lose them soon enough!"


Banks put his head around his door and said, "Blair, Jim, a word."

Jim looked up and said, "Sure."

The partners walked into Bank's office and he said, "Just got off the phone with a friend of mine up country, seems he was talked into by a couple of his undercover boys, to come to Cascade, on a drug bust. Seeing as the Bloxy case is done, I thought the two of you could go give them a hand. Sort of helpful police co-operation if you get my drift."

Jim raised his eyebrows and replied, "In other words – keep an eye on them."

Banks grinned and replied, "Exactly. Besides I don't need outsiders coming in here with their problems. Just find them and work with them."

"But Cap…" he was about to disagree.

Banks put up his hands and said, "Jim, I know you two work better on your own, but just do this for me, please."

Jim nodded and he and Blair left his office.

Blair looked at Jim and asked, "C'mon Jim – Simon doesn't ask us much. Besides how bad can it be.?"


The Motel door opened and both Jim and Blair came face to face with Martin Riggs. He grinned and said, "Hey – you must be the local boys, huh? I'm Riggs; my partner behind me is Murtaugh. Come in."

Blair and Jim entered the hotel room and saw a large oldish black male standing in the middle of the room. He smiled and said, "So, our Cap got hold of your Cap huh? No problem. How we gonna work this anyhow?"

Blair grinned and leaned forwards saying, "Hi, Blair Sandburg, this is my partner Jim Ellison."

Roger looked at Blair thinking ~ Man, they are getting younger and younger these days. I wonder how come he wears his hair long?~

He replied, "You two detectives?"

Jim smiled and replied, "I am, he isn't – he's an observer for the Cascade PD, and works with me."

Riggs frowned and said coldly, "Hey, this isn't a game Ellison, we can't have observers in this. I'm sorry but he's gonna have to sit this one out."

Jim stepped really close to Riggs and said equally coldly, "You want to play cops and robbers in Cascade, then he stays."

Blair held up his hand and said, "Wait guys, Jim if you don't want me here, it's no problem man, I can go back to the station."

Jim snapped, "Stay where you are Chief."

Riggs raised his eyebrows and stayed his ground saying, "I am not going to be responsible for anything happening to him on this case."

Jim eyed him coldly and growled, "My buddy stays and that's it."

Riggs shrugged and then looked over at his partner. Roger shrugged, so he replied, "Okay."

Jim frowned thinking, ~He gave up too quick.~


Things finally settled down a bit. But Roger knew better. After 5 years he knew the `Riggs book' by heart. Nothing his partner did surprised him anymore. No not true he got a surprise everyday with Riggs around but in a way he always knew it was coming … somehow. Yes they certainly knew each other inside out.

Everything was going normal, no you couldn't call things normal, smoothly, …, no not smoothly either. Everything was going like it always went and still goes with Riggs - chaotic!

Riggs tried real hard to get rid of both Jim and Blair as the day progressed, but to his annoyance and Roger's amazement Jim seemed to be somebody extraordinary. Finally he couldn't stand it and he pulled Blair to one side and growled, "You're not some ordinary observer are you Blair. You two are connected in some way."

Blair, surprised asked, "Why do you ask?"

Roger replied, "I've been watching Ellison earlier, and I tell you man, I never even saw that gunman and I know Martin didn't see him either. Your buddy has to have eyes like an eagle, and how does he hear something from a mile away? Earlier on I saw him bend down and sniff something on his hand when it was on the ground. And he knew the drugs had been there. Yet when Riggs and I looked, there wasn't anything on the ground. Is he a supercop or something?"

Blair grinned and replied, "Yeah something."

Roger eyed him and frowned saying, "Don't tell Riggs, because then he will become insufferable."

Blair raised his eyebrows in surprise and asked, "Insufferable?"

Roger muttered, "Yeh, he will spend his entire time trying to compete with Jim."

Blair asked, "Why?"

"Because he will, trust me, I've spent five years with him and he doesn't do anything by the book. If he finds out Ellison is some kind of supercop, he's gonna get ripped trying to be better. Its bad enough already." He grumbled.

Blair almost snorted a laugh.


Over the next three days, Riggs tried to lose both Observer and Sentinel but finally gave up. He grumbled to Roger over an early breakfast, "Rog, I don't understand, how is it, no matter what I do, I can't lose the Cascade guys? Jim always manages to find us. Its weird."

Murtaugh almost grinned at his partner and said finally, "Why don't we just pool our resources Riggs, and get home. I miss my family. I am tired of playing cat and mouse with the bad guys."

Just then the phone rang and Roger picked it up.


"Roger, your Captain just phoned Banks, says he is in town to see how you are progressing with us."

Roger groaned and replied, "Yeah, he's hoping Riggs will make a mistake in other words so he can fire his ass."

"Well, figured I would warn you, Simon just phoned to let us know." Roger thanked him and put the phone down and told his partner.


Two hours later, all four of them were observing a very large mansion that had some of the largest and sharpest gates any of them had ever seen. In the enclosed driveway sat 4 limo's. On the driveway, with some lethal looking firepower were some dark clad individuals, patrolling the grounds. Two dogs were also spotted.

Both Riggs and Ellison had gotten the tip-off they needed and had headed out there.

The three detectives got out their weapons and clipped in fresh ammo. Jim turned to Blair and said quietly, "Stay here Chief. If we are not back in an hour, get a hold of Simon and get the troops."

Blair nodded and said quietly, "Be careful Jim."

Jim nodded and replied, "Just keep your head down Chief."


10 minutes later, Riggs and Jim were in the grounds, and running for the side of the house. Roger not as fit told them he would get the guards outside.


Jim heard someone coming and grabbing Riggs dragged him into the bushes by the house. A few minutes later one of the guards strolled past. Jim stepped out behind him and took him out. He and Riggs opened the side door and stepped into the room beyond. Jim went to the door and opened the inner door. Both men disappeared into the house.


In the meantime Murtaugh managed to take out four guards before he was captured. Watching from the other side of the hill, next to Roger's borrowed vehicle, Blair watched in horror. He reached into the open car window and picked up the mic to explain to Simon that the bust was going wrong and where to find them, he lifted up his binoculars again to find out what was going on, when he felt something cold press against his cheek and a voice say, "Make a move wrong and you are dead."

Blair stood really still and the voice snatched away his binoculars. Blair turned his head and saw one of the guards with a gun in his hand. He dropped the mic unseen back into the car again. Swallowing in fear and looked at the other man. The man indicated for Blair to go down the hill to the house. Blair obliged.


Both Riggs and Jim saw Blair and Roger being led across the hall below. "Damnit" snapped Jim. Riggs felt the same but said nothing.

The pair watched.

Roger and Blair were taken through two large doors at the end of the hall. When the coast was clear, both detectives leapt down the stairs and getting close to the door they listened. But silence echoed instead. Jim opened the door and entered at a crouch. Riggs beside him. The room was empty. Jim stood and listened whilst Riggs patrolled the room. Finally Jim's eyes saw a slit near the ornamental fireplace and walking over he said softly, "It's a doorway." They looked for the hidden catch and when the door swung open, both slipped inside. A staircase led downwards and the two men walked softly down the stairs. It seemed to go a long way down until Jim heard voices ahead and he held Martin back indicating what was below. After a bit however, silence reigned again and the two men slipped down the stairs into the waiting arms of the enemy. Both detectives were disarmed and hustled to a large room where both Roger and Blairhad been secured to a wall. Jim said quietly, "Blair you okay." Blair nodded. Riggs looked at his partner who indicated he was okay.

A voice behind Jim said, "Well well, if it isn't Cascade's finest. And an added bonus, you brought me Riggs and Murtaugh."

Turning Martin and Jim saw a very beautiful pair of dark haired twins. One male, one female. The woman smiled coldly and she said in Cantonese, "Lee, I want to play with the Cascade cop first and we can get rid of Riggs after."

Jim's jaw twitched wanting to understand what was being said, but not able to.

The male twin grinned and replied, "Tied or untied?"

The woman smiled softly at her brother and replied, "Tied. I don't want him fighting back just yet."

The twin named Lee nodded and Jim suddenly found his wrists being bound behind him. He was led out a door and pushed into a well lit room that had nothing in it, excepting a large window, where he could see the room he had just been in. On the floor were spots of dried blood.

Lee turned to his men and told him to bring forward Riggs, Blair and Martin to the window.

The female twin came into the room. She had changed into a black jumpsuit and had her hair tied back. She bowed to her brother standing in the opposite window. Then turned to face Jim. She circled him twice. He watched her. Then without warning and a roundhouse kick she hit him in the jaw. With a grunt of pain, he flew backwards. He landed hard on the ground. Rolling to stand up again and more defensive this time, he waited. Using her fists and feet she lay into Jim, until finally groaning in pain and unable to defend himself he lay on the ground. Blood dripping down his chin from a cut on his lips and his nose. Bruises on his face, he looked up at her. He knew she had cracked two of his ribs. She smiled and bent down and cut his rope. He got slowly to his feet and she said, "I want to see what you have Cascade."

Drained Jim didn't stand a chance against the quicker opponent. He was already in trouble and within a few minutes she took him out. He lay crumpled unconscious on the floor. Behind the glass Blair screamed, "Jim …NOOOoo."

The twin named Lee laughed out loud and his buddies the same. Blair furious rounded on him and he snapped, "What kind of coward are you, to beat up a helpless man."

Lee smiled coldly and replied, "But I didn't hit him, my sister did. She enjoys inflicting pain. So I let her have her fun. Don't worry little man, she will get to you later."

Riggs was next and like Jim, he was soon down and out. But Lyn was tired by then and smiling she indicated to her guards who took out the unconscious bodies of the two detectives. All four were tossed into a cold dank room. The door was locked behind them. Blair went immediately to Jim and lifting his head put it down on his knees, as he sat cross-legged behind his partner. Roger went to work to see what he could do about his friend. An hour later, Jim opened his eyes and groaned. He looked up and his blue eyes caught Blair's, "What truck hit me?" he mumbled.

Blair smiled and replied gently, "A female truck named Lyn."

Hours went by, both Riggs and Jim, prowled the room looking for a way out. Finally Jim said, "I hear someone coming."

Neither Riggs nor Roger had heard anything. They just looked at him.

Sure enough the door opened and two men stood there armed to the teeth. However they were no match for two angry beaten cops with revenge on their minds.

The four took out the left over guards only to find that their suspects had flown. Angry they searched their underground mansion. They found a room filled with some seriously heavy drugs ready to be shipped out with a street value of $20 million. They left Blair and Roger to pack it up ready for transport back to the station whilst they went in search of Lyn and her brother Lee.

Both men cornered the twins in the foyer of the mansion. Lyn turned round and faced Riggs and Lee faced Jim. Everyone heard the sirens in the distance but nobody cared. Lyn hated Riggs for busting up a drug ring she had started years ago and for trying to kill her brother.

She snapped to Lee, "Kill him."

Lee was more proficient than his sister and just as deadly. He grinned and faced Jim.

By the time Banks arrived with the Cavalry both Jim and Riggs were bleeding, bloody, hurting and yet extremely pleased with themselves.

They had thumped the twins thoroughly. Laughing at the outcome and sitting on the floor they chatted about their lives in general. Both learned they shared the Special Forces in common. Roger and Blair brought the drugs up and were standing in the doorway staring at the unconscious twins and looking bewildered at Riggs and Jim wondering why they were laughing and joking even though both looked like they had been run over by a steamroller. Banks and the other Captain entered the hall and stopped to stare at the four men and the two unconscious people on the floor.

Banks growled, "What the hell is going on here?"

Blair shrugged and Roger replied, "No idea, ask these two."

Riggs looked up and caught his Captain's eye and then burst out laughing, holding his side and said to Jim, "I think we are in shit buddy."

They helped each other across the road to where their cars were parked leaving the Cascade PD to clear up the bust. Blair helped Jim into the passenger seat and started the SUV – rolling down the windows, Jim yelled, "Hey Riggs, when you get patched up, my place for dinner."

Riggs nodded with a grin.

Riggs got into the car passenger side and said to Martin, "I think I need a doctor. Step on it."

"Riggs! Get your foot of the gas. Riggs, dammit. Riggs!" yelled Murtaugh

"Just steer the damn wheel, will you?" Mumbled Martin