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A Love From Dreams

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Untitled (A W.I.T.C.H. fan fic)
by Charra Loon


She is a protector
Gifted with powers and a form, cursed with a duty
Both beyond her years
Precedes over Terra's element
Yet strides the frozen water
Like a swan
Hair like the sun that feeds the plants
Eyes like the water that nourishes the earth she calls upon
Her spirit like the earth itself; nurturing, compassionate, strong
Her heart waits...

He is a renagade
Transformed from a simple flower, for one simple duty
That he has forsaken the moment he turns against his creator
And unites those who have suffered to take action
To drive away the darkness
And bring back the light
Hair like the earth that feeds the plants
Eyes like the leaves that nurture the trees
His soul like the flower he once was; beautiful, enduring, passionate
His heart waits...

Two hearts span two worlds,
United by a force whose purpose
Is to divide and isolate
They fight for freedom and for love
Their fates forever intertwined, their souls bound to one another
Strength like the stone that makes mountains
Nurture like the very earth itself which holds life
Inner beauty like the flowers that roam the fields
Their hearts wait...

Wait until the moment that they can be together,
And the soul mates shall wait
Whether it is a day or a lifetime, they will wait
Wait until a love born from dreams
Becomes a reality
But until that time comes
The love they share, however strong, is forever
In their dreams, and in their dreams
Nothing, no force, can ever divide them