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A Headmaster's Dragon unleashed

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A Headmaster's Dragon unleashed
by RedDragon30000  


Dinah Hunter sat in the quiet library, finishing off some equations she had found in a university algebra textbook. Although she still attended the same school with Harvey and Lloyd, she was always dong things to exercise her mind, as if she just did her schoolwork, she would have nothing to challenge her. Tiredly rubbing her eyes, she glanced at her watch. Her eyes widened as she realised just how many hours she had been doing the equations. Right now she needed a break. She knew that reading would not interest her at the moment, so she decided to see what she could find to interest her on the internet.

Idly browsing through google, she came upon a website that fascinated her. The website was called `MySpace' and she browsed through several profiles, marvelling at the variety she looked at. Some profiles were bland and had obviously copied the style of several others, while there were a few profiles that had obviously been constructed carefully and painstakingly. She soon came across one that caught her eyes. The profile belonged to someone who called themselves `Red Dragon'. She grinned as she examined Red Dragon's profile; she obviously had a serious dragon fixation. Her description of herself made Dinah laugh out loud, as Red Dragon described herself as `Dragon obsessed' and having a `bad temper'. As she idly looked at Red Dragon's friend list, she saw something that caused her heart to beat faster. It can't be! She yelled silently. It just couldn't be him. She closed her eyes and opened them again, hoping she had imagined it, but the picture and words remained the same.

It had to be him. He had put a picture up that she recognised instantly, and there was no mistaking his title: `The Demon Headmaster'. Although she had heard Lloyd, Harvey and Ingrid refer to him by this name; she had always referred to him as `The Headmaster'. `The Demon Headmaster' made him seem fictional, as if he wasn't real. With hands that shook, she clicked on the picture to access the Headmaster's profile. There was no way that she could deny it was him now. She fearfully read the many comments he had received. There were many that said that people found him scary, and a few which made fun of him (which made her smile). There was even one that said the girl would rather join SPLAT than listen to him. This gave Dinah a surge of hope. However, this was instantly crushed as she read a comment replying to the pervious one, vigorously defending the Headmaster, and expressing their loyalty. She was saddened to find that it was Red Dragon's comment. Until she had found the Headmaster's profile, she had felt a fondness for her vitality and energy. A small idea came to her. Maybe she could turn this girl away from the Headmaster? From Red dragon's position in his friend list, it was clear that she was an important servant of the Headmaster.

She hastily created an account with MySpace, not wanting to leave that girl as the Headmaster's drone a moment longer. Once she had finished, she sent a message, hoping that she could turn Red Dragon away from the Headmaster.

Red Dragon meanwhile was playing Dragonfable, hacking a boss monster to pieces, and hoping that the staff of this online game would hurry up with updates. As she waited for an attack to finish, she accessed her MySpace account, and was surprised to discover a new message. She read it, her eyes widening in horror. The message pleaded with her to break away from the Headmaster, to help to destroy his plans and ruin him again. She read with shock who had sent the message. Dinah Hunter. She felt a slow surge of annoyance which instantly became burning fury. How dare Dinah try and turn her against the Headmaster! She felt a fierce loyalty to him that had been strengthened, not weakened by this message. Closing down the message, she started a message to the Headmaster, explaining the situation, and that Dinah Hunter had made contact with her. The Headmaster replied with a brisk, detailed message, giving her instructions on how to deal with `Miss Clever Hunter'. It

`Dear Red Dragon,

It seems that I was right in promoting you to Head Prefect. It seems that Miss Clever Hunter has underestimated your loyalty to me, which will be her undoing…'

Red Dragon grinned as she read the message. Soon Miss Hunter would regret trying to convert the Headmaster's servants. Especially as the Headmaster's prized Dragon would be unleashed on her…


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