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    Fandoms: Austin Powers (Scott Evil), Hercules: TLJ & Xena: WP (Ares, Joxer, Cupid, etc) Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (Xander, Spike, Angelus), Highlander: The Series (Methos, Darius, Richie, Duncan), Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal (Will/Hannibal) plus other universes I happen to write in or have plotted scenes for that haven't been put down on paper (or computer file)
    Genre: Slash (you were expecting something else???)
    Rating: FRAO for graphic m/m sex
    Pairing: Too many to mention
    Archive: Beyond Canon, WWOMB
    AN: This ficlet is in response to a question posted on Imaginings by Voracity about what you would do if there was a realmal rip and you had to babysit your characters until they could be returned home. This bit of insanity is the result.
    AN II: The title is a play on old movies or jokes where a group of travelers is on a whirlwind tour seeing a city a day. The only way they know what city they're in is by the day of the week.
    An III: The scene with Scott, Strife, and the Jolt gum. Yes, it's real, I was watching a candy expo on the food network while writing this story, and during the Expo they showed the Jolt booth and announced they were coming out with a Jolt gum. I immediately thought about Scott on a double jolt high. I immediately e-mailed Scribe who owns Scott and Clive, telling her what I had seen and the plot bunny that had bit me. A plot bunny immediately bit her as well, and we agreed to write the stories.
    AN IV: Is it still considered a Mary Sue when your characters come to you?Submitted through Makebelieve_YG