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    Part of the Hearts of the West Series
    Summary: In the old West, Jim and Blair are raising Jim's son, Jay, and Blair's adopted daughter, Maggie. Things are going great, except for one problem--Jim is determined that Maggie will be a 'lady', and Maggie is determined to be a tomboy. Then complications arise in the form of Carolyn--Jim's ex-wife, and Jay's mother.
    This is the latest section of my Hearts of the West series. You can find the previous ones here. Each will have a choice of with or without graphics.:
    Fandom: The Sentinel
    Pairing: None this section
    Rating: PG this section
    Summary: Jim had half believed that Carolyn was out of his family's life forever--but she's back.
    Archive: Mailing lists, WWOMB, others ask
    Status: Finished
    Sequel/Series: The Hearts of the West Series
    Disclaimer: I did not create the characters here, I don't own them. I derive no profit from this effort. I mean nothing but respect for the creators, owners, and the actors and actresses who portray them.
    Notes: This takes place two years after the events of James Joseph Ellison, Jr.--Called Jay. Please do not take offence at the Mammy doll--this takes place before the turn of the last century, when racial stereotypes were not just widespread, but prevalent. I'm probably being way off on my estimation of travel times in that period. Cut me some slack--I couldn't find any references. Yes, both the Saturday Evening Post and Life Magazine were being published in the late 1890s.
    Definitions: jerkwater: adjective. 1. small and unimportant: remote from population centers and considered insignificant and backward. 2. lacking significance: lacking consequence or significance [Because water had to be supplied to early trains in remote places with a bucket on a rope]
    Pince-nez: Eyeglasses without earpieces, that are meant to perch on the nose. Think the principal in the Archie comic books.
    Thank you to Elaine for the beta.
    Submitted through http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Makebelieve_YG

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