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Two Shall Be As One

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Two Shall Be As One
Stargate/Harry Potter XOver
by Corwalch

Otherworldly Plane
“Daniel Jackson, student of Oma, do you know why you are here?” The voice of an elderly man pulled Daniel’s attention away from the featureless white expanse around him.

Another younger man and elderly woman were standing with him and Oma was standing off to one side a look of regret on her face.

Knowing what his fate was likely to be and feeling no regrets about the choices he had made, Daniel told him. “I am here because I was willing to do what you would not do. Deal with Anubis before he could wipe out an entire planet of people who were unable to defend themselves from him.”

“You know it is forbidden to interfere with the lesser races.” The elderly woman made it more of a statement than a question.

“But Anubis isn’t quite one of those less advanced people now is he?” Daniel countered flatly. “He was ascended at one point and still is partially ascended. Therefore he was and still is your responsibility. No one else can contain or destroy him, except another Ascended. What I don’t understand is why you haven’t done it.”

There was no comment from the three facing him. While there was no reaction from the two older Ascended to his claim that Anubis was their responsibility, Daniel noticed that Oma looked very uncomfortable as if he’d touched a nerve.

“We will not be making the same mistake with you.” The elderly Ascended told him. “You shall be returned to your human form and all of your memories…”

His voice trailed off as Daniel suddenly vanished. Turning to face Oma Desala, he asked, “Where did you send him?”

Oma appeared to be just as surprised as he was by Daniel’s disappearance. “I didn’t send him anywhere.”

“He couldn’t have left here on his own,” the older Ascended woman countered. “He had to have help.”

“Well, I didn’t help him,” Oma repeated and before the other Ascended could say anything, she added, “nor did any of those currently in my charge.”

“You are certain of that.” A new voice joined the group facing her.

“Yes,” Oma met the crystal blue gaze of the oldest among the Ascended without flinching.

“Then we must find him and quickly,” the eldest Ascended ordered. “Before he becomes a danger to us all.”


One moment Daniel had been awaiting judgment, and the next he was in excruciating agony in a dark windowless place. He’d almost forgotten what it was like to be in pain and would have been happy to avoid repeating the experience ever again, but it was not to be. He could feel his body dying. It felt like he was almost dead. Having died a few times a before, Daniel knew quite well what it felt like. In fact, it felt like the last moments of his life before Oma had ascended him.

When the Others had said they weren’t going to make the same mistake with him, he hadn’t thought they would kill him. Had they returned him to the last moments of his life when he was dying of radiation poisoning?

Wanting to live, his mind reached out instinctively for the power of the Universe as Oma had taught him and was surprised when it responded to his call. Not certain of how long he would continue to have access to the knowledge and powers of the Ascended, Daniel concentrated on healing those injuries that were life threatening. Once he could no longer feel his life ebbing away, Daniel allowed the waiting darkness to take him.


The next sight that greeted Daniel’s eyes was an odd looking stadium. He was facing three giant bubble makers and beyond them he could see a castle.

“Who are you?” A young male voice with a definite English accent asked. “And how did you get into my dream?”

“My name is Daniel, Dr. Daniel Jackson.” Daniel didn’t turn to face the voice yet, wanting to figure out what this place was, as he absently introduced himself. It wasn’t a dreamscape, he was certain of that, having visited his friends a few times in their dreams. All his senses were telling him this wasn’t a dream. This place gave off a feeling of safety and security. It was a retreat of some kind, but why?

“You still haven’t told me how you came to be in my dream, Dr. Daniel Jackson?” The young voice reminded him.

“This isn’t a dream.” Daniel turned to face the speaker for the first time and received a shock. The boy was probably no older than twelve or thirteen, with a broomstick in his hand, but that wasn’t what shocked him. He’d seen that face before, only when it was older, maybe sixteen or seventeen. “We’ve met before.”

Chicago, 1996
As Daniel watched the limo containing one Katherine Langford, a lady who knew far too much about him for his comfort, drove away. It was still gray and the rain was pouring down and it matched his mood perfectly.

Sighing he picked up his bags and trudged off in search of somewhere to sleep tonight. He also needed time to try and figure out what he was going to do next. He had no intention of accepting an unknown job from a total stranger. He just had to figure out what he was going to do with his life now that he had burned so many bridges.

He had just rounded a corner when a young man of about sixteen, running through the rain with his head down, collided with him knocking them both to the ground. There were a number of apologies in a definite British accent filling the air as the young man helped him pick up his remaining possessions. It had been when their hands made contact for the first time that a strange thing happened.

The younger man’s emerald green eyes had suddenly become unfocused as if they no longer saw him or the world around him. Then in a calm, clear voice he’d said, “You must go. Katherine has the answers you seek. She has the proof you need. And those answers will take you places and you will see things you never would have dreamt of.”

As soon as the last word was spoken, the teenager seemed to come out of his strange trance and took off before Daniel had a chance to question him about what he’d said.

End Flashback

“I don’t’ think so,” Daniel could see suspicion in the boy’s eyes. “I have never seen you before.”

“You were a bit older that you are now when we met.” Daniel commented absently, his mind already working on the puzzle of how he’d come to be in this boy’s mind. “Can you tell me your name and the date please?”

“I thought you said we’d met before.” There was definite suspicion in the boy’s voice now.

“We have,” Daniel could understand why he was suspicious. If he hadn’t seen and done the things he had over the last few years, he probably would’ve had trouble believing that he could be in someone else’s head. “We weren’t introduced at the time. We ran into each other… literally. You told me something that changed my life forever and then you took off. You also looked somewhat older than you do now.”

“Maybe it was my father.” The boy countered. “I’ve been told I look a lot like him.”

“It’s possible, I suppose.” Daniel conceded. “Does your dad have the same green eyes?”

He shook his head. “No, I got my green eyes from my mum.”

“Then it wasn’t your dad I saw in 1996, it was you.” Daniel told him

The boy gaped at him in disbelief. “Are you trying to tell me that you’ve somehow managed to invade my dreams from three years in the future?”

“This isn’t a dream,” Daniel repeated. “I think this is a safe haven that you have created in your own mind. And actually for me it is more like ten or eleven years in the future, that is if this is 1993.”

There was a pause as the boy seemed to digest this, then green eyes met blue and Daniel again asked. “Would you please tell me your name and the date?”

The boy gave him a long considering look then shrugged. “My name is Harry Potter and unless I have somehow lost track of time after that last beating my uncle gave me, the date should still be August 11, 1993.”

Harry waited for the expected glance at his forehead, but was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t happen. Instead what happened was that Dr. Jackson smiled, “I’m pleased to meet you, Harry Potter.” Then the rest of what he had said registered in the older man’s mind and he stared at him. “Your uncle beat you! How badly?”

After several minutes of silence, Harry finally reluctantly admitted, “bad enough that I thought I was dying.”

Harry had wanted to take the part about Uncle Vernon beating him back as soon as he’d said it. When he was younger, the few times he’d told an adult about the beatings, they had seemed to believe him at first and then would accuse him of making it up a few days later. He’d wondered how long it would be before this man from the future turned on him and accused him of lying.

It had been years since he’d told an adult about the beatings, simply because his uncle’s wrath hadn’t been worth it. Then again, once he’d started going to Hogwarts, his uncle had gotten more cautious, locking him up after that incident with Dobby instead of hitting him.

“Are your parents dead?” Daniel asked his expression solemn.

“Since before I was a year and a half old,” Harry didn’t know why he was telling this to someone who was a complete stranger, but there was something about the man that made him feel as if he could be trusted.

“I thought they might be.” Daniel nodded. “I’ve been in the same position myself in a way, only my abuser wasn’t family.”

Before Harry could make any comment, the landscape around them wavered and blinked out for a moment.

When it did it a second time, Harry asked worriedly. “What’s going on?”

Not certain, Daniel reached out with the senses he’d gained when he’d ascended, surprised to find that he still had them, and tried to figure out what was going on. After a few moments, he said, “I think you are beginning to wake up, so I will say good-bye Harry Potter and it was nice to have met you.”


When Hedwig arrived back at that hateful place her master was forced to spend some time in every year, after a night of hunting, she couldn’t feel his presence there, so even though the window to his room was open, she settled in a nearby tree. She wasn’t about to go in that place when her master wasn’t there. She knew they would like nothing better than to kill her and her master, but fear of the other wizards had so far stayed their hand.

Reaching out with the innate magic all owls have, Hedwig tried to find her master. He wasn’t anywhere close by. When she tried to get a sense of the direction he was in, Hedwig ran into a wall. She started to panic slightly because that had certainly never happened before. She had always been able to tell what direction her master was in, if not how far away. The only thing she was certain of was that he wasn’t dead. She would know if he were not, given that their magic had bound them together once he accepted her into his life. Could bad wizards have taken her master?

She took off from the tree and flew closer to the house. A moment later she felt the magic of the wards surrounding the house brush her wings. They were still intact so nothing had breached them and a bad wizard would have had to bring them down before they could reach her master. Veering off, she flew back to the tree she was doing her thinking in.

The only conclusion she could draw was that somehow, the bad people in that house had done something to her master, but what. How could someone with no magic in them, or at least very little, prevent her from being able to locate her master? She had always been able to locate anyone a letter was supposed to be delivered to, given enough time, no matter how far away they were.

Hedwig nodded to herself. She was going to need help and the best source for that, who was close by, was that witch Hermione Granger. If nothing else, she could get other wizards involved in the search for her master, if she presented the girl with the right level of panic.

Taking off, she flew through the night sky toward the Granger home.


Daniel found himself back in that dark windowless place and his body was still in pain, though not as bad as before. He heard someone else moan and say, “Where am I?”

“Harry!” Daniel was stunned into silence at the sound of his voice. It wasn’t his it was Harry’s!

Harry spoke again. “Who are you? Why do you sound exactly like me? And where are we?”

Daniel was thinking rapidly. Somehow he was sharing Harry Potter’s body, but why? How had it happened? In all the information he had access to about the Ascended, none of them had ever shared a body with another being. Their dreams, yes! Those they shared sometimes to help or teach, but never their waking lives. To them it was too close to being a Goa’uld! “Harry, I don’t want you to panic, but I am Dr. Jackson and somehow I am sharing your body.”

Harry jerked upright then fell back down as his right arm refused to hold his weight. “YOU’RE IN MY BODY! GET OUT!”

/Harry, calm down,/ Daniel tried speaking within his mind. /You are going to undo all the healing I did to your body if you keep this up./

“OUT!” Harry continued to shout. “GET OUT!”

A door above them opened up and Daniel realized they were in a cellar as an angry voice shouted, “Shut up you freak, or I’ll come down there and give you another beating since you apparently didn’t learn your lesson earlier.”

/Your uncle?/ Daniel asked and felt his head nod. /Let me have control for a bit, Harry. I promise I’ll give it back./

Harry didn’t resist as he took control. Daniel wondered briefly if this is what it felt like when Jacob and Selmac switched places. “You just try it, uncle. We’ll see who learns the lesson.”

Vernon stormed down the stairs only to be greeted by the sight of the boy he’d thrown down the stairs in a bloody heap, lying propped up against his school trunk, his hands glowing with white fire. “What have I told you about that abomination of yours? I won’t have it in my house! Those other freaks have already undone what you did to my sister and I imagine they’re looking for you to throw you out of that school of yours because of what you did. You try anything further and I kill you before they get the chance to throw you out.”

“They can only expel me once.” Daniel commented in a lacklustre voice. Pulling information about his family from Harry’s mind, Daniel said, “If nothing else, I’ll make sure you pay for what you’ve done to me before they throw me out and then the only ones I’ll have to worry about are Aunt Petunia and Dudley and neither of them will have the stomach for it once you’re gone.” Daniel’s anger grew and he added in the spirit of his friend Jack O’Neill. “And I won’t even have to worry about hiding the body.”

One of the balls of white fire hit the ground at Vernon’s feet causing him to scramble back toward the stairs. Daniel could smell the stink of urine as the man ran up the stairs and slammed the cellar door.

/Harry, we’ve got to leave here, before he works up the courage to come back down./ Daniel told his host as he returned control to the boy.

/I just want you out./ Harry told him. /How can you be inside me if you are from the future? Was that a lie?/

/No, I am from the year the year 2003./ Daniel told him. /As for how I got here, that’s complicated and when I got here I didn’t know that I was in your body./

/Would you have stayed if you’d known?/ Harry couldn’t help sounding frightened. This was probably a little like how Quirrell felt when he was possessed by Voldemort, that’s if he regretted housing the Dark Lord.

/I don’t think I would’ve been able to leave./ Daniel told him. /I think I was sent here to save your life. You were almost dead when I got here. I think once you are safe I should be able to leave./

/I’ll never be safe as long as I am in this house./ Harry told him with certainty a little calmer at the thought he might get his body back to himself.

/I know that,/ Daniel told him. /That’s why we need to leave, before he does kill you. Where are we Harry? You sound English. Are we in Great Britain or Australia?/

/I think we’re in the cellar of my Uncle’s house in Surrey./ Harry told him.

/Then hold on,/ Daniel told him as a white glow began filling the cellar. /I’m getting us out of here and taking you some place where the rest of your injuries can get treated./

There was a flash of bright light like a flashbulb going off then the cellar was in darkness again and it was empty.


As the Ambulance driver pulled into St. Bart’s with his patient, he received quite a shock when the beams of his headlights, revealed the body of a boy who appeared to be unconscious, lying near the emergency room entrance.

“Barry,” the driver called to one of the EMT’s in the back. “Get inside and get one of the interns or residents and a gurney out here ASAP.”

“What’s going on, George?” Barry asked poking his head through the doorway to the driver’s compartment of the ambulance. He couldn’t understand the urgency since the guy they were bringing in was holding his own now.

“Looks like somebody dumped a kid by the emergency room entrance.” George told him. “Can’t tell if he’s alive or dead, I’m betting he’s probably still alive or...”

“The person would’a dumped the body elsewhere.” Barry finished as he opened the back door of the ambulance and jumped out.

In the emergency room area, Barry grabbed the first doctor he saw. “I need you to come outside right now. When we were pulling in with our patient, George saw the body of a boy lying near the entrance. I did a quick check and he’s alive but he looks like he’s been badly beaten. He also appears to have a broken leg along with the bruising.”


Harry moaned as he felt hands touching him. He tried opening his eyes to see who it was but they refused to co-operate. He wanted to get away from those probing hands since they were causing more pain and not less, but he couldn’t seem to move.

/Easy, Harry,/ Daniel told him. /I think a doctor is checking to make sure it is safe to move you./

/Where did you bring me?/ Harry thought glad that he had someone to distract him from the probing hands if only for a little while.

/I brought you to St. Bart’s in London./

Harry heard a male voice instructing someone, “Lift him carefully. He’s semi-conscious, so we don’t want to cause him any more pain than we have to. Jesse, get Dr. Sanderford. Tell him we’ve got an injured child with possible internal bleeding, a broken leg, and wrist. Also get hold of someone from Children’s Services. This boy appears to be malnourished and there is heavy bruising consistent with a beating so we may have a case of child neglect or abuse.”

Even though they were very careful in transferring him from the hard ground to an equally hard something else, Harry couldn’t help moaning in pain, as the broken bones in his leg were jarred and grated against each other.

The next thing Harry felt through the pain was something stabbing into his left arm and that was followed a moment later by something cool rushing through him. A few moments later the pain vanished and Harry felt as if he were floating. There were lots of voices around him but he couldn’t understand what they were saying and at this point he was so happy to be out of pain, he didn’t care what they were doing to him.

/Well Harry, it looks like you should be okay from here./ Daniel told him. /So I will be going./

/Thank you for all your help./

/I’ll see you in three years./ Daniel told him.

/But you won’t know me then./ Harry reminded him.

/I know, but you’ll know me./

/Time travel seems to be very confusing./ Harry complained.

/Think about how I feel./ Daniel told him. /This is the second time I’ve done it and doesn’t seem to get any less confusing. If you do the wrong thing, you could mess up everything./

/Do you think you did the wrong thing in this case?/ Harry wanted to know.

/No, my past, at least to me, self aside, I think I was supposed to come here to save your life./ Daniel sounded very serious. /Harry Potter, I hope that you have a long and wonderful life, filled with the joy you have been denied so far./

/And I hope you make it home to your own time, Dr. Daniel Jackson./ Harry countered.

Daniel concentrated on remaining unseen as he separated from Harry’s body. The last thing he needed was the medical staff freaking out because a glowing, tentacled being appeared in the emergency room. Once he was completely separate, he felt a sharp stab of pain as the EKG they were using to monitor Harry’s heart started squealing.

“He’s flatlined!” The doctor shouted. “Get the crash cart in here!”

Daniel watched from his elevated position in a corner near the ceiling as they worked frantically over Harry’s body, using CPR and the defibrillator paddles to try and get his heart started. Come on Harry. he tried to send mental encouragement to the boy and almost missed the feeling of weakness that was slowly spreading through him. He wasn’t used to feeling weak in his ascended form. In fact it felt like he was slowly dying. It took him a few moments to realise that the cause for his weakness and Harry’s having no heartbeat must be one and the same. The moment they had separated, Harry had flatlined and now he felt like he was dying which was supposed to be impossible for one of the Ascended. Had he somehow joined his life force to Harry’s past the point of separation?

He knew he didn’t have time to consider this in depth, because if he didn’t do something they would both die, irrevocably altering the future. He floated back over to Harry’s body and merged back into him, joining Harry in unconsciousness.


When the EKG started registering the boy’s heartbeat again five minutes after they started trying to resuscitate him, the doctors and nurses surrounding him smiled, pleased that the boy hadn’t yet given up on life and that God wasn’t ready to claim him yet.

“Let’s get those x-rays and the blood work done. He looks malnourished and I want to make sure we don’t have any other problems.” Dr. Sanderford ordered. “I want to get his leg and wrist set as soon as possible. We also need to get photographs of the bruises and any other damage for Children’s Services and the Police.”


Hermione had just gotten to sleep when the sound of an owl hooting frantically startled her out of it. She looked up and saw Hedwig flying around in circles over her bed, still hooting loudly.

“Hedwig!” Hermione called. “What’s wrong? Has something happened to Harry?”

Pleased that she had accomplished her goal of waking up the bushy haired witch, Hedwig landed beside her and bobbed her head in an affirmative to the question.

“Has he been hurt?” Hermione asked.

Hedwig shrugged her wings like a human would shrug their shoulders when they didn’t know.

“Is he at the Dursleys?”

Hedwig shook her head ‘no’.

“Can you show me where he is?”

Hedwig shook her head.

Hermione didn’t know if that meant the place was inaccessible by non-magical means or if Hedwig couldn’t locate Harry, which was something that was supposed to be impossible. A bonded familiar should be able to locate their master as long as they were alive. That thought sent a shiver down Hermione’s spine. “Hedwig, Harry isn’t dead is he?”

Hedwig shook her head ‘no’ again.

“Is something preventing you from finding him?” Hermione asked.

Hedwig bobbed her head ‘yes’.

“All right, Hedwig,” Hermione told the snowy owl, “I’m going to write a letter for you to take to Professor Dumbledore. He should be able to get a magical search started for Harry. I’m going to call the police and see if I can get them to check things out at the Dursleys, okay.”

Hedwig bobbed her head in approval and hooted happily.


Harry had blacked out at the moment Dr. Jackson separated from him and he remembered feeling a little odd and disconnected as if he were no longer in his body. Then suddenly he was in the middle of his favourite dream where he was flying his Nimbus 2000 around the grounds of Hogwarts. He was startled when he heard someone call his name because in this dream usually there was no one here but the birds. Looking down, he saw a man in a white standing there and thought it looked like that Dr. Jackson.

He quickly descended to the ground, determined to find out why Dr. Jackson was back in his mind.

“I thought you’d left.” Harry commented once he was in range.

“I tried to,” Dr. Jackson told him, “but the minute we separated, you flatlined and I started dying.”

“Flatlined?” Harry had never heard that term before.

“Your heart stopped beating.” Dr. Jackson told him. “And I started feeling very weak and the longer we remained separated, the weaker I became. I just barely made it back in time.”

“You mean I can’t ever get rid of you?” Harry flushed as he realised how tactless that sounded. This man had saved his life after all.

“I’m afraid not,” Dr. Jackson sounded as if he regretted that fact, “at least not until I can figure out how to do it, without killing both of us.”

Harry didn’t know why, but his instincts were telling him that Daniel really regretted that he couldn’t leave Harry alone in his body. They were also telling him that Dr. Jackson was nothing like Voldemort but he was scared to death of the idea of anyone or anything sharing his body. It reminded him way too much of when Voldemort had possessed Quirrell’s body during his first year at Hogwarts. The biggest problem he could see right now was trying to find a way to separate them without killing them both. He didn’t want Daniel dead. The man had saved his life after all, not to mention he had given Vernon a hell of a scare. That reminded him he needed to ask Daniel what kind of magic that was. He’d never seen anything like it before and he’d certainly never heard of it at Hogwarts. As his thoughts wandered down this path, Harry began to think it might not be such a bad thing to share his life with Dr. Daniel Jackson, at least until they could find a way to safely undo whatever had bound them together. He might even be the gainer in all of this. Merlin knew that given the way he seemed to attract trouble, he could use all the help he could get.

Resigning himself to a situation he could not change Harry asked, “What do we do now?”

“Well, since it looks like we are going to be together for quite some time, we might want to share our histories and see if we can find some common ground, besides our being orphans and left with people who didn’t and don’t want us.” Daniel told him. “I can guarantee you’ve never heard a story like mine before.”

“Oh I don’t know about that.” Harry told him rising to the challenge. “You haven’t heard some of the more unusual parts of mine.”


If the residents of Privet Drive had been awake and looking out their windows, they might have become alarmed at the site of the rather large, shaggy black dog that was slowly making its way house by house down their street. He’d meant to come by earlier, but wizards had suddenly popped into the area and he’d recognized a few of them from the Accidental Magical Reversal Squad, so he had to wait until they were gone and the neighbourhood quiet once more.

He figured that Harry must have had a burst of accidental magic and wondered what had set his godson off. He knew that once you started magic school, the only time a child would have a burst of accidental magic was if they were extremely upset to the point of possibly wanting to kill or badly injure someone.

The dog sniffed every house and yard, looking for a particular scent it hadn’t smelled in over twelve years. Sirius knew the street that Lily’s sister and her family lived on, but not the exact address. Once he located the house where Harry’s scent seemed to be the strongest, Sirius went around back and returned to his human form for a few moments. Then using the wand he’d stolen off of a drunken wizard, who’d passed out at the site of his animagus form, he unlocked the back door and opened it before reverting back to his animagus form. He moved stealthily through the kitchen and the hallway surprised a few times when his nose encountered a strong acrid smell that his canine nose didn’t like. Knowing that muggles used some odd things to clean and that some of them would smell very bad to his canine nose, he guessed it was one of those, but he couldn’t help wondering why it seemed to be in patches instead of all over the floor, not to mention why it smelled like it had been recently applied.

Dismissing it for the moment, he moved carefully through the lower part of the house and was surprised to find no pictures of Harry on display only some extremely fat blond kid was on display beside the pictures of Petunia and her obnoxious husband... Vernol... Verand. He gave up trying to remember the stupid muggle’s name since it didn’t matter. What was important was checking on Harry before he started out for Hogwarts and finding Peter. He did find Harry’s scent on the cupboard under the stairs. He had to shift back to human form to get the lock off, not to mention opening it. Carefully to avoid making any sound he slid the door open and found Harry’s school trunk there and wondered why it would be locked up, but then he remembered that Petunia hated magic and probably locked it up there out of spite.

Given the late hour, he figured that Harry must be upstairs in bed. Slipping back into his Grim form, Sirius went upstairs and found Harry’s scent all over a tiny bedroom filled with broken toys but no Harry. Given the absence of any pictures of Harry downstairs with the rest of the family, Sirius doubted that any f these toys were his godson’s. He would bet the Black family home on Grimmauld Place that they belonged to the fat kid in the pictures.

Turning he headed back downstairs to the only other doorway he hadn’t checked yet, the one that led to the cellar.

Changing back to human form, he opened the door to the cellar and pulling out his wand, Sirius muttered, “lumos.”

The tip of his wand lit up illuminating the stairway and he went down it. He searched the whole of the cellar and found nothing but some bloodstains that appeared to be fresh. Afraid of who they might belong to, Sirius slipped back into his animagus form and sniffed one of them carefully. The scent in and around the blood was... Harry’s! The grim growled. How dare they hurt my godson! And from the amount of blood he could see, James’ son must be badly hurt. Where was he though? Sirius knew from his trip through the neighbourhood that Harry wasn’t outside in hiding. Had he somehow managed to apparate somewhere? Sirius wasn’t certain that was possible, but he knew from some of the old books in the Black library that weren’t quite so Dark as the others, that wizards when faced with a choice of life or death had sometimes been known to do extraordinary things. Things they could never repeat afterwards. Had Harry somehow managed to do that...maybe taken himself someplace safe. He hoped so, because with the manhunt that was going on for him he couldn’t look for him right now. He had to find Peter and get himself cleared before he could try finding Harry. He was however going to do something about the Muggles who had injured his godson.

Padding back up the stairs, he started to head out of the kitchen and back upstairs, when there was a pounding sound at the front door. Growling in disappointment as he heard someone come stomping down the stairs to turn on the hall light, Sirius headed out the back door.

I’ll be back he promised the sleeping occupants of the house. You won’t escape my wrath!


“Whoever you are you’d better have a damn good reason for pounding on my door at 3:30 in the morning.” The policeman could hear someone growl as the door was flung open in response to his pounding. He’d had to do that when the first couple of times he had knocked, it seemed to be ignored.

“What the hell do you want? Vernon bellowed, before taking a good look at who was there.

“I am Officer Jason Parker.” The police officer identified himself. “We received a call from a Miss Hermione Granger in Seven Oaks indicating that a friend of hers one Harry Potter had called her from this residence, indicating that his life was in danger, but before she could get more details the call was suddenly disconnected. She asked that we please check on him, given that he is a minor.”

Vernon suddenly paled and Parker noticed it in the light from the porch lamp. “Surely the police have better things to do with their time than to worry about some practical joke cooked up by my freaky nephew and one of his teenage friends.”

“That we do, sir,” Parker agreed.

Vernon looked relieved but it didn’t last long when Officer Parker added, “So if you will just get Mr. Potter so that I can verify that he is okay and in no danger, I can be on my way.”

“He’s sleeping right now,” Vernon tried to bluster as the hall light was clicked on from upstairs.

“Vernon, what is it?” A woman’s voice called. “Is something wrong?”

“Go back to bed, Petunia,” Vernon told her. “Potter called one of his friends and managed to convince her that he was being attacked, then she called the police. I was just explaining to this officer that it was a joke and that young Harry is safe upstairs in bed.”

From where he was standing, Officer Parker could see the woman’s face clearly and a look of terror has quickly crossed it before she got herself back under control when she saw he was watching her.

She crossed her arms, bristling like a hedgehog. “My husband is correct, Officer. My nephew is quite safe and asleep in his room.”

“He must be an awful sound sleeper if he can sleep through this.” Parker commented. “As I was explaining to your husband ma’am, if you would just fetch your nephew so that I can speak with him, we can get this whole matter sorted out and I can be on my way and you can go back to bed.”

“I will not,” She shrieked. “He’s had a hard day of chores and has another one tomorrow. He needs his rest.”

“My request is perfectly reasonable ma’am.” Parker told her. “I have been asked to do a welfare check on one Mr. Harry Potter a resident of #4 Privet Drive a home belonging to Vernon Dursley. I have asked you to produce him. If you can not or will not, then Miss Granger’s suspicions that something has happened to her friend will be validated and we will have to search this house.”

“You will not set one toe over this threshold without a warrant.” Vernon growled. “We’ve told you there’s nothing wrong with the boy.”

“Then sir, all you have to do is produce him so that I can talk to him.”


When Harry next woke to the real world, he found himself in a slightly familiar place. At first he thought it was the Hospital wing of Hogwarts but he could hear something beeping off to his left and as he moved his right arm he felt a heavy weight on his wrist and realized he was in a muggle hospital.

/What is a muggle?/ A sleepy sounding voice brought all the events of last night flooding back. For a few moments he had thought it had all been a very weird and detailed dream, except for the part about his uncle beating him for blowing up Aunt Marge.

Daniel!” Harry hissed.

/You might want to just think whatever it is you want to say to me, Harry./ Daniel advised him. /Otherwise you may wind up in a padded room because people think you are crazy and believe me when I say that is no fun./ Then as if he’d read Harry’s thoughts, he added, /I bet you thought last light was all a dream./

/How did you know?/ Harry didn’t bother to hide his surprise.

/It’s what I’d be thinking if I were in your shoes./ Daniel told him. /And you have to remember, we both agreed that I’d had a far stranger life than you./

/Only for now,/ Harry shot back. /I’m a lot younger than you so there is still plenty of time for weirder stuff to happen to me too, especially given the fact that I live among wizards for most of the year and at least one group of them would like nothing better than to kill me in the most painful way possible./

/Yes, we’ll have to see what we can do about that./ Daniel told him. /You never did answer my question though. What is a Muggle?/

/A muggle is a person who is unable to do any sort of magic./ Harry told him. /No that’s not quite right, a Squib can’t do magic either, but they are part of the wizarding world. I guess it would be more accurate to say a muggle is a person... without any special abilities like the ability to do magic. What my aunt and uncle call normal people and not freaks./

/I think your aunt and uncle are about as far from normal as it is possible to get and still be called Homo Sapiens./ Daniel countered. /You’ll notice I didn’t say human./

Harry had noticed.

/What’s a Squib?/ Daniel wanted to know. /Sounds like it should be some kind of sea creature like a squid./

Before Harry could answer him, a female voice spoke up, “Oh good you’re awake.”

Harry looked up at the nursing sister and remembering Daniel’s instructions asked, “Where am I and how did I get here?”

“You’re at St. Bart’s in London,” The nurse told him as she took his pulse and then checked his blood pressure. After writing that information down, she told him, “As for how you got here, we were hoping you could tell us.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know.” It was the truth after all. Harry had no idea how Daniel had moved them to London from Little Whinging.

“Can you tell me your name?” The nurse wanted to know.

“Harry Potter.”

“Date of birth?”

“July 31, 1980.”

“And where are your parents, Mr. Potter?”

“They’re dead.” Harry told her flatly. “They died before I was two years old.”

“Then who do you live with?”

“I live with my aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley in Little Whinging Surrey, when I’m not at school.” The nurse was watching his face and saw it become an expressionless mask at the mention of his aunt and uncle. Are they the ones that abused this child? Or did they just allow the abuse to happen? she wondered.

Harry decided to change the subject a little. He wasn’t ready to discuss his relatives yet. “How badly am I hurt and when can I get out of here?”

That appeared to fluster the nurse a little, because she said, “Oh, I’ll get the doctor right away and they should be able to tell you.”

/Must be a relatively new one./ Daniel observed.

/What do you mean?/ Harry wanted to know.

/Well if the hospital grapevine is as good as it was when I wound up here during some of my time in England, she knows you died and came back./ Daniel began.

/That still doesn’t explain why you think she’s new, other than maybe she looks kinda young to be a nurse./ Harry countered.

/No that’s not why I said that./ Daniel told him. /She got flustered when you asked how badly you’d been hurt and a nurse who has been working for a while, will have learned not to do that because it can make the patients nervous. They start imagining all kinds of bad things being wrong, when a nurse won’t answer such a simple question. We must be in one of the children’s wards, because the nurses with more experience usually work with the adults./

A male voice interrupted the discussion, ”hello, I’m Dr Sanderford. And as I understand it from the nurse, your name is Harry Potter, is that correct?”

“Yes sir,” Harry told him.

“She also told me you wanted to know when you could get out of here.” The doctor was looking over all the information the night nurses had recorded on his chart.

“Yes sir.” Harry agreed. “I have to be on the school train September 1st and the school itself isn’t exactly easy to get around in if you have two casts.”

“Well, I’m afraid the cast on your wrist won’t come off for at least another six weeks and the one on your leg will not be off for at least two months. That was a bad break there. You’re lucky the bone didn’t come through your skin. I’m afraid you won’t be going to school unless it is in a wheel chair for at least three or four months, because once the casts are off you will need physiotherapy to learn how to use your wrist and leg properly. What I mean by that is you will have to learn how to stop compensating for the cast and build up the muscles in your forearm and leg again.” The doctor told him. “If you would like, I would be more than happy to notify someone in authority at your school and let them know the situation. As for when you can be released, that won’t be for at least a few days, until we can make sure you haven’t had any lasting damage done by your heart stopping last night.”

Even though he already knew that his heart had stopped beating, at Daniel’s prodding, he manufactured a look of surprise and tried to sound shocked as he said, “my heart stopped beating!”

“I’m afraid so,” The doctor nodded. “You were clinically dead for about five minutes, but as you can see since you are talking to me, we did get your heart started again. We just need to make sure there are going to be no repeats of that situation and that your heart hasn’t had any undue stress placed on it by what happened. So far all the test results look good.”

Dr. Sanderford was silent for several minutes. “Is there someone you would like me to notify? Maybe your aunt or uncle?”

“The only thing my aunt or uncle would like to hear about me is that I am dead and stayed dead.” Harry didn’t bother to conceal the contempt he felt for his relatives. “If you could though, would you contact a friend of mine from school? Her name is Hermione Granger and she lives at 44 High Park Avenue in Seven Oaks.”

Hermione had given him her address before the end of school last term, in case he needed a place to come to get away from his relatives. She’d told him she thought it would be easier for him to get to her by non-magical means, than it would be for him to get to Ron’s. He didn’t bother asking the doctor to contact Ron’s family because they were out of the country right now and even if they had been home they didn’t have a telephone. He still didn’t know where Ron had called him from that time Uncle Vernon got to listen to him yell into the phone.

“What would you like me to tell her?” Dr. Sanderford wrote down the name and address.

“Just let her know where I am and that I’m all right.” Harry requested.

“I will see that she is notified.” Dr. Sanderford put the clipboard back in its slot by the bed. “Also, you will have a couple of visitors sometime within the next few hours.”

Curious, Harry asked, “Who?”

“The Police and someone from Children’s Services want to talk with you about your injuries.” The doctor told him as he reached the door.

“Are they actually going to believe me this time?” Harry asked sceptically.

“What are you talking about?” The level of cynicism in the boy’s voice stunned the doctor.

Harry and Daniel debated mentally whether or not the question should be answered, before telling the doctor. “I told two different people about my aunt and uncle beating me and basically treating me like a slave and they were teachers. Each time they promised they would help and I would never have to go back to the Dursleys and each time within a few days someone would accuse me of lying and trying to tarnish the name of my fine relatives and the teacher would disappear. Then I would get beaten within an inch of my life for telling about how they have to punish a freak like me and trying to destroy their reputation.” Harry told him. “If these people aren’t going to guarantee that I will never have to go back to the Dursleys, there is very little point in my talking to them because all that will happen is I will be sent back and this time they may finally succeed in killing me.”

Harry regretted almost immediately saying as much as he had, but Daniel congratulated him on having the courage to say what he felt and that made him feel a little better.

Feeling tired, Harry went back to sleep.


When Harry woke again, he found a police officer in uniform and a woman who looked to be about Professor’s McGonagall’s age, sitting near his hospital bed. He could see they were both reading some files.

/I think they are here for the interview about what happened./ Daniel commented.

/No kidding!/ Harry countered suddenly feeling very nervous.

Feeling his nervousness and not wanting to damage his confidence, Daniel asked carefully, /Would you like me to speak with them?/

/Would you?/ Harry was grateful that he was willing to do so. He still didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. It had been hard enough sharing his memories with Daniel even though he had gotten to see the older man’s in return. He still couldn’t believe there was actually a device in United States that would allow a person to travel to a different planet, let alone a different galaxy.

Harry felt himself shifted gently into the background of his mind as Daniel took control of his body.

“Hello,” Daniel said softly, pulling their attention away from their files.

“Mr. Potter, I am Detective Constable Jesse Markum of the Metropolitan Police.” The policeman introduced himself.

“And I am Angela Bruschard, from Children’s Services.” The woman introduced herself then she asked hesitantly. “Has someone told you why we were coming?”

“The doctor who came by earlier told me that someone was going to be coming by to talk about what happened to me.” Daniel told her sounding very much like an uncertain twelve year old boy instead of the adult he was.

“You should know Harry that when we called the Police Department in Little Whinging after the doctor provided us with your residence, they informed us that they had your aunt and uncle under arrest for suspicion of your murder.” DC Markum told him.

“Really!” Both Harry and Daniel were surprised at this news. “How did that happen?”

“It seems a Miss Hermione Granger called the Little Whinging Police department and requested a welfare check on you saying that you had called her saying you were in danger and that the call was abruptly cut off.” DC Markum began.

“'Mione called the Police?” Harry broke through and said in a startled voice. Daniel took it back again from him. “She knew I was missing?”

“She said you called her.” Markum repeated. “Didn’t you?”

/It must’ve been Hedwig that alerted her./ Harry told Daniel. /She’s the cleverest owl and Hermione is the cleverest witch./

“To tell you the truth, I don’t remember all that much about last night except an awful lot of pain.” Daniel lied to the officer.

“What happened last night?” DC Markum asked all business now.

“Before I say anything, I want to know that this time something is going to be done about it.” Daniel told them. “There is no point in my saying a word if in a few days, you’re going to come back and call me a liar and say that I am trampling the name of a good and honourable man in the mud, because what that will mean is I am being sent back to the Dursleys. That I am being sent back into that hell, a place where I nearly died last night.” Daniel gave vent to all the anger Harry had toward the Dursleys. “Can you promise that something will be done this time?”

“I must say I am impressed with you, Harry.” Ms. Bruschard complimented the young boy. “Most children in your situation wouldn’t have the courage to stand up for themselves. The fact that you have not broken under abuse says a lot about your sense of self worth.”

“Well I can thank my parents for at least part of that.” Daniel told her. “I started getting my self-esteem back at the private school they paid for me to attend before they died. That’s another thing. Vernon is so jealous of what my parents did for me that he tells people I go to St. Brutus’ Secure Centre instead of a private school in Scotland for gifted children. Please don’t change the subject though Ms Bruschard. Can you give me that guarantee?”

“I can promise that we will do our best to see that you never have to go back to that home, once we have proven they were the ones that abused you.” Ms Bruschard wouldn’t commit herself any further because she had to operate under the constraints of the Law. “I don’t know why the charges weren’t proven before and I don’t know why they called you a liar. No child should be called that for reporting abuse. What I can tell you is that this time there is more than enough proof to prove a claim of neglect if not abuse just from the evidence that was taken by the hospital last night and provided to us and the police.”

/Well?/ Daniel asked Harry.

/I think you were right, we have to try, otherwise I will definitely get sent back there./ Harry told him.

/I won’t allow that./ Daniel told him. /Just remember, I can get us out of there and someplace safe, if need be./

With Harry’s agreement, Daniel began to tell the tale of Harry’s life.


Harry was engrossed in a book one of the nurses had gotten for him so he would have something to do other than sleep and stare at the walls of the empty ward, when he heard a familiar voice call his name.

He looked up to see Headmaster Dumbledore, Madame Pomfrey, and Minister Fudge coming in the door. The clothes they were wearing looked like something that had been worn in the ‘40’s or ‘50’s.

“Headmaster!” Harry spoke up in surprise. “What are you doing here? And how did you find me?”

“You can thank Miss Granger for that. She notified us through Hedwig that you were missing and then she let us know that you had been found and where you were.” Dumbledore told him, his eyes twinkling. “We’ve been looking for you since we were told you ran away from your aunt and uncle’s last night.”

“I didn’t run away.” Harry countered hotly. “I was beaten for accidentally blowing up Aunt Marge after she insulted my parents and then dumped in the cellar.”

“If the two of you can postpone this discussion, Headmaster, I would like to check on my patient.” Madame Pomfrey requested bustling up with her wand out.

As Madame Pomfrey ran through her diagnostic spells, the Minister who was standing behind Dumbledore wearing an old-fashioned pinstriped suit cleared his throat trying to get Dumbledore and Harry’s attention.

“Oh forgive me Minister.” Dumbledore sounded apologetic. “Harry, I would like you to meet the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge. Cornelius, this is Harry Potter.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Harry.” Smiling, Fudge extended his hand for Harry to shake, but when Harry raised the hand that was enclosed in a cast from the middle of his palm to halfway up his arm, the smile faltered and his hand dropped back to his side. “I’m certain you will be pleased to know that we were able to deflate your uncle’s sister and her memory has already been modified about the events of last night. You know you had us in quite a tizzy because you left the safety of your uncle’s home.”

“You must have a different idea than I do of what constitutes safety.” Harry muttered under his breath.

“Mr. Potter, you body and magic and your magic seem to have undergone some rather severe strain within the last day or so.” Madame Pomfrey commented as she studied the results of her scans.

“That’s only to be expected when you’ve died and come back, I suppose.” Harry commented in an off-hand manner. He enjoyed the shocked looks on their faces

“Died!” Madame Pomfrey seemed shocked. “What are you talking about?”

“According to Dr. Sanderford, I was dead for about five minutes last night then I came back to life.” Harry told her matter-of-factly. The shock of it had worn off last night when he talked about it with Daniel. The man had died himself quite a few times, so he’d had a rather unique perspective on the whole matter.

“I’m amazed you are taking it so calmly Mr. Potter.” Madame Pomfrey commented.

“I’ve had some time to think about it and I’m just glad to be alive.” Harry told her.

“Harry,” Dumbledore pulled his attention away from the school’s healer. “Madame Pomfrey is going to take care of the rest of your injuries so that we can get you back to the Dursleys as soon as possible. It is the safest place for you to be”

Harry disagreed. “The Dursley house is not the safest place for me to be. Besides I doubt if the Police or Children’s Services will let me go back there. Vernon and Petunia are currently under arrest for attempted murder and child abuse.”

“Oh that’s already been taken care of. They will not stop you returning.” The Minister blurted out, sounding very pleased that he could give him this news. “We’ve convinced them it was all a misunderstanding.”

“A misunderstanding?!” Neither Harry nor Daniel couldn’t believe the idiocy coming out of this man’ mouth. “Didn’t you hear what I said? I was beaten so bad by Uncle Vernon that I nearly died, in fact I did die because of the injuries he inflicted.”

“Now, now, Harry, I’m sure your uncle didn’t mean it.” Fudge continued as if what Harry had said didn’t matter. “He was after all under a lot of stress given that you had just accidentally blown up his sister. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. He just got a little carried away. Once we get you home, I’m sure you’ll see that it has all blown over and you will be back in the arms of your loving family once more.”

“You call a broken leg and a broken wrist an accident. Are you just stupid or blind?” Harry couldn’t believe this man. Where had he been living, under a rock? “I have had nearly ten years of abuse, from my so called loving family? In fact last night if I hadn’t been very lucky their brand of love would’ve been the death of me.”

“Harry, if you were as you say put in the cellar, how did you get out of the house?” Dumbledore took control of the conversation before Fudge could make another blunder.

“I have no idea, Headmaster. Maybe it was my guardian angel.” Harry told him.

/That’s first time I’ve ever been called that./ Daniel commented.

/Well at this moment it’s also quite true./ Harry told him.

/Shhh,/ Daniel hissed. He felt something probing at Harry’s mind and quickly deflected it to a memory of blackness from last night and made sure it couldn’t go anywhere else.

/What’s going on?/ Harry wanted to know.

/I think someone is trying to break into your mind./ Daniel told him. /I’ve deflected the probe though so they won’t learn anything of interest./

“I want to know how you convinced the police to drop their case against the Dursleys?” Harry demanded.

“How is not important?” The Minister said pompously. “What is important is that it was done in your best interests. You are safe at the Dursleys. I’m sure you’ll come to realise that in time.”

/Politicians are the same the world over./ Daniel commented dryly. /Always more interested in doing whatever it takes to stay in office than doing the right or best thing for everyone concerned. And when it blows up in their face, they make someone else the fall guy. And where did he get that horrible suit. I know I’m no fashion plate, but please, a lime green, pinstriped suit./

Harry had to fight to hold in a laugh at Daniel’s comments. Even though Daniel had never met the Minister before, he had his character pegged. Harry had disliked the man ever since he arrested Hagrid and sent him to Azkaban for being behind the attacks at the school, even though he had no proof. Was this going to be another case of what was the phrase the man had used last year when he arrested Hagrid? Oh yeah, “Got to be seen doing something.” He couldn’t help wondering why the Minister of Magic was here and just what he had in mind for him?

“Minister Fudge, the only way I will go back to the Dursleys is if I am dead.” Harry told him grimly, not giving an inch of ground to this idiotic politician. “They’ve already had almost ten years of trying and Vernon came very close last night to removing me from this world.”

“It was a misunderstanding, my boy,” Fudge told him. “We will get it all straightened out and then everything will be just fine you’ll see.”

“I’m afraid I must disagree, Minister. I can not authorise his return to that home.” Madame Pomfrey told him. “I just finished running some deep scan spells on Mr. Potter and they show a definite pattern of neglect, broken bones, as well as indications that several of his vital organs have taken severe bruising in the past. He is severely underweight for a child of twelve going on thirteen and there are signs of malnutrition. As a healer I must report this matter to the Wizarding Children’s Protection Department.”

“Poppy, why don’t you finish taking care of Mr. Potter’s current injuries and then we can make a decision about where he is to stay, until this matter is resolved.” Dumbledore told the medi-witch.

As Poppy pointed her wand at Harry and began muttering a series of words under her breath. Neither Harry or Daniel paid much attention to her instead they watched Dumbledore and the Minister who had walked over to the far side of the ward. They were talking quietly together and there was an occasional gesture.

/I don’t know what is going on, but I have a feeling we’re not going to like it./ Daniel commented. /They remind me too much of a few of the politicians and military types, I’ve had to deal with./

/I don’t understand why Dumbledore is insisting that I have to go back./ Harry really was puzzled by Dumbledore’s behaviour. He knew the headmaster was always willing to look for the good in everyone, but he surely couldn’t believe the Dursleys was the safest place for him in the face of what had happened to him last night. That was just insane.

“Headmaster, I am finished.” Poppy announced.

Harry looked down and saw the casts were no longer on his wrist and leg. He gave them both an experimental flex, pleased that the extra weight was gone and that he would be able to use them properly again. They moved without pain.

“Thanks, Madame Pomfrey.” Harry told her sincerely.

“Just try to avoid any further injuries this year, please Mr. Potter.” The medi-witch requested.

“I will do my best, ma’am.” Harry promised her.

Before Madame Pomfrey could say anything further, Harry heard someone say, “Stupefy,” and Madame Pomfrey collapsed to the ground.

Harry looked up and saw Dumbledore’s wand pointed at him and was shocked when he heard him say “Obliviate!”

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