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Heritage of the Ancients

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                        Leaving day – Present day T minus Zero  

The young man walked up the stairs past the control room to the embarkation area and stopped at the balcony overlooking all the other control stations to see that they were fully manned by wizards and Goblins. Stepping back from the railing he turned and sat down in the high backed throne like chair.


Closing his eyes he thought back to the day he found his true heritage and followed the link that led him to this place. Sighing he thought so much could have been changed, had the secret of this place had not been lost. But so much had been accomplished after its rediscovery, and he had even gained a family he thought in satisfaction.


Leaning back in the chair he closed his eyes as the back of the command chair reclined slightly and he opened his mind further allowing the city to merge with his mind fully.


All around his chair stations came to life as system after system powered up for the first time other than testing and a golden glow encompassed the chair and its occupant


He felt the thrill of pleasure come from Aloria as power flowed through the weapons systems and the feeling that came with fulfilling her destiny. And the almost pleasurable eagerness that she gave off as she prepared to Shift for the first time.


Bryce seeing the golden glow encompass even him turned around in his chair to see Harry eyes closed smiling.


The city ship slowly moved out of its station keeping position it has held for thousands of years and gained speed as it headed off towards deep space. Slowly as it moved above the planets it started to spin as the shimmering shield started to ripple with colors.


Receiving the knowledge from Aloria that all was ready, Harry Potter, Lord Commander of the Alteran People gave the command to shift. “Shift in Five…Four…Three…Two…One.” and the city built by the ancients to be the ultimate weapon of war shifted in an explosion of colors as the dimensional drive kicked in shifting them from the Earth system in the milky way all the way to the Lantea system in the Pegasus galaxy in a blink of the eye.



                                        T minus 6 months and counting   

Harry looked down at the parchment that was delivered early that morning for what seemed the seventh time and let the anger he felt swirl around him as he came to a decision.

              Mr. Potter The Wizarding world can no longer stand by while you are off so called training yourself. The deaths of good pureblood wizards and witches can no longer be ignored. As such you are herby ordered to come out of seclusion and deal with the madman known as You Know Who. To ensure that you do as I have directed I have ordered the detainment of the following people who shall remain as my guests until you have fulfilled your roll as chosen one. Fred Weasley – in custodyGeorge Weasley - in custodyMolly Weasley - in custodyRon WeasleyBill WeasleyCharlie WeasleyArthur Weasley – died defying ministerial orders  Your owl refused to deliver this message to you so the department of mysteries used her body and the body of the Weasley in a ritual that created a port key that could pass even your wards. A formal challenge has been issued in your name to the Dark Lord to take place tomorrow at noon in Diagon Ally. Failure to show shall result in the above guests being turned over to the Dark Lord   Rufus Scrimgeour  Minister for Magic   

Harry let the rage he was feeling consume him and with a burst of power the parchment he was holding burst into flames and was instantly consumed to ash.


Mentally ordering the remotes to take the bodies of his friend’s father, and his beloved first friend to the med bay, to be placed into stasis, Harry left the command deck and walked towards his quarters.


Entering his quarters he stripped off the work clothes he was wearing and went over to his desk where his latest project had just been completed and strapped on the devices one to each arm.


Walking over to the closet he opened up a panel next to the door and stuck his hand in the middle of the shimmering silver liquid. Sending some of his magic to his skin as just as he had learned to do as he mastered his magic the liquid quickly crawled over and up his arm and quickly encased his body in shimmering silver.


Crossing the hall from his quarters Harry entered a small room and tracing his finger along one of the towers pictures on the screen he waited until it zoomed in on the area, before choosing the floor and tapping the room marked as the main medical bay and with a brief flash he turned and walked out of the door into the med bay.


Walking over to medical synthesizer Harry started to enter in his requests for certain  potions through the on screen keyboard.


As the requested vials appeared in the dispensing tray Harry carefully inserted them into the appropriate slots in the gauntlet on his right arm. After filling all the empty slots with the vials Harry went over to where the remotes had left Mr. Weasley and Hedwig and with his head bowed in grief and let the rage he was feeling slip away to be replaced with a need to see justice done.


Harry let his hand rest for a moment longer on the still form of his first friend before stepping back and whispering “Eiloloari”


Harry stood there long enough to see the tables glow and a field encase the still forms in the stasis field before turning and walking out of the med bay and wrapping the silent stillness of the city around him as he took the long way to the main tower and the embarkation room.



              Diagon Ally T minus 5 month 30 days 15 hours   

Spending all night in the bowels of Gringotts Harry sighed as the last trunk had been filled and the last vault under his control had been emptied. Watching it float through the portal leading to the city of Shas, his home for the past couple of years since the death of Headmaster Dumbledore, and turning to the goblin that helped him through the night he said “Griphook I think it is time I met with the Goblin High Council”


Griphook slightly cringed as he thought back to the last night when Mr. Potter had arrived at the bank and the uproar that had surrounded his announcement that he would be empting every vault he had access too. “Of course Mr. Potter they are waiting for you. This way if you please”


Harry followed the little Goblin into the cart and was slightly surprised to find that instead of going back towards the surface they started to go deeper into the tunnels.


After a fifteen minute ride that was practically straight down they slowed to a stop in an enormous cavern encrusted with gems that glowed with their own inner fire.


Griphook led Harry down a path to the right of the parking area for the carts used in the tunnels. Leading the young man through an area that no human had ever stepped foot in, he watched out of the corner of his eye as the young man in question took in his surrounding and the astonished looks of the Goblin residents they passed on their way to the council hall.


Harry was impressed with what he saw as he was led through the city, though in the back of his mind something was tickling his memory, almost as if he had been to this place before.


Standing before the council doors Harry looked at the runes and words inscribed on the door in what he assumes was Gobbledygook when the tickling sensation in the back of his mind finally put two and two together and gave him the answer to what he was looking at.


As Harry stood in the chamber and looked at the practically ancient looking Goblins seated in a semi-circle around him he began to notice the slight differences in appearance between the Goblins of this day and age and the race that he now knew that they had splintered from.


As the Elders sat there and watched the young human look at them Stone Crusher the leader of the Goblin warriors watched him with a growing sense of discomfort. His discomfort increased drastically when he noticed the young man seem to come to some type of conclusion and then stare at the council as if he was dissecting their very being.


Looking around the chamber Harry noticed that he could read the written language covering the walls and in his mind that cemented the conclusion he had come to.


Seeing that no one else was going to speak first Bane Breaker first of the Goblin council stood up and addressed the young human standing before them “Mr. Potter the emptying of the vaults under your control which amount to almost a third of the monies deposited in Gringotts worldwide is deeply troubling to the Goblin people. We are asking you to please tell us why you have done this? And what we can do to keep your accounts in our bank?”


Harry tilted his head to one side slightly as he replied “Due to the respect I have for the accord between the four great races which Goblins are a descendant of I will say this”


“The current Minister for Magic has decided that too many good pureblood witches and wizards are being killed by Voldermort, so in a burst of creativity he has taken hostage most of the surviving Weasley family and if I do not show up for the little duel to the death he has arranged for me he plans to hand them over to Voldermort at noon today in the middle of Diagon Ally”


The elders of the council shifted in their seats uncomfortably as the waves of energy washed across them from the young man speaking in front of them.


“I plan on rescuing them as I have been informed by my spies that Voldermort does not plan on showing up, instead he is going to send some of his more violent followers to eliminate the minister and his hostages. Ordering them to only use the killing curse” Harry told them


Seeing the stunned looks on the face of the council Harry continued “I have had a plan in the works now for several months, it is simple really”


He continued as he walked over to the walls and starting reading the mural “You see Tommie boy made the ultimate mistake when he did not destroy the remains of his father after his rebirth ritual”


Turning his head so he could see the council members briefly as he continued around the wall “He left behind the most important ingredient from his little bath soak.”


Seeing that he had their attention Harry moved to the other wall and started to examine the runes on it “He left behind the rest of his fathers bones, which allowed me to make my own little cocktail so to speak”


Deciding that the runes were Astria Porta coordinates, most likely to the home world of the Goblins predecessors Harry turned to face the council once more “Since Tommie boy connected himself magically to his little band of followers all I need is one marked Death Eater to apply the potion to”


“After that it is only a matter of hours after kissing his masters filthy robes before the potion takes affect and starts to destroy Tommie’s magical core” Harry added with an evil smile “It’s really to bad that Tommie could care less about any of his minions, they unfortunately will loose their magic as he collapses their cores in an attempt to strengthen his own.”


“Shame really as the techno-magic is very specific in its target and if he had the slightest belief in the dogma he spouts off he would sever the connection he has with his followers. But as we all know Tommie boy is only for Tommie boy” Harry finished as he stepped back to the spot he was in when he started talking


“So to answer your question, after my friends have been rescued I plan to empty out my muggle bank accounts and leave this world. Are there any other questions?” Harry asked hoping to get this over as noon was fast approaching.


The Goblin elders sat there their tooth filled maws slightly agape in shock as they processed what they had been told. But it was Griphook the newly clientless account manager that put all the pieces together.


“Leaving this world, not the Wizarding world…that means” Griphook left his spot by the door and walked in front of Harry and facing him knelt down on one knee as he ignored the indrawn breaths of surprise from behind him “Harry I wish to join you on your journey”


Stone Crusher felt rage rise in him as he took in the sight of a Goblin supplicating himself before a Wizard. As he started to rise out of his chair to take to task the young Goblin the pieces started to fall into place and he quickly moved over to the wall that had the runes drawn on them and stared at them trying to remember his ancient teachings as a young boy.


It can not be he thought to himself as he swiftly turned to face Harry Potter and fearful of the answer either way he spoke the ancient words taught from father to son since the beginning in a language he did not understand ~I call upon the ancient alliance of the four and ask your aid in taking us back home once again ~


Harry’s head whipped around so quickly it left an almost audible snap as he heard the language of the Anqueetas being spoken in a broken guttural mish mash.


Linking his mind with Shas and replaying the conversation hoping that it could be cleaned up somewhat and it was not what he thought it was. After getting the response back that it was indeed a formal request as he thought, Harry paled as he once again tried to deny what he knew he had to do.


Harry sighed knowing he was not going to win this argument and giving in, he thought back. “Fine you win. No more whining from me. But if I hear so much as one I told you so I will hunt down every control crystal that allows you speech and Reducto the hell out of them”


“By the way I can’t keep calling you Shas. It is a little pretentious to keep calling you after part of your designation so think up a name I can call you by” Harry told the essence that was the city.


Tapping into his magic Harry conjured a duplicate of the chair he used while on the command deck and dropped the glamour around his combat suit and sat down as he took in the shocked looks of the Goblin elders.


After giving them a moment to try to compose themselves “Please Griphook get up off the floor…You can come with me” Sighing one last time as he gave into the inevitable and accepted his destiny.


The sentience that was the city built for the purpose of war and rescue felt satisfaction and if she could, would have cried out in joy as the bond she had with Harry deepened into the full command bond that she longed for.


In front of Harry a glowing band covered in runes cut out of gemstones appeared along with the feeling of contentment and joy coming through the link.


Plucking the band from its point hovering in mid air in front of Harry he rolled it to the side so he could get a good look at it and see the wording place don it in the alphabet of the four great races of the alliance.


He had avoided this for three years now, ever since making contact with the city and starting to learn its secrets after releasing his full potential.


Placing the band on his head with reluctance Harry straightened up in his chair once more “I can not ignore a formal plea of help from one of the alliance”


Calming himself Harry looked at Stone Crusher “I Harry James Potter as the representative of the Anqueetas and Lord Commander of the Great Alliance I hear your plea for help and will do everything in my power to help bring the Furlings home once again”


Chaos erupted as Harry’s words rebounded throughout the Goblin cavern for all to hear as his promise of help was carried on magic.




After answering questions for over an hour Harry stood up and willed his seat to return to the stone of the floor. As the Elders stilled as they watched him walk over to the wall that had the coordinates inscribed on it he went to one side and tapped a selection of runes causing the wall to split apart and expose a circular arch in a hidden alcove.


Checking the panel built into the wall near the entrance Harry noticed that the power levels read as a full charge.


Turning and walking over to the table Harry drew nine symbols on a piece of parchment.


Looking up Harry took a moment to look each of the Goblins in the eye “I have to leave as I have a few people to rescue from the hands of those fools in the ministry. I know we have barely touched on what needs to be gone over and planned”


Turning the parchment around and sliding it across the table he finished “Tomorrow at noon press the symbols on the side wall near the arch in the order I have placed them on this parchment… the exact order” Harry tapped the parchment


“After the ninth symbol is pressed the circle will shimmer as if filled with water at that time you can step into the alcove and through the arch. You will find your self in my home Toria Ai Shas” Straightening up Harry waited for a moment to make sure they understood what he had said before walking towards the door


“Now if you will excuse me I have some Ministry officials to castrate” Harry threw over his shoulder as he walked out of the room with Griphook running to catch up with him.




As Harry strode into the lobby of the bank from the tunnels he noticed two people with red hair hiding in the shadows near the front door.


Walking up to the duo he noticed that their attention was on something outside the main doors and they were arguing quietly.


Stopping behind them he placed his hand on each of their shoulders “Bill, Ron I want you to know everything is going to be alright”


Ron jumped back and spun around wand at the ready “Harry…Merlin…Harry don’t do that”


Pulling the other two back farther into the shadows Bill whispered “Harry you do know this is a trap…”


Letting the hate he felt towards the cowardly actions of the minister Harry replied “Oh I know to well what is going on, the minister made sure of it when he sent me the note”


Ron stepped back as he watched his friend answer his brother, he had never seen so much hate on his friends face before. “Right…well what are we going to do then?”


Harry held up a small silver tube in one hand and in the other he had several small crystal splinters “Bill have you ever seen a blow gun before?”


Accepting the slender tube from Harry Bill looked at it for a moment before replying “No…How does it work?”


Harry used the second blow gun and demonstrated the proper way to load the dart and how they worked and ended with “It does not matter where you hit them, so long as the dart touches them, just so long as it catches in thee fabric of their clothes so it will stay put”


Handing the other blow gun over to Ron along with a handful of the darts to each Harry finished with “Let me make it very clear to you two. The whole point is to tag those the ministry is holding and not be seen. We can not afford any slip ups here.”


“A simple get in without being seen, tag those hostages and get out, all before the death eaters arrive” Harry threw over his shoulder as he started to leave the shadows


“But Harry what about The Dark Lord. You will need help to watch your back when he shows up” Ron sputtered face red with the thought he was being asked to stay out of the fight.


Harry stopped and turned slightly tapping his scar “He is not coming”


Willing the illusion of clothes to drop Harry stood there decked out in the combat suit he donned the previous evening before leaving the city “He never planned on coming…He plans to have his inner circle kill the hostages and the minister and leave”


Bill and Ron watched as Harry stopped and tapped one of the bands on his arm and watched as both started to glow.


As Bill was about to stop Harry for an explanation of what he meant he stared in awe the silver skin tight suit almost seemed to turn into liquid and flow up the back of Harry’s neck and cover his head leaving the face open.


Before he could reach out to grab Harry’s shoulder to stop him He watched in shock as he faded from view as he heard Harry tell him “Tag your family and get out of here you two. Leave the rest to me”


Bill was further stunned when he heard the voice of Stone Crusher come from behind him “Head his words Mr. Weasley…and follow them exactly, for to do otherwise will interfere with his plans and might end up with some coming to harm that should not”


Trying to come to terms with what he heard and what the elder Goblin had told him he shook his head as if coming out of a bad dream and grabbing his brother started for the main doors.


“Mr. Weasley…if things do not go as planned, Gringotts will offer you sanctuary” Stone Crusher told them as he motioned for his warriors to take up position and the tellers to close their stations




Harry walked out of the bank and down the stairs; he had forty minutes to get in position for his part. Deciding it would be a good idea to walk around the ally a little bit to make sure there was no surprises that could come back later and bite him in the arse when he noticed Neville sitting at one of the outside tables at Fortescue's looking suspicious.


Sitting down next to Neville still cloaked from sight Harry whispered “Neville what the bloody hell are you doing here?”


Startled at hearing Harry’s voice and looking around slyly and not seeing anyone Neville figured Harry was under his invisibility cloak “The DA and a few others are here to help free the Weasley's before Voldermort shows up.


“Harry you know that the DA would not let you face You Know Who by yourself” Neville said without moving his lips


“Tommie boy is not planning on showing up Nev. More than likely it will be the Lestrange's and a few other inner circle members along with as many grunts as they can” Harry told him


Making a fast decision Harry decided to use the resources being offered “Neville meet me behind the twins shop in three minutes with as many of the DA leadership you can contact in three minutes. Don’t be late as there is not a lot of time to alter my plans to include you”


“We won’t let you down Harry” Neville whispered to the empty street before getting up from his chair to cause a pre-arranged scene.


Picking up his ice cream and slamming it upside down on the table and yelling out “Bloody Hell prankster’s can’t leave a bloke alone” before storming off down the ally


Harry stood by the back door to the twins shop in the dingy ally waiting for Neville and the others to show up. Placing his hand on the back door “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good”


After a brief glow the door clicked open and Harry reached out with his senses to see if there were any other traps in place.


Sensing that the coast was clear Harry turned around to see that Neville had brought six others with him.


Nodding at the “Hey Harry” from Colin Harry started to explain his plan “Contrary to what the minister plans, Voldermort has no intention of showing up today. Though he will be sending some of his nastier friends”


“I want to be very clear the death eaters are going to be firing off killing curses as their main curse so I want you to make sure you keep your wits about you.


After the hostages have been rescued I want you to make sure all the members of the DA make their way inside Gringotts or better yet to leave the ally all together.”


Seeing some of them were about to interrupt to protest Harry told them sternly “Listen up I have the means to get rid of Voldermort once and for all, but to do it I need the Death Eaters to seem to win this battle so they can go home to their master.”


Holding up a glass dart Harry showed the shimmering gray liquid inside thinking about how to explain nanite technology to the wizard born “I plan to inject this into at least one Death Eater who will then carry this little potion inside them. When the unsuspecting pawn gets within a meter of Tommie boy he will unfortunately explode showering Tommie’s downfall all over him.”


“Then all I have to do is sit back and while the potion does its work destroying old Voldie’s magical core making him less than a squib” Harry let a heartfelt smile cross his face at the though of turning Riddle into a muggle.


“So what do you want us to do then Harry?” Neville asked and the others nodded their heads in agreement


Conjuring a dart rifle Harry loaded three of the darts into the clip and asked “Who knows how to shoot one of these?”


To his surprise Colin stepped forward “My uncle likes to take me to the hunt club Harry”


Giving Colin a sideways glance and thinking the boy knows more than shooting pictures, weird “Ok Colin up on the roof of the twins shop…Neville your with him guard his back”


Handing over the rifle “Colin target the inner circle members. They will be the ones standing in the middle or in the back giving all the orders”


Harry placed his hand on the lads shoulder to keep him put for the moment “The rest of you pass out some of the little gifts the twins like to call pranks and cause as much mayhem as you can. I don’t want those in the ally to be able to pay attention to their surroundings”


Letting go of Colin’s shoulder “Pass the word the DA galleons will become port-keys Friday Morning after eight am and will no longer work after noon. They will bring you to a safe place where we can meet. Activation word is my name”


“You have ten minutes to get in position. And for Merlin’s sake stay safe” Harry told them as he stepped back and faded from sight


Several members jumped back in shock at the disappearance of Harry and exclaimed “Hey where did he go?”


Neville hissed out before following Colin up the stairs “Quiet we don’t have much time and Harry is counting on us, so move it”


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Harry activated his cloak and slipped back into the main stretch of the ally in time to see Auror's start to make their way down the ally stopping by each shop and telling the owner to close up and clear out.


Looking around he noticed Goblins taking up position near the steps leading up to the bank. And the two Weasley’s sneaking down the steps pulling the hoods of their cloaks over their heads.


With ten minutes left before the deadline Harry snuck down Knockturn Ally playing a hunch that the Death Eaters would be coming from that direction.


Spotting Lucius Malfoy lurking near Borgin and Burkes Harry pulled one of his three darts out of the case and using his will to momentarily freeze Malfoy in place snuck up behind him and jammed the dart deep in the mans hip.


Removing the now empty dart a feral grin came over Harry’s face with the thought that his plan was now complete and it was only a matter of days before it was all over.


That is if that fool did not get killed or captured. Searching with his senses he found several port-keys but in the end decided to alter the homing feature of the dark mark to activate when a spell came within a meter of the evil man sending him straight to Voldermort.


Releasing the man without alerting the man that anything had happened Harry slipped further down the ally with the intent of getting in further mischief.


After using the last of his darts Harry noticed he had five minutes to the deadline and ran towards the opening to Diagon Ally.


Entering the ally just in time to see the minister strut in through the Leaky Cauldron followed by a cadre of Auror’s Harry was slightly surprised and then angered to see that besides the Weasley’s which happened to include a roughed up Charlie they also dragged in Tonks And an obviously ill Remus Lupin.


Almost letting his anger get the better of him since he had infected three of the high profile inner circle members Harry noticed silver slivers flash out of the shadows and hit each of the hostages.


Rufus was starting to get worried here it was only a few minutes before the deadline and there was no sign of Potter.


Looking to all intents like an angry troll the minister stomped past the leading Auror's and bellowed “Potter where are you”


Stopping in shock when a strangely dressed Potter appeared several meters in front of him with a decidedly evil glint showing in his eyes around the pure utter anger the rest of him screamed.


The minister took several steps back in fear when he saw the smile that promised pain come across the face of The Boy Who Lived.


Through his link he asked for the port-key tags to be activated and watched in glee as the hostages disappeared in a brief flash of white.


“Did you really think I would let you get away with what you planned minister?” Harry sneered at the man.


“Voldermort had no intention of joining your little party” Harry turned and looked up to the roof of the twins shop to see the end of the dart gun protruding over the edge and jerked his head in the direction of Knockturn Ally before once again facing the minister


“Two weeks…TWO MORE BLOODY WEEKS…That is all I needed to finish setting in motion  my plans to finish of Voldermort and his Death Eaters once and for all” Harry hiss screamed in anger


“How was I supposed to know what you had planned…If you had just asked for my…”Scrimgeour started before being interrupted by Harry


“ENOUGH… I do not answer to you or any of your lackeys in the ministry” Harry yelled back


“You will tell me who was responsible for the deaths of Hedwig and Arthur Weasley or I will hold you personally responsible” Harry hissed at the frightened man as he advanced on him


As Harry advanced on the minister he started to glow a pale green that quickly grew darker as his magic manifested his anger.


Just when he was about to grab a hold of the minister and shake the answers out of him the death eaters chose that moment to pour into the Ally casting killing curses and the members of the DA choose that moment to attack back with the best from the demented minds of the twins

  Harry leaned over the fallen form of the minister where he ended up after the tremendous explosion from the contained fireworks the twins produced “if you survive we will discuss your betrayal further. And you will be a good little quisling and tell me what I wan to know”  Standing up and firing off a parting shot as he faded from view “Why I might even let you keep all your body parts after we finish our conversation”  

Anger overrode fear just long enough for the minister to bellow “POTTER GET BACK HERE”




Appearing near the gate Harry gave a brief thought of going back to his quarters and changing but was interrupted with the clear sound of a bell sounding twice along with “Lord Commander arriving”


Muttering under his breath about removing vocal crystal and transfiguring them into toilet paper Harry quickly made his way out of the room and to the nearest transfer cubicle.


Exiting the transfer pad Harry was slightly surprised to see the area around the bodies of Hedwig and Mr. Weasley encased in an opaque quarantine shield separating the bodies from the rest of the med bay.


Most likely for the best Harry thought. Then before the others noticed he was there he mentally asked for a replay of what had transpired after the hostages had arrived so he had an idea of the reception he was about to receive.

  Arriving in a brief flash of white Bill frantically looked around for his mum and siblings.  Hearing the angry voice of Ron mumbling about controlling prats directed at Harry Bill started to relax when he noticed everyone safe and looking slightly shocked.  Taking a moment to look at his surrounding he was startled to see all the unfamiliar equipment with lights blinking and strange markings surrounding them along with the strange cot like beds higher than normal arranged around the room.  Bill was startled out of his introspections by the terrified scream from Tonks.  “REMUS” A terrified Tonks screamed out as she fought to pull away from Charlie who was trying to untie her hands  Reaching the fallen form of Remus before Tonks, Bill slit his bonds with his boot knife and rolled him over to see a flushed and bluish tinge to his face.  “Let me through” Molly told the twins as she pushed through them  Bill had his wand out and was casting diagnostic charms mumbling in Egyptian  Looking up at Tonks who was cradling Remus’s head in her lap his words were a death sentence “silver poisoning”  As Molly tried to Comfort a distraught Tonks who kept saying “No…No…” over and over again they were interrupted by a female voice from nowhere.  “Please place your friend on the exam table that is lit” the female voice called out  “Who…Where” Ron said as he frantically looked around  “Please do not delay. ..Your friends life depends on it…Place him on the exam table that is lit up” The voice replied this time a little more stern.  Making a quick decision Bill looked at Charlie “Let’s go grab your end”  As Molly pulled Tonks away Bill and Charlie lifted Remus up from the floor and struggled to get him onto the table with the help of Fred and George.  Once they had him placed on the table they noticed the gadgets around him come to life and the screens blinking and all kinds of unknown information being displayed on them.  “Life signs failing…Life Sign failing” another unknown voice coming from near the head of the table droned on  The female voice then called out ”Eiloloari”   Tonks lost the last shed of hold she had over her emotions as a grayish glow flared up from the bottom of the table and encased her Remus in a solid case.  She pounded against the covering to no avail as the droning voice switched messages  “Stasis cycle initiated….Stasis cycle complete”  Taking pity on the hysterical woman Bill flicked his wand in her direction “Stupefy”  “Fred, George help me get he up onto one of the other beds “ Molly told her two sons as she caught the stunned girl as she crumpled to the ground.  “Merlin…where the bloody hell are we” Ron said as he looked around the room   Before anyone had a chance to say anything else they heard the clear sound of a bell sounding twice along with “Lord Commander arriving” by the same voice as before  

Harry spent a minute or two reliving the replay before asking “How bad is Remus?”


“He was placed in stasis in time, and it is nothing that can not be repaired with time” The voice of the city told him


“Harry…” the voice asked quietly


Looking up and East towards the command complex “Yes”


“This might not be the best time…But I have chosen a name I like” the voice stated with a small amount of nervousness.


Raising an eyebrow as he started to walk around the quarantine field “Really what did you choose?”


“Aloria, I like the name Aloria” the Voice whispered in hope


Rolling the name around in his mind Harry smiled before saying out loud “It fits. Aloria lets go tend my friends shall we”


Harry felt the burst of warmth and satisfaction through the link as he rounded the field and came into view of the main med bay.


As Harry quickly made his way towards the group the twins were the first to see him “Harry” they called out in unison


Harry threw a quick “Fred…George” as he rounded the bed and started pushing buttons on the control panels around the bed


“Harry mate, what is going…” Ron started


Holding a hand up to stop his friend’s questions “Let me deal with healing Remus, you can all rant, rave and cry later” Harry told them stunning them to silence


“Aloria access med bay protocols and take control of bay seven” Harry said out loud as he pulled several vials filled with light purple liquid from his arm band and setting them down on the tray table he pulled from the edge of the bed.


After reading the display’s Harry decided on the fastest, not necessarily the best treatment plan.


Knowing he could only be on one side and needing another person to activate the controls on the other side Harry tapped symbols on a holographic keyboard activating the voice recognition system.


A blue glow engulfed the table as Harry said “Activate Electrolytic Purification, set setting for extraction of element 47”


Thinking that see Remus being healed might calm down Tonks, Bill walked over to her bed and cast “Ennervate”


Hushing the waking young lady up Bill whispered to her “Remus is going to be fine now; Harry is healing him right now”


Pulling a thick band out from a drawer under the table Harry eyed the diagnostic screen one more time and seeing that the extraction field was up to full strength looked over to the group standing waiting “I can use an extra hand over here, I need someone who can follow my directions to stand exactly across from me”


Molly quickly crossed the room “Tell me what to do dear”


Mentally willing the table to extend a shelf on the side near Molly Weasley, Harry pulled three blue vials and one red from his arm band and handed it over and motioned for her to place them on the side table.


Showing her the neck band and the two indentations Harry explained “When I tell you to I need you to take the red vial and twist it into this indentation closest to you and twist it until you hear a slight hissing.”


“When that happens you will notice the potion emptying from the vial and when the hissing stops remove it and get ready to insert the blue ones”


Reaching over and tapping the council display on her side Harry pointed out one of the indicators “I need you to watch this number and when it reaches forty I need you to administer one of the blue vials the same way you did the red”


“Fred you and George go over by that panel by the shimmering wall. The one with the bin underneath it, as I need them potion vials will drop down in it you two take turns bringing them over here” Harry told them not waiting to see if they found the right one


Giving one last look at Molly who was clutching one of the red Vials in her hand he asked “Ready?”


“Yes dear” Molly said trying to not show how nervous she was and trying to remember her matron studies


“Aloria Deactivate stasis field” As soon as the case glimmered and then dissolved like quick heated ice Harry had the band under Remus’s neck and adjusted so that the two indentations were over his Jugulars.


Pulling the closure tight just as Remus started to arch in pain Harry quickly grabbed one of the purple vials, which contained a cell regeneration synthesis “Now Molly, the red one”


 Not looking to see if she was following his orders Harry quickly twisted the vial in and watched in satisfaction as the potion was administered before tapping a few more symbols on the holographic screen.


“Silver concentration down forty percent” Harry told the group as the field turned a darker blue


“Looks like it was silver dust they used on him” Harry said to himself


“First blue potion in” Molly told him as she grabbed up the next one and watched the number jump up to eighty.


Waving his hand through the hologram a ghost like picture of Remus’s insides appeared above the man.


Popping another one of the purple vials in Harry read the scrolling symbols above Remus’s now still form.


“Higher brain function nominal…Brain structure intact” Aloria said into the room


“Good as long as his mind is ok we can re-grow anything else” Harry mumbled


“Aloria I will need a dose of gamma re-growth dispensed” Harry called over to the twins “White Vial over to me guys”


“Second blue potion in” Molly said as she watched the numbers jump to sixty before calling out “Harry it only went to sixty this time and I only have one more left”


“Dispensing four more energizer potions” Aloria said


“Thanks” Harry told the twin, not even bothering to look to see which one it was. Eyes never leaving the image above the pale man


“Silver concentration zero percent, deactivating extraction field” Aloria told them as the blue field surrounding Remus disappeared


Fred ran over to the other side of the table “Here you go mum four more for you”


Watching the pink areas of the liver and kidneys start to pale back towards a normal gray and the deep red area of the lungs start to lighten up Harry started to relax as he heard Molly state “Third blue potion …Only jumped to fifty five this time”


Picking up the third purple vial Harry replaced it back into the slot of his armband before pushing into place on of the blue vials on his arm band and feeling the surge on energy  jolt his system as he prepared to share some of his energy with the flagging man on the table before him.


“Fourth Potion in” Molly announced as Harry placed his left hand which started to glow over Remus’s heart and willed some of his magic to heal the last of his parents friends.


“It stayed at fifty five” Molly announced happily


Harry removed his hand as most of the image cleared up with just a hint of pink left in the lung area, and feeling a little light headed from pushing so much magic into Remus pushed another of the blue vials home in his own armband.


Seeing that only thirty minutes had passed Harry straightened up knowing Remus was out of danger.


“Incoming message from one of the remotes” Aloria told them before pausing


“Harry…You have one perverse sense of humor” Aloria mockingly scolded


“Fifth potion in…” Molly recited and then in glee “It jumped to sixty nine, its climbing, seventy and holding.”


“He’s on the mend, we can relax he is going to be ok…Aloria start DNA scanning please” Harry told them as he removed both armbands and stretched


“Good job you guys, your help made it much easier. On both of us” Harry smiled at Tonks


“Hey Ron see that cabinet over by the door. You will find some bottles of water and some food bars inside, be a mate and pass them out will you” Harry grinned at him


“The pink striped ones taste like strawberry, the purple ones like grapes and the brown one like chocolate. Pass me a chocolate one will you” Harry told the retreating red head


Grinning with mischief Harry asked “Aloria what did the message say?”


“A very off tune sung message. Ding Dong! The Wizard is dead…Ding Dong the wicked wizard is dying” Aloria giggled out remembering the night they had watched the Wizard of Oz


“Thanks Ron” Harry said as he accepted the energy bar and a bottle of water


“So Harry” Fred started


“What does that interesting” Then George


“Message really” Back to Fred


“mean” both of them together asked


“And who belongs to that beautiful voice” Bill asked


“Not to mention where are we” not to be left out Charlie added


“Harry dear, just what indecent things are you wearing anyway” Molly added to the bedlam


Laughing at the questions coming all at once just like he remembered being around the Weasley household Harry held up a hand


“Fred, George to answer you first. The ditty tells me that the little potion I brewed up special for old Tommie boy was delivered to him and was splashed on him” Frowning slightly Harry thought it better not to tell him that the splashing was done by death eaters exploding all over the bloody wanker.


“Unfortunately for Tommie the potion will end up destroying his magic.” Smirking he added “And there is no cure”


“Bill head out of the gutter. Just like Hogwarts is sentient so is Toria Ai Shas. But unlike Hogwarts she does have a voice and can talk.” Harry grinned as Bill went from stunned to anticipatory “And as you heard with your own two ears her name is Aloria”


“Charlie we are in the main medical bay of Toria Ai Shas near the command center. This city has been my home for the past three years or so. Tomorrow I will give you a tour” Harry mentally asked Aloria to have the remotes prepare some rooms for the Weasley’s


Aloria answered back she was having a set of rooms prepared on the eastern platform near the greenhouses so they were near ground level just in case


Thanking her Harry added in that it would be best to de-activate any of the control panels and monitor the rooms for voice commands for the time being


“And Finally Molly this is a specially designed combat suit that besides having this nifty built in cloaking feature can stop a killing curse by absorbing the spell before it has a chance to hit you” Harry told the sometimes frumpy old fashioned woman.


“Aloria is going to monitor Remus to make sure everything continues to go alright. Tonks are you planning on staying here?” Harry asked looking at the frantic looking Auror


Seeing the once again multi color striped hair in the young metamorph Harry added “If something goes wrong Aloria will encase Remus in the stasis field again so for Merlin’s sake what ever you do, do not fall asleep hanging onto the bed. I can’t fix you if you get cut into two pieces”


As the others chuckled at his comment Harry Pulled Bill aside and whispered “Bill does everyone know about your dad?”


Letting grief cross his face bill replied “Yes Mum and them know all about it, the bloody bastards bragged about it the whole time they were being held”


Saddened Harry replied “They will pay for what they did Bill trust me on that and YOU all will get to help. I put your father’s body into stasis. We can deal with whatever arrangements you decide in the morning”


Silent tears slowly made their way down Bill’s face “Thanks Harry. For everything”


“Tonks if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask Aloria for it.” Harry said before turning and gathering the rest of the group up.


Leading the Weasley’s out of the door and down the corridor towards one of the many transport cubicles stationed around the City Tonks heard Harry say “Aloria has some rooms prepared for you. So why don’t I get you settled in then you can unwind and we will meet for breakfast”


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Chapter Text

                          Sunrise T-Minus 5 months 29 days  

Harry woke up the next morning and lay in bed for a few minutes just relaxing. Frowning when the events of the past day came crashing down on him, he threw the covers back and quickly dressed in his work out clothes. “Aloria how is Remus doing?”


“DNA sequencing was complete at 03:30 this morning and is being analyzed right now. His energy levels have climbed slowly to eighty nine and he seems to be resting comfortably.” Aloria started her report “I recommend reducing the soma settings and bringing him out of the induced coma slowly with the goal of full wakefulness by noon”


Entering the transfer point Harry told her to do so and asked “Is anyone else up and moving yet”


Aloria checked her internal sensors before replying “There is no movement so far, but that really does not mean much other than your guests are not walking about outside the bedrooms”


Pressing his finger on the screen Harry gave the mental command to transport himself to the transfer station nearest greenhouse Sigma alpha thirty three he had renamed it the park as the other was to much of a mouthful.


Stretching as he walked down the corridor and through the doors into the massive dome shaped greenhouse. Taking off at a steady pace Harry started his morning jog around the three kilometer perimeter and let his mind wander to process the past twenty four hours.


Picking up the pace Harry sprinted for the second lap around the dome letting the mindless exercise soothe his troubled thoughts.


Finishing the last lap with a sheen of sweat beading his body Harry stepped off the path and moved towards the center where he slowed his breathing and started moving through the forms that merged his mind and magic.




Walking into the bathroom Bill longed for a long hot shower, walking towards the sink he noticed a pile of gray clothes laying off to one side. Picking them up he noticed that besides being clean they looked to be in his size.


Well Harry did say he had taken care of things and to relax and unwind last night Bill thought to himself.


Feeling much better Bill finished dressing and walked towards the door to his room and jumped back slightly when they opened by themselves as he approached.


Muttering to himself about possessed buildings, Bill stepped out into the corridor right into Charlie who was dressed just like he was.


“Hey bill, you’re already up.” Charlie grinned mischief in his eyes.


“Oh like you are totally innocent. Planning on waking me up were we.” Bill smirked.


Turning serious Charlie replied. “ Actually I was hoping that the two of us could go have a talk with Harry before the others woke up.”


“That’s what I was planning on doing, the only problem is I might be able to get us back to that room that brought us here, but I have no idea how to get back to the med bay as he called it.” Bill said stumped as he stood in front of the darkened panel in the room they had arrived in last night.


“Harry did say last night if we needed anything we just had to call out to Aloria.” Charlie threw out before doing what he suggested.


“Aloria, can you help us find Harry, that is if he is even awake yet?” Charlie asked.


Bill was slightly startled when the panel in front of him lit up and zoomed in to a corridor near some large dome near the center of the city. He would have been a lot happier if he could read the language and runes that scrolled near the image, which more than likely identified the place.


Noting that the display changed once again and showed that the room they were in, it felt wrong calling it a room somehow seeing as it was the size of a closet his thoughts drifted for a moment now showed the dome closer and it looked like a set of doors to the left of their location.


Spinning around, Bill uttered as he looked out the doors and saw they had moved. “Bloody hell remind me not to piss her off, no telling where I would end up.”


Charlie just chuckled as he walked out of the little room behind Bill and followed him as he went left down the corridor only to run into Bill’s back as he had stopped suddenly in front of him.


“Merlin.” Bill exclaimed in awe, as he took in the sight in front of him through the clear panels leading into what looked like a dense forested park.


“Mother of all dragons.” Charlie uttered. “Do you see what I am seeing?”


They both stared in awe as the took in the sight of Harry moving through moves that looked like some type of dangerous dance, all the while encased in this glowing green energy that seemed to flow from him with his movements.


Charlie was the first to break out of the stupor and run down the corridor to the doors and into the park. Unfortunately for him it startled Harry, who twisted and threw his arms out causing the energy to pick Charlie up and slam him into the wall and hold him there.


Opening his eyes, Harry left the trance like state he was in and let a smile cross his face as he stood up straight and let his arms down to his sides, which caused Charlie to slide down the wall and drop to the floor.


Harry gave a snort as he sent a mental command, of ‘Wake up you idiot’ and smirked when Charlie gave a small jump like he had been shocked on his bum knocking over Bill who had just knelt down to check on his brother.


 “Is there a reason the two of you were sneaking up on me.” Harry said as he willed a towel to appear in his hand and started to wipe the sweat off of his face.


Deciding to take mercy on the two Harry told them. “Come on let’s go check on Remus and Tonks and get her to go clean up and by then the others should be up and you all can come to my quarters for breakfast.”


“Wait a minute Harry, we wanted to talk to you about dad’s body.” Charlie said as he hurried to catch up with him in the corridor.


Stopping before the transport station’s Harry turned to face the two jovial mood gone. “I am sorry your dad was caught up in this mess. He was a good man that did not deserve to have the ministry turn on him like that.”


“It’s not our fault Harry. It’s Scrimgeour’s. And he will pay for it…Not you.” Bill ground out with hate in his voice.


Nodding his head Harry looked at them both. “What can I do?”


“With dad passing on, head of the family passes to me. Normally tradition holds that we bury our family, But with Voldermort active and his penchant for making Inferi and sending them against family members, I need to make arrangements to have him cremated and the ashes interned in the family plot.” Bill explained.


Pausing to think on how to compose his answer. “Voldermort was infected by the potion I created and even now as we speak his core is unraveling.”


“Three months tops, that is if he has more marked death eaters than I think he does. And even if he would somehow survive the shock he will be no more than the weakest of Muggles.” Looking at Bill once more. “So what I am asking is, do you really want to break with tradition?”


Seeing the indecision cross Bill’s face Harry added, “Could you wait a couple of months? I assure you your fathers body is safely in stasis and can stay that way to the end of eternity if need be.”


Hesitating Bill spoke slowly. “I don’t know, instinct is telling me to cremate him but you have a point.”


“A few hours won’t matter too much why don’t we ask the twins and Ron what they think before broaching the subject with mum.” Charlie asked.


Seeing Bill nod his head Harry once more started walking towards the transfer station and smirked slightly at Bill’s mumble, about possessed buildings as he waited for the other two to enter the room and doors close.


“Harry I meant to ask you just what is this thing?” Charlie asked.


Going into teacher mode Harry explained. “All over the city you can find these transport points, or TS for short, it is best to think of them like floo’s but without the sickening twirling or soot.”


“Step in, and by tapping a location on the display, or in your case until you learn to read and speak ancient, by voicing your destination.” Harry demonstrated by speaking clearly “Med Bay One Main Floor.”


“If you noticed the slight flash around the panel, that was the system activating and transporting us to the requested TS.” Harry finished as he walked out of the station and into the med bay.


“And the door’s, Harry what is up with them. They act like they are charmed or something.” Charlie asked.


“I suppose in a way they are, but not by means that you are familiar with. They simple sense when someone gets close enough to them and open so you don’t have to do it yourself.” Harry laughed at the gob smacked expression on the dragon handler’s face.


Walking over to where Tonks lay half sprawled in a chair near Remus’s side Harry gently shook her shoulder. “Tonks… Tonks wake up it is morning.”


As Tonks started to rouse herself, Harry went over to the bed and removed the band from around Remus’s neck, now that he was out of danger and placed it back in the drawer under the table.


Noticing the gray in Remus’s hair had somewhat receded and his face looked a little younger, Harry felt pleased that the new regeneration potion worked as he expected it to.


Examining the readouts while Bill and Charlie took over waking Tonks up fully, Harry ran one last scan of Remus’s internal systems and was pleased to see that cell regeneration was still ongoing at an accelerated rate and seemed to be reversing some of the hard years Remus suffered by being a werewolf.


“He looks younger somehow.” Tonks whispered in awe.


Turning towards Harry Tonks asked. “Is He…”


Smiling, “He is going to be fine, better than fine as you can see.” Harry told her as he pointed to the mans now dark hair.


Letting the tears fall silently. “Thank you.” Tonks said.


Walking around the table and taking Tonks in a brief hug Harry told her. “Tonks go get cleaned up. Charlie is going to take you to the guest rooms set up and when you are finished you and the others can meet back in my rooms for breakfast.”


“But I want to…” She started to protest.


“TONKS…Tonks, Remus is going to be asleep at least until noon, there is not a thing anyone can do until he wakes up. So I want the first thing he sees when he wakes is a calm and refreshed you. Not someone that looks like the cat spat them out after the war traipsed all over them.” Harry knew he almost had her.


“But what if he wakes earlier than you say.” Tonks tried to fight the decision.


Waving his hand at all the equipment surrounding the bed Harry replied. “This will not let him wake up until he has finished the healing cycle that we started last night. He does not have a choice in the matter.”


“Oh.” Tonks mumbled, and then taking a deep breath and letting a little grimace out as she took in the slight smell of over ripe Tonks. “Ok as long as you are sure.”


Then bouncing back to a little of her more cheerful boisterous self she added. “Can I get one of those nifty skin tight hottie outfits you were wearing yesterday?”


Laughing Harry replied. “Only if you can pass my modified training course Tonksie dearest. So you will have to be satisfied for something along the lines Bill and Charlie are wearing.” As he moved his hips out of the way to avoid the slap Tonks sent his way.


“Charlie if you would escort Tonks to the rooms next your yours.” Harry asked.


“The destination you want is Alpha Level One corridor seventy one. And to meet up with me when the rest are up you need Command One Embarkation.” Harry told him.


Hearing Charlie repeat the destination and giving him a nod Harry held Bill back with a hand on his shoulder as the others left.


“Bill on the other side of this field…hmm, ward is close enough, is your fathers body. I want to key you in. Later on you can determine when the filed is dropped by asking Aloria to do so.” Harry explained as he steered Bill over to the quarantine filed.


Asking Aloria to mentally give Bill control of the field, and permission to decide when it was time to drop it, Harry then proceeded to escort Bill through the field to his father’s side “take all the time you need.”


“Do you remember how to ask for the command deck?” Harry asked the grief stricken curse breaker.


“Command One Embarkation.” Bill said softly through the tears running down his face.


Unsure how he felt, as anger over the ministry’s actions was still to recent Harry fell back on some of the ancient etiquette books of the alliance he had read. “Your loss is great, I grieve with thee.”


Before giving a half bow and turning and walking past the quarantine field and towards the command TS hidden behind some med bay equipment




Letting the hot spray of the shower cascade down his body Harry finally let loose his grief over the murder of his first friend, Even though not human she filled a void that had been missing from Harry’s life. The solid fact of knowing without a doubt that there was a being out there that had unconditional love for him is what kept him sane through the trials he had suffered.


As the tears ran down his face Harry turned off the water and engaged the hot air drying cycle. “Aloria is there someplace where Hedwig can be laid to rest without being disturbed?”


 “There is a glade at the center of the park where you do your morning exercises that would be perfect. If you wish I can have the remotes prepare everything so that later on tonight at sunset she can be laid to rest.” Aloria told him quietly.


“Thank you.“ Harry told her stepping out of the shower.


Pulling one of the uniforms out of the closet Harry mused on how much more comfortable they are versus the Wizarding worlds silly notion of robes and innerwear.


After securing the belt and adding his arm bracers Harry felt ready to face the Weasley clan. “Aloria, have the remotes finished setting up the tables in the embarkation area.” Having decided the view would help with his explanations.


“Yes Harry, and breakfast is ready and waiting buffet style over by the windows so they can get the full effect.” Aloria told him with a hint of mirth in her voice. “Also all you guests are using the TS system now so they should be waiting for you by the time you get there.”


As Harry stood outside the embarkation room he took a moment to take in the differing conversations. Finding that none of the current conversations laid blame on him for the death of Mr. Weasley he strode through the doorway into the main area.


A clear note of a bell sounded as Harry crossed the threshold, along with Aloria’s voice “Lord Commander on Deck.”


Harry inwardly groaned, and once again thought of tracking down certain control crystals and transfiguring them into a hygiene product of the feminine variety.


“Good Morning everyone. I hope you all slept well?” Noticing that even Molly Weasley was wearing one of the Alteran uniforms, though she had added its cloak as Harry walked over to the food table and picked up a plate and started to place his breakfast selection on it.


Sitting down at the table Harry looked around to see the mostly confused looks on everyone’s faces as they looked around the room that was larger than the great hall at Hogwarts.


“Tonks are you feeling a bit better this morn…” Harry started to ask.


“Incoming message…Message identifier denotes Atlantis origin…Data dump commencing.” A strange masculine voice announced.


“Aloria, Alpha Priority Command. Quarantine data stream…Avatar access only.” Harry quickly yelled out startling his already shaky guests.


‘H...Ha…Harry?” Questioned Molly from across the table.


Holding up his hand to forestall any further questions.


“Alpha Priority Command accepted, Data dump received and Quarantined.” Aloria said, slightly distracted as she interfaced with the Alteran Computers.


“Aloria?” Harry questioned, concerned about potential trojan encoding in the message.


“Really, Harry I am fine. Did you forget that my systems are totally separate from the city’s.” Aloria asked.


“Not really, but I do not want to loose a friend by taking an unnecessary chance do I?” Harry replied with passion.


“Harry dear could you explain where we are and what in Merlin’s name is going on.” Molly asked softly quite bewildered with the events transpiring.


Seeing the other heads nodding in agreement Harry waited until the rest of the Weasley’s came back over to the table and sat down before explaining.


Deciding on telling them about discovering his heritage and the last few years of his schooling later Harry started his tale.


He reminded them to think back to the day of graduation and told them about how within an hour of leaving Hogwarts for the last time He had skipped out on the train ride back to London and taken off to a clearing near the edge of the Forbidden Forest and transported up to the city.


He briefly touched on the next three years, and how by linking to the city he had gained a tutor in magic’s and sciences and the arts of war unsurpassed by any one in the world.


Finishing his breakfast Harry asked Aloria to rotate the city and docks slightly so that when the blast shields opened his guests would get their first view of the Earth, and know they were no longer on the planet of their birth.


Sensing the amusement through their link Harry stood up from the table. “You wanted to know where you are.”


Motioning them to follow him Harry led them over to the wall and through his link asked for the blast shields to be lowered.


“Harry.” Fred started.


“Is that.” George said while placing his hands on the window.


“Brother mine.” Fred whispered joining him.


“We are not in London anymore.” George whispered back.


Her tone slightly panicked Molly asked. “Dear where are we?”


Asking that the blast shields be closed Harry waved his hand as he turned causing a hologram to appear in the middle of the room showing a top down view of the city.


“You are in the central command tower.” Harry said as he walked into the center of the hologram and pointed at one particular spire.


“I know that this really does not give you an idea of how large the city is so lets compare it with Hogwarts grounds and Hogsmead.“ Harry told them, as another hologram appeared this time slightly darker, and he merged it with one of the outer pylons of the city and watched the shock cross their faces when it did not even cover a fourth of the pylon.


Giving them a minute to let the information sink in, Harry continued. “This city was built during ages past during a dire time of war in a far away place. It was built to be a rescue platform with the power to take war to their enemies along with the power to utterly destroy worlds if needed.”


“Before the city was complete, it seemed the war was over and the Ancients had lost. The remaining ancients poured all their knowledge and a little bit of themselves into the construction of the city, before going down to the Earth below and founding our magical society.” Harry told them as he watched Ron pass his hand through the hologram with the funniest confused look on his face.


“That is a very simplified version of events and I left a lot out of the story.” Harry told them as he dispelled the hologram.


Then making a decision he knew he was going to make but in a way wished he would not have to added. “Those who choose to join me, you learn the complete history of the ancients, their accomplishments and this city. But more importantly they will learn what I plan on doing with it.”


“You are leaving aren’t you Harry.” Ron made the connections he would not have while at Hogwarts, as the war was not really real to him then, more of a thrilling adventure, that was until the war hit home and the death eaters killed Ginny and Hermione.


Sitting back down at the table Harry looked at his friend. “Yes Ron I am.”


Molly sighed sadly. “I wish I could ask you why, but I know why. You no longer consider Wizarding England your home do you.”


Snorting she added before he could answer. “With the horrible way you have been treated in our world Harry dear I can see why.”


Ignoring her own children, she stared intently at the young man across from her. “I only have one question. How soon can you take me back to the Burrow so I can pack it all up and move it to those lovely set of rooms you gave me.”


“MUM.” Charlie yelled as he crossed the room. “What are you saying…Why would you leave us…”


Ron looked at his mother with horror before looking at the rest of his brothers and noticed the twins looked determined and Bill looked thoughtful. Turning back towards his mother he almost missed the start of her answer.


“You boys are all grown up now.” Looking over at Charlie. “You don’t live at home anymore and haven’t for a long time.”


“The twins live above their shop, and stop by now and then and Bill is out own his own. The only one of you that is still home is Ron, and even then he spends most of his time working with what’s left of the order, or out practicing new spells.” Molly started to gather steam.


“The war took from me my little girl, and now the so called side of light, our own government took my husband, your father.” Molly started to break down with tears in her eyes.


“I can no longer stay in a world that would condone killing a good man to make another good man do what they are to frightened too do.” Molly quietly said as she put her head down in her arms and finally gave into the grief she had been pushing back.


“Where Harry goes.” George told Charlie.


“We Go.” Finished Fred.


“What about V…Vol…Voldermort.” Ron stuttered over the name but proud in the end he was able to say it.


“His magical core is being destroyed. There is no way he can save himself, and even if he manages to survive which I doubt seeing as his new body is not quite human, he would be weaker than a muggle and totally powerless without his death eaters.” Harry told them.


“Right now his followers are being weakened as he bolsters his fracturing core by pulling magic through the dark mark he has branded on all of his little slaves. They will also die as their cores collapse under the strain of Voldermort draining theirs dry in an attempt to fix his core.” Harry smirked at the thought.


“Bill, Charlie why don’t you take your mom and brothers down to the park where you found me this morning. Take a walk around and discuss this, as nothing needs to be decided today. While I take Tonks to go spring Remus from the med bay.” Harry told them while standing up and moving towards a rising Tonks told them.


“I will have the remotes fix up lunch that will be laid out near the inner doors of the park so you can have all the time you need to talk things out. I will meet up with you to take you to the dinning hall just short of six tonight at the TS closest to the park.” Seeing the nods from most of the Weasley’s Harry left with Tonks.


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Chapter Text


Entering the TS Harry reached out and touched his hand to the panel and gave the mental command to send them to the main med bay.


Turning around to exit through the now opening doors Harry was interrupted by a question from a surprisingly quiet Tonks


“How do you do that?” Tonks asked


Slightly unsure on what Tonks was asking Harry decided to go with “Do what?”


“That thing with that transporter thingy, the couple of times I have been in it with you, you place your hand on that drawing and zip there we are. The others on the other hand have to say where they want to go and hope they get there” Tonks asked the curiosity showing in her voice.


Swallowing his laughter at her description at the TS “IF you could read Ancient you would be able to tap the map to find the closest TS to where you want to go. Though if you learn how to properly access your magical core and merge your mind into your magic you would be able to do as I do and just touch the panel and think where you want to go.”


Letting that information sink in Tonks stopped next the bed where Remus slept “He looks so much younger than he did”


Activating the holographic keyboard and typing in a few commands on the screen Harry answered. “He looks like he would if he had not been bitten all those years ago”


Seeing that for the most part Remus was well healed and just needed to let his energy levels return Harry turned off the soma unit and powered down all the equipment around Remus.


Tonks looked up worriedly as she noticed all the strange contraptions around the man she would love to get to know better go dark.


Before she had a chance to ask a question Harry told her “He is ready to leave he just needs to rest for a day or two and eat as much as he can. Later on when he is not feeling so easily tired we can discuss the treatment plan for getting rid of his lycanthropy”


Turning to face the Quarantine field Harry noticed that while it still hurt he was not as angry as he once was over the loss of his beloved friend.


While still distracted with his thoughts Harry told Tonks she could wake Remus now.


Pushing back the melancholy feeling as he turned to see a totally drenched and sputtering Remus Lupin hopping off the bed only to find it was not as close to the floor as he thought and falling on his face to the laughing Tonks who was holding her wand as she in a sing song voice “Uh…Uh wolfie you should have gotten up when I asked you to”


Laughing quietly Harry helped the last marauder to his feet “Welcome back Remus”


Flashing back to the morning before he was dragged to Diagon Ally Remus paled as he remembered a bag being placed over his head containing fine silver dust and how it burned his lungs in agony as he went through the archway at the Leaky Cauldron.


“How…I should be dead…The silver” Remus stammered out as he started to go into shock


Harry shook Remus to snap him out of his shock. Seeing he had the mans attention “Remus…YOU…ARE…FINE”


“Harry…How” Remus pleaded


“Relax Remus my healing methods are more advanced than what you are used too.  Tonks will fill you in with everything that has happened as I have to go now and meet some people” Harry said giving the man a hug before giving him a nudge in Tonks Direction.


As Harry started to walk out of the med bay he stopped at the door “Remus’s rooms are right next to your Tonks, you do remember what to say to get there right?”


Looking red faced and sheepish Tonks uttered “Um, can’t say that I do”


“That’s ok” Harry smiled at her “Aloria when the two enter the station would you send them to the TS nearest the Weasley’s”


Remus was staring at Harry strangely wondering who he was talking to when he heard a feminine voice answer “Yes Lord Commander”


“Who…What…” Seeing the retreating back of the person holding all the answers Remus Bellowed “Harry”




Harry laughed to himself as he walked down the hallway taking the long route back to the gate room.


“Harry the gate is being activated. Tracing back the origin” Aloria told him as he picked up the pace


“It is originating back on Earth from the Goblin enclave.” Aloria told him as he stepped into the embarkation area and scanned the row of six gates to see which one was being activated


Walking down to the end most gate, Harry watched as the ninth chevron locked into place.


Instead of the splash and whoosh of the old style gates a ripple started from the center and quickly moved to the outer edge silently.


Harry was slightly surprised when Griphook walked through the portal first followed by several crates.


“Greetings Lord Commander. It might be a bit presumptuous of me but as you agreed that I may come along I took the liberty of packing all my belongings” Griphook told him as he directed the crates off to one side out of the way.


Smiling Harry told him enjoying the look of astonishment on his friends face “I will get you settled in with your new duties commander after the meeting then”


Harry opened his link with the city and directed the remotes to prepare all the pylons for occupancy as he watched his old business partner stammer in shock.


As the rest of the Goblin high council walked through the portal Stone Crusher had to wonder what had been said now as he took in the gaping expression on the young Goblin that had pledged himself to Harry Potter.


Shaking himself out of his shock Griphook vowed to get even with Harry at a later date as he noticed the rest of the council walking up the stairs and to what looked like a conference room off the first level.


Running up the stairs to catch up Griphook noticed an empty seat near Harry’s left and made for it.


Sitting down he pulled some parchment and a self inking quill out of his satchel so he could take notes.


The old Goblin across from Harry spoke up “Mr. Potter I am Granthorn the oldest of the Goblin Nation and the keeper of knowledge. I want to say that after you left we opened the oldest section of our council chamber and were able to confirm enough of what you had said about the great alliance of races.”


With a small bow of his head “As the leader of the Goblin nation, the ones once known as the Furlings, I re-confirm our vow to the alliance and to you Lord Commander” Bane Breaker told him solemnly.


Giving a slight bow of his head back Harry told them “Thank you. Though I would have helped you as a matter of course”


“True, you have always been most honorable with your dealings with the Goblin people and have never treated us with less than full respect” The Goblin to Granthorn’s left said


“Plus if we read the records correctly our people once traveled through the stars as explorer’s and traders. And the best way to our minds to do this is as full members of the alliance as we once were” Stone Crusher told him


Thinking to Aloria about the best way for the Goblins to re-learn the advanced knowledge they had lost through time and the seclusion of their race due to the great plague. Aloria told him through the link that she could modify some of the teaching links she was producing for the Furlings to use.


Nodding his head Harry returned his attention to the council members seated across from him “There should be a way for you to be taught what your race once knew”


Seeing the looks of excitement on the faces of the elders Harry held up a hand to forestall any gratitude’s “The teaching link can be modified due to the fact you are magical and as such have cores. The downside to it is that when placed on the temple and activated it will cause an immense amount of pain as it adjusts to the non Alteran brain patterns”


“How long will it last?” Granthorn asked not deterred at all


“A minute possibly two. But it will not get any better, every time you put it back on it will be the same” Harry told them


“So we will just not take them off.” Griphook said as if it was common sense


 Looking at Griphook like he said something profound “I never really considered leaving them on, as they can not be hidden by glamour’s and I assumed that most people would not want o be seen with them on. Never gave it much thought really as most of the learning is done while the wearer is asleep.” Harry shrugged


Mentally asking Aloria to send him one of each of the teaching devices so he could compare them, Harry ignored the small jumping motion from those seated at the table as the two devices appeared on the table in front of him.


Picking up the smaller of the two Harry opened his senses and took a look at how it was constructed. “This one is designed for those with Alteran blood; there is also a moment of discomfort and a pinching sensation when they are activated”


Returning it to the table Harry picked up the other one, which was larger by twenty five percent and examined it also. Seeing that  both devices would achieve the desired results faster if left on constantly “Griphook your idea has merit, these will actually work better if left on constantly and will actually work like a mental link to the city and give you access to more control systems then if you relied on non mental inputs”


Showing the device to those assembled as the one made for their use “You would just place it on your temple and push the red crystal in the center. It will turn blue once the link is active.“ Harry set it down on the table next to the other.


Not getting to his current position by not being bold Griphook reached across the table and picked up the teaching device Harry had showed them as he turned away and placed it on his right temple and pressed the crystal firmly.


Cursing under his breath as he turned to see Griphook fall forward onto the table clutching his head, pale and sweat starting to bead on his head.


Griphook clutched his head and bit the inside of his mouth vowing he would not scream in pain.


Pain starting to fade Griphook took several large gulps of air and tried to control the need to hyperventilate he felt.


Shaking his head as he sat back up in his seat he glanced at Harry to see the displeased look on his face before turning to the elders who were watching him closely with some expectation.


“Aloria…” Harry started


“Already monitoring Lord Commander. Endorphin levels spiked two hundred percent once pain threshold was reached. Scans show no cerebral damage and the link is active and working as assumed.” Aloria sensing Harry’s questions reported.


“Well?” Demanded Stone Crusher


Griphook had his breathing under control and the minor cut inside his mouth had stopped bleeding “The pain was tolerable, though the Lord Commanders definition of immense pain seems to be an understatement. At the time I felt as if a Kobald was hitting me in the head several times with its armored tail. But it passed quickly without any lingering effects.”


“I would suggest that the best group to apply the teacher too would be those ascending from the crèche, as they have the highest pain tolerance due to the surges. For those not of the warrior caste, a pain potion could be used if needed” Griphook sneered at the idea of those that would choose using a potion instead of taking the pain.


Shaking his head at his friend’s rashness Harry almost made a snide comment before he remembered that even though he could be rash at times his banking knowledge and advice had made him a lot of money.


“How many of these teachers can you produce for our use?” Stone Crusher asked


“The question should be how many of our race you are willing to take with you. They should get the first teachers produced” Granthorn said


Bane Breaker interrupted “Should we not ask how the Lord Commander plans to search for our home world first”


The other Goblins all stopped their one up-man ship with questions to turn and stare at Harry.


Smiling at the mental laughter from Aloria who had been giving a running dialog of odds on what question would be asked next and how they reminded her of stories of six year olds awaiting the opening of their Christmas gifts she had assimilated the stories of.


Harry explained where they were like he had with the Weasley clan and even showed them the hologram of the city along with superimposing the image of Hogsmeade on one of the pylons so they had a reference point to gauge the size by.


“How many can the city hold?” Stone Crusher asked


“As I said the city was designed as a rescue platform while also being an engine of war. “ Harry shrugged his shoulder “Each of the pylons can house upwards of sixty thousand comfortably long term. When in need though the farms and greenhouses can house twenty thousand or so for short periods of a day maybe two.”


Granthorn sat back in his chair shocked “we can house the entire nation within one of these pylons”


“This changes things drastically.” The Goblin to the right of Granthorn whispered in awe


“How…How many of the Wizarding world are you planning on taking with you?” Granthorn asked as he climbed to the top of his chair and looked over the hologram of the city.


Looking out of the windows towards the construction docks “I am not sure how many. It would depend on how many were able to give up their preconceived notions and think of themselves as Alteran’s first and foremost. Whether they be Magical, Squib or Muggle they would have to fit in and think of themselves as Alteran’s.” Harry told them


Looking down at his notes Griphook leaned over and pointed to the arrow shaped pylon that was the largest of the five “And this pylon, you call them, what is its purpose?”


Harry looked over to where Griphook was pointing and absent mindedly replied “That holds the main greenhouses and farms even though there are others greenhouses set up more like parks scattered through the other pylons.”


Waving his hand the other greenhouses he mentioned lit up with their locations. Griphook smiled as he started to take notes at a rapid pace.


“Those most accepting of other beings you mean” Stone Crusher said


Grinning “That too” Harry told him


“So you should easily be able to accept, say, up to twenty thousand from the Goblin Nation then?” Granthorn asked


Thinking about what was asked and trying to see where the old Goblin was heading Harry replied slowly “Yes. That should not be that much of a problem. Though I would mention if you are planning on including a large cadre of people I would want to make sure all the support personal came along with them. Like healers, craftsmen and teachers and such”


“May we take a few moments to discuss this amongst ourselves? I believe we would be able to properly lay out a plan then to present to you.” Granthorn asked


“Certainly, I shall have the remotes bring up some refreshments. It is 01:30 now, let’s say we reconvene at 02:30, will that be enough time?” Harry asked


“Griphook would you join me?” Harry asked as he stood up and moved from the table.


Seeing him nod in acceptance Harry started out the door but stopped and thought he should add “Just so you know” Seeing he had every ones attention “Some of the remotes look like four legged metal spiders, just so you are not surprised”


Gathering up his papers he moved to follow Harry out of the conference room and down the landing and up two more sets of stairs and onto a landing that allowed one to oversee the other three along with all the work stations.


Harry motioned for Griphook to follow him past a large throne like chair and into a meeting room off the side of the platform.


Walking around the edge of the balcony Griphook looked down at the stations and saw a swarm of glossy black spider like machines picking up his belongings and placing them on the backs of their larger brethren before walking down the hallway out of sight.


After watching his belongings disappear from sight Griphook turned and raised an eyebrow “They indeed look much like Acromantula’s except they have half the number of legs”


Stopping when a high back stool started to grow from the floor Griphook gave it a funny look as it finished taking shape. He prodded it with a finger before gingerly climbing into it and sitting down.


Still unsettled at the strange level of conjuration he witnessed never the less Griphook spoke up “Harry I took the liberty of making a few inquiries with the muggle banks you have your accounts in.”


Reaching down to his un-noticed satchel Griphook removed a stack of parchment notes before placing them on the table and spreading them out in a semi circle around him “From some of the comments you made earlier I ran a few fast projections on what it would take to get the farms and greenhouses running at full capacity, and the most likely scenario of using the city as a colonization project. Taking in consideration of the available capital in your accounts of just over one and a half million sterling, spreading the purchases world wide and using the cities transport system to bring the supplies up, you will still need to dip into your own funds by roughly seventy five thousand galleons”


Impressed with how fast his friend with very little information was able to extrapolate and anticipate his needs Harry asked. “This all takes into account I fund this entire project myself, correct?”


Seeing Griphook nod his head Harry thought out loud “I was hoping to use most of the muggle money to purchase…”


Turning to stare at his financial adviser turned commander he asked “If you take in account all those from the Wizarding world bringing up plants and animals and getting donations of cuttings how much do you think you can drop that figure by?”


Griphook turned over some parchment and started to scribble some figures on it while talking out loud “If we did that, we could assume seventy percent of all the required plant material could be brought in by outside sources. Then if we take in consideration fifteen percent brought in by the Goblin nation with the agreement that we set aside several of the other secondary greenhouses to hold stock for the transfer to the home world. That leaves us with fifteen percent.”


Turning to one of the other parchments Griphook made a notation next to a column before grabbing another to write on “Now livestock is a different story Goblins favor fish so if we factor in the Goblin nation supplying fish stocks.”


Looking up at Harry he asked. “I am making an assumption that the city already has the proper tanks and such to do aquaculture?”


Harry amused at the antics of Griphook as he worked told him “The fabricators can make anything that can be thought of. So yes.”


Going back over to the parchment he wrote several zeros next to lines filled out. “As Wizards are not really in to keeping livestock, but if we ask them to purchase or barter for certain stock as they move up we can reduce this figure by say sixty percent”


Pulling the parchment over with all the columns of figures listed on it Griphook made one last notation before adding the new column up.


Looking at his figures one last time before asking. “Is time a factor here? I made my figures on the least time approach, which was three months?”


Harry contacted Aloria mentally to ask how long she thought it would take to get a very good grounding behind the new Alteran’s.


‘Six months Harry’ Aloria told him ‘any sooner than that and you are asking for trouble if we had to fight’


“Six months Griphook. We leave in Six months give or take a day or two” Harry told him


Hmm I could reduce this number another twenty five percent Griphook thought to himself. No better leave it as it is a rough estimate “Roughly you understand.”


Waiting for Harry to acknowledge this and with the nod of Harry’s head he finished “Roughly half a million sterling give or take”


Harry’s smile was infectious as he grinned at the news “Good then I will be able to set up the trusts as I was planning”


Confused and trying to figure out who Harry would set up trusts for as he had already gotten is revenge in the most spectacular way through the muggle courts against his relatives. In fact their lies and crimes splashed all over the country was most enjoyable.


Finally Griphook asked. “Trusts for what purpose Harry?”


“I want a trust set up that will watch the Dursley line and especially Dudley and if he would ever have a child with magical potential I would want them removed. Also this trust should keep an eye out for new muggle born with magical gifts and we need to give them the option of joining us.” Harry told him with some venom in his voice when talking about Dudley.


“One of the properties that was left to me through the Potter line was in bad shape on a small Isle around Wales. The only good thing about it was it was totally un-plot table.”


Griphook not knowing where Harry was going with this and how it had to do with trusts let him ramble on knowing he would soon get a glimmer that let it all fall into to place.


“Over the past year I have had the remotes and fabricators fixing up the Isle setting it up as a headquarters of sort and installing an updated Astria. The trust will be set up and handled by Gringotts and used to pay staff that will reside at the Isle to watch and intervene under set guidelines.” Harry stood up and walked over to the balcony and looked down over all the soon to be filled stations.


“No more magical children left in orphanages to grow up to become dark lords. No more magical children to grow up abused and un-loved” Harry turned and one could see the fire in his eyes.


“I may never step foot on the planet of my birth again, But that does not mean I will totally abandon it either. Most of the staff will come from Alteran volunteers I have no doubt. But they will need resources. And those resources cost.” Harry finished as he had noticed the Goblin Elders roaming about outside the meeting room.


A feral smile crossed Griphook’s face as he thought of all the possibilities Harry had prepared for. It seemed that he had been planning on leaving for a long time and had made elaborate plans.


Shaking himself off his soapbox “It seems the elders have finished and are ready for us. Shall we join them then” Harry asked as he started for the arch that led to his station.


Grabbing up his piles and stuffing them neatly in his satchel Griphook hurried to catch up with him.




Sitting back down at the table Harry waited for everyone else to seat themselves and noticed the pleased yet nervous looks on some of the Goblins faces.


“Before we begin outlining what we propose we would like to know if twenty thousand, a colony group if you will, will be acceptable?” Bane Breaker asked


‘Can you modify that many teacher links’ Harry asked Aloria through their link


‘It will take me about a week. I modified about five hundred and have laid the plans down and assigned three fabricators to produce them’ Aloria explained


Nodding he head Harry added “I see no problem, it will take about a week to have all the links fabricated, five hundred have been modified and are ready now. But I see no reason that to hold off on bringing up those chosen as soon as possible”


As Harry sat through the rest of the presentation including how the colony group would be divided up by skills and ages, with the occasional comment by Griphook, he had a sudden thought.


‘Aloria how difficult would it be to build a teaching system that can be left on earth to bring up to speed the rest of the Goblins to the level their ancestors were before they slid back?’ Harry asked


‘Programming it would be simple but if you wanted it to be permanent which I would advise against as it would remain on earth and could be discovered’ Aloria was thinking


‘What if we built it at the Isle and modified the link frequency so that it was able to broadcast fold space transmissions. Could it work then?’ Harry thought back


‘Since we planned to vaporize the Isle if it fell into the wrong hands, yes it will. I will send a series of remotes and fabricators to begin work immediately’ Aloria told him as his link fell silent the telltale sign she was concentrating fully elsewhere.


Seeing that the meeting was near to breaking up and glancing at the pile of notes stacked next to Griphook he made a mental note to introduce him to data pads as soon as possible.


“One last thing before we break up for the day” Harry told the excited Goblins that were preparing to leave


“I did some research and found out that you are the last of your race” Harry started his tale to see he had all their attention clearly focused on him.


“Eons ago when the two branches of your race split, there was a great plague devastating both our peoples. The survivors spilt into two directions. Those with magical abilities followed mine here to this world in an obscure corner of the galaxy. The rest fell back to the main colony world and from there became a peaceful race that knew no strife


Unfortunately they were wiped out by another race that is parasitic in nature, as they could not be used as hosts unwilling or not.” Harry finished seeing their shocked looks


“So my question to you is. Are you planning to leave this planet once you find your home world or if it is not habitable for any reason a new world that is suitable?” Harry asked.


As the Goblins looked at each other as they took in his words Granthorn stood up “We had planned to use the archway to move most of our people to the home world. Leaving enough to run Gringotts and rotating them out after a certain amount of time. This would allow the rest to learn what the others would be able to teach us”


Tilting his head sideways to really look at the oldest Goblin Harry focused on him alone “The means to provide those to learn what the others are that are staying while the first colony group goes off is being constructed as we speak. All those staying behind will be brought up to the same level as those leaving. So that will not be an issue”


“While I agree that keeping Gringotts open and operating as before with none the wiser is a good way to garner an income and to move supplies to your new world. The rest of your people would need to be moved through another gate.” Harry told him


Seeing the slightly confused look on the old Goblins face “The archway as you call it is actually a gateway. The one in the council chambers is not powerful enough to open to another that is not in close orbit, like this city.”


Hearing the stammers of anger being started Harry held up a hand “Please wait for me to finish. I never planned to leave the rest of you. I had built in a secret and secure location an advanced version of the gate. This gate has the power necessary to reach any of the other gates in the network.”


Seeing the others calm down he continued “I always planned for the new gate to be used to move your people as I can not risk the technology of the gates to fall into the wrong hands. While I do not think any that find it would ever be able to take it apart and learn how to build their own I do think they would be able to learn to use it, which is what I will not risk.”


Understanding what Harry was saying and the reasons for it Stone Crusher asked “How do you propose that we move back and forth between our enclave and the new gate?”


Seeing the others had accepted what he was saying Harry told them “I plan on sending remotes down tonight to build a transfer station next to the archway. When they are finished they will be instructed to remove the gate there now for further security.


Those with Goblin blood will enter the transport station and one of them needs to place their hand on the crystal on the wall and the group will be instantly transported to the station linked to yours near the new gate.


I must warn you though that if one that is not of Goblin blood tries to activate the station it will destroy itself and any of the Goblins that were left behind will have to make their way to the hidden location that houses the new gate. So guard it wisely”


Approving of the intense security Stone Breaker told the rest of the council “A very wise move. One that shows much planning into the security of all of us”


The others nodded their heads in agreement and as Harry stood up to lead them back to the gate he heard Bane Breaker say from behind him “This reasoning shows why he is the Lord Commander does it not?”


Walking down the steps Harry stopped at the console in the middle of the floor and pressed the key that would activate the middle gate and typed in the address that would open the portal between the city and the Goblin conclave.


After the portal opened and a group of remotes started through Harry addressed the group “When can I expect the first of the colony group to arrive?”


As the others followed the remotes Bane Breaker answered with a question of his own “We will still be able to use our current gate while the transport is being built correct?”


Seeing Harry’s nod he told them “Then the leaders in their field along with Stone Breaker will start to arrive around noon tomorrow. Their families shall start to arrive shortly after that in groups every hour.”


“Until tomorrow then” Harry told him


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Chapter Text


After a long hard day Harry sat alone at his station thinking about what the new day would bring, and wondering how many of the DA would show up in the morning.


Closing his eyes and letting his senses wander Harry noticed a slight disturbance near the balcony. Focusing on what he was sensing he called out “Ollivander you might as well show yourself.”


“I did say we could expect great things from you one day Mr. Potter.” Ollivander told him as he became visible.


Harry willed his chair to turn and face his guest “The first time I met you I thought there was something strange about you, especially your eyes. Actually you made me more uneasy than your crazy old man persona should have made me.”


Harry watched the smile grow on Ollivander’s face, the type of smile one gets when ones child truly made them proud.


“You have partially ascended. Why reveal yourself now?” Harry asked intrigued.


Slightly surprised he could not will a seat to appear Ollivander chose instead to cross his legs and lean against the railing “Your mother would be so proud of you. You truly are the Lord Commander as we envisioned returning to us.”


Seeing the impatient look start on Harry’s face he thought he should get to the point, after all he truly bonded with the city and had the power to do some serious harm to those that have ascended. “I came for two things. One to ask you to alter your plans slightly to include the dwindling colony of Brounie Elf’s, whose numbers are dwindling due to encroachment by both the normal and magical world, and the other was to release the secret of the construction docks the city is moored to.”


“Brounie's?” Harry thought out loud as he tried to remember if he had ever heard of that race


“Ages past those in the magical world were not satisfied with having free creatures come and go as help in their houses. They wanted to control and order them as servants. They were tired of being abandoned if they offered payment or clothes. So they enslaved them through trickery.” Ollivander prompted


“House Elves” Sitting up quickly Harry whispered in horror. “NO tell me they were not so arrogant as too…”


“Only a few were that evil, and they twisted those they enslaved so they were not recognized as Brounie’s any more. They claimed that they were something new they had created, just for the purpose of taking the place of the Brounie’s, and unlike Brounie’s they would be bound to serve and not disappear if treated harshly” Ollivander sadly told him.


Appalled at what a few of wizarding kind had done and passed it off as something else “There is nothing we can do is there, as you are not asking me to reverse the condition of house elves.” Harry sadly said


“I am afraid not, their magical cores had been twisted in such a way that physical manifestations took place. Even if you would re-sequence their DNA back to the original, their cores would soon corrupt them back to where they were before the procedure.” Ollivander told him. “No I am afraid there is nothing that can be done for them. It is a good thing their numbers are few. Hogwarts alone has one fifth the world’s entire population.”


Leaning back in his chair Harry thought for a moment before asking. “How many Brounie’s are we talking about, and what type of accommodations do we need to set aside for them?”


“They are simple creatures in their needs and for the most part if you give them run of the parks around the city they will thrive. They will build their homes out of materials they bring with them.


As for your first question they number in the low three thousands give or take a hundred. They have tightly kept their population growth under control as their living space dwindled so did their population.” Ollivander explained.


“Aloria what do you know about these people?” Harry asked.


“Nothing Harry, I found nothing in the Alteran data banks on this species.” Aloria told him apologetically.


Producing a long slender red data crystal from his shirt pocket Ollivander handed it over “This is everything there is to know about the Brounie Elf’s, their customs eating habits, medical needs, everything.”


“I assume you will make arrangements for me to get in contact with their leaders.” Harry asked as he took the data crystal and levitated it over to a data port in his desk in the next room and had it insert itself.


As Aloria was humming happily through their link as she assimilated the data, Harry asked. “And the second part of your visit? I have noticed that the layout of the docks don’t make sense, they have none of the fluid snowflake like lines that are common in Alteran space construction.”


“In fact the central hub seem like it has been chopped off in the middle.” Harry told him as he closed his eyes and visualized the building platform.


Smiling the old ancient said. “We did that for a reason; most of the structure and surroundings are hidden under an advanced cloaking system that also precludes any ascended being from finding what is there. We did this to safeguard the knowledge that the last of the Alteran’s with Royal blood took up residence on the planet below, from those who ascended.”


Harry looked at the old Alteran shrewdly. “So you also think those who ascended would try to set up rules and tell us how we should live.”


“Yes” Ollivander told him as he stood up. “It is time to turn over control of the rest of the station to you.”


Motioning for Harry to join him Ollivander reached out. “I will have to take you through the cloaking shield. Just treat this like side along apparation.”


Standing up from his chair Harry walked over to where Ollivander was standing and stopped when he was close to his side, almost touching, as Ollivander grabbed a hold of his waist and pulled him in snug and proceeded to expand his magical field to cover Harry, and willed them to appear on the command bridge on the space station.


Harry stumbled and felt nauseas and dizzy, he became weak and disoriented and barely made out Ollivander’s voice telling him hold on while he was keyed into the computer system.


Like a switch being thrown, Harry straightened up and almost swayed with how quickly he went from feeling like he was dying to fine once again. “What the hell was that?”


“The security system shutting down your link to your magical core. I did not tell you about it beforehand so that you would not fight it, and make the automated system retaliate.” Ollivander told him apologetically.


Harry stared hard at the old man trying to decide if he was telling the truth.


Harry watched as Ollivander walked over to back wall and his magical energy become visible just like his did when he was exorcising. When he touched the wall it shimmered before fading to show a duplicate of his chair back on the command deck of the city.


Pointing to the chair Ollivander told Harry. “Sit in the chair and merge your mind and magic, just like you did when you brought the city fully online. After that what is being hidden from your view will become visible.”


Walking over to the chair muttering under his breath about crazy ancient antique old men and how they liked to get their jollies, Harry turned and sat down in the chair.


Relaxing back in the chair, the back reclined as Harry closed his eyes and started to glow as he let his magical core expand and submerged his mind in it.


Ollivander watched as the young man reclining before him seems to wince slightly as system after system came to life and the station powered up.


Harry lay there with sweat starting to bead up as he felt a tickle a the back of his mind, and winced as the tickle flashed over into a burst of pain before disappearing and the bond to the station settled in.


Opening his eyes Harry reached out and grabbed the towel that appeared in front of him as the chair returned to its original position.


Wiping the sweat off of his face he released the towel and it disappeared in midair. Looking around he noticed in wonder that the command center had revealed itself to be a crystal dome like structure that let him see a three hundred and sixtyy degree view of the surrounding area.


Harry jumped up out of the chair in wonder as he quickly turned around and took in the sight of the station for the first time.


All around him there were weapon platforms interspaced with small and medium size war ships that seemed to gleam and shift as if made out of the same substance of his battle suit.


As Harry let his eyes fall on each new discovery, in the back of his mind a trickle of information would inform him of what he was seeing, thus giving a name and brief description of the vessels abilities to him.


Finally looking down his eyes rested on a large oval dome that stretched between the pylons and gasped out loud when through the bond he was given the description of the ship he was looking at.


“Yes Harry, the future of your new world. Every magical species the Ancients created are represented down there in the Ark in stasis, in populations large enough to become a viable species once again.” Ollivander told him pride in his voice.


“There is even room enough to evacuate the rest of the magical creatures left on earth at this very moment.” Ollivander told him pride still evident in his voice


Bowing fully Ollivander started to fade from sight. “Your true inheritance Lord Commander. You have made your parents proud of you, as am I.”


Harry stood there body plastered against the cry-steel for who knows how long taking in the sight before him, as hope coursed through him for the first time of a bright future.


Opening his link up with Aloria Harry merged her bond into the one he formed with the space station and keyed her into the system net allowing her control of the station, through his bond.


As Aloria raced through the new systems devouring the information and completing the links between her and the station she whispered in awe “These ships and systems are even more advanced than the cities.”


Returning to the station command chair he reclined once again, before willing the environment to duplicate his sleeping quarters temperature and lighting before he let his mind and magic freely loose as he fell to sleep, glowing with power as knowledge made its way into his mind.




Bill watched his family eat breakfast, as his mother entered the dining hall from the door leading to the kitchens.


It had been a very strange couple of days he reflected as he once again touched the link attached to his temple, it was fast becoming a habit he would have to nip in the bud.


He sat there and ate mechanically as he reviewed last nights lesson on the Ancient Language and the runic symbols they used to as short cuts to explain concepts. Deciding he had a fair grasp of the language now, he planned to test it after breakfast on one the TS panels to see if he could correctly reach his destination without relying on verbal commands.


Paying attention to the here and now Bill asked. “Charlie what time are you and mum going back to the Burrow?”


“We are going to leave right now dear.” Molly said as she stopped next to Charlie who grabbed his glass and downed the rest of the juice before standing.


“Do you need some of us to go with you mum?” Ron asked interrupting his halting conversation in Alteran with the twins.


“No dear, you stay here and finish your breakfast. That lovely Aloria is sending down a bunch of remotes along with a few crates to help us pack” Molly told him as she started for the door.


Paling slightly at the thought of how much like big metal spiders the remotes looked like Ron threw a half hearted “Right then” after his mum’s retreating back


Turning back to Fred and George to pick up the argument on using the twins pranking inventions as weapons, which he was surprisingly in favor of.


Before they had a chance to get much further into the discussion Aloria interrupted them. “Excuse me but can I ask you Weasley’s to do Harry a favor?”


“Of Course” George perked up.


“What does Harry need us to do.” said Fred.


“Harry is still busy with a project he started last night, and the members of the DA should start to arrive shortly, and some one should be there to meet them until Harry can make it.” Aloria told them, as she checked on Harry through the link and saw he was still asleep, though the glow of his magic seemed to be settling down and he would be waking soon.


Ron jumped up grabbing Charlie’s and his dishes. “Of course we will.” as he headed towards the kitchen to deposit them in the sink where the remotes would clean and put them away, skirting around the little remotes crawling around the kitchen as they cleaned.


Bill watched his three brothers rush off as he finished his breakfast and cleaned up the odds and ends on the table preparing to follow them.


“Aloria do you know how long Harry will be?” Bill asked as he entered the kitchen.


“I would guess another hour or so before he wakes up from the advanced sleep learning state he placed himself in.” Aloria told him as she continued to monitor the object of their discussion through the links with the station.


Bill continued the discussion as he left the dining hall and made his way towards the TS down the hall. “I would think he would have put off doing something like that knowing he had the DA members coming this morning.”


“I am afraid I can not really discuss it without Harry’s permission. But I can say it was unexpected and once the information came to light unavoidable.” Aloria apologized.


Walking into the transport station Bill looked at the panel and cycled through the destinations possible, looking for the one he wanted. “I can understand that.”


Finding the one he was looking for, Bill double tapped the TS on the map and turning to see if he was right he walked towards the doors in time to see a blur of red hair go running past.


Smirking that he was able to get closer to the embarkation room than his brothers, Bill was able to hear a male voice informing them of incoming travelers.


Entering the room Bill noticed the sheer amount of people walking around, with more appearing all the time over in the area set aside for non-gate arrivals.


Not thinking that there would be that many show up, “Merlin where are we going to put them all until Harry gets here.” Bill whispered.


“A short walk down the corridor past the TS there is a pilots ready room, opening up into an auditorium. It should have enough room I think.” Aloria told him, distracted as she noticed that Harry had stopped glowing and was now in a deep sleep.


Taking the steps to the first level two at a time, Bill made his way to the balcony that jutted out over by the gate controller station. “Can you give Ron directions to the room then, while I get their attention.”


Hearing Aloria answer in the affirmative Bill magically amplified his voice as he leaned on the railing.


Seeing Ron jerk his head as Aloria contacted him Bill started. “Can I have every ones attention please.”


Waiting a moment for every one to quiet down and turn to look up toward him Bill continued. “If every one will follow Ron down to the meeting room we can get started. Harry will be joining us there in a moment or two.”


Seeing that Ron was making his way through the crowd closely followed by Neville, Bill returned his voice to normal and looked over those who chose to follow Harry’s lead as they walked by.


Surprised to notice the fair number of adults in a student only organization, Bill hoped Harry would get there quickly.




Harry stretched as he woke up. Getting up from the chair turned bed Harry walked over to the cry-steel window and gazed out over what amounted to a mini fleet with its support structure.


Not moving from his spot Harry sighed wearily before he whispered. “Aloria.”


“Yes Harry.” Tentatively Aloria replied.


Not moving his head as he watched the deceptively innocent floating ships, Harry started to say. “Aloria I want to give you an Alpha Priority Command that can never be over ruled.”


Hearing the sound of an indrawn breath over the speaker Harry told her. “You are to become the conservator of the succession. You are to be the ultimate judge if one of my children is worthy of replacing me as Lord Commander, and if not you are to refuse to facilitate the bonding of them to the city and in turn the rest of the fleet.”


Harry turned his head to watch two small craft approach the station window in front of him. Mentally telling the city to release the hidden protocols to Aloria as he gave the two probes in front of him their instructions and sent them off on their recon mission.


Hearing the shocked gasp from the speaker, Harry sighed. “If I knew what I was getting into there is no way in hell you would have convinced me to take up the mantel of Lord Commander. It would have been a bloody cold day in hell before I entered that room with that damn circlet sitting on that chair, let alone let you convince me to put it on.”


“Harry I didn’t know.” Aloria tried to convey that she was telling the truth with her voice.


“I know that.” Walking back towards the Astria console, Harry typed in the closest gate coordinates to the closed down Altare Galaxy.


Staring at the Astria the probes had vanished through moments before, Harry started to talk out loud. “When I finally accepted that I did not wish to save everyone, it became easy to accept that I could not save everyone. I slept better at night.


When I accepted my heritage, I gave up my foolish wish to always be normal.


When I found out that there is no such thing as normal or a normal person for that matter, I embraced my differences.


Now people long dead for tens of thousands of years in their attempt to right the wrongs of their brothers and sisters have given me the ultimate power.


Made me the ultimate weapon so to speak.


They made me a king.”


Aloria did not know what to say, as she went over all the hidden protocols and instructions newly released to her and built into the very foundation of her being.


“Such a heavy responsibility they laid on my head.” Harry said as he leaned his forehead on the cry-steel dome.


Frightened of his possible answer, Aloria asked so softly it would not have been heard if others were in the room. “Are you going to accept?”


Snorting Harry answered her question. “Like I have a choice.”


Slapping himself mentally for wallowing in a mood. “I suppose I could say to the hell with it and just continue on with my plans, and brought the Alteran race out of hiding and back to the once former glory we held.”


“That is if it were not for the fact I need these to protect what we are going to build.” Harry told her as he waved his hand over the visage of the resting fleet.


“I don’t understand.” Aloria told him.


“The great Alteran federation encompassed thousands of worlds strewn through ten galaxies.” Harry then pointed down towards the earth. “But all that is left of that great federation is below on this single world. And a few ships trapped in time as they race the speed of light trying to get to safety.“


“The plague that decimated the galaxies was not natural.” Moving away from the console, Harry walked across the room and activated several dozen squadrons of the heavily armed scout ships to replace the shuttles that they had currently docked in the bays of the city.


Aloria putting the cryptic comments together, along with the probes leaving. “You are looking for the cause of the plague, you think it is somewhere in the Altare galaxy.”


“I find that now that I have hopes and a dream of a better future, I am not willing to let it go without a fight.” Harry told her.


Taking one last look around at all the ships coming to life, and feeling through the bond the station coming to life, Harry said with passion. “I may never have wanted to be king, but now that I am; I will be dammed if I allow whatever almost caused the extinction of my race to succeed. Not with this now at my disposal.”


As Aloria watched, Harry shifted from the station back to the city, she felt a renewed sense of purpose and pride at being the guardian, instead of being annoyed at not fulfilling what she thought she was built for.




“Harry is on his way.” Aloria told the Weasley’s through their links.


Sighing in relief Bill wrapped up the discussion on the true origins of the Wizarding race and was about to open it up for questions when he was interrupted by the sounds of trumpets going off.


“Lord Commander Arriving.” Aloria’s Voice echoed through out the empty city.


Wondering what in Merlin’s name was going on now, Bill just stared along with the others as Harry walked into the auditorium and started towards the stage.


Seeing the Weasley’s all become quiet and stare off towards one side, the rest of those assembled turned in their seats to see what they were staring at, only to be shocked to see a regally dressed Harry walking down the steps with this glowing circle on his head.


Harry was slightly amused as he watched everyone look at him with shocked expressions on their faces.


Stopping when he was behind the seated Weasley’s, Harry spoke up. “Thanks guys for covering for me.”


“I know you have been told where you are, and some of the background history of how the Alteran’s became today’s Witches and Wizards.” Harry told them.


Waving his hand to the side, he willed the cry-steel wall to become transparent. “But seeing is truly believing.”


Gasps of astonishment accompanied his words as the wall disappeared, and the view of the city showing the Earth sitting there in all it’s splendor.


Harry chuckled as Colin and Dennis Creevy jumped up from their seats and ran over to the wall to plaster their faces against it, in awe of being in space.


As everyone was taking in the view, Harry continued. “In ages past our ancestors along with one of our greatest allies, a race called the Furlings came to this world in the hopes of keeping our two races from dying off during a time of great sickness, and then a war in the Pegasus galaxy broke out, which decimated the rest of the Alteran’s and they retreated to our world.


Over time the knowledge of who and what we were was lost to both races.


Not only did we loose our identity but we lost the knowledge on how to truly use our powers, and we learned to rely on wands to do what we once did without one.“ Harry said as he moved in front of the table and moving his hand, more so for demonstration than needing to, conjured up a comfortable chair and table, along with a snack.


Sitting down, he now had all there attention. “For those who truly want to reclaim their heritage, and join me as I go off in search of the last remaining ancients that are stuck in a bubble of no-time, and find a new place to call home, I am going to offer a place here in the city for your whole extended family.”


Standing up and banishing the conjured items with a thought, Harry started to pace back and forth across the stage. “Anyone with Alteran blood running through their veins, whether they can use magic or not is welcome to join me. I plan to invite the best and brightest the Wizarding world has to offer, and once they have reclaimed their rightful heritage and knowledge, go out and find a new world to call home.”


As Harry talked Bill thought to himself. Thank Merlin Harry is not dark, as charismatic as he is he could destroy the world.


Harry spent the next hour and a half explaining what he planned to do and how it would be accomplished.


With the Weasley’s help, he explained what the teacher links were and how they would be used to teach everyone the forgotten knowledge that would prepare them for the new future.


Harry finished off with. “Forget everything you have ever learned about purity of blood and Muggleborns. What determines if a person has magic is if both parents have Alteran blood running through their veins.”


“And Squibs?” shouted out one of the adults in the audience.


Harry had expected this question and was ready for it. “Most of you would not understand the technical explanation so I will overly simplify it for you.”


“A squib is born with an illness that does not effect the child except in their ability to use magic. It is easily fixed, and when caught early the child will have no ill effects.” Harry told them.


Seeing some of them were a little confused, and he was loosing them. “We have a treatment that for a lack of a better word, will cure a person who is a squib so they can use their magic.”


Holding his hand up to forestall the questions he saw waiting to be asked. “If we catch the person before they become a teenager they will have full use of their powers. Otherwise they would have to resort to using something to focus their magic, like a wand, if they wanted to do anything past say fourth year material.”


“My parents can come with us then, and maybe be able to do magic?” Dennis asked hopeful.


Chuckling softly at the hyperactive enthusiastic young man. “Yes Dennis, you and your brothers parents are welcome to come even if they can’t do magic.”


Each person then thought Harry was starring directly at them, “Alteran’s do NOT care if the person can do magic, just if they are a good person.”


Noticing it was almost time for lunch Harry said. “One more question before we make our way to the dining hall for lunch. After lunch those that wish can get a brief tour of parts of the city, as it takes a lot longer than a couple of hours to really get started seeing the wonders that is Toria Ai Shas.”


Augusta Longbottom stood up and asked. “Mr. Potter you said the Furlings also took refuge with the Alteran’s on the world below. Are they still around?”


“Yes they are. We know them today as the Goblins, we see them every time we enter a Gringotts branch.” Harry answered her.


Holding up his hand to forestall any comments once again. “Yes we have fought wars with them. And yes they too lost all knowledge of who and what they were.


But those who can not let the past go, and can not accept the new future being offered, will be left behind.” Harry told her and thought to add. “On BOTH sides.”


“I can accept that.” Mrs. Longbottom told him.


“I am reminded of one last thing as Aloria tells me lunch is ready. For those who have manor homes and such we have the means of bringing them with us, you will not have to leave the home you have known all your life behind. We have special techniques that will allow us to move them with us in a shifted state.” Harry said as he started up the steps.


“Now if you will all follow me we can see about getting something hot to eat.” Harry told them as he walked out, not looking back to see if they were following him or not.


After giving everyone a brief description on how the TS or transport system worked and comparing it to the floo network so they would understand the concept, Harry asked the twins to go with the first group to act as ushers for the rest on the other end.


As Harry was going through the buffet and loading up his plate, Neville made his way with his plate over to where Harry was. “Hey Harry.”


“Hi Neville how are you doing?” Harry asked curious.


“Good very good, Gran wanted to come up with me in the hopes she could pull you aside and talk to you, something about the Wizengamot and the Chaos the ministry is in.” Neville told him as he walked along with Harry as they looked for a table to sit at.


“Tell her to hunt me down after the tour and we can sit down and go over whatever she wants then.” Harry told him as he chose a table.


Sitting down on the other side of the table. “Ron told me a bit about the greenhouses and farms. What I want to know is how soon can I start to move up plants from my greenhouses at home.”


“You are planning to join us then?” Harry asked as he put his knife down to give Neville his undivided attention.


“Gran and I talked on the way to the dinning hall. She told me to start packing as soon as we got back. She has hopes that with the advanced healers we might be able to get my parents back.” Neville said hope in his voice.


Talking to Aloria through their link before saying anything, Harry went over different treatment options. “I think we may be able to help them Neville. Saying that, I have to warn you that if we do bring them back there is a good possibility they would not remember ever having a child.” He warned his friend.


“I think I can deal with that. Thank you Harry.” Neville told him full of hope.


As Harry finished his lunch in between people dropping by to ask questions, he stood up and dropped his dishes off on the belt that would take them to the kitchen sinks and made to move near the doors deciding it was time to get on with it.


Chapter Text

                                      T Minus 5 months 24 days  

Harry stood fully stealthed and hidden, off to one side in the Wizengamot chambers as he watched the foreign ministries enter and add their comments to the chaos that was Wizarding Britain leadership.


Thinking back three days to Friday night and his conversation with Neville and his grandmother, Harry was not surprised with the amount of chaos he was seeing.


After Augusta had told Harry that most of the Auror force was killed in the death eater attack, along with the senior leaders of the ministry including the bastard Rufus Scrimgeour, during the ministers attempt to dictate the conclusion to the war on his terms.


She had told him that the Wizengamut had declared a state of emergency and had taken control of Wizarding Britain, but soon there after the American ministry had sent a representative along with the French, saying that they were sending over teams to take care of the problem and rescue their British cousins.


Harry shook his head in disgust as he watched all the different parties vie for control, for their faction or people. Finally deciding that the Ancients had made the correct decision in deciding on a monarchy, though he wished he was given more of a choice, he accepted deep down inside that he was king.


Seeing that the Wizarding Wireless Network and its sister stations from around the world were broadcasting live but being ignored, Harry decided it was past time that someone with some brains acted.


Walking to the center of the room, Harry let his magic flow through the room and using his will froze everyone as he became visible.


Sternly looking at each and every person had Harry finally had enough.


“Sit down and shut up.” He told them reinforcing his words with his magic.


Every person in the room promptly sat down where they were, even if they were not in a chair, sitting on the floor as they obeyed Harry’s order.


Everyone watched in awe and some amount of horror as The Boy Who Lived tapped his finger on one of the metal arm bands on his arms and this liquid shimmering metal shifted out to cover his body minus his head.


Harry reeled in his magic, releasing those in the room, as he stood there energy swirling around his deployed battle armor, making him look extremely intimidating.


“So this is what the Wizarding world has reduced itself too.” Harry commented sarcastically.


“If you would have just done your job and rid us of the dark lord we would not be in this position, having to listen to outsiders trying to tell us how to run our country.” One of the seated Wizengamut members yelled out heatedly.


Harry turned on the loudmouth quickly, his anger radiating off of him in waves. Working himself quickly to full rant mode Harry started pacing back and forth in front of the raised dais where the Wizengamot members sat.


Minerva McGonagall winced as she heard Abercrombie open his mouth and accuse Harry of not doing his job. Oh Merlin she thought he is going to really go off now.


“MY JOB…MY JOB! “ Harry stopped pacing and rounded on the coward who had the audacity to say that to him.


“One must first be hired or Merlin forbid even accept the job in the first place, before they can be accused of not doing their job.” By this point the energy swirling around Harry started to glow.


“Where were you the last time the Order or even the Aurors faced death eaters as they decided to go out and play. I know I did not see you there.” Harry said as he stared in disgust at the man.


“Oh I get it now, you all decided since I had already defeated the mad man once, that since he has returned it must be my job to do it again, especially as all of you are so magically weak that you must have graduated Hogwarts due to bribery, not actually having the magic to do so any other way. “Harry sneered in disgust.


Minerva sat there in awe as Harry tore into the politicians, thinking to herself, he was doing a masterful job.


Unfortunately fear started to set in, as she noticed the walls behind the Wizengamot members were starting to melt as they responded to Harry’s anger.


“Oh and since I did not finish the JOB the first time, of course it falls to me and only me to do the JOB you weaklings are all so afraid of doing.” Harry finished his rant.


“Now see here…” Someone started. but gulped back in fear as Harry rounded on them.


“Two weeks, I needed two bloody more weeks and my plans would have been completed, and I could be standing here in front of you with Voldermort’s dead body.” Harry threw his arms up as he started to pace again.


“But NO, the bloody minister decided that he knew best, and I being the so called chosen one should kill Voldermort on his terms like some trained dog.” At this point Harry was in the center of this barley visible vortex of energy.


At this point several members of the Wizengamot and some of the visiting ministry people grabbed their arms and fell to the ground screaming in agony.


Everyone looked in horror towards Harry as he looked at the fallen people with an evil smile on his face, as he watched those convulsing on the floor in agony their life force slipping away.


“STOP THIS, Stop this right now.” The American special envoy yelled out.


Turning around Harry told him calmly. “I am doing nothing to any of them. This is all Voldermort’s doing.”


“Don’t lie to me boy, we all have seen your magic totally out of control.” Pointing to the energy swirling around Harry the special envoy went on. “The evidence is right before our very eyes.”


The French envoy not to be outdone added. “Yes…Yes only a powerful dark wizard would be able to do what has been done today. We must stop him before he destroys us all.”


Seeing red Harry stalked over to where the fallen French man was clutching his arm, and ripped the sleeve and pulled it up so all could see the angry dark mark burning on the mans flesh.


Amidst the quieting screams, due to the persons succumbing to death or their vocal cords ripping apart, Harry’s quiet voice reverberated through the room.


“It is a good thing I am leaving this world, or I would be to tempted to destroy it otherwise.


First you worship the ground I stand on, until the moment I can not stand up to your impossible expectations, especially for someone you purposely kept in the dark about his heritage and the world he was expected to live in.


Then when he defends himself from Dementors sent by the ministry to silence him, those in power further break their own laws and try to poor lad in front of the full Wizengamot.


Oh but the kicker, at the last minute the minister changes the time and sends out the notice to the lad and his defenders a mere fifteen minutes before the trial would now start


Lets not forget about the minister sending his own personal torturer to the lads school to use severely restricted dark objects on the boy, and only the quick thinking of one of the lads friends was he spared being placed under the Cruciatus curse till he broke.”


At this point Harry had them all sitting there fidgeting in their seats as their crimes were laid out before the whole world to see. “One wonders why the lad in question does not say the hell with you and leave you to your own fate.”


As the last marked death eater died Silence reigned supreme in the Wizengamot chambers. “Lucky for you I am not Dark like you call me. Lucky for you I studied hard and learned what was needed to defeat Voldermort and had the means to do so.” Harry said as he looked over the scarred faces before him and sighed, as he was not getting through to them.


Turning to leave, disappointed in a way and in another knowing it would come down to this. “I am leaving and I am going to take the best and brightest the Wizarding world has to offer, and we are going to start over.”


Pulling his wand out and pointing it in Harry’s direction the American envoy said. “I am sorry son, but even with this as proof of the Dark Lords downfall, you still have a lot to answer for and we can not allow you to leave.”


Amused that someone would overcome their fear and try to stop him. “You have no jurisdiction over me.” Harry told him as he made a motion with his hand and summoned a long forgotten relic of the past.


By this point most of the foreign delegations had also drawn their wands and pointed them at Harry waiting for the word to take the young man down.


Slowly the floor near Harry rippled like the waves from a stone dropped in still water. As every ones attention shifted to see what was going on they looked on in wonder as a gleaming white pedestal rose from the floor, and atop it was a glowing orb that had some strange energy swirling inside it.


“NO you must not do this.” A voice from the shadows, coming from one of the Unspeakables.


“All I am doing is returning Merlin’s Orb to its rightful place. It was your kind that broke the sacared trust, at the ministers urgings no doubt so long ago. It was the Unspeakables that violated every law and kept the orb from serving its true purpose.” Harry told the frightened head of the Unspeakables.


As Harry placed his hand on the orb, he was engulfed in a column of white as a visage of Merlin appeared in front of him, and the words spoken by the orb were carried on magic and heard around the world.


“The man who stands before you will usher in a new age. Harry James Potter son of the Ancients take up your heritage as Lord Commander, Ruler of the Ancient Alteran People. Rule with Justice my son and may your enemies tremble in fear.”


Harry stood there and grimaced as he felt the glamour fall away from the circlet on his head and the circlet morph growing larger into a proper crown.


Bowing his head Harry let his voice carry on the waves of magic the orb was sending out. “Those you wish for a better life, and to be part of something greater, you will be welcomed in the new home we will build together.


You will be taught all the old ways, and will be able to hold your head high and proud knowing you are part of something special, part of a dream of a brighter future for you and your children.


If the dream of something better is one you truly wish, make your way to any of the many Wizarding schools or shopping centers and place your hand on the glowing pedestal you will find there, and you shall be transported to a wondrous place.


A place our ancestors once walked in pride and freedom. A place you and your children will learn things that will amaze you.”


Harry then turned to meet the eyes of those who dared to draw their wand on him. “Do not interfere with peoples right to choose to take up their heritage. If your dreams are dark and you revel in the subjugation of others do not attempt to gain access to the city. You would not like to see what would happen if you do.”


Then Harry once again drove fear home in the heart of the politicians sitting there as he slowly faded from sight as he shifted through the so called impenetrable wards of the ministry, to the hidden Longbottom estates to meet up with Neville and help shift the contents of the greenhouses up to the city.


Minerva met the eyes of her brother and fellow professors that had attended the session, and motioned with her head for them to leave. As she made here way quietly out of the room she thought to herself they had a lot of planning to do.




                                    T minus 4 months and 18 days


Harry sat in his chair on the new half platform at the arrival area waving at the occasional person who arrived when they recognized him.


“Blimey Harry you went and redecorated again.” Ron called out as he walked up the few steps to the new meeting area.


“Yes well we needed a place to put the support infrastructure for the new med bay, as some of the arrivals are coming in pretty badly off.” Harry told his friend.


Hearing the chuckling, and “sure you did Harry.” From a couple of people and the twins he added. “And maybe I finally relented and agreed to set this up, so I spend part of my day working here. Everyone keeps telling me the people arriving feel better being able to see me when they get here for some reason.” Harry mumbled.


Deciding to get on with things, Harry said as the others sat down in two semi circles across from him leaving his view of the arrival area open. “Lets get started shall we.”


“Molly would you like to go first?” Asked Harry.


Looking around and seeing no one else there from the medical department she sighed.. “Seeing as no one else is here yet.”


Molly told him, not falling for his innocent look. “Don’t give me that look, it didn’t work with the other seven so why in Merlin’s name do you think it will work for you.”


Un-phased and not looking guilty in the least Harry told her. “We have grown enough that we will need to have department heads to keep me informed with what is going on, but that does not mean we will not still be meeting, as I trust your opinions the most.”


Mollified for the moment Molly started. “So far about twenty five percent of the intakes have needed healer intervention. Though we are starting to notice a marked increase of those arriving from magical Britain needing serious healing.”


“We also are just keeping up with genetic re-sequencing of those with Alteran blood who can not access their magic.” She told him making an obvious effort over unfamiliar terms and avoiding the reference to muggles or squibs.


Looking down at the data pad and skimming through the notes that uploaded from Molly’s pad when she started to speak, Harry listened closely when Remus asked. “Is the problem not enough healers or there are not enough facilities able to do the re-sequencing?”


 Half listening to the answer as the conversation he was having internally with Aloria lead him to a solution Harry broke in. “What if we set aside med bay five over on Alpha Pylon for the re-sequencing procedure and staffed it minimally, with the help of Aloria that should clear up a lot of the congestion in the rest of the med bays, and still keep every one on schedule for their treatments.”


Hearing agreements from the rest Harry sent a thought to the remotes over on Alpha pylon to start the modifications. “Start Sending people over to med bay Alpha 5 on Sunday.”


Looking over towards, call me ‘Gran’ Neville’s formidable grandmother. ”Speaking of intakes how is that going?” Harry asked, tapping his data pad to download her report.


“Overall it is flowing smoothly. As I have repeatedly stated in the past those who see you when arriving seem to hold it as a personal boon when they see you are in the area, and even if you only make eye contact with them, they feel as if you are welcoming them personally.” Gran told them.


“Those coming up to the city seem to arrive with their most valuable possession shrunk down and about sixty percent of those we have sent a team out to shift their house into shifted storage for the trip.” Gran said as she noticed Harry start to glance through her report.


“If we could gain access to the Tome of Souls that Hogwarts uses we would be able to move very quickly with the plans to contact those not yet school age or may have missed the announcements about leaving to start a new world.” Then frowning Gran continued.


 “Over the last week though there has been a marked decrease in those arriving originating in the magical part of the British Isles. And until now I really had not put the two together, which leads a very disquieting picture when you do.” She finished.


“I want that situation watched real closely, and maybe a few people need to be sent out to check on it.” Harry told them all but pointedly looked at both the twins.


Seeing Harry look her way to see if she was finished she added, “I want to mention that so far we have been able to place all those with Alteran blood found in orphanages with a family, but soon I think we will have to set up our own orphanages as we start to expand our searches to the continent and over the pond.” Gran finished her report.


Seeing Molly in full mother mode Harry cut her off. “Call them Crèches and you and Molly and who ever you feel will be helpful set something up. Just remember Voldermort was born when young Tommie Riddle grew up unloved and abused in an orphanage.”


“Children are precious and should be loved. Make sure we can show them that.” Harry told them remembering his own childhood.


“Remus how goes the meetings with the Werewolf communities?” Harry asked his parents last living friend.


“Both good and bad Harry. Finding out why non-magical folks die instead of turning after getting bitten is because they have no Alteran blood in them has made it easier on the one hand. I would say ninety percent of those on the non-magic user side are flocking to be treated with seventy percent wanting to stay with us afterwards.” Remus started his report by saying.


“I hate to say it but for the other ten percent I think we consider forcing the treatment on them and doing like those that do not wish to stay, and Obliviate them. Those ten percent are the hard core sadists and reek of darkness.” Remus said softly but with conviction.


“I do not like the idea, not at all but can see your point. Work up a plan and a background check of those that refuse our help, so I can make an informed decision if you would please Remus.” Harry said then asked. “What of those afflicted in the magical users category?”


“Slowly, there has not been a lot of trust there due to the ministry and all, but I am working on it. It helps when they see some of the pack members coming back that are non-magic users cured and picking up their normal lives once again.” Remus replied.


“Good work let me know what you need to do to get the others to agree, even if it is to set up a temporary facility down planet.” Harry said turning and gesturing for Ron to start next.


Before Ron had a chance to start, Harry saw professor Vector arrive and bend down and then look at him.


Swaying slightly when she arrived Beatrice Vector took a look around her and noticed most of her fellow professors where down on the ground injured, and some were missing altogether having gotten separated from the rest in the flight from the shrieking shack.


Looking up she noticed a group of people on the raised platform having what looked like a meeting when her eyes stopped on Harry Potters face.


Harry, please we need help.” Beatrice yelled out as loud as she could.


Hearing the voice of one of Hogwarts professors, Molly and Augusta hurriedly stood up from their seats, and along with Neville hurried down the steps to the arrival area.


Griphook and Stone Crusher along with Remus and the rest of the Weasley’s jumped the railing and hurried over to the injured, starting first aid while moving the more seriously wounded by magic to the med bay set off to one side.


Shifting from his seated position directly in front of professor Vector Harry caught her as she swayed once again and started to fall.


Seeing Harry holding her Beatrice gasped out before falling unconscious. “Minerva and Filius got separated as we made a run for the pedestal in Hogsmeade. Please find th…”


Handing professor vector over to one of the healer trainees, Harry called Ron and the twins over to set up search and rescue operations when Aloria told him through their link ‘Harry behind you.’


Turning quickly Harry noticed a broken and bleeding professor Flitwick attempting to get up and the still form of his old head of house.


Running over to her side, Harry quickly froze her body with his will and shifted them both to the main med bay.


Quickly glancing around Harry walked swiftly to the one open exam beds and gently lowered Minerva onto it.


With the diagnostic readouts activating automatically when she hit the bed, Harry noticed he was running out of time.


Removing the large dusty old book she was clutching to her chest fiercely, Harry handed it over to Remus who just ran into the room.

  Seeing he did not have a lot of time Harry started the stasis sequence and firmly said. “Eiloloari” and let out a breath of relief when he heard the computerized voice say “Stasis cycle initiated….Stasis cycle complete”  

Rubbing his face with his hands, Harry set out activating control after control, which started the holographic displays letting him get a good look at the damage done.


Remus seeing the other healers busy moved to be opposite of Harry. “What do I do?”


Typing commands in rapidly to set up an energy neutralization field to remove any still working spells Harry never once looking over towards Remus. “Go over to the wall unit behind me, the one with the wire bin under it and bring all those potion vials over here.”


Telling Aloria to dispense ten energy replacer’s, a Gamma re-growth, a pain and two regeneration potions to the dispenser Remus was at, Harry finished his scan and was slightly worried about the darker gray area around Minerva’s frontal lobe indicative of slight hypoxia.


Remus now back with the lot asked. “What now?”


Pulling an injection collar from the drawer of the table Harry once again explained how it worked and where it would be placed.


“The white and purple vials go to me the rest you can put on the tray next to you, and I will tell you in what order to administer them in.”


After handing Harry the three vials he asked for, Remus was about to ask what tray, when it slid out of the table next to him.


Raising his eyebrows in surprise Remus did not say anything, but did set the vials down and waited for the next order.


Somewhat prepared Harry Looked up at Remus and pointed to one of the monitor screens. “See the column marked ELR Remus?”


Nodding his head Remus told Harry. “Yes I do”


“You can do this Remus juts relax.” Harry told the older man seeing he was wound tight and stiff in fright.


“As you can see the number is thirty two. What you need to do is slot in a blue vial as soon as the stasis field goes down and every time the number falls back to forty slot another vial in. If it goes over seventy five hold off.” Harry explained what he needed Remus to do.


“Ok I can do that. What about the red one?” Remus asked as he grabbed up on of the blue vials.


“Hopefully we will not need the pain potion by placing her in a deep coma with the soma unit, but just in case we need it.” Harry left off as he set up the parameters of the treatment field that would come after the energy neutralization field.


“Ready Remus?’ Harry asked, as he looked the marauder in the eyes.


Holding up the vial he was holding Remus replied. “As I ever will be.”


Harry started to glow slightly as he linked himself to the med bay systems.


“Stasis field deactivating. “ The computerized voice told them.


A yellow field snapped into existence as the voice told them. “Neutralization field active.”


Harry quickly ripped Minerva’s robe collar away from her neck and placed the injection collar against her neck and fastened it down.


“Now Remus.” Harry ordered as his hands flew across the holographic keyboard.


“Foreign energy neutralized.” The voice told them.


Giving another mental command to initiate the treatment field, Harry picked up the Gamma re-growth and seated the vial home.


“Merlin that’s the third vial and the her level is not going over forty five before dropping fast.” Remus exclaimed as he inserted the fourth vial.


Glancing at the monitor on Remus’s side, Harry shifted the treatment field until it was a bright blue matching the color of the energy vials.


Bollocks Harry thought, he needed to get her energy levels above fifty before he could use the regeneration serum. If it was not for the fact her brain was slightly hypoxic he would have held off on the gamma re-growth, but he needed to get the lungs working fast.


Adjusting the filed so only Minerva’s mouth and the injection collar was still exposed, Harry displayed the holographic projection of her internal systems and noted that the red areas were starting to mute somewhat as the re-growth started to kick in.


Changing the display mentally, Harry examined the holographic display of Minerva’s core.


Seeing no damage there Harry watched it fill slightly as Remus injected another vial. Deciding that this was not working like it needed to, Harry kicked the side of the table which opened a deep drawer, and levitated an elaborate contraption out of the drawer.


“Harry I am down to four vials.” Remus frantically told him never able to get the level above fifty.


Out of the corner of his eye Harry noticed he was gathering a crowd.


Griphook walked past Harry towards the potion dispenser. “Aloria another five vials of what Remus is running out of please.”


Able to concentrate fully now that Griphook could run errands for them, Harry attached one end of the energy feed to the injection port closest to him and then summoned a cart with a portable energy generator to the head of the table.


Seeing a cart rapidly approach from behind Harry, Griphook yelled out. “Incoming, clear the way on Harry’s side.” Causing those encroaching for a better look to move quickly to the other side of the bed.


Attaching the other end of the tubes and wires to the portable generator; Harry attached a couple of leads to the table from the generator.


Activating the machine Harry sighed in relief when he watched Minerva’s core start to fill up fast and maintain a little past the half way point.


“Whoa it just jumped to sixty.” Remus said in excitement as he removed vial eleven.


Taking a deep breath in relief Harry picked up one of the vials of regeneration serum and handed it over to Remus. “This one next Remus.”


Griphook seeing that Harry was sweaty from the fast movements and adjustments he was making to the holographic instruments walked back over to the dispenser “Aloria I think Harry could use a pepper up if you would.”


Picking up the black and white stripped vial Griphook inserted it into an injector he picked up from the shelf and walked over towards Harry.


‘Have I missed anything Aloria?’ Harry asked through their link, hearing a negative Harry continued to work on


Griphook by this time had dragged over a tall stool and climbed up the side and was standing on the seat. He reached over and gently jabbed the injector against Harry’s neck and held it there while the hiss told him it was delivering its contents.


Jumping slightly as Harry heard the hiss and felt something touch his neck never the less started to feel revived. “Thanks Griphook.” Harry said after turning his head and seeing who had jabbed him.


Seeing the slight twitching her muscles had started doing, indicating pain even though she was deep in a coma. “Remus the red one now.” Harry said as he adjusted a control to give him a view of both her core and internal systems.


By now the rest of the Hogwarts professors had shown up and were quietly watching from the center of the room.


Agatha Christenson finished with her patients walked over to where Remus was stationed and tapped him on the shoulder. “I have it now, thanks.”


Remus seeing someone in white with the red stripe of a healer across the breast quickly gave up his place. “Thank Merlin you’re here.”


Activating the holographic control panel on her side, Agatha started to study the display and zoomed in on the internal organs checking on the rate of cellular regeneration.


Checking out the ELS and seeing it was hovering around sixty one she tapped in a command to check the half life of the regeneration potion she read was administered half an hour before.


Seeing that the concentration was down to thirty percent and that regeneration had slowed Agatha asked. “Lord Commander do you have a second dose of the regeneration serum ready.”


Reaching over and grabbing the vial without looking, Harry handed it over while tracing a listing of the various curses that had been recorded as they were removed.


“They meant her to die painfully.” Harry whispered out loud in anger.


Seeing the healer white across from him Harry started to disengage himself from the link, but stopped short of totally letting it go when he saw only the red stripe on her breast, instead of the double red and purple strip of a fully trained Alteran healer.


Stepping back Harry let most of the monitoring and treatment duties fall to the healer who had replaced Remus and spent his time monitoring Minerva’s core.


Injecting the regeneration serum Agatha noticed the ELS levels start to fluctuate severely between fifty eight and sixty one.


“ELS levels jumping erratically.” Agatha said out loud.


Looking down at the monitor Harry motioned. “Go ahead and inject another energy potion.”


Vanishing and replacing Minerva’s clothing now that she was out of danger, Harry sent a few cleaning charms her way as Poppy Pomfrey finally joined the group and walked over to stand near Harry.


“Harry?”” Poppy asked confused with all the equipment and the glowing display around her long time friend.


“She’s out of danger, not one hundred percent, but at least she is no longer dying. She was hit by a lot of curses designed to kill her in the most painful manner possible. So far we have managed to heal most of her internal organs, and cellular regeneration is well under way.” Harry told her pointing out the light pink organs that were starting to turn gray in the display.


“We have her in an induced coma to help us heal her quicker, and there does not seem to be any brain damage, and once we get her core stabilized we can relax and let her heal the rest of the way on her own.” Harry said as he made another adjustment to the controls for the scanner, increasing the magnification of her core.


Satisfied that there were no micro tears and that she was really that drained, Harry let the scanner go back to normal magnification.


Itching to get her wand out and start checking for herself, but knowing it was not a good idea to interfere in another healers work, Poppy stood by and fretted helplessly as her friend lay there so still.


Seeing the woman Harry was talking to jumping slightly in fright as she shut down most of the screens and monitors Agatha told her. “This is a good thing, we don’t need these emergency monitors up any more as your friend is doing a lot better.”


“Thank you, Healer?” Poppy asked.


Agatha introduced herself.  “Christenson, Agatha Christenson. Pleased to meet you Poppy.”


Lowering the setting on the energy generator Harry watched closely the ELS level, ready to kick the machine in higher gear if it started to fall drastically.


Seeing the ELS only drop to sixty five Harry stepped back the energy generator so that output was only ten percent.


Waiting a few minutes Harry relaxed when the level only dropped to sixty.


Turning off the generator entirely. “Agatha would you administer another energy potion.” Harry asked as he started to remove all the wires and connections from the generator.


Stepping back and stretching to get the kinks out of his neck, Harry was satisfied to see the ELS levels back up to sixty nine. While far below what he would like them to be, never the less he was pleased knowing his favorite Headmistress was now out of danger barring complications.


Tapping a few commands in the keyboard Harry severed the link with the med bay saying. “The patient is your healer Christenson.”


“I have the patient now Lord Commander, thank you for your help today.” Agatha said as she motioned Poppy to come help her finish cleaning up the woman.


Moving away from the exam table, Harry walked over to the waiting Hogwarts Professors along with his advisory staff minus the twin terrors and picked up the large dusty book titled SOULS from cart where Remus had left it. “Lets give the healers some room to clean Minerva up and get her situated.”


Harry moved to the door. “If you all would follow me we can go to my office where someone can explain what the BLOODY HELL is going on.”


Not looking to see if they were following him Harry walked out of the med bay and down the hall towards the Embarkation level, and the stairs leading up to his office.


‘Harry I don’t think some of these people can make the climb up three sets of stairs. Most of them are ready to fall over even after the healers released them’ Aloria said through their link.


Looking over his shoulder to see what she was talking about Harry noticed how exhausted most of the professors looked added to it several of them were limping.


Sighing, Harry told her. ‘Your right we will use the platform for this meeting, can you send up a few extra chairs.’


Entering the command area through the embarkation level, Harry bypassed the stairs and continued on down towards the arrival area and the platform they all had met at few short hours ago.


Seeing this Remus looked up to see extra chairs set on Harry’s side of the table and smiled knowing how much the tired teachers would appreciate not having to climb all those stairs.


Sitting down Harry was amused to see that The Hogwarts staff ended up on the other side of the table, while those he considered advisors sat on his side.


“I know you all are tired and want nothing more to do than go clean up and sleep, but I really do need to know what happened.” Harry told them softly.


Looking amongst themselves for a moment all eyes ended up on professor Flitwick since the headmistress was not there.


Sighing Filius leaned forward and asked. “Harry what do you know about what is happening in the Wizarding world right now?”


Leaning back Harry thought for a moment. “Nothing really.”


Waving his hand to encompass those to either side of him. “We have been rather busy the past month and it’s just now that things have become under control enough that we can start looking past the here and now.” Harry told him.


“Minerva and I were afraid of something like that.” Filius said.


“While some of the others have taken your words to mean you have left for good and will not set foot back on British soil, thousands are fleeing to hidden camps hoping that when you return you will be leading the rescue missions to save them.” Madam Hooch said tearfully.


Harry not sure how to respond to that little tidbit, shook his head as Aloria told him. ‘Hear them out maybe this time there is a real good reason why they hope for rescue.’


Motioning for the diminutive professor to continue, Harry decided to with hold judgment for now.


“I suppose it all started about two weeks ago, that is when the Wizengamot, what was left of it any way formed a new ministry. The people rejoiced thinking that finally they were going to get a government that would put them first. And maybe they would have the time to stop and find out more about your offer.


Then over the weekend the Wizengamot members who had not taken positions in the new ministry disappeared. And their chamber was sealed, its like they were never there to begin with.


Minerva did not like the way things seemed to be going, so she and a few of the rest of us prepared to abandon Hogwarts.


We packed up the Library, and the offices and moved it all to the shrieking shack and placed in under a modified Fidelius that has two secret keepers, each having half the secret.


During that time we also constructed a secret tunnel that led out to Hogsmeade and trapped it so that after our escape it would collapse.” Filius told the captivated audience.


Sighing he looked down “It would seem that Minerva’s paranoia and urge to get done with her plans as quick as possible was an omen.”


Looking up now, tears trailing down his face Filius finished. “Three days ago we heard that the ministry building in London disappeared, and as we gathered in the headmistress’s office we notice that a ministry force was marching on the gates of Hogwarts, and fled just in time.”


Harry turned to the almost hysterical snort coming from Professor Sprout. “Like we could have missed them in their all silver robes.”


Harry knew he was only getting a partial picture of what had happened, but what he heard he knew he did not like one bit.


Before he had a chance to say anything Fred and George appeared in the arrival area carrying a cloth wrapped bundle with a pulsing crystal poking out one end.


Rapidly running up around and up the steps Fred placed the wrapped parcel down in front of Harry.


As soon as Fred placed it down George was unwrapping the parcel to reveal a pulsing crystal the size of a number three cauldron.


As a sign of how serious the matter was, the twins did not proceed with their normal twin speak routine.


“After seeing all the profs show up beat to bloody hell and back, we decided a quick look see was in order.” Fred said.


“After ducking the fifth patrol in an hour we made or way to Honeydukes, and after picking our way through the debris we made our way to where the basement steps used to be and took turns levitating ourselves down, so we could take the secret passage into Hogwarts.” George told them.


“When we got to the end instead of steps leading up to the hump backed witch, we found stairs leading down several levels to another tunnel, which opened to a circular room that had this on a pedestal.” Fred said as he pointed to the crystal laying in front of Harry.


“Feeling a pull to take the crystal and run, we figured something wanted us to take this out of there, and wrapped it up and turned to leave.” George told them looking very down as his brother finished.


“The thing is when we turned we saw this mirror that showed off the inside of the castle and most of it looked dead, felt that way too.” Fred finished.


“The question is what is it?” Molly asked as she flicked her finger at the pulsing crystal.


“In all my years at Hogwarts I have never seen or heard of such a thing.” Filius replied as he stared at eh pulsing crystal.


Intrigued at the strange curiosity the crystal represented, Harry reached out and laid his hand on it.


Feeling a flash of joy come from the crystal, Harry received a blend of rapid fire emotions interweaved with images ending in such a strong feeling of hope and yearning.


“This is Hogwarts soul.” Harry whispered in awe.


“Merlin’s beard.” Exclaimed Filius Flitwick.


“How is such a thing possible?” Asked Professor Sprout.


“I knew Hogwarts was alive, but for this…” Madam Hooch whispered.


“She has been so alone for so long.” Harry whispered.


Looking up he met Flitwick’s gaze. “Ever since she cut the connection with Dumbledore in my first year, when he refused to answer her warnings of students in danger.” Harry said in shock.


Standing up Harry carefully wrapped Hogwarts soul back up. “Excuse me for a moment.” As he shifted out of the room, carrying the precious cargo.


All the surprised questions being fired off stopped when Harry shifted back in the room.


Sitting back down in his chair he looked back at every one looking at him. “What?” Harry questioned.


“Harry dear where did you take Hogwarts?” Molly was the only one brave enough to ask.


Smirking at eh others expression, Harry replied safely diverting further questioning. “The safest place in the city, and Aloria is going to build her a new housing and interface so she will have a voice also. That way she and Aloria can plan out how she wishes the new school to be built, seeing it is going to be her new body, I think she should have some say in the matter Don’t you?”


Getting serious once more Harry looked over the tired and exhausted professors. “Now what to do with you lot.”


Pulling her data pad over in front of her, Gran Longbottom scrolled through a few of the pages listing open quarters before saying. “What if we place them temporarily near the classrooms in the staff quarters?”


Smiling Harry told her. “Sounds good to me.”


“I am sure you would all like a chance for a hot shower, and maybe a chance to lie down and relax, so I am going to leave you in Gran’s capable hands. She will show you how to get to the dining hall and anything else that you will need. Harry told them standing up as they left.


Sitting back down with his thoughts Harry did not notice the brief flash accompanied by the arrival of someone new down in the arrival area.


Jack whistled in appreciation as he reappeared in the multi level arrival room. Being told he would appear in some high tech city in some hidden place he expected a dingy dark place.


Seeing a good looking young man sitting up on some type of half height platform, with his eyes closed in thought, rubbing his temples, Jack picked up his duffel from where he dropped it and walked along the wall to the edge and seeing the five steps leading up climbed them.


Stopping in front of the eye candy Jack took a moment to scope the other out before. “Hey there, can you give me some directions. I need to deliver something to the guy in charge around here.”


Having already sensed the presence on the other side of the table Harry assumed it was someone he knew, giving him a moment to himself before bringing some new catastrophe to his attention.


Harry’s eyes flew open when the unrecognized voice asked to take him to his leader.


Seeing the young teenager standing in front of him clothed in a sports jacket and baseball cap Harry asked. ”Who are you and what do you mean you deliver something?”


Jack extended his hand across the table in friendship. “O’Neill, Jack O’Neill.”


Harry just stared at the youth across from him thinking what the bloody hell.


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Chapter Text


Jack was starting to feel a little self conscious, as he stood there hand extended and being stared at. Slowly he pulled his hand back and let it drop to his side.


Sighing Harry wondered what else could go wrong today.


“Have a seat Jack.” Harry told the teen pointing to the chair across from him as he asked Aloria to scan the young man for any possible time delayed spells.


Paranoid much Harry told himself. “Sorry Jack it has been a long morning and the day just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. By the way I’m Harry.”


“That’s ok I completely understand, nice to meet you Harry.” A relieved Jack O’Neill told him.


‘He’s clean Harry, not a drop of any magical artifacts on him, though he is highly magical, but for his age it is almost unheard of that he has barely any control. It is almost like he is untrained. And he has had his memory modified quite a bit. Not so much to give him new memories, but more to erase the details of his memories. Badly done too.’ Aloria told him through the link


“Would you like something to eat or drink Jack?” Harry asked as he went over Aloria’s comments in his mind.


Aloria preempting any answer levitated over a tray with tea and sandwiches to the table, from the newly installed TS at the arrival med bay, deciding Harry needed to eat something as it was almost lunch time.


Jack waving his hand around the tray, looking for any hidden wires or any means of support muttered. “Thanks.”


Well that answers that question Harry thought to himself watching the teen feeling for some hidden support besides magic on the tray.


Offering to pour the teen some tea at the same time as his, he nodded his head at the non verbal no thanks from the other and sat back with his tea and a couple of scones and watched the teen tear into the sandwiches.


Finishing his scone and his study of the teen across form him, noticing everything from his American accent to the style of his clothes, Harry’s senses told him that no matter what he looked like, he was the age of a toddler which made no sense what’s so ever.


Seeing the other was almost finished and had put down his glass of milk Harry said. “So Jack, you said you have something to deliver?”


Pulling an envelope out of his inner jacket pocket Jack held it in his hand as he said. “The funny thing is a few days ago this man came over to my school and pulled me out of class. Said he was from the government and due to my special circumstances he needed me to deliver this letter for them.


He told me that the place I would be going would be a city of ancient wonder. It was how he said ancient that got my interest.


He told me there was a shadow world hidden within the everyday world, and I had the gifts to be part of it. Though the only way I would truly fit in would be acquire tutors, as most learned to harness their talents as young children, and I would be starting later than most.”


“So you just packed a bag and left everything behind just like that.” Harry asked surprised.


Sighing Jack slumped in his seat. “Nothing worked the way I thought it would in the beginning.”


Jack looked Harry squarely in the eyes. “You ever think you have everything planned out and can make it work, only to have the whole thing come crashing down and nothing is how you wanted it to be?”


Chuckling Harry answered. “Oh hell yes, seems to be the story on my life. All I wanted when I was younger was to be normal.”


Smiling, feeling a kindred spirit in the cute guy across from him, Jack remembered the strange words from the government agent telling him the he was no longer bound by the statute of secrecy, as the place he was going would not find is tale outlandish and they would welcome him with open arms.


That was the real reason he jumped on the chance Jack explained. “I may look seventeen but technically I suppose I am only a couple of years old.”


Seeing the look of surprise on the others face he continued quickly. “My older self was kidnapped by this mad alien bent on finding the key to his races survival. Seems he had been visiting earth for several decades and kidnapping people, and taking samples from them.”


Grimacing Jack said. “He must have thought I was special as he cloned the older me and sent the clone back to earth in his place, so he had time to properly study the older Jack. Like all mad scientists he had tunnel vision and overlooked the small details.”


Jack snorted. “ Like not making sure the clone was the same age as the original. I suppose.”


Not seeing a look like the men in white suits would show up shortly Jack went on with his explanation. “There I was, or the older me was. I had gone to bed the night before and the next morning woke up looking like this.”


Again with the grimace. “Well a little shorter that is. But the point being that instead of being a forty something Air Force officer I was in the body of a snot nosed kid. After convincing my superiors of the fact I was who I said I was, we contacted some allies who happened to be of the same race as the criminal scientist. “


Jack got a far away look in his eyes as he stared over Harry’s shoulder. “Seems this scientist was not so great after all. He had gotten sloppy and the younger version, me, was dying, due to my DNA being unstable.


Well after capturing the mad scientist, the older me gave the go ahead to let me be healed instead of just letting me die, and after the damage was fixed set me up with a new life.


Lets just say after that things did not go as planned, and I had to sit down with Thor and ask him to do some more work on me and get rid of some of the older versions memories in my head.”


Harry shook his head. It seemed the teen’s life was as twisted as his in a way.


“So this official takes you aside and offers you a new life for playing post owl, without telling you anything about the new world you are getting involved in or even how or why it works.” Harry said exasperated with the American ministry.


“Sounds about right.”  Jack told him then asked. “What’s a post owl?”


Might as well see what the idiots want, thought Harry. “Can I see the letter they sent please? I think you deserve some explanations, but lets deal with one thing at a time as I have a feeling it is going to take quite a bit of explanations on our end.”


Seeing no harm and thinking this guy was at least in charge of this area, being behind the conference table and all Jack slid the envelope across the table.


Harry willed the letter to levitate in front of him as he opened his senses fully and scanned for any hidden magical signatures.


“Whoa Nellie.” Jack said in awe at the letter taking off and floating all by itself.


Thinking now was as good a time as any to start  Jack’s introduction to his new world Harry explained. “There are those born who have the ability to manipulate energy and matter with a thought. They called it Magic for the lack of a better word. For the longest time the community of magic users lived side by side with those who could not use magic.


Then times changed and fear of the unknown and I think envy played a part in it, those who could do magic started to be persecuted, so they took their community and hid it from the rest of the world.


What allows us to do these amazing things is nothing more than genetics, nothing mystical or involving human sacrifices.” Harry told him with some levity trying to ease the shock.


“Damn you mean no virgins get un-virgined.” Jack said as he smiled in disappointment.


Laughing at Jacks sense of humor. “Afraid not.” Harry said to the others look of disappointment.


“What I am doing is called levitation, I am willing energy to surround the envelope and raise it up off the table. Simple really once you get the hang of it.” Harry told him, reaching out and plucking the envelope from its spot in front of him having detected no magical signatures.


Opening the envelope Harry smiled as he told him. “You have the same Alteran DNA that is needed to have the ability to do magic for a lack of a shorter word.”


“Cool.” Jack said, as he was distracted by movement from out of the corner of his eye.


While Harry was reading the letter Jack noticed several people had appeared in the same area he did, and these people looked like refugees.


About to say something Jack noticed a group of people dressed in white hurry out and start to treat the injured people.


Seeing they had things well in hand he let his eyes roam around to what was in the direction he had not looked while heading for the steps and froze.


“Six…Six gates, how the hell do they do that.” Jack whispered.


Having finished the letter, Harry had laid it down and watched the teen in some amusement. He was such a contradiction, and he wondered how soon before the Weasley’s adopted him.


Jack was brought back to reality hearing Harry speak behind him.


“Aloria contact everyone for an emergency meeting, make sure Griphook asks Stone Crusher to attend if he is around.” Harry said out loud decision made on how he planned to proceed.


“Right away Lord Commander. “Aloria’s voice echoed around the room.


‘Smart ass’ Harry sent back through their link.


“Jack we have a few minutes before everyone arrives, and seeing that you have already had contact with aliens this will not be as hard for you to believe.“ Harry told him gaining the teens attention.


Picking up the letter Harry stood. “Follow me I want to show you something you are going to love.”


Picking up his duffel Jack followed Harry away from the platform and soon a set of stairs going up appeared.


Climbing the stairs behind Harry, Jack thought to himself, god what a cute ass.


Climbing the third set of stairs Jack thought, damn haven’t these people heard of elevators.


Linking briefly with the city he told it to lower the blast shields in the section in front of his station.


Coming up behind Harry, Jack passed the only chair on the whole balcony and walked to the edge where Harry was standing, and for the second time that day he froze in shock.


They were in orbit, his mind kept screaming at him, as he stood there and took in the view of this huge city, and at the edge the sight of the Earth hanging there.


Looking at the look of pure rapture on Jacks face Harry moved back to his command chair and sat down giving the teen some time to take in the view, while waiting for the others to arrive Harry studied the teen standing in front of him.


Jack had taken a chance that paid off in a big way and he was glad that he followed his instincts. Thinking the older version of himself would understand, and hoping he would not worry to much Jack turned away from the view of his past to face his future.


And almost fell off of the balcony when he came face to face with the 2 short aliens standing near Harry.


“Definitely not Asgard.” Jack said the first thing on his mind.


Jack was a little uncomfortable as Harry and the strange aliens looked back and forth between each other ending with staring at him.


“On my right is Stone Crusher and on the left is Griphook, they belong to a race called the Furlings.” Harry told him thinking it best to introduce his companions.


“Cool, met the Asgard nice people, really fixed me up. And older me met the Nox, so all I need to do is meet an ancient and I will have completed the set.” Jack said stopping when he noticed the two he was introduced to pointing at Harry.


“No way. “ Jack whispered.


Seeing Harry nod his head Jack slid down the railing to the floor holding his head muttering. “But if I can do what he can that means I…”


By this time the rest of the group had arrived and Molly seeing the distraught youth on the floor asked. “Is everything all right, should I send for the healers?”


“Was it the sight of the Goblins that did it for the poor boy?” Molly asked in concern, as she approached the teen.


“No it was the knowledge of the Lord Commanders heritage that did it, he was fine till then.” Griphook answered.


“Oh you poor dear.” Molly said kneeling next to the teen and pulling him into one of her patented Molly hugs.


Motioning for the rest to go into his conference room as he got up. “Molly if you would take Jack to my quarters for now, and stay with him if you would, I will be there as soon as I can.”


Leaving Jack in Molly’s capable hands Harry walked in saying. “Jack brought some interesting news that along with the revelations from this morning. I think we might have to intervene before magic users in the British Isles become a thing of the past.”


 “What news did the young man bring with him Harry?” Bill asked.


Sitting down at the head of the table Harry replied “A letter from the International Confederation of Wizards requesting a meeting, between the whole council and me, about the crisis in Britain. They also mentioned they would abide with whatever location I chose and any security arrangements that I felt necessary.”


“They are worried. Whatever is happening must be scaring them greatly for them to offer this concession on location of your choosing.” Gran Longbottom said.


“The question is do you accept and if so where to hold it?” Remus spoke up as he entered the room and taking his seat.


“With what we heard this morning can we not. If we ignore the problem it would become a race to track down those not immersed in the magical world from birth to offer them something better.” Bill said.


Gran shook her head. “Some of those old reactionaries, I would not trust them not to do something underhanded if given the opportunity and they were allowed in the city. Everything to them is a game of power and one up-manship.”


“So we meet them somewhere we can control on Earth then.” Remus threw out.


“Backed by a squadron of cloaked combat shuttles.” Ron spat out not liking the fact that Harry might be put in danger.


“Might I suggest we use the large meeting hall in the Italian Gringotts branch. It should be large enough to hold the delegates, and enough guards in cloaked combat suits to ensure your safety.” Stone Crusher said.


“How many members are there to this council?” Asked Harry.


“If everyone shows up sixty eight. Three times that many hangers on and staff.” Gran told him.


“You know they will all show up, even if its just to get a chance dig up information about Harry’s plans, and the location of the city.” Neville said.


“So, Stone Crusher if we use the hall how long it would it take to get it ready with the understanding that only the delegates themselves can enter?” Harry asked.


Thinking for a moment Stone Crusher replied. “We could be ready as soon as tomorrow night.”


Thinking about it for a moment Harry told them “Plan for early Saturday morning then. That will give us a few extra hours to quietly set up additional surprises in case this is all a ruse.”


Looking over at the twins who had been sitting there expressionless Harry said. “You two have been awfully quiet about this.”


Fred and George traded looks with each other, before Fred nodded his head towards George.


George pulling a data pad from his thigh pocket and slid it across the table towards Harry.


Picking up the data pad Harry glanced at Ron and Bill, and noticed the worry in their eyes when they looked at their brothers. What in Merlin’s name happened down at Hogwarts he wondered.


Activating the pad Harry looked down and read the proposal the twins had come up.


Reading the shear brilliance and if somewhat disturbing underling viciousness of the plan, Harry leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to talk it over with Aloria.


‘It goes without saying that the part about using remotes for anything other than the retrieval of the stored items in the shrieking shack is not going to happen’ Harry thought.


‘Yes the mistake was made once before, and it became an unstoppable plague destroying all in its path’ Aloria thought back.


‘But the rest?’ asked Harry.


‘Tempered down several notches it might be the best way Aloria replied slowly.


“Harry, what’s on that pad, judging by your face it must not be to pleasant.” Remus asked afraid of the answer.


“Those two came up with a plan for the invasion and domination of Britain. The scary thing is it might just work to.” Harry said.


Asking Aloria to prepare a show for everyone through their links Harry transfixed the twins with his glare.


“This shows some research was put into it, so I am sure you saw the section on remotes that expressly forbids what you propose.” Harry asked them sternly.


“Yes, but if…” Fred started.


Harry slammed his hand on the table yelling with some venom. “ENOUGH”


“Everyone access your link, Aloria has something to show you.” Harry said in a tone that demanded compliance, magic glowing and swirling around him in his anger.


Everyone did as he demanded and the twins paled as the watched the massacres of entire races, from out of control remotes.


When everyone came out of the link, even the Goblins were pale and shaky.


Gratefully no one got sick, though several looked like they wished they were.


The ancients did not make it forbidden, I DID. It would pain me to do it but I will personally EXECUTE anyone who breaks this edict, brother of the heart or not.” Harry said gathering his shaky control.


Eyes never leaving the pale faces of the twins, Harry said quietly “The rest of it has a lot of merit. The remotes can indeed ignore the Fidelius and retrieve everything stored in the Shrieking Shack.”


Throwing the data pad to the middle of the table Harry stood “The rest of you if you would, please work on this with the idea of emptying the shack on Saturday While I am meeting with the council, and kicking off whatever final plan is decided on, on Monday.”


Pointing his finger at the twins. “You two with me NOW.” Harry said, walking out of the room without looking back.


Fred and George still not regaining any color walked out after Harry heads bowed.




Once past the doorway Harry twirled around and grabbed both the twins by their arms and shifted them to a hidden park he used when he needed solitude.


Once they re-appeared Harry let go of their arms, and the twins fell to the grassy floor.


Staring intently at the two “Ever since you came back this morning from Hogwarts you have been different. Colder, Harsher and the fun loving twin bundle of pranking fiends seem to be dead. So what I want to know is, what happened?” Harry asked.


Fred and George looked at each other as tears ran from their eyes as they held each other up.


“Harry if you could have felt it, it was terrible. Being in Hogwarts and not feeling any magic in the whole place.” Fred said.


“The feeling of deadness and the need to get revenge is still so strong it is almost unbearable.” George told him.


“We thought that with the Dark Lord dead, that things would get better, but hardly any time went by and a new darkness took his place.” Fred told him as he started to shake in grief.


Quickly kneeling down next to the twins, Harry grabbed them up in a fierce hug.


“Were sorry Harry.” Fred and George whispered as they held on for dear life.


“Whatever for?” Harry hugged them back.


“Were not strong enough.” Fred whispered.


“Don’t think we can handle much more.” George muttered almost to soft to hear.


“Please put us in stasis” George begged.


“Please Harry before we break for good.” Fred begged grabbing onto Harry desperately.


‘Aloria get the hibernation units powered up.’ Harry said through his link with sorrow in his thoughts at seeing the twins in the process of breaking down.


Leaning over Harry kissed Fred then George on their foreheads, using his magic to put them to sleep as his lips touched their heads.


Wiping the mist from his eyes with his sleeve, Harry once again made sure he had grabbed both the twins arms, and shifted all three of them to a hidden chamber in his tower.


Levitating George, Harry quickly stripped him down and cleaned the dirt of the young mans face before laying him down in the hibernation tube, and then turned to do the same to Fred and laid him in the tube right next to his brother.


Tapping several commands into the monitors above each tube, Harry was rewarded with the monitors coming to life and the system stating the bio link was now active.


Laying one last caress on each of their heads, Harry mentally activated the units and watched as the clamshell lids closed and sealed, and the units hummed with power.


Making sure all the systems were working properly, Harry shifted to his quarters to tell Molly what had happened.


After entering his office, Harry took a few calming breaths; before deciding on the best method to use in approaching Molly with the news.


Walking into the living room, the first thing Harry noticed was the smell of fresh baked bread and what smelled like stew coming from the kitchen.


Seeing no one around Harry made his way over to the kitchen.


Walking around the corner and into the next hallway Harry soon found Jack and Molly sitting at the counter eating.


“Smells wonderful Molly.” Harry told her as he walked up to the kitchen counter.


“Harry dear, finished already?” Molly asked looking over Jacks shoulder at the young man who just walked in.


“Not quite Molly.” Harry told her not meeting her eyes, least she see the concern radiating there.


Turning his attention to his other guest, Harry asked. “Doing better now Jack?”


Swallowing his mouthful of stew, Jack replied. “Yes.”


Then blushing he added. “Would you like some stew I can dish it up for you?”


Smiling at the blushing and enthusiastic teen, Harry told him. “Not right now Jack, I just popped in to steal Molly for a bit.”


Harry then told him. “I should be back in a half hour or so. So leave me some, I will eat when I get back.”


Turning back to his food Jack waved his hand and tried to get control of these powerful new feelings that were coursing through him.


Motioning for Molly to join him, Harry noticed the look of concern that crossed her face as soon as she was out of sight of the teen.


“Harry? What happened?” Molly whispered in fear, as she and the boy she longed to call hers left the room.


Seeing Molly looked ready to panic, Harry did something he had never done before and pulled Molly into a hug, initiating it first.


“Its ok Molly, no one is physically hurt. Fred and George have had an episode, and I need to collect you, Bill, Charlie and Ron and take you to them to explain and so you can see for your selves they are fine.” Harry told her softly.


Seeing Jack’s head peaking around the corner, Harry mouthed ‘bad news’ before releasing the hug.


Nodding his head, Jack’s head disappeared back around the corner, more than likely to go back to finish eating.


Wiping her eyes in relief Molly softly scolded. “Those two, I swear how they’ve not blown themselves up yet, I don’t know.”


Harry gently smiled. “Lets go collect the other two shall we.”


Shifting back to the conference room Harry noticed that for the most part the meeting had ended.


Seeing a blur out of the corner of his eye, Remus looked up to Harry and Molly appear.


“Ah, Harry just in time. The plans the twins came up with just needed a little fine tuning before they were good to go.” Remus told him, then he noticed Harry had returned without the twins and with Molly.


“Great, sounds like everything is under control then. We can catch up with the details tomorrow sometime. “ Harry told them as his eyes never left Ron’s, Charlie’s and Bill’s.


Nervously looking around Neville decided to break the growing silence, before some one asked a stupid question, setting off emotional turmoil. “Sure thing Harry, sometime after lunch then.”


Bill was starting to get really worried, he was beginning to wonder if he was about to be told he was short two more brothers.


Nodding his head. “Thanks Neville, sounds like a good idea.” Harry told him.


“Ron, Bill, Charlie if you two will come with us, we need to take you to the twins.” Harry said quietly.


Seeing Harry give out a tired looking smile Ron relaxed for a moment, thinking it could not be all that bad if Harry was able to at least smile a little.


Walking around the table he joined his mum and brothers and placed his hand on Harry’s arm.


After Harry shifted them out of the command area to some weird looking med bay Ron commented. “I can’t wait till I have control over my magic so I can do that, so much better than Apparating let me tell you.”


Noticing they were in a med bay she had never seen before Molly asked. “Harry were are we, I thought I had been in every med bay in the city?”


Bill and Ron looked around and Charlie stared at Harry, when they heard their mum ask the question about where they were, they noticed that for the most part it did seem to resemble a med bay, but there were enough differences that they were not sure where they were.


“This is a private facility several levels below my rooms. This med bay is different, it needs no attendants for the sick or injured, Aloria controls everything here.” Harry explained.


“There are also facilities here that you will not find in any other part of the city, like the hibernation chambers.” Harry told them.


“Before the ancients perfected stasis technology they used hibernation chambers. They worked great for long voyages where that a long time would pass.


One of the major drawbacks was they could not be used in an emergency situation to keep the person alive, and the persons mind was still aware.


By using what is now the teaching link they were able to link their minds to a central computer, and while their body had slowed down to almost nothing their minds were able to experience day to day life as if they were not in hibernation.


After stasis fields were perfected hibernation units fell to an obscure reference in medical history texts. That is until one bright mind healer realized they would be useful in his line of work.” Harry briefly explained.


Spotting the hallway marked hibernation Bill saw the bright lights leading down the hall and all of a sudden knew where this was going.


Harry started to walk down the short hall towards the hibernation units.


“Harry dear, what happened with my boys that they needed to be put in here?” Molly asked as she stopped and rested her hand on the unit Fred was in.


Thinking of the best way to explain this so that they would understand, Harry slowly started to explain. “Every one deals with grief in loss in a different way.


After the loss of Ginny the twins put their incredible intelligence to work on war products and the means to kill as many death eaters as possible, letting the pranks go to the wayside.


They turned their grief into violence against those that harmed their family.


They seemed to be calming down, and after several years were letting go of all that anger and rage and starting to go back to their fun loving selves.


Then the ministry attacked, and in the chaos they killed their father, the man that they felt closest too.


And then they went to Hogwarts, and it was to much for them.”


“They begged me to place them in stasis before they totally lost themselves, as they felt themselves loosing their sanity to the rage and need for vengeance.” Harry told them sadly.


Glancing at Ron hoping he would understand. “They never did tell me what happened down there, Maybe they never will, but whatever it was, it was to much for them and they needed a way out.”


Her hand now on George’s unit Molly asked. “How long?”


Looking at Molly. “Time runs differently to those in hibernation, while several months go by to the rest of us, to Fred and George it will seem as if several years of healing has taken place.”


Still worried Bill asked. “They will be alright though right?”


“Yes, they will come out of it refreshed, ready to take on the world again.” Harry replied confident of the outcome.


Ron whispered, afraid of the answer. “Harry? Would you think less of me if I were to undergo this too?”


Startled, Harry Grabbed Ron by the shoulder and made him look at him face to face. “Never…Never would I think anything less of you if needed treatment in this way.”


Shaking him slightly. “Do you think less of me knowing I spent six months in one of these working through all my problems Ron?”


Holding back tears Ron shook his head no.


“How long did you…?” Bill started to ask.


“BILL.” Molly cried, hitting him on the arm for asking such a private question.


“It’s ok Molly, I don’t mind.” Harry told her.


“As I said I spent six months in the unit, how much time passed for me, that’s what you want to know?” Harry asked Bill.


Seeing Bill nod his head. “Two hundred years.” Harry shocked them by saying.


“Two hundred years I spent healing, learning, growing as a person. I think I am a better person, more comfortable with who and what I am because of it.” Harry barely got out before being crushed against Ron in a super Molly hug.


Merlin, no wonder Harry had such control over himself and his magic. Let alone two hundred years worth of mastering everything Alteran bill thought.


Reaching out to for Bill “Lets leave them alone for now, we can plan to welcome them back properly later.” Harry told them as he shifted them out of the room back to the command deck.


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Chapter Text

                         T Minus 4 months and 16 days  

Harry groaned as he rolled over and made it out of bed. He had gotten to bed late as he and Jack had spent most of the night talking and trying to work through Jack’s memory problems from the botch up job the Asgard had done on him.


Getting dressed Harry promised himself if he ever met the Asgard, that had no business modifying a humans mind let alone one that was part or all Alteran, he would slap the being silly.


Making a quick decision to dress in full combat gear for the meeting Harry made quick work of getting dressed.


Entering the TS Harry activated it and set the coordinates to the old TS station down the hall from the Embarkation deck. If he was going to miss out on his morning exorcizes the least he could do was walk.


It was as strange feeling walking the halls towards the arrival room and to be passing so many people all in Alteran dress going about their duties.


The most surprising thing Harry noticed was how happy everyone seemed to be, even during the false peace during Harry’s first few years re-introduced to the Magical world, he never came across people this joyful.


Answering yet another Morning to you Lord Commander Harry finally entered the embarkation room and noticed a buffet set up near his working platform, which seemed to have a full crowd sitting around eating.


Waiting his turn Harry loaded up his plate with his favorites and made his way up the steps and over to his empty seat.


Sitting his plate and glass down Harry started to eat before noticing laughter that sounded familiar.


Looking to his right Harry saw Jack eating and laughing with Ron. A Ron who ever since the death of Hermione had impeccable table manners.


“Jack.” Harry called out. “Two questions. Who gave you the combat suit and where do you think you are going?”


Turning his head ever so slowly Jack noticed Harry was not upset with him so fired back acting all innocent. “Um, he did.” Pointing to Ron.


“He needs some one to cover his skinny ass, seeing as he can’t shoot worth a damn.” Jack remarked.


“Oi, I too can shoot.” Ron sputtered.


“Sure you keep telling yourself that freckles. And maybe someday if you eat all your vegetables and grow up big and strong, you might be able to hit what you are shooting at.” Jack fired right back.


Harry joined in with every one else as they laughed at Ron’s expense. “Fine, make sure you bring his freckled skinny ass home to his mum, she would miss him otherwise. Though his brothers on the other hand.”


Charlie yelled out as he walked up the steps. “Hey leave the brothers out of it, we don’t want to know about his freckled skinny ass.”


Every one settled down to eating after the release of tension, though Harry was tempted when he heard Ron muttering about freckles and his ass was just the right size.


After a leisurely breakfast where Harry noticed the people rotated out so everyone had a chance to eat with him, it was time to start the briefing.


Harry rose and walked to the corner edge of the now empty platform. Looking around the crowd he noticed people had drifted into three groups depending on their mission objectives.


Addressing Ron’s group first. “Jack, Ron all kidding aside I want all of you back safely and in one piece. No heroics folks.” Harry told them.


Looking towards the middle group Harry noticed Professor Sprout in the group, and she was wearing a link, guess she is staying then. “Professor glad for your help.”


“Neville in and out. Empty the Hogwarts greenhouses as quickly as you can. If it comes down to getting that last rare plant or the safety of your crews, the plant will wait for another day, or another way.” Harry told him.


“Understood Harry.” Neville told him, wondering how close he could cut it before Harry would get mad.


Looking towards the last and largest group. “Remus my old friend.” Harry stated.


“Hey I am not old.” Remus yelled back.


“Lets see you’re old enough to be my father.” Harry told him before. “Oh that’s right you are as old as my father.”


“Let me tell you Remus, compared to me, that’s old.” Harry smirked as everyone laughed at his little joke.


“Griphook is everything ready?” Harry asked.


“Stone Crusher has sent word that everything is prepared. Though some of the security for the council members are upset that they can not have access to the hall early.” Griphook reported.


“To bad. My party, my rules.” Harry replied.


“Those assigned to group Gryphon, I want you to portray the image of Alteran’s at their finest. Your group along with the Goblin guards, are to be in charge of security outside the hall.” Harry told them.


“If they start something finish it. If attacked take the attacker out permanently.” Harry told them sternly.


“Remus, Sorry to do this to you but you are going to be a target for the council members venting until I show myself. Just make sure it is only a verbal target.” Harry told him.


“The rest of you will mingle fully cloaked among the council members keeping alert for any treachery. If you need to take them out, hard and fast is the rule people.” Harry said.


“Aloria will start transporting my group down now, Ron and Neville take your groups and leave thirty minutes after we do. I hope we will be a distraction for you, but no promises. If you see an opportunity to set a couple of the recon remotes after someone wearing a silver cloak do so.” Harry told them as he walked down the steps to joining the rapidly departing group.




Harry decided that he much rather preferred shifting under his own power as his mode of transportation, he did not like the feeling of not being in control over his journey.


Activating the cloaking feature of his combat suit while in the shadows, Harry walked around all the hangers on and security people for the council members, trying to get a feel for their leaders attitudes and feelings.


Sensing nothing of importance from the conversations around him, Harry moved off down the hall and slipped past the guards stationed at the door of the meeting hall.


Making his way over to stand behind Remus Harry sighed when will these people learn, when he heard the French council member sneering at Remus.


“I demand to know when your so called leader will be here werewolf.” The French man sneered out in contempt.


Sighing, Remus thought he would have to find some suitable payback for this hell Harry had placed him in.


“As I said not more than five minutes ago, he will be here at the time the meeting is to start not a minute before.” Remus told him trying to be calm.


“And for the record once again, I am no longer a werewolf. One would think that one of such a high station, like yourself would not be so insulting.” Remus said slowly, showing how close he was to really letting loose on these idiots.


Letting his magical energy flare just enough for Remus to recognize him so as not to startle him, Harry whispered. “Remember you volunteered, so no paybacks.”


Sitting down in defeat, Remus calmed himself knowing Harry was right.


Looking over to the American council member Remus was surprised to see that the American president of magic was sitting there himself.


Writing a note of his observations in such a way Remus knew Harry would be able to see it, Remus went around the room and made mention of everything he knew about each of the council members already there.


Seeing that all sixty eight members were present Harry decided not to wait the additional fifteen minutes until the start of the meeting and willed the doors to close and seal.


As shouts erupted from the members present wanting to know what was going on and others shouting about betrayal Harry deactivated the cloaking filed and became visible to all present.


Harry stared each of the council members down until they flinched and sat down quietly.


Leaving the French Representative to last Harry let some of the rage he felt for the mans attitude towards one of his people show.


“I would hope in the future, any dealing you would have with the ambassador for the Alteran people, you would show some respect.” Harry then turned his back to the man knowing it was a sign of disrespect.


Standing up in a towering rage over the disrespect being shown to him by this upstart. “How dare you…How dare you show me disrespect you jumped up half blood with delusions of grandeur.”


The American president was wincing at the scene the French man was making, unlike the other he had read the reports on the unstoppable magic the young man wielded.


Harry turned slowly as if not believing what he had heard. Staring hard at the man, he made a miniscule motion with his head and Vladik, one of the Alteran’s who volunteered to be security this morning, appeared and stunned the man.


Levitating the annoying man onto the table he quickly bound him and placed a gag in his mouth.


Smirking At the reactions the whole scene was getting Harry broke into their thoughts. “Thank you Vladik, a job well done.”


“An honor Lord Commander.” Vladik said bowing his head and fading from sight.


Harry tilted his head sideways as he turned his attention back to the very nervous council members and asked. “Why am I here?”


 Harry watched as the members looked between each other, none wanting to open their mouths and explain.


Rapidly loosing his patients. “Shall I tell you then.” Harry told the frightened men and women.


“Let me tell you a story then. It starts shortly after Voldermort’s downfall and my announcement that I am leaving the Wizarding world.


But not only did I announce that I was leaving, but I was taking as many with me as wished if they truly wanted a better life for themselves and their families.” Harry told them, by this time captivating them though they were unwilling.


“Seeing the previous minister had died, betrayed by the Death Eaters he was bargaining my life and the lives of those like family to me.


Through maneuverings and backstabbing that I am not interested in, the Wizengamot elected a new ministry.


This new ministry instead of learning from the past decided to take it one step further and take total control of the people.


The people would now serve the ministry and be happy to do so or be silenced.” Harry said as he looked around at each of the council members.


“Does any of this sound familiar to you?” Harry asked as he watched them fidget in their seats.


“Now, once again I ask, why am I here?” Harry said sternly.


Deciding he was safe as Harry’s back was to him the German council member yelled out. “We’re here to find out when you are going to do something about it.”


How did he know it was me, Karl Schmidt the councilor for the German ministry, thought as Harry twirled around and zeroed in on him with fire in his eyes.


“What I am going to do about it?” Harry asked incredulously.


“I cut all ties with the Wizarding world, and the British when I moved into and took over Toria Ai Shas, the city the Ancients left behind.” Harry informed them.


“So do tell me how it is my problem, and why I am supposed to fix it.” Harry said sarcastically.


Letting his senses roam free, Harry started to glow slightly making the council members edgy. Sensing Bill was indeed standing behind one of the delegates Harry smiled knowing that soon he would be getting some answers.


The American President of Magic muttered under his breath about European pure blood bigots being as bad as those damn Kentuckians, before rising to his feet, if he was to speak he would do it like a man, not hide in the shadows.


Clearing his throat to gain every ones attention he began. “After reading my ambassadors report I am unsure one how to address you sir. Do I call you Lord Commander, Mr. Potter or his Majesty as Merlin’s orb proclaimed you to rightfully be.”


Stirrings of shock whispered throughout the hall upon hearing the American President of Magic’s conformation of the rumors, of the true status of the Boy Who Lived.


Amazed that some one had a backbone, Harry turned to face the American. “Mr. Potter will do, as Lord Commander and Majesty could be considered interchangeable.”


Walking over to stand in front of the only man so far that had an ounce of courage, Harry asked. “ Why was I called here?”


Not able to tear his gaze away from Harry’s face the American replied. “I can only answer on behalf of myself.”


Seeing Harry nod his head he continued. “Mr. Potter I hoped to inform you of the happenings in your former home country and ask your advise on the best way to nip this in the bud.”


“The world let the citizens of Great Britain down when we ignored the pleas from the former government over what amounts to school yard squabbles. I personally do not want to repeat that mistake.” The American president told him.


Liking what he sensed coming from the man Harry told him. “An honest politician, I have never before experienced such a creature.”


“Thank you for the honest answer.” Harry told him as he shifted his gaze to see the others acting like the politicians he knew.


Walking back to the center desk Harry leaned up against it. “I am aware of what is happening in all parts of the Wizarding world, as those who have come to join us, freely share their knowledge of the goings on in the world.


We are able to have a pretty good idea of what is happening by piecing together all the separate reports.”


Acting like the others did not exist Harry asked. “So why have you not gone in and taken care of the problem yourself?”


Walking around the front of his table the American President sat down on the edge before replying. “I needed to be sure you were not holding any claim to your old home country, and did not already have plans in motion that I would jeopardize by acting.”


Still looking only at the American, Harry asked. “And if I have no plans?”


“Then as soon as I leave here I will order my forces to British soil, and soon I will have the answers needed to fix the problem and return the government to the people.” The president told him.


Looking over the Presidents shoulder to where Bill was standing in his cloaking field, Harry told him. “Well I do have plans in motion that you are more than welcome to join.”


Standing up and motioning for Bill to go ahead with the capture Harry stunned them by saying. “And as far as getting answers, why don’t we ask the British official that has been listening in to every word.”


Bill who had taken the time to master his connection of his magic and his mind released the cloak with a thought and willed his target to not move, thereby freezing him in mid motion.


Levitating him down the steps to where Harry was waiting Bill wondered why more of the council members were not making a fuss. So much so he asked when he got down to the floor level.


“I thought that lot would be putting up more of a fuss.” Bill said pointing over his shoulder.


Glancing at the silent council members turned spectators Harry replied with a shrug of indifference. “They were annoying and getting in the way so I silenced them, made them sit still too.”


The American President burst out in laughter. “I have so wanted to do that to congress on more than one occasion.”


Noticing some of the furious faces of those he had made sit still, Harry spoke up.” Yes well I want to make something very clear to all of you before I release you. As you have noticed you have no power here.


Second I want you to be all nice little observers and not interrupt the adults who are tying to get things done in an orderly fashion.


Which means for those of you who can not understand simple English, watch but don’t speak.”


Giving the agreed upon signal, the rest of the security forces deactivated their cloaking fields showing that they outnumbered those present two to one.


Rotating his prisoner so he was in somewhat of a sitting position as he was in mid air, Bill took a slender electronic collar out of his thigh pocket and fastened it to the prisoner’s neck.


Making sure the man could move nothing but his face, Bill woke him up.


Trying to escape Hans found he could not move anything but his mouth. “It won’t work I will not tell you anything, I am trained to fight torture and potions.”


Hans grew fearful as he struggled to do the little bit of wandless magic he could and snap the poison vial inside his abdomen, and found he could not find his magic.


‘Then it is a good thing I plan to do neither.” Harry told him before nodding his head for Bill to turn on the control collar.


A sharp hum erupted from the man in front of them, or more exact from the collar around his neck, and most were stunned when the mans eyes turned white and glowed slightly.


“What is your name?” Bill asked making sure the setting were correct.


“Hans Dippet.” The man responded in a strange echoing voice.


Bill nodded his head at the reading he was getting from the control and the echo of the prisoners voice as he responded to questions. “It is working Lord Commander.”


“What is that thing…What is it doing to him…” A Shouted voice started to shout out before screaming out in pain.


“Observers do not open their mouths, hence the part of the word that means observe, meaning to watch. Open your mouth again and you will get more than a little pain.” One of the security force told the whimpering man.


“Mr. Potter are you sure you can’t lend me a few of your people for my next meeting with congress.” The American asked.


“Only if you plan to replace half of the congress by the end of the meeting.” An amused Harry told him.


“Decisions, Decisions.” The American said tapping his chin with his finger.


Letting out a soft Chuckle Harry returned to the interrogation at hand.


“What part of the ministry do you work for?” Harry asked.


“The ruling council.” The mans voice echoed.


“What were you before you were part of the ruling council?’ Trying a different track, Harry asked.


“An unspeakable with the department of mysteries.” He echoed


Raising an eyebrow. ”How many people are on the ruling council?” Harry asked.


“Nine people.” The voice echoed once more.


Leaning back once again against the table Harry had a thought. “Is everyone on the ruling council a former unspeakable?”


“Yes.” Hans echoed.


“Ask him what they did to the ministry building in London.” The President requested.


“What did you do to the old Ministry in London?’ Harry asked also intrigued by the answer.


“We sealed the chamber where you brought Merlin’s Orb, and then filled the rest of the building with stone so it would be solid rock.” Han’s answer echoed.


“Why?” Asked Harry.


“We could not control the power of the Orb. It was too dangerous to be left lying around, anyone could have used it by demand. We could not take the chance that it would ever be used for its purpose ever again.” Hans answered.


If they were no longer based at the ministry then where were they thought Harry. “Where are you based at?”


“Hogwarts.” Hans answered.


Deciding that he had two teams out there one in the line of fire and one near enough Harry wanted this over with quickly so he could get back to send reinforcements if needed.


“Are the people still alive you have taken?” Harry asked wondering how he would answer that.


“Yes.” Hans answered.


Scowling Harry redirected his question. “Why did you take these people?”


“We needed them for our breeding program. With the amount of people wanting to flee and how the population was decimated from the war we decided we needed to increase our numbers quickly.” Hans answered before being stunned by Harry.


“Bill take that…that monster and drain it dry of information.” Harry spat out sick to his stomach at the answer he had just gotten.


As Bill dragged the prisoner out of the room none to gently Harry watched the council members and for the most part saw shock and disgust on the faces, though a couple held looks of guilt.


“I am leaving soon, but that does not mean I have not taken precautions, if I find out any other government has instituted so called breeding programs, there will be no place you can hide on this planet my people will not be able to find you.” Harry spat with venom.


“Nor mine.” The Japanese council member told them standing tall and joining the American President.


“Or mine.” The American told them.


Facing the American Harry asked. “Still wan to be part of the solution?”


“Hell yes.” The American drawled.


“We would be honored to help also.” The Japanese man told Harry.


Looking back at Remus before answering them, Harry said. “Remus will pick you and your command teams up Monday morning at five a.m. local time from this location and take you to our staging area.”


Motioning for his people to make their way out Harry said as he was leaving. “My people will take care of the problem, yours will make sure it does not happen again.”




Spotting Neville standing next to one of the large heavy lift shuttles, Pomona Sprout joined them quietly noticing the conversation going on between the pilots.


“Neville, I wanted to say how much you have come into your own, How proud I am of the strong Herbologist you have become. What you have done with the greenhouses and farms of this city is simply amazing.” Pomona said from behind Neville.


Turning to face his former favorite professor, Neville still had a tinge of a blush to his checks at the praise. “Thank you for that professor.”


Smiling up at the young man Pomona replied. “None of that now Neville I am not your professor anymore, actually I can learn quite a bit from you going by what I have seen so far.”


Seeing she was starting to make Neville uncomfortable she changed the subject.


“Using this wonderful little device.” Pomona said tapping the link on her temple. “I was able to go over the list of the magical species you have acquired so far. While it might be nice to get the contents of all three of the greenhouses, only the plants in greenhouse three are those you have not been able to lay your hands on.”


Not noticing that everyone had stopped to listen in she added. “Unfortunately those in the third greenhouse are some of the more dangerous ones. And the ones we want are near the back.”


Aware that all the pilots were now gathered around Neville asked.” Paul how close do you think you all can set these big beasts down to the back of the greenhouses?”


“I think we could do it, if we use these we beasties side doors. Put one on the side on the end two and one at the back for the middle one, we could get you as close as several centimeters.” Scratching his head in thought Paul answered.


“That close.” Neville said out loud as he thought up a new plan.


“Right, here is what we are going to do then. Professor Sprout and I will go off with Paul and tackle greenhouse three.


You lot will set us down as close to the greenhouse walls as you can and we will use the remotes to cut our way in.


I can program the remotes to grab everything in the first two greenhouses, while we along with the remotes tackle the more difficult one.” Neville told them pointing to himself and Pomona.


“That should work, less distance for the remotes to travel means less chance of them being spotted.” Paul said happily grinning.


Nodding his head Neville looked over to the four pilots that would be giving them air support with the armed scouts.


“Harry asked me to set some of his damage survey remotes loose if we happen to come across one of those silver cloaked blokes. Unless one of them happens to be in one of the greenhouses at the time, I think the best thing is, for one of you lot to take a dozen or so of the remotes and drop them on top of Hogwarts, and set them to work their way into the castle and hunt out people to spy on.” Neville told them.


“I can do that, a nice long slow pass over the towers and a brief hover over the astronomy tower should do the trick I think.” One of the scouts told him.


“Sounds like we have a plan. Lets get on with it then.” Neville told them noticing it was time for them to be off.


Taking off from the station docks it was a matter of a mere fifteen minutes or so to traverse the distance from their hidden location to high earth orbit.


Another thirty minutes was spent slowly lowering their ships into the Earths gravity well without loosing their cloaking ability and being seen by the muggle militaries.


At exactly one hour past the time they left the station the shuttles gently touched down next to their targets.


Opening the iris like doors Neville waited while the remotes from the other two ships cut a small opening in their targets, several of the smaller remotes swarmed through and started to send back images of completely deserted greenhouses.


Tapping a few commands into the keyboard Neville directed the remotes to fuse the entrances shut while several more enlarged the hole, thus gaining them a few extra moments if discovered.


Now that the holes were large enough Neville programmed the remotes to remove everything.


Making sure it was going smoothly before his attention turned elsewhere, Neville told the remotes on his shuttle to go ahead and start entering the greenhouse by making a small hole in the wall and soon a repeat of what had happened in the first two greenhouses was repeated.


Once the hole had been widened sufficiently both Neville and professor Sprout left the shuttle and directed the remotes personally.


Shifting the last of the man eating plants into the back of the shuttle, Neville felt a pang of remorse as he took one last look at the now desolate place, which gave him the greatest feeling of contentment during the seven years he was a student at Hogwarts.


As he waited for the shuttle to move backward exposing the forward air lock Neville thought only took half an hour not bad at all. Just as he entered behind Professor Sprout, Paul yelled back that Ron’s team was reporting trouble.


Passing professor sprout quickly, Neville opened up communications with the scout ships “Scott, we are the last out, you and your lads go pull that git out of the trouble he went and got himself into.”


“Harry won’t mind a few holes in the landscape if it means our people are alright.” Neville told him as the shuttle rapidly gained altitude


“Roger that.” Scott replied as he directed his team to prepare for live fire.




Ron was sprawled across the seat in the shuttles flight deck thinking about Fred and George as he waited for the time to take off.


Jack walked in holding his new bestest friend and stowed the rifle in the locker on the wall next to the door.


Walking the few steps over to the co-pilots seat Jack smirked as he swatted Ron’s feet. “Hey freckles you mind.”


Run grudgingly moved his feet as he pulled himself up in the pilots seat. “Oi, what’s up with the freckles thing all the time?”


“Well you are a red head.” Jack said waggling his eyebrows.


Ron started blushing remembering the conversations and subtle innuendos the past few days.


Pumping his fist as he sat down, Jack exclaimed. “Yes Jack ninety nine, Freckles one.”


Face as red as his hair Ron muttered. “You do that on purpose.”


Smirking Jack told him. “Ya think.”


Noticing the time Ron mentally activated the controls and the holographic controls. Waving his hands in and out of the different gauges he notified the other shuttle it was time, and engaged the engines and shot out of the bay at top speed with a loud. “Wahoo.”


Setting the coordinates into the navigation system, Ron sat back and let the computer take over.


“So how are you settling in?” Ron asked with a hint of concern in his voice.


Staring out through the view port Jack replied. “It’s been tuff.”


Smiling as he remembered last night as Harry and he had spent a good portion after super just talking through things. “It’s getting better, though heaven help the Asgard if Harry gets a hold of the one that fooled around in my head.”


Curious, as this is the first time Jack has started to open up with him about the details of what was done to him, Ron asked. “Fooled around with your head? What did they do?”


Getting lost in the memory Jack started to recite part of his life story. “After being set up with a new life, I started to have a lot of problems with having the full memories and experiences of being a forty something military officer in the body of a fifteen year old.


I wanted to do it all over, this time choosing things a little differently, and maybe having loads of fun as I was doing so.


Problem was as much as I tried, the memories of being so much older than every one else got in the way.


After the fifth spectacular disaster, a part of the government became aware of the fact that I was a clone of the older version of me and decided they wanted to study me.


They tried to tell me that even if I was only a teenager the older version of me had given oaths to serve my country and they were going to hold the younger version, me , to the same oaths.


So I should just accept going with them and letting them study me to their hearts content.”


Closing his eyes and Jack fell back into the memories. “I used the older me’s contacts to get me back in contact with the section of the air force he worked for and they in turned brought me to the Asgard.


The Asgard medical specialist then erased most of my memories, leaving enough so I could get by.


I know the older me was married and had a son who ended up killing him self in an accident when he was young.”


Turning to face Ron so he saw how haunted his expression was, Jack finished as he tapped his head. “I know this up here, like I read it in a report, as if it happened to someone else. Everything else was taken away, so I have no idea what the older me experienced which turned him into the man he is today.”


“They did this with every major memory I have.” Jack told him as he closed his eyes and shivered.


If this had happened before Hermione and his sister had died Ron would have just sat there not sure what to do. But he had grown and matured since then.


Getting up from his seat he pulled the younger man into a hug and whispered in his ear. “Harry is not the only one who will curse that bloody fool.”


Releasing Jack, Ron placed his hand over the young mans heart. “You will just have to make some new memories so you know what they feel like.”


Jack sat there and pulled himself back together as they entered the atmosphere. These people more than any others he had met kept pulling him into their hearts, making him part of themselves.  Once again he thanked his lucky stars he jumped at the chance to join them.


“Thanks Ron.” Jack told the red head quietly.


Perking up a bit as they approached the Scottish coast from the Atlantic side. “Your still going to be Freckles to me.” Jack said bouncing back.


“Merlin help us all when you meet up with the twins.” Ron laughed out.


Hearing stories of the pranking twins, Jack just smiled evilly. “Can’t wait.”


Seeing they were almost there Jack activated the scanners from his side as Ron guided them in for a landing on a small clearing near the edge of a quaint village.


Looking around the clearing through the forward window Ron shook his head. “Well I remember it being somewhere around here.”


Getting up and opening the weapons locker Jack moved through the flight deck towards the back of the shuttle. “Well let’s open the door and send out a few of the remotes and find out for sure.”


Following Jack to the back of the shuttle, Ron stopped at the panel beside the door and placed his hand on it. Sending a mental command to the shuttle to open the back door, Ron watched as the back of the shuttle melted into a ramp as it opened the back door.


Knowing Ron still was a little leery about how much the remotes resembled spiders, Jack went over to the lead two and trying to pool some magic in his hand tapped the top of the remote to activate the holographic keyboard interface.


After the fourth try Jack managed to pool enough magic in his hand to activate the interface and proceeded to type in the commands for the remotes to search out for a run down building in this clearing and to send back a continuous feed of what they were seeing.


Ron jumped out of the way as the two large remotes went past him and started down the ramp.


Moving over to the wall screen, Ron watched the progress of the two remotes as they started to circle the clearing, each pass getting closer to the center.


Jack was scanning back and forth around the clearing from the back of the shuttle when he noticed out of the corner of his eye one of the remotes stop.


Turning his head he watched as the second remote disappeared from sight. Looking over his shoulder towards the monitor screen Jack noticed the shear amount of trunks and artifacts on the ground floor, the remotes had not even made it to the second floor yet.


Worried Jack asked. “Are we going to have enough room?”


“I am not sure.” Ron said slowly as he moved his hands to the controls and directed the remote around the room.


Finding the steps leading up Ron was relieved to see that they were empty. “Second floor is empty, so it might be a tight fit but I think we can get all of it in one trip, we can always come back for what ever does not fit.”


Contacting Derek in the other Shuttle Ron asked him to open up the loading ramp and send out the remotes.


Taking control of the small army of remotes that were walking out of the second shuttle Ron programmed them to start removing the trunks and storing them on the two shuttles.


“Derek, if you would seal the flight deck. I am going to have the remotes stack you full up.” Ron told him as he opened up a channel to the other shuttle.


Programming the remotes to leave a path to the flight deck of his own shuttle, Ron tried very hard to ignore the spider like mechanical creatures as they started to bring their loads past him onto his shuttle.


They were about three quarters of the way done when the first sign of trouble appeared.


Jack who had moved a couple of meters away from the shuttle saw movement coming from the tree line near the village, yelled back. “Ron how much longer?”


Ron turned to see where Jack had gotten too, called back. “Five more minutes ten tops, why?”


Dodging a red beam Jack flattened himself and sighted along his rifle preparing to return fire. “We have company, and they’re not here to invite us to dinner.”


“Bloody…Shit.” Ron muttered starting to pick up some of the more colorful slang of the American pilots he had been training with.


Opening communication with Neville’s group, Ron reported they had been discovered and they might want to watch out incase reinforcements came by their location.


Not worried about keeping a low profile anymore Ron told the remotes to increase their speed.


Having the remotes that were taking the last few objects to the second shuttle stay there, Ron contacted Derek and told him he was full and to seal up and get the hell out of there.


Seeing Jack lying on the ground Ron started to panic thinking he had been hit, relaxing a bit when he saw the explosion near the tree line, the results of the high powered anti matter rounds in Jacks rifle.


“Harry is going to kill me if Jack gets hurt.” Ron muttered to himself.


“Ron, heads up we are coming in hot.” The voice of the lead scout Scott came over the radio.


Moving to the edge of the ramp Ron yelled. “Get your sorry arse in here before Scott and his trigger happy lads blow it off.”


“Harry is so going to kill me.” Ron muttered as he called up his magic into several balls of energy coursing with the Reducto curse.


Throwing the balls of energy as fast as he could he covered Jack as he made his way back to the shuttle.


Seeing several more groups of people running towards their location Ron yelled out. “Scott, go ahead and make as many holes in the area as you want Harry won’t mind.”


Closing the rear door Ron told the shuttle to lift off as the two of them made their way to the flight deck.


“Roger that, MANY big holes coming right up.” Scott’s gleeful voice sounded over the radio.


Jumping into their seats they watched as the scout crews turned the clearing into on large future lake with several well aimed anti matter rounds.


A thousand feet up Ron chuckled and before closing the communication link with a well-aimed barb. “Scott, mate you really need to find another outlet for your pent up sexual frustration.”


Kicking the engines into high output Ron rapidly put some distance between the scouts and his ship.


Forty-five minutes later Ron had landed the shuttle and it was being drawn into the outer shuttle bay when he heard Harry’s laughter over the radio.


“The scouts made it back to the city before you Ron. Jack you might want to knock Ron over the head and throw him out first, I heard Scott muttering something about shrinking charms aimed at a certain place if you catch my drift. Something about showing you what frustration is.” Harry laughed as he told them the news.


“Seriously guys, job well done, glad no one got hurt. Meet me in the dining room when you finally out run Scott.” Harry told them before closing down the channel.


Scott has provided most excellent editing skills

Chapter Text


                        T Minus 4 months and 15 days


Harry walked out of his bedroom and as he passed the open door to Jack’s room he stuck his head inside. Seeing no one in there he continued down the hallway.


Curious Harry thought, Jack is usually still asleep this early in the morning.


Not bothering to look around as he entered the living area Harry made his way to the kitchen for his morning cup of tea.


Sipping his morning pick me up Harry walked back into the living room and noticed for the first time that Jack was sitting in the corner. Legs drawn up under him and the most lost look on his face.


Slowly walking over to the young man so as not to startle him, Harry sat down across from him and set his teacup down.


“Jack.” Harry called out quietly.


Getting no response Harry tried again a little louder this time. “Jack, are you all right?”


Startled out of his thoughts Jack turned towards Harry. “Sorry didn’t hear you come in. What did you say?”


Slightly concerned Harry asked. “Jack did you even go to bed last night?”


Shaking his head. “No, after we talked I went out to stare at the stars for a while and think. After a while I still could not think so I came in here and not sure what to do to tire myself out, sat down and noticed the book on the table and picked it up to check it out.” Jack said tapping the dusty tome in question with his finger.


“After reading through that, I lost track of time.” Jack said with a shrug.


Wondering what was in that dusty old book that seemed to bother Jack so much that he lost so much time, Harry sat back as he picked up the tome and asked. “What’s in here that has you so off centered Jack?”


“It has nothing but names with dates and addresses in it.” Jack replied before adding. “The funny thing is, once I figured out that it was a list of all the magical people with the day they were born listed and where they lived, I decided to look up my name to see what it had listed and even if older me was in the book.”


Looking over at Harry for the first time since the conversation started. “I thought since the book listed the date of birth next to the name I would finally find out how old I am, not how old I was told I am by the doctors who have examined me.


I was a little shocked not to find my name listed in with the other fourteen to nineteen year olds.


Going back to when older me was born I did not find my name listed there either, no surprise there.


The shocker came when I found my name listed in with those born two years ago.” Jack said clearly upset, though doing a good job of trying to hold it back.


All the while Jack was explaining what had upset him, Harry had opened his senses and really examined the magical structure of the book in question.


Figuring out the matrix surrounding the book Harry grinned at the slightly upset Jack and told him. “Jack, the book does not record births, but the first time the person’s soul has become magical enough to register.”


Turning the book around as he pointed out the title. “Hence why it is called the book of Souls.” Stated softly.


Vastly relieved Jack slumped down in the couch and after a moment a small smile appeared on his face. “I have been worrying about nothing.” He said very softly.


Grabbing the book under his arm as he stood up, Harry reached over and pulled Jack up. “Come on, off to bed with you. You can catch up with what went on at the meeting later.”


After putting the teen to bed Harry let a huge smile cross his face, finally he thought a way to find everyone.




The first to arrive for the morning meeting Harry put the book face down on the table and walked over to the cry-steel window and looked out at the vast resource he was going to let his advisors in on this morning.


Turning the window opaque with a thought Harry sat down with his back to the window and waited for everyone to use the TS to join him on station and grinned with the thought of the expressions that would cross their faces when he let the window go back to normal.


Harry was interrupted from his marauderish thoughts when Remus, the last to usually arrive was the first to step out of the transport station.


Before Remus could ask why the change of spaces the others arrived in two groups, the first with the younger members quickly followed by Molly, Bill and Gran in deep discussion.


Giving everyone a chance to find a seat, Harry was amused that even in a different setting they all tended to congregate around their normal seating arrangements.


Ron leaning over the table, “Harry why the change?” he asked.


With Ron’s question all conversation stopped and everyone turned to Harry realizing that they were about to start.


“This is the best place to show you one of the two things you need to be aware of for helping to plan the future.” Harry told them.


Looking around the table and noticing that the recent new face to the weekly meetings was missing. “Where’s Jack?” Remus asked.


“He had a rough night and I sent him to bed this morning to get some sleep. He can catch up with what he missed from you lot later on.” Harry told Remus.


Seeing the sly expression start to cross his friend’s face Harry decided on a pre-emptive strike. “Not what you are thinking there Ron, Merlin get your mind out of the gutter.”


Before any one else had a chance to make any side comments Harry turned to Bill. “Lets start shall we.”


Bill looked down at his data pad before replying. “For the most part nothing has changed since last week. The parks have all been planted and using a time dilation charm have now been aged so the plants are mature.


The crèche apartments are about halfway finished and several of the spires are ready for the children and their mentors to move in.”


Harry interrupted Bill’s report to ask. “Molly would you be willing to oversee finding willing adults and families to oversee the crèches and start moving the orphans in?”


Face lighting up with a huge smile for the first time since Arthur died. “Of course dear, I will get started on it this morning. Might even move into one of them myself seeing as the children really don’t need me as much as they used to.” Molly replied


Bill smiled as his mother lit up with the same excitement he remembered her having when he was growing up. She is on the way to healing he thought.


‘The only other thing to report is, seeing that anything anyone ever could want they can have made for free, everyone I have talked with is delighted with putting in twenty hours a week working, most are doing more hours than asked as they say they are bored. They are happy to be doing something they want to and find fulfilling.” Bill finished.


Harry was relieved, in the back of his mind there was always the worry that the laziness factor that infected the Wizarding worlds population would carry over, but it seemed that it was a needless worry.


“Seems everyone is settling in then.” Harry said.


Tonks bounced in her seat as she said. “Me next then.”


Putting a serious expression on her face she started. “Internal security is now up to fifty members with roughly two thirds coming from the non magical side of things.


Most of them are highly trained, though some of the European Auror corps need a brush up on skills, even coming from war torn countries.


Surprisingly there has not been a need for any of us to do anything other than help find the odd lost child.”


Nodding his head at the report Harry added. “For the most part the type of person that would join us are the type not to cause trouble. So it is about what I expect. Let me know if something pops up where you need more people than what you have and we can steel them from the military end of things.”


Remus cleared his throat before starting. “Harry do you want me to bring Michalson and Yu and their people to the staging area or to Hogsmeade after we have secured the area?”


Thinking for a moment about the best way to get the message out that the Alteran people where not to be trifled with Harry told him. “From what Jack and Ron were talking about last night at dinner, it might be best to bring them to the shuttle bay so they can be properly impressed on what a bad idea it would be if they decided to take us on.”


Seeing Ron nod his head when he mentioned the shuttle bay as the staging area Harry got an absolutely evil smirk on his face with his next thought.


Remus groaned loudly enough for everyone to hear before saying. “I have seen that look on your mothers face when she planned her revenge often enough to know you are about to make my job extremely difficult.”


Grinning Harry said causing the others to break out in laughter. “Well hopefully all those that you bring up have a strong heart, as I plan to make sure the bay walls are transparent.”


“Well Harry dear I will make sure that the healers show up early then.” Molly said with a smile of her own.


Thinking that as show of force was often times the only things politicians would listen too she started on her own report. “With med bay five set aside, the other med bays are now operating at a greatly decreased work load giving everyone a chance to learn new techniques.”


“The only other news worthy item to mention is that Minerva woke up briefly this morning and the first words she spoke was an urgent request to meet with you.” Molly finished.


“Tell her I will be there right after lunch.” Harry said as he looked over to Ron.


“Everything we salvaged from the Shrieking Shack was unloaded yesterday afternoon and moved over to the library on the school level.” Ron said thinking back to yesterday’s excitement.


“I really don’t think there is to much more to say. Jack came up with the idea of sending the wounded to the shuttle bay for something called triage and the healers are going to set up there once we leave.


There was not a problem getting volunteers for the assault as all that heard what was done to the professors were itching for a chance to put some wizards in their place.” Ron told them shrugging as he did so.


Looking over to Charlie who was looking a bit confused on why he was asked to come to the meeting. He had not been around except for the first couple of meeting as he had traveled back to Romania to the dragon preserve to pack his belongings and to try to get some of the other dragon handlers to come with him.


Seeing the confusion Harry decided to let the man off the hook slightly. “Charlie we will leave you to last as what I need to show you all is one of the reasons I asked you to come this morning.”


“Neville.” Harry prompted.


“Professor Sprout and I were able to get everything from the Hogwarts greenhouses including the rare plants and the experimental hybrids without being seen. Everything on our list of plants to get has now been crossed off.


The farms are now producing enough to meet our needs and will start to come into full production in around a month’s time. Though I need to mention that without the Brounie’s we would not be able to handle the livestock end of the farms, as we just do not have enough trained people to handle it all.” Neville told him.


“Hopefully we will soon be able to find enough people.” Harry told him, then thinking about it added. “Though if you want to actively seek out people with Alteran blood that want to join us I won’t mind.”


Facing the formidable woman at the end of the table Harry still was not entirely comfortable calling her Gran as she requested.


Smiling, “That leaves only Gran left before I get to drop my surprises on you lot.” Harry told them.


Looking at Harry briefly before she scanned the table Augusta began in the prim and proper way she had been raised. “I have two items to report this morning. The first is we are still receiving a steady stream on new arrivals, but those from the British Isles have been completely absent from any new arrivals for the past five days. And the few who did arrive were badly frightened and wounded.”


Pulling a small orb out of an inner pouch she had added to the robe like cape she wore, she set it down on the table.


“After some thought on how to best contact people once we started to actively send out invitations, those of us who have been spending the most time working with the intakes that comprise those of non magical upbringing, have come up with this orb which houses a hologram projector that will deliver an acceptance letter similar to a students first Hogwarts letter.” Gran told them before touching the top, which activated the playback.

  A slim female figure of about a meter in height appeared above the small silver orb. “Greetings Augusta Longbottom. You were born with the unique ability to directly manipulate matter and energy. What some like to call magic. This ability is a direct result of the DNA of your parents, your bloodline if you will. Normally at the age of eleven you would be contacted with a letter, and to those not brought up from birth in our hidden world a visit from one of the school professors, stating that you are accepted to the closest school that teaches children to harness their gifts. Due to lost information that tells us of how these gifts came to us, we are offering to send some one to meet with you and answer your questions. Proof of the abilities we speak of can be shown to you then if you wish. To contact us all you need to do is tap the top of the orb three times and you will be scheduled for a visit with the time appearing above the orb. Please remember Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom that this gift is something you also have and you never tapped into it for one reason or another. 

We are offering a whole new life for your family and things that most people only dream of.” Before the hologram shut itself off.


After the message had played through, Gran picked up and pocketed the orb. “We have designed multiple messages that cover everyone from those raised in the magical community with an offer to a new school and life, to those completely born and raised without the knowledge of the magical community.”


“Each of the messages has been designed with the input of those raised outside the community to be the most believable and to draw the curiosity of the recipients to the forefront.” Gran finished.


Thinking back to his own childhood, and remembering how the Dursley’s fear of magic led to hatred of himself Harry said slowly. “This sounds like a very good idea. But I would want one thing added if at all possible.”


“A sensor needs to be added to make sure the child is not in danger because of our contact. If they are we would need to be able to respond before the situation got out of control and someone was hurt.” Harry said with conviction.


Seeing her grandson nod his head violently in agreement, Gran made a note to herself to get him alone later on to find out what was going on. “That should be more than possible, but who would you like to respond in those situations?”


“Internal Security backed up by those from the military should be more than able to handle anything that pops up. It will give my people a chance to put their skills to good use. The only question is, what do you want done Harry?” Tonks spoke up and asked.


Looking very fierce Harry answered very clearly so no mistakes could be made. “Any child in danger will be removed and placed in Molly’s people loving care.”


Holding up his hand, “That includes any siblings involved, unless of course they are part of the problem. In which case they should be left with the rest of the family and their memories modified in any way the security officers feel justified. Including setting them up for the non magical police force to arrest them.” Harry told them.


“Hopefully at least on of the parents would be willing to relocate with their child or children.” Harry said with some finality.


Relaxing his posture Harry turned over the tome his hand was resting on and slid it towards Gran. “This is the book has been sitting in the table in my living room ever since Minerva and the other professors arrived here. Some time last night Jack was unable to sleep and being curious opened it up and found out it is the very book we have been wanting to get our hands on.”


As everyone looked at the book now sitting in front of Gran Longbottom, grins formed on their faces as they thought to themselves they would finally be able to start gathering the best the world had to offer.


“And what better way to start, than with the children who are the future.” Harry said out loud finishing most of their thoughts.


Pulling the book close to her reverently Augusta asked. “How soon and how many?”


Looking down at the note he had made on his own data pad Harry responded with. “Send out no more in a day than you could meet with each and every family during one day. Then do so each day. As for when you can start any time from Wednesday on if you are ready.”


‘Aloria if you would key every one into the wards hiding the rest of the station, I think it is time for surprise number two’ Harry told her mentally as the others discussed possible start days and schedules.


‘Already done Harry’ Aloria sent him through their link along with laughter of what was about to happen.


Listening to everyone talk excitedly about the best way to handle this new undertaking Harry sent the command to make the wall transparent again and sat back waiting and watching every ones face.


Ron wanting to ask Harry’s opinion on the point he brought up was the first to notice the new view.


Jaw slack in wonder Ron jumped up yelling out. “Bloody hell.”


Harry thought it was rather comical, as everyone else turned to see what Ron was yelling and jumping up about only to stop mid motion as they took in the sight of the enormous fleet and support structures behind him through the now transparent wall.


Having Aloria move the Ark up from its moored position so it would be easily viewed Harry stood and walked over to the wall joining Ron.


Ignoring every one else as they walked over to the wall to join them Harry started to speak. “I thought it was time to show you how we are going to protect our new home once we get there. Not only that but we will have the resources to send out ships to rescue any of the ancients still traveling in damaged vessels while in stasis.”


Pointing out the now lit up approaching mammoth vessel, “Charlie that is the reason I asked you to be here today. When the ancients came here they created all the magical creatures that roam our world today.


In that Ark are enough of each of those species in deep stasis that we can repopulate our new world with each and every one.


I would like for you to take charge of it, and add as many of the current magical creatures still alive to the empty stasis chambers.” Harry said calmly.


Turning to face the awe stricken man, “After we leave you will have a bit longer to continue to save as many as you can. But once we send the signal you will have to be under way to our new world in twenty four hours so keep that in mind Commander.”


“Think you can get some of your friends to help you out?’ Harry asked the shell shocked red head.


Charlie at this point was not tracking information to well he nodded his head in reply, without really understanding what he was getting into.


Seeing Charlie was not all there and that he had agreed with Harry about taking command of the Ark, Bill smirked and decided that later on he would explain to his brother what he had unknowingly agreed to do.


Turning back to face the view once again Harry said softly. “The means of keeping our future safe is sitting right in front of us.”




Entering the main med bay Harry noticed Madam Pomfrey working alongside healer Christenson on the other side of the room.


Not wanting to disturb them Harry walked past them and down on of the hub hallways into the main wards were patients who needed more than a quick fix stayed.


Stopping near the Headmistress’s bed he waited for Filius to finish speaking before saying hello.


“Hello Minerva.” Harry said as he smiled at the tired looking woman propped up in bed.


Minerva turned towards the voice and smiled as she saw one of her favorite students standing there. “Harry, Filius has been filling me in on what has happened since we arrived here after our escape.”


Not wanting Minerva to tire herself out, Harry told her. “I finally got around to looking at the book your were clutching when you arrived several days ago.”


Meeting her eyes Harry said with as much gratitude in his voice as he could. “Thank you, from the bottom of my very being, Thank you for risking everything so that the children can have something greater to look forward to.”


Sitting down on the edge of the bed Harry pulled Minerva into a heartfelt hug and held her as tears started to run down her cheeks.


Releasing her and grabbing the cloth that appeared Harry wiped the tears from her face and handed the cloth to her.


“You need to get well. Especially if you want to get one step ahead of your new students once lessons start up again.” Harry told her gently.


Seeing her nod her head Harry told the two of them he would check in on them in a couple of days when things quieted down again.


Standing Harry started for the door before turning and telling them both good bye.




                        T Minus 4 months and 14 days


Harry let the towel drop to disappear before hitting the floor and walked over to the dresser and placed both of his customary armbands on. Activating the Combat suit he stood there as the liquid flowed out of the armband and he felt the familiar thrill as it encased his body.


About to shift to the shuttle bay Harry had a thought and asked. “Aloria how many have been cleared to shift freely?”


“Not many Harry, most prefer to walk or use the TS stating they would not be like those lazy Wizards down below.” Aloria answered.


Frowning at what he heard he answered back. “That is a good idea in part, but those that are Security, military and healers need to really make sure they master that skill in case it is needed.”


“I will add a reminder to the link tutors for everyone in those fields to make sure they master it and make sure they understand the need for them to do so.” Aloria added the imperative to the link system as she replied.


Nodding his head Harry shifted to the shuttle deck so the assault could get under way.


As the rest of those volunteers were milling about waiting for the orders to go, Jack and Ron were discussing different scenarios and how to best use the armed shuttles and scouts to provide air cover for the troops.


Michalson and Yu who along with their people were standing nearby to the two engrossed in conversation listening avidly, to the two youngsters in their minds plan out the attack in such detail.


Jack and Ron stopped their planning when a small platform started to rise from the floor and Harry shifted atop the meter and a half high stage.


Pleased that the platform formed in time for him to land on it Harry looked at all the determined faces now standing before him.


“By now your squad leaders have informed you of your targets and the plan of attack. I have nothing more to add to that other than saying make sure you come back in one piece or I will sic Molly Weasley on you.” Harry smiled at the laughter over his comments.


“We are going to use this shuttle bay as a field hospital for those seriously injured or children found without a parent, so make sure you have enough of the locator beacons, take extra and if you run out add a note with the last one and Aloria can send down more.” Harry told them.


Looking to the left at Jacks people, “Clear St. Mungos as quickly as you can, and once its cleared contact Aloria who will give the word for healers from America and Japan to port key in. You have fifteen minutes before the rest of us hit Diagon Ally, Hogsmead and Hogwarts.” Harry said


“Ron get your people moving, the rest of us will leave in thirty minutes, which should give you enough time to get into position.” Harry told him as the platform he was standing on started to sink back into the deck lowering him to the ground.


Harry walked over to the group of visitors as Ron yelled for his people to “get their arse’s moving.”


Harry stood behind the visiting ministers and their entourage as they gawked at the shuttles and scout ships lifting off and flying out into space.


As the Earth came into view, “And that gentlemen is the reason why no one has never found our city, and never will.” Harry told them before walking away.


Jack just stood there taking it all in as the visiting officials were properly awed.


Checking the time through his link Jack yelled out. “FIVE MINUTE WARNING.”


Making one final walkthrough to make sure everyone was as prepared as they could be; Harry turned and nodded his head at Jack.


“FIRST TEAM DEPLOY.” Jack yelled as he watched Aloria mass transported the first team to the top floor of St. Mungos.


Harry met Jacks eyes and mouthed ‘be safe’ before walking over to join the group he was going to lead in taking Hogwarts itself.


“Let’s see if we can catch the bunch of them as they rush through the gates to reinforce those at St. Mungos.” Harry told his group.


Jumping the gun by a good seven minutes Harry yelled out. “GROUP FOUR DEPLOY.”


Escorting the visiting ministers over to the third group Remus muttered under his breath some very uncomplimentary things about Harry going off early.


“Shit.” Jack summed it up in one word


“EVERY ONE ELSE LETS GO.” Jack yelled in frustration knowing that air support was still a few minutes away.


Crouching down as soon as he appeared near the Hogwarts gates, Harry saw in the distance seven figures dressed all in silver, followed by at least thirty others running towards his position.


This is going to be easier than I thought, then turning to the man next to him Harry said. “Pass the word at least thirty with about seven of the so called ruling council; take them out before they get past the wards.”


Grinning Harry started to pull up some of the free energy floating around, and forcing it into the wards making sure no one would be able to apparate out through a weak spot.


Noticing that the silver dressed person in the lead slow down and look up and around, Harry decided to target that one for capture.


The combat suit flowed over and covered Harry’s head as a thin layer covered his actual face at his urging and he also activated the cloaking field.


Turning his head left and then right he noticed the rest of his team follow his lead and mentally opened up the communication link and gave the command to advance.


Close enough to tell that the one he targeted was male Harry opened up his senses and felt around for the man’s magical core.


Finding it Harry pushed some raw magic he had collected from the surrounding area into it causing it to overload and his target to fall down unconscious.


Ducking out of habit as the enemy opened fire with lethal spells; Harry quickly made his way over to the downed man and secured him for later interrogation.


Protecting his prisoner from stray curses, Harry watched as the rest of his team quickly rendered those attacking helpless.


Willing the cloak to shut off Harry stood and made sure they were in the clear before willing the combat suit to retract the head covering exposing his face and head once again.


Harry watched Dennis Creevey collect all the wands from the prisoners before trotting over to where he was standing.


“Here you go Harry.” Dennis handed over the bag holding the wands.


“Thanks Dennis.” Harry automatically replied as he was talking to Aloria through their bond.


‘Harry St. Mungos was found abandoned and is now ready to receive wounded’ Aloria told him as she sorted through the incoming reports.


‘Let every one know that they can start sending any wounded on then.’ Harry thought before asking ‘Anything from the Hogwarts remotes?’


‘They report no movement or heat signatures, and it looked like you accounted for every one’ Aloria told him


“Dennis, Colin the remotes are not reporting any movement or any body heat, but tell your teams to be careful as they search the castle. I left the Marauders map in a hidden alcove just off the chamber where the first years are brought by boat.


Place your hand on the brick next to the third step from the bottom; password is I solemnly swear I am up to revenge.


You know the password to activate the map, make sure it shows no one in the castle before ordering the pullout and we will meet at the train station.” Harry told them before letting them go.


One of the former special forces officers that had overheard Harry’s orders asked. “Why hide the map inside the castle, wouldn’t it have made more sense to hide it outside?”


Harry shrugged. “That passage is used once a year on the first day of school, most of the time no one ever thinks about it.


If I ever needed to retake the castle I figured on coming up from under the water to the hidden boat docks, and using the landing as a staging platform.


The wards really do not cover that area all to well and with no portraits or other spying devices around it made perfect sense to cache items there.”


“Knowing that it makes perfect sense.” The former officer replied.


‘Harry, sick and injured just started to show up at St. Mungos. Not a single one of them was sent there from one of our teams.’ Aloria reported.


‘Looks like word is getting out that we are retaking magical Britain’ Harry told her.


Ron who had landed with one of the larger armed shuttles walked up to Harry. “Reports from the team sent to Diagon Ally say it is all clear, no injuries and several prisoners.”


Looking at the bound prisoners Ron added the previous prisoner with the seven stunned men at their feet and if the information was correct there was only one left.


“Harry, does it seem like this was a little to easy too you?” Ron asked as he motioned for his people to collect the prisoners.


Staring at Hogwarts, a place that in another life he could have called home Harry answered. “We attacked them with a means that they had no way of identifying nor able to counter. When you add the complete surprise we achieved, it does seem a little anti-climatic doesn’t it?”


Seeing the sense of what Harry had told him, Ron asked. “What do you want done with them?”


Turning to face Ron leaving the image of Hogwarts before him as his past Harry replied. “Drain them dry of any information we can use, and those who put this whole thing together or who of their own free will acted on the orders given, burn out their magical cores before handing them over to the new government.”


Shaking his head Ron mentioned. “The yanks are not going to like that or let you do it either.”


Smiling, “Well seeing as how I have yet to hand over control to them and the fact that if the prisoners are no longer here when I do, there is not a whole lot they can bitch about is there.” Harry told him.


“Well then I best make sure they are all gone then.” Ron said as he took off running towards the shuttle with the prisoners and talking rapidly into his communicator giving orders for the prisoners to be picked up and taken off planet as quick as possible.


Walking towards Hogsmeade Harry’s thoughts were interrupted by his communicator going off with Colin’s voice telling him the map showed the castle was empty.


Telling him job well done and to bring the map with him Harry continued into Hogsmeade proper and over to the group standing near Remus.


Harry spoke up when he got to the ministers and their hangers on. “Remus is the diplomat for a reason, so let me be brutally blunt here.”


Pointing to the American president Harry said. “The yanks will set up and run a government that puts the people they serve first, gradually turning it over to the Brits as they find and train un-corrupt people.”


Pointing at Minister Yu now Harry told him. “The Japanese ministry will determine when it is time to hand over total control of the government to the Brits.”


“There is only one of the ring leaders left that we did not capture, so I am leaving some teams in place for the next few days as we track him down. The rest we will turn over to you after we have gotten every last bit of information we can from them.” Harry told them as he stared at them, trying to make up his mind one way or the other on if he could really trust them.


Minister Yu then asked. “Please let us know in advance when they are going to be returned so we may have in place enough guards to transfer them to a secure prison.”


Harry shrugged as he watched Jack walk over towards them unharmed to his relief. “We can do that, though it really does not matter as we will be collapsing their magical cores before we turn them over to you, they will be harmless, magically speaking.”


Horrified President Michalson said. “Mr. Potter that is clearly against the international confederation treaty dealing with prisoners of war.”


Staring harshly at the man till he stepped back, “Then it is a good thing the prisoners are no longer on this planet isn’t it.” Harry told him coldly.


Ignoring the men further Harry walked over to Jack and looked him over making sure he was in fact unharmed.


“One last thing. Make sure to let all the other governments know I am washing my hands completely of you lot. Don’t make me come back here again.” Turning towards them and facing each of them down, “You will not like what happens if I have to come back and clean up another mess you lot make.” Harry said as he shifted back to the city with a whispered hurry up and hand over command to Jack.


Chapter Text


                        T Minus 3 months


Walking through the doors to the park, Harry stood for a moment as he watched Jack and the rest of what had become the primary command staff, spread out leading small groups in the modified Tai Chi type exorcises designed to give a person control over their magic with a thought.


Proud of how everyone seemed to be embracing the Alteran way of life, and leaving the bigotry and baggage of the Wizarding world behind. Moving into the park proper Harry made his way over to an empty section of lawn and started to stretch, knowing that by the time he was finished he too would have a group following his lead.


Finishing his routine Harry waited for the twenty or so people to finish the final movement before bidding them a good morning and encouraging them to keep up the good work.


Walking down the hall towards the transport station Harry had to grin with the amount of people wanting to chat with him, telling him what a great place this was and how much they were learning.


Entering his quarters Harry walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table just as Jack placed a plate of food in front of him.


“Thanks Jack.” Harry said as he sat down


“What do you have planned for the day?” Harry asked as he buttered his toast.


Swallowing the bite of egg and bacon he had in his mouth, Jack replied. “Most of the morning will be spent practicing with my study group for the defense and potions tests this afternoon.”


“Then if I get lucky I will have a couple of hours to do some research before the department heads meeting at four.” Jack added as he set his coffee down.


“Well I have the meeting with the Goblin council at ten and Aloria wants to go over some of the information from the Atlantis dump that came in a couple of months ago, she finally has been able finish going through several thousands of years of data and is ready to go over some of the more disquieting things she has gone through.” Harry said frowning as he remembered Aloria’s tone of voice when she asked for some time today to go over what she had learned.


Banishing his now clean breakfast dishes back to the cabinets with a thought, “I am off for a hot shower; I will catch up with you at four, though if you get finished early I should be up in my office trying to make sense of what Aloria’s discovered.” Harry said as he shook his head as Jack made his third sandwich, and wondering if Ron and Jack had a contest who could out eat the other.


At least Jack had manners and took his time Harry chuckled walking out of the kitchen and towards a nice long hot shower.




Walking onto the command deck Harry looked up and saw that most of the stations were manned including the gate console.


Changing his path so he walked behind the gate console he noticed that it looked like they were running a training simulation to track down and repair hardware faults.


Telling the two good morning Harry continued on and went up the five steps to his working platform.


Sitting down he noticed the new Holo-controls he asked Aloria to install so he could turn the table into an interactive work surface.


Loosing track of the time Harry spent the next couple of hours putting the new system through the paces, familiarizing himself with his new toy.


‘Harry the search drones are reporting in by fold space from the Furling colony world Draynor.’ Aloria vocalized through the bond they shared.


‘What are they reporting back?’ Harry asked curious of the answer.


‘No traces of higher life anywhere in the system, I am transferring the data to your station now’ Aloria told him as the table lit up as data streams and holograms of the system and landmass appeared above the table.


As the Goblin high council made their way from the gate up to the platform for the meeting, they were greeted by the sight of the incredible images floating above the table in front of Harry.


Noticing the Goblins staring at the hologram Harry stood up. “Good morning, you timed your arrival perfectly.”


As the Goblins made to sit down Harry told them. “What you are looking at is a real time picture of Draynor, the main colony world of your ancestors, and the last know location of your race before they were wiped out by the Goa’uld.”


The Goblins watched in awe as the images zoomed in on a herd of reptilian looking creatures.


“Grapt Horns.” Whispered Stone Crusher as he remembered the legends told to him as a child.


As the drone moved on Harry manipulated the image causing the drone to hover over the gate and its broken console.


“Well that explains why the Goa’uld never colonized the world after wiping out the inhabitants.” Harry thought out loud.


Tapping a few commands the image zoomed still closer and the damage to the console was evident.


The control crystals and their brackets had been completely melted by what looked like energy blasts.


Directing the drone to detach the two repair remotes Harry switched the view to another drone that was signaling it had found something.


“Shouldn’t there be ruins at the very least.” Bane Breaker asked.


“Just as you live underground with your farms on the surface, so did your ancestors. They preferred to build their cities underground leaving the surface of the world relatively untouched.” Harry answered, as he read the data stream indicating a Trinium alloy shaft below the drone in the hillside.


Weaving his hands in and out of the active sensor controls in the table Harry took direct control of the drone and guided it into the shaft.


The Goblins watched avidly as Harry guided the drone down the shaft, stopping every so often to direct the remotes to detach and open grillwork designed to keep out animals.


Granthorn gasped out as the drone finally exited the shaft high in the ceiling of a vast cavern housing an enormous city in pristine condition.


As Harry directed the drone in concentric circles towards the center of the Mayan looking city Harry started to tell them why he had called the meeting.


“Shortly after our first meeting in the Goblin Council chambers I took notice of seven sets of runes drawn on the hall hiding the archway gate.


I recognized them for what they truly were, Astria addresses, which with enough power would open the Astria to other worlds.


I asked Aloria to send a signal to test if the Astria were still active through the network.


Six of the Astria no longer function in any way and will have to be checked on physically, while the seventh failed to report it did test as working.


Plus a search of the records indicated that this world was the one your ancestors had claimed as their first colony world and was the most logical location to find the information on your home world.


Deciding to play safe I sent a couple of dozen recon drones through the closest Astria to Draynor and they arrived this morning.” Harry explained.


Splitting his attention briefly as the remotes sent back that the Astria still could be used to receive and with the right parts sent easily fixed.


Noticing an active but weak power source Harry stopped the drones circular flight, and redirected it to roof of the center building and the source of the energy signal.


As the drone extended landing struts and touched down Harry looked over to the Goblin council members to see that all of their attention was firmly fixed on the image in front of him.


Bane Breaker who had caught the shift in Harry’s posture asked. “All this symbols flowing to either side of the picture, what do they tell you?”


Ordering the remotes to detach from the drones and make their way cautiously over to the energy source and what looked like a holographic generator, Harry thought for a moment then answered. “Some of the data tells me that the Astria can still be used one way, what goes there can not get back until it is fixed though and it might be better to build a new Astria and disassemble this one after sending the first set of supplies and remotes through.


Also it seems that there is no sign of any intelligent beings on the planet and I can find no traces of any disease or reason that would stop you from re-populating this world as your own.


It looks like the other landmasses house several cities and will have to be investigated to see what shape they are in. Though I have found no trace of a space port, it might be housed off planet though.”


Harry was about to continue when the remotes had gotten close enough to trigger a recorded message.


The image of a Goblin dressed in a bright blue uniform appeared and started to speak in a gravely voice.


Mentally telling Aloria to record and translate the image Harry calmed the council down with. “Aloria will play it back with a translation as it seems over time the language has shifted enough that you are having trouble understanding what he is saying.”


After several minutes and the recording started over, Harry directed the remote to back away from the beacon shutting the recording off and conserving its almost exhausted energy reserves.


Harry shunted some of the holograms to the ends of the table so that the recording could be played in the center of the table.


The blue uniformed Goblin flicked in place for several minutes while the Goblin council looked back and forth between them selves lost in thought.


“I have the translation ready now Lord Commander” Aloria announced.


Harry and the Goblins watched as the tale unfolded.


I am Grythok commander of the Grapt Claw. It is thirteen of the cycle of moon pass and we have recently arrived at the capitol of Draynor.


Here Aloria stopped the playback and interpreted. “That is roughly five thousand years ago.”

  My merchant command is the last survivor of the supernova that has engulfed the home world. Know this, the destruction of the home system was not by natural means, and our best tacticians and spies have been unable to unveil our enemy. We have spent the last third cycle giving our fallen brethren on Draynor to the fire and preparing the cities for our eventual return to cleanse the galaxy of the scourge known as Goa’uld. One of my lesser claws was sent to the system housing the creature that ordered the attack on our people and has recently returned after cleansing it of the taint of the parasites. I have set the automatics to build, from plans in the archives, a fleet of armed vessels that will be hidden at Misthalin port on the third moon. I plan is to take my kinsman to the other colonies to warn them and gather supporters, and from there to the hidden colony in the Fremennik cluster that is rumored to house those of our race who embrace our ancient heritage, not the pacifism of those today. If all goes as planned we will return in seven cycles with enough of our kin to man the vessels of our vengeance and we shall cleanse this galaxy of the parasites that attacked us without honor. On the chance that we are not able to return as planned, I have set this beacon with a recording of everything we know about the attacks and the destruction of Kandar our beloved home world. It will activate when it senses the presence of a member the Furling race, or in the off chance that we fail, and we as a people pass from this realm forever, a member of one of the great Alliance. 

Our blood cries out for vengeance.


With that the hologram stilled. “There was a large amount of data transmitted on a side band that will take a few days to go over before we know what all it contains.” Aloria said softly.


Moving his hands over the table top and the sensors linked to the drones Harry recalled half the drones and sent them towards the third moon and hopefully they would find the hidden base, while the other half searched the cites for the transport rings location.


Once that was done Harry deactivated the Hologram message and set the holographic projections to the end of the table before sitting back in his chair to think.


Several minutes had gone by before Harry was drawn back into the conversation when Bane Breaker made a comment.


“On the one hand this changes things, on the other we had intended to ask you to take with you a portion of our people and allow us to set up a colony on or near the world you choose as your own.” Bane Breaker told him.


Opening his eyes back up, “I have no problem with helping you set up a colony world near where we finally decide to settle, or for any who wish to become permanent residents of this city.” Harry said leaning forward.


“I would suggest leaving the group already here in the city as the ones that settle near the Alteran’s new home.” Stone Crusher offered.


“If it meets your approval Lord Commander it would be a good idea to rotate our young warriors through this city to give them experience. Two years I think.” Granthorn told the others.


“That is assuming that the Lord Commander has no objections to his city being used as a training center.” One of the other Council members spoke up.


“Something could be worked out for all those of the alliance I think.” Harry told them thinking that he could place the city in the same positive orbit above their new home like it is here in the Earth system.


“As Kandar is lost to us forever, we should move as soon as possible to secure Draynor as our new home world.” Stone Crusher said.


Bane Breaker looked at each of the council members in turn and seeing them all nod in agreement turned and asked. “How long before repairs are complete and we can start sending our people through the gate?”


Tapping out a few short commands a hologram of the system appeared next to a flat map of the landmass containing the capital city and the gate.


“Even sending through all the raw materials and supplies it will take the remotes ten days to build a new gate.” Harry said as he was giving Aloria orders to start gathering the needed supplies for the project.


“”It will take a day to gather everything needed, and if we sent everything in one go, there would be enough energy on the receiving end to handle a group of fifty along with the remotes and supplies before there would be danger of overloading the gate.” Harry told them as he examined the data in front of him.


“We could have a cadre of warriors ready to go by morning with enough supplies to last a month.” Stone Crusher informed the council.


“If you were asking my opinion, I would send through your group tomorrow. And even when the gate is built and functioning I would wait on sending any more but several small groups through, until one of the new ship gates has been built in orbit, this will allow automated weapons platforms to be moved into the system ensuring its protection.” Harry told them.


“How long would that take?” Granthorn asked.


Stalling by entering some new commands for the drones, Harry asked Aloria to project how long it would take to build enough weapons platform to secure the system from Goa’uld attack with more to be added to make the system totally secure.


Getting the answer back and ordering the fabricators to get started on reproducing enough of their class to do the job, Harry answered slowly. “Ten days to manufacture the new gate. Then at least two days to bring through all the new supplies and fabricators needed to begin the job.”


“It will be another ten days to build the massive ship gate, and by borrowing some of the fixed weapon platforms from the what is set aside for our new home, add another five days to move them into position.” Harry said as he added another two days just in case.


“Twenty nine days from tomorrow. In twenty nine days we can move through everyone except those staying on to run the bank.” Harry finally said.


After talking amongst themselves for a few minutes Ban Breaker said. “That is more than acceptable. We will have ample time to prepare and the first couple of groups through can map the city and its resources, then we can plan what we need to bring from there.”


“Would a new teacher be able to be built during the time we prepare and be ready for our use, or would the Astria have priority?” Granthorn asked as he was loathe to loose the use of the link.


Harry looked at him for a moment side tracked by the question. “Aloria can build and program a new unit so it would be ready to install once the Astria has been replaced.”


‘I will start on it right now Harry, do you want the same settings as the one they are using now?’ Aloria sent through their bond.


‘Yes, and while I am thinking on it, modify the weapons platforms so that only an Alteran can access them, I want them to be fully automatic. I am not saying that the Goblins would betray my trust, more that I need to be sure we do not create a new menace to the galaxy, blood lust will run high for a few years with the warrior cast.’ Harry told her.


 ‘Understood, it will be a simple matter of sealing the boarding area with crys-steel, and the technicians will have to shift to the other side to gain access.’ Aloria responded.


Granthorn seeing Harry’s slightly surprised then pleased look as he entered notes on the data pad he had brought with him commented with a chuckle. “This is so much easier on the eyes being able to increase the size of the words, not to mention it can make readable even my shaky scrawl.”


Laughing at the old Goblins words Harry joined back in planning the best way to accomplish the goal of moving the Goblin people to their new world.


After several hours of discussions, the Goblin Council started to make their way back to the gate so they could start to prepare the rest of their race for the moving day and the news that they would be allowed to have as many children as they wished instead of the strict control and lottery for new children they had in place now.


Stone Crusher stopped as the rest of the Council had moved out of hearing range, “I take it you have taken precautions so that we can not gain access to the new weapons you will be placing about the system for our protection.”


Harry stopped and stared at the war leader calculating how honest he should be with his answer.


“It should not surprise you that I agree with you doing this. I know my young warriors far to well, and once they set foot on Draynor and hear first hand what the Goa’uld have done to our people, they will want revenge.” Stone Crusher told Harry.


Facing him now he finished with, “I would not like to see my people go down that path, and have to loose what we are gaining because some young one crosses the line forcing you to act.”


Harry stood there thinking about what the Goblin leader had told him, both spoken and un-spoken while Stone Crusher followed his fellow elders through the gate.




Banishing the empty tray that held his meal of finger foods and fruit pieces that had just appeared while he was deep in reports, Harry heard someone clearing their throats and looked up.


“Headmistress.” Harry said noticing the slightly nervous looking stern woman standing before him.


Not one to beat around the bush, “Lord Commander a moment of your time if I may.” Minerva asked.


Waving his hand at the seat across from him Harry told her. “Please sit, and you can call me Harry you know.”


Pulling the chair out and sitting down. “Thank you Harry, I wanted to thank you again for rescuing my brother from those breeding camps.”


Thinking of the unthinkable horrors that the prisoners were put through, all in the name of increasing Wizarding kind, left Harry wishing he could bring the man who had put the plan together back to life so he could kill him all over again.


“How is your brother doing?” Asked Harry thinking of how horrified the man had been when he had been weaned of the potions controlling him to find out he had gotten twelve young women pregnant.


“Michael is doing better and wants to thank you for, tubing I think the word he used is, the unborn children so their births can be spread out. It was a great relief to him and his wife.


Not to mention to the young women in question, knowing they did not have to carry a child and go through every thing involved in giving birth to a child forced upon them.” Minerva told him.


Thinking of the several hundred such babies they had placed in artificial wombs, to help mentally heal the women in question, Harry was grateful that at least some of the fathers that were old enough for the responsibility were meeting the responsibility and said so.


“Yes, Michael and Amanda left this morning to go back home to start packing, they have decided that they want to raise their children as Alteran’s.” Minerva said proud of her brothers decision.


“Glad to have him join us.” Harry told her.


Changing the subject to the reason she had sought him out. “Harry I was wondering what this meeting is about this afternoon you invited me to attend.” Minerva said with some curiosity.


“I know we have discussed you taking over as the head of education.” Holding up his hand when she started to once again point out she felt she did not know enough.


“I still feel you are the best person for the job, for the simple reason that I know you and I know that you will put the children’s needs first.” Harry tried to once again convince her.


Sighing Minerva knew she had lost the argument right then and there, when Harry pulled the needs of the children card.


It was hard, but Harry kept the smile off of his face when he saw that he had won.


“Fine then, though I will reserve the right to have more than one deputy.” Minerva told him as she stood up, there was much to do to get ready for the meeting taking place in a couple of hours.


Letting his grin out as the stern no nonsense woman left the platform, Harry thought she really was the best person for the job, she would realize it soon enough.




Shutting down his new toy, Harry walked to the steps and made his way down and back towards the steps leading up to the command level.


Climbing the three flights of steps Harry walked into his newly remodeled meeting room and around the duplicate of his new toy downstairs, only this one had an input station in front of each of the twenty seats.


Harry did not have long to wait before everyone that had been invited had shown up.


“Thank you all for coming.” Harry told them.


As they all settled down around the table Harry continued. “Most of you have had several days to get used to the idea that you are now in charge of the various departments that fall under your area of expertise.”


“I know that most of you do not have much of anything to report this time around, but at least you all will have faces to go along with the names.” Harry told them.


“Let me assure you all once again, that you are the exact people needed for the job.” Harry said as he leaned forward.


Pointing to his right. “Neville is in charge of Bio Sciences, would you like to start.” Harry asked.


“Thanks a lot Harry, put a guy on the spot.” Neville muttered and every one else laughed.


“For those who have yet to meet me…” Neville started before being interrupted.


“More like for those not stupid enough to chase you down as you are playing with those damn man eating plants of yours.” Jack smirked.


“Hey, not my fault they like the taste of you.” Neville fired back.


“As I was saying.” Neville said giving jack a rude stare, eyes glinting with mischief. “I am Neville Longbottom, I have been placed in charge of the Bio Science division which includes Herbology, Exo-Botonay and all the farm production for the city.


You can usually find me down in the main section of greenhouse three dealing with the magical plants.”


“The only thing to report is that I am still short handed of those with farm experience, though we are now at full production, and producing all that we consume without any imports.” Neville reported.


“Hopefully as we are extending the acceptance orbs to the younger years we will be able to help you out Neville.” Gran told her grandson.


“Thanks Neville, if you start getting into to much of a bind let me know and I will see if we can’t recruit a little more directly.” Harry told him.


Smirking at Jack, “Now the smart arse next to Neville with the phobia for anything green is Jack O’Neill, the improved version, you can ask him about it later if you really want to know.” Harry said laughing under his breath at the expression on Jack’s face.


“Hey, I prefer to eat my salad when I can’t get out of it, not have it eat me.” Jack pouted.


“Any who, Like Harry said I am the new and improved model of Jack O’Neill, and due to the other two who shall remain nameless. I have been put in charge of all of our response forces, defensive and offensive.


That means the space forces, scouts, shuttles and what not. The ground forces, which includes our specialist and what I like to call those crazy old men who like to make things go boom. And the internal security, or the city peace makers.”


“The only complaints my crazy old men division has is there has not been enough things to go boom. Other than that I think were golden.” Jack finished, and every one else had to access the link to translate his particular brand of slang.


“Which leads to you my fine…” Jack turned to McGonagall and froze at her stern expression.


“Hold your horses there, you got this whole Spock thing going, do you know that. I can hear Kirk barking out Eyebrows set to stun.” Jack quipped.


You could tell you at the table had more than a passing familiarity with television when they fell all over themselves in laughter.


“Jack me lad better be careful before she sets those things on kill.” Kevin laughed out.


“Yes well contrary to the opinion of most of her former students, Minerva can not make a person spontaneously combust with a look, though Tommie boy did avoid her at all costs while he was alive.” Harry said eyes definitely laughing even though his face looked innocent.


“Humph, it is a good thing I can no longer give out detentions Mr. O’Neill or you would certainly be serving several months worth. I have the feeling you could give the twins a run for their money.” Minerva said primly, even though her eyes were laughing.


“While I have been roped into being in charge of the whole education system, I am still feeling my way into the more exotic classes offered. But I do believe we will have more than enough qualified teachers by the time we depart.” Minerva told Harry.


“Healer Christanson if you would.” Minerva passed off the speaking baton so to speak.


‘Thank you my dear, and it is nice to see you up and moving about too.” Agatha said more than willing to continue the good humor shown so far.


“Before discovering my heritage and joining the city, I was trained as a trauma surgeon, and was the top in my field with a post as Head of the emergency department at Johns Hopkins. With the tutoring from Poppy Pomfrey I am now fully qualified in magical healing also.” Agatha introduced her bio.


“Now my duties fall into trying to ride herd on the Genetics department, Healer Hall and those crazy people who like to brew poisons, I mean potions.” Agatha said, always liking the Pern nomenclature of her profession.


“As far as staffing is concerned we are fully staffed and well into training both magical raised and non magical healers. So far I have not run into any problems with keeping up with the new arrivals or the common day to day illness and injury in an active population like ours.” Agatha told them proud of her people.


“And I know better than to take time away from a Hopi woman of power, Powaqa dear your next.” Agatha said.


“Thank you dear, but I am still going to beat your ass during practice tomorrow.” Powaqa told her sweetly.


“Most of you have seen me overseeing the goings on, on command one. Need to travel by portal, my people will get you there. And the rest of the staff working better keep their eyes on what is going on around near space and in the city, or I will throw their ass around the training mat too.” Powaqa told them humor in her voice.


“As far as status goes, we will be fully trained for all shifts by the time we depart in three months. Though I would like to see a trial run by the staff before we head out if you can find a way.” Powaqa told Harry.


“I think I have a little project that would get your main team the experience you are looking for. I need to move one of the remote platforms to a neutral location when I call for the Alliance to convene in a week’s time. Then you can cycle the rest of your teams through moving the weapons and support platforms to Draynor, the new home world for the Goblins.” Harry told her.


Making some notes in her data pad Powaqa asked. “That should give the teams just what they need. How soon can we get underway and what are we taking?”


Waving his hand above the table sensors, Harry activated the keyboard and programmed for a projection of the ship he had in mind to appear.


“This is a battle carrier class station. It has its own gate and has the latest dimensional jump drive. It should give your crew a feel for when Shas leaves its moorings and makes its way towards the Pegasus galaxy.” Harry told her.


Practically drooling Powaqa asked. “How soon can I get my ha…I mean can we crew her and get her underway to wherever you are setting her up.” Powaqa corrected herself mid thought.


Laughing at her eagerness Harry told her. “You can move your teams to her tomorrow and after a good day of familiarizing yourselves with her you can plan to take off the next morning.”


“Down girl, you are drooling all over the table. If you are not careful you will short it out.“ Kevin teased.


Smacking her sparring partner on the arm, “Watch it paleface, tomorrow it’s your turn on the salle’.” Powaqa told him.


“Agatha dear, you will protect me from the big bad injun squaw won’t you?” Kevin asked doing his beast puppy dog eyes.


“Paleface black belt afraid of little old me?” Powaqa smirked


“To right miss martial arts champ.” Kevin fired back laughing.


“If you haven’t figured it out yet I am Kevin Gosteli. If it is broken I fix it, if it isn’t I build it.” Kevin told them.


“I ride herd on the remotes and all those who have this urge to take things apart to see what makes them tick.” Then smirking at Harry he added. “Though Harry here won’t let me take apart the city.”


“To right. All we need is a geek with a spanner roaming around.” Jack threw out.


Harry watched every one laugh at the joke and knew he had chosen the right people.


Remus seeing he was next, “I of course am in charge of the traders and diplomats, seeing as Jack’s idea of a diplomatic gesture is blowing them up, and Harry would rather stun them into next week.”


After those laughing got some semblance of control back, Jack responded. “Hey I resemble that.” Causing more laughter.


“Augusta if you would.” Remus said.


“I have met all of you at one time, most likely when you first joined us. I am Neville’s grandmother, Augusta Longbottom. I see that the new arrivals are properly introduced and housed. After seeing the new design for the Crèches I would like to see several more of the towers converted as I am afraid we are rapidly filling them up.” Gran told Harry.


Frowning Harry asked. “Are we really getting so many orphans?”


“As we have a different goal than the magical governments, we do not have the luxury of modifying the memories of radical parents and must fall back on rescuing the children and altering the parents memories, in about half the cases we are able to alter the memories of one of the parents so they believe they are divorced.” Gran told him.


Incredulous Harry asked. “There are that many closed minded people out there?”


“Even with Alteran DNA most of the parents in question learned this behavior from their parents.” Powaqa sadly told him.


Sighing sadly, “Get with Kevin and he will try to keep ahead of the new intakes then.” Harry told her softly.


Looking over at Vlad. “I hope you have news that is not so depressing.” Harry told the Russian born.


“Vlad Sidorov at your service. And I have no news depressing or otherwise. By the time we leave I will have fully trained construction crews ready to work the docks and building projects you come up with.” Vlad said with a shrug.


Nodding his head Harry indicated for Tanaka to finish the group off.


“Lord Commander.” Tanaka said with a slight bow.


“I have been given the honor of heading the science division. We handle any thing science related that does not fall under Life Sciences of the Bio Science departments.” Tanaka told them.


“I am called Tanaka, Haruki. And I used to chair the applied science department at MIT.” He said with a small bow of his head once again.


“The only thing of note is that I would say that only a third of the research labs have been occupied. And it is my hope that they soon will be filled. If not by the time we leave, then within a few years when the young ones start searching for answers.” Tanaka told them.


“Thank you every one. Before we get something to eat and get to know one another better, I do have one major announcement.” Harry now had all their undivided attention.


“Early this morning we were able to find Draynor, which was the first colony world of the Goblins, also known as the Furlings.


There was a recorded message left at the capitol city that let us know that as little as five thousand years ago the planet still was inhabited.


Also it would seem that the original home world of the Furlings was destroyed in a way that led the Furlings to believe their star going super nova was not natural.


Examining what little data Aloria has on the original star system I would tend to agree with the survivors. “Harry told them.


“The plan is for a new Astria to be built and moving most of the Goblins to Draynor as their new home world.


The first group of explorers will go through the Astria tomorrow along with a full crew of remotes.


Ten days later we will begin using the new Astria and sending through more teams and supplies to build a space gate that will be large enough to handle ships.” Harry explained.


“Powaqa in twenty days time we will begin moving the platform and support ships through and all your teams should get more than enough experience to suit your needs.” Harry told her.


Seeing her nod her head as she made notes he finished. “In twenty seven days we will move the remainder of the Goblins to their new world.”


“And when would you be calling the Alliance meeting?” Jack asked


“Ten days time.” Harry told him. “The signal will be sent out five days from now, giving the Nox and Asgard enough time to validate the signal and make their way to Myrrdin.”


“Powaqa, how long will it take you to get the platform to…Harry where the hell are you setting it up at?” Jack asked.


Harry entered the co-ordinates and a hologram of a planet less double giant appeared along with spatial co-ordinates above it.


“This is a system lacking anything of any importance except as it plays havoc with Goa’uld sensors, or any one else’s for that matter.” Harry then tapped a few keys enlarging the area and causing a section near the outside edge to blink.


“Right here is where I want to station the Myrrdin. Far enough away so there is no interference with travel, yet close enough to take advantage of all that lovely energy.” Harry said.


Making calculation with the help of her data pad Powaqa said. “Five days, it will take us five days from today to be set up.”


Leaning back in his chair Jack thought before saying. “That gives me at least five days to make sure the area is secure.”


Hearing the confirmation from Aloria with their estimates Harry rose. “It’s settled then. Lets move this to the dinning hall, I hear we are having roast beast courtesy of Neville tonight.”


Jack still in his chair asked pensively. “Plant or animal?”


He was still sitting there as Harry walked by not sure what to make of the evil sounding laughter Neville was making.


Scott has provided most excellent editing skills


Chapter Text

                                      T Minus 2 months 20 days  

“Hank, how the hell are you.” Jack said as he strode past the airman and into his former office.


Looking up from the off world report he was reading, General Hank Landry the new Co for Stargate command said. “Jack what brings you all the way from Washington to my neck of the woods?”


Major General Jack O’Neill pulled a slim black case from his jacket pocket before sitting down.


“Ya know, this and that.” Jack said flippantly.


Hank chuckled. “And the fact that the oversight committee is making the rounds on the hill has nothing to do with it.”


Jack flipped open the case revealing his old set of Eagles and slid it across the desk.


“Some paper work came across my desk yesterday with Carters name on it.” Jack told him as he slouched in the chair trying to find a comfortable spot.


Taking the case and looking at the Eagles nestled inside, “So, she made full bird.” Hank said. “And you decided to escape the bureaucrats and present her with her promotion personally.”


“In your shoes I would have done the same.” Hank chuckled.


Sirens started to go off accompanied by a voice saying “Off world activation.”


Standing up, “That would be SG-1 now. Shall we.” Hank handed the now closed case back to Jack and started out of the office.


Jack jumped up and followed him towards the gate room smirking, he could have some fun with this.


Arriving in the gate room just as the wormhole had disengaged Jack noticed Daniel and Carter talking to Landry at the bottom of the ramp, more than likely giving a brief report on whatever techno gizmo they found.


Daniel was the first to notice him.


“Jack.” Daniel yelled out. “What are you doing here?”


Sam looking over the general’s shoulder cried out happily. “Sir, good to see you.”


Before he had a chance to properly embarrass his former second in command the rings started to rotate and the siren started once again.


Sgt. Walter’s voice rang out in the gate room. “Colonel Carter could you come up to the gate room, the dialing computer is activating by itself.”


Placing her pack on the ground Sam started to move towards the blast doors when a bright beam of light coalesced into the form of Thor at the foot of the ramp.


The short Asgard supreme commander blinked several times as he took in those standing around.


“Greetings O’Neill.” Thor said.


“Thor old pal, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about the computer dialing by itself would you?” Jack said waving towards the rotating gate, as he eyed the little alien not believing in coincidences.


“Chevron seven engaged.” Came across the loud speaker.


“Your gate was the closest one available to me that would be able to handle the extra power needed to get me to my location.” Thor stated.


“Chevron eight engaged.” The incredulous voice said. “It did not lock.”


“It is normally polite to ask first.” Jack told the little alien. “Where do you need to go in such a hurry?”


“Chevron nine locked.” Then in wonder they heard. “Nine, the ninth one locked.”


Carter said in awe thinking about what she knew. “Nine? But that is impossible.”


“I apologize O’Neill, but my need was great. The Asgard High Council has been called to a meeting of the Alliance of the great races.” Thor told him.


“It is my understanding the Nox are also responding.” Thor said as he looked up at O’Neill.


“Thor, who has the power to call together the Alliance?” Daniel questioned.


Blinking at the archeologist Thor replied. “As the meeting place is of Ancient origin, and led by the Ancients, only they can call the meeting.”


Excited by the prospect of extending her knowledge of the gates Sam asked. “How can there be nine symbols. I know the eighth denotes galaxy, but what does the ninth do?”


“It is unknown to me Colonel Carter.” Thor replied as he started to walk towards the ramp.


“I must go now. Till we meet again O’Neill.” Thor said as he stood before the event horizon.


Turning around and starting for the gate himself, Daniel yelled out. “Thor wait, how is it possible for the ancients to…”


Groaning when Thor walked into the wormhole while he was trying to get answers, Daniel stood looking at the event horizon for a moment before sending an apologetic look in Jack’s direction and following the Asgard into the gate.


Seeing what Daniel was about to do Jack yelled out. “Daniel DON’T.”


“Shit.” Jack swore as he made his way quickly up the ramp.


“Of all the impulsive stunts.” Jack swore before placing his hand in the event horizon to keep the gate active.


“Hank, I am going after Daniel.” Jack told him. “I will be back as soon as I choke the shit our of him and drag his ass out of what ever trouble he is about to get himself into”


Carter yelled out as she threw an object she had dug out of her pack. “Sir, Catch.”


Grabbing the dark object Carter threw at him Jack stepped into the gate, following his impulsive friend into the unknown, thinking that this had to rate up there on the stupidity scale.




Cutting an imposing figure in his Alteran uniform, Remus stood in front of the Astria awaiting the arrival of the last Asgard representative that had yet to make it for the meeting.


While he was waiting he let his mind wander to the interesting expressions on the faces of those that had already arrived, when they learned this was going to be a meeting between all four of the great races.


Steven who was behind the console housing the Astria controls looked up towards Remus when he saw the reading flash over telling him of an inbound traveler. “Sir we have incoming traveler, Asgard by the bio readings.”


“That should be the Supreme commander of their fleet.” Remus told him, thinking finally they were all together.


Thor exiting the Astria and took in his surroundings. Seeing the person standing in front of him wearing an impressive uniform of black, a band striped across the chest leading down one side with gold.


“Greetings I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet.” Thor introduced himself.


Bowing his head slightly Remus replied. “Greeting Thor, you may call me Remus, you are the last to arrive. The high councils of the Furlings, Nox and Asgard have already assemble and if you follow me I will take you to the meeting hall.” Remus respectfully told the stunned Asgard.


Steven brought his attention back to the console away from the departing Asgard when it made a warning beep.


Seeing first one then another signature enter the transport stream of the originating gate the Asgard had just exited, he shunted the stream to the Astria into a loop, giving him an extra minute to give security time to arrive and activated the com. “Unauthorized inbound travelers. Arriving Astria arrival area one minute.” Steven told the answering officer at the other end of the com.


Stepping through the Astria Daniel turned around taking in the splendor of the arrival room.


Noticing the people were dressed in a similar style as the ancient named Ayiana that the Antarctic researches discovered, smiled and tried to be as imposing as possible.


Stepping forward he raised his hand in greeting and in his best understanding of the ancient language, hastily greeted them with a quickly thought up greeting and introduced himself.


Steven not quite believing what he had heard, decided to err on the side of caution threw out his hand and willed the intruder to be encased in a prison of flames.


Daniel was shocked when his greeting was met by bars made out of what looked like flames, reaching out his hand he noticed the intense heat generated from the flames when he got about two inches from the cage. Yes defiantly hot he thought.


Wondering what on Earth was going on Daniel stood there perplexed as Jack strode through the gate just as it shut down.


Seeing his friend caged by fire Jack swore under his breath. “Only you Daniel can get yourself in situations like this.”


Seeing jack walking around and not being caged Daniel whined. “But I didn’t do anything.”


Waving his hands around Jack continued his rant. “Didn’t do anything…didn’t do anything. You must have done something to end up in a fire cage.”


“Who’d you piss off this time?” Jack spat out.


Steven and the two internal security people stood next to the Astria controls with a bemused expression of their faces as they watched as the second man ranted at his friend.


Noticing the Astria was being activated once again, Steven noticed the matter stream originated from Toria Ai Shas.


Waiting until the figures started to emerge from the Astria he activated the com system and pushed the button next to it sounding a series of bells “Lord Commander Arriving.”


Stepping to the side so as to not block the Astria, Harry stared at the scene taking place a few meters from him. Wondering who the hell these people were and what they were doing on his station.


Jack the last through the gate noticed Harry staring off to the side and hearing a voice he recognized. “Oh shit.”


Sighing as he was really looking forward to the dressing down Harry was going to give the Asgard, Jack walked the few steps over to Harry and said. “It’s Daniel and older me. I probably should handle this.”


“Are you sure?” Harry asked concerned that it might reopen old wounds, that they had finally worked through.


Ron seeing the two strange people, one of them contained in a cage decided to take the bull by the horns and walked over. “Oi, who are you blokes and what do you think you are doing here.”


Smiling to reassure Harry, “I’m sure. Best get moving before Remus comes looking for you.” Jack told him.


Looking back over to the older version of himself he noticed the dark object in older me’s hand. Looking closer he thought it couldn’t be, could it. It is he thought with a smirk, this is going to be so much fun.


“I am going to be fine.” He told Harry, thinking to himself this was going to be so much fun. “Go on, Steven already announced you on board, don’t keep them waiting.”


Staring at the older version of his Jack, Harry nodded his head before walking away from the Astria and towards the hall leading to the meeting hall.


Walking up behind older Jack in time to hear Ron reply. “Brit? What’s a Brit?”


Smirking Jack said loudly. “Daniel what the hell were you thinking?”


Older Jack whirled around hearing his voice coming from behind him.


Gaping at the younger version of him standing behind him wearing one of the uniforms that the rest of the people were wearing. “What the hell, where did you come from?”


Not taking his eyes off the caged Daniel mini jack answered with. “It has to do with the ATA gene and the tampering done by the Asgard.”


“Now Daniel what did you do this time.” Mini jack asked conjuring a couple of comfortable recliners with a wave of his hand and a thought.


Sitting down he caught out of the corner of his eye the older version poking the chair with a finger, as if not believing it was really there.


Leaning back in the chair Mini Jack stared at the openly gaping archeologist waiting for him to answer his question.


“Um, hello I thought you were in Kansas.” Daniel said slowly as his brain fired off in multiple directions at once, and his face got that look to it, like when he was trying to solve a puzzle.


“DANIEL, stay on topic here.” Older Jack spat out, deciding it was safe to sit down. “What did you say?”


Blinking at Jack, Daniel said. “Hello, all I said was hello.”


Ron snorted in disbelief. “We all understand you quite well when you talk, even though you talk funny. I certainly don’t see saying hello as being enough of a reason to imprison you.”


“DANIEL.” Both Jack’s yelled at the same time.


Mini Jack scoffed. “Ya, I can see how saying hi there I am Daniel pleased to meet you, would get one caged.”


“But, but that is all I did.” Daniel said pleading his innocence to the unbelieving trio.


Waving his arm in a circular motion Ron willed a visible silencing bubble to appear around them. “All right no one outside the bubble can overhear us. Say what you said again exactly like you did the first time.”


Daniel looked thoughtful for a moment as he remembered his hastily prepared speech and opened his mouth and spoke his greeting in Ancient again. “Ai eis Palor Balyl Ai cali tysti sai cor os tyraes eil thes os shardia tyrol sai paer.”


Ron got all red faced and angry and stood up and stormed off before he punched the guy into next week for his crass and hateful language.


“Daniel.” Older Jack started, angered at seeing the reaction Daniel had gotten.


“That does not sound like a simple hello to me.” Older Jack told him, watching the shocked look cross over his younger versions face followed by disbelief.


Mini Jack dropped his head into his hands and moaned. “Only you Daniel.”


More for show than anything else Mini Jack willed Daniel into a chair and secured him to it at the feet and hands by some chains, dispelling the cage he was trapped in at the same time.


Standing up Mini Jack started to yell, as the silencing bubble dissipated. “Were you born stupid or do you practice at it while in the library while doing research on some weird mythological deity.”


“Did it ever pass through that minuscule thing you call a mind that instead of trying to impress every new race you meet with your knowledge of languages and customs, that it would be better in the long run by taking the simple approach.” Mini Jack continued to yell at the man.


“Haven’t you learned by now to keep control of that mouth of yours. Almost every case where you have been taken hostage, it was because you engaged you mouth before your brain.” Mini Jack mere inches from the flinching Daniels face.


Older Jack leaned back in the recliner in awe, and more than a little bit of pride as he watched his younger version tear into the impulsive archeologist.


“But.” Daniel started to say trying to defend himself.


“Shut it Daniel. It is my turn to yell at your stupidity.” Mini Jack fired back.


“Did it not occur to your feeble mind that after all these millennia that the language would have shifted, or even completely changed.” Mini Jack yelled at him.


Seeing the look on Daniels face Jack toned down the volume. “I can see that you never gave it any consideration, Oh no the great expert on everything ancient could not be wrong. After all, even without retaining most of the knowledge of your ascended state you had to be correct didn’t you?”


“But I don’t see what all the fuss is, all I said was hello.” Daniel tried to defend himself.


“Would you like to know what you really said Daniel?” Mini Jack asked all sarcastically.


“Please, tell me how he put his foot in his mouth this time.” Older Jack said, wondering how much trouble the archeologist had gotten into this time.


Sighing as he sat down Mini Jack turned to older Jack and explained. “This fool came through and spouted out a death threat at the Astria tech’s mother and said after he had killed her he was planning on raping his baby cousin till the baby died.”


“Of course seeing that his sister did indeed recently give birth to a baby girl does not help things.” Jack said tiredly, not believing Daniel had yet to gain any common sense.


“But…But the texts and what I have translated show that Latin is loosely based on the language of the Ancients.” Daniel defended with.


“And you have never made a mistake in your translations before.” Mini Jack said rubbing his temples.


“Well once I explain that it was all a mistake, I am sure we can get this cleared up.” Daniel said glossing over his past translating slips.


Getting a gleam in his eyes he whispered. “There is so much I can learn by talking to one of the Ancients themselves. Just think of all the knowledge.”


“NO.” Mini Jack said forcefully.


“Why not, all I have to…” Daniel started.


 Older Jack interrupted. “Daniel shut up.”


“But Jack…” Daniel tried to say.


“Shut it Danny Boy, your in enough hot water without adding fuel to the fire.” Older Jack told him.


“But…” Daniel sputtered incredulously.


“DANIEL. “ Older Jack said harshly.


“I would order you to keep your mouth shut, but we all know how well that works.” Older Jack said sarcastically.


“Ya right, like that will happen any time soon.” Mini Jack pointed out.


“But Jack, the things they can teach us.” Daniel tried to get them to see reason.


“Daniel, the only way out of this is to let Jack explain things, maybe then Earth can keep its Astria.” Mini Jack told him, trying to impress on the man what a bad idea it was for him to keep opening his mouth.


“Yes well I am sure they will understand when I…” Daniel said ignoring the advice being given.


The ripping sound of sticky tape being pulled off the roll interrupted Daniels attempt to get his way.


Blinking, as he was not sure he was truly seeing what he thought he was, Daniel asked very slowly. “Jack…What is that?”


Ripping the length of the duct tape off the roll to a good six inches, Older Jack stood up. “I know of no other way of assuring that you keep quiet. And I have been warning you for years about that mouth of yours.”


Slowly Daniel asked, sure that it was only a threat like all the other times. “Jack…Where did you get that?”


Smirking, boy this time this was going to feel so good, Jack replied. “Carter gave it to me before I chased after you.”


Lunging forward older Jack caught Daniel unawares as he sealed the tape over his mouth.


Mini Jack started to laugh at the hurt puppy dog expression on Daniels face. “After all these years you finally carried through on your threat.”


“Feels good too.” Older Jack smirked sitting back down.




Remus had just finished introducing the Goblin Elder Council, and Harry’s advisors to Thor when Lya of the Nox asked. “What of the leadership of the Ancients. We have met the advisors, when shall we meet the ruling body?”


With a slight nod of his head indicating he heard the question, Remus replied. “He shall be along momentarily, he was delayed by a drone report he had been waiting for.”


Just as he finished saying that a series of bells rang though out the station and Steven’s voice rang out loud and clear “Lord Commander Arriving.”


“Ah, he is just arrived.” Remus told them before moving over to where the other Alteran’s were standing.


After about a minutes wait, where the Asgard and Nox looked back and forth between themselves trying to determine what was going on, Harry walked into the meeting hall.


As Harry entered the hall the Goblins rose from their seats along with any sitting Alteran’s and showing solidarity bowed respectively as they said. “Greetings Lord Commander.”


Knowing this was for more for show than anything else, Harry inclined his head towards the Goblin High Council. “Greetings Elders.”


Looking towards Molly, Remus and the others Harry inclined his head in recognition as he passed his group and made his way towards the end of the table.


Willing a duplicate of his station chair to form near the head of the tables Harry turned and sat down. Once seated Harry looked over to see the confusion and a hint of awe over the casual control of the elements on the faces of the Nox elders and was not sure how to interpret the expression on the Asgard faces.


Choosing his words very carefully so not to reveal too much, “I am sure you have many questions, but first I wish to apologize with how our brethren have let their obligations to the Alliance fall to the wayside.”


“Until a few months ago I did not know how much we had failed you.” Harry told them.


Addressing the Asgard’s Harry told them. “To my anger and shame the enemy that has driven you to such dire straights, is comprised of Alteran technology perverted from its intended use.”


Harry willed the devices he had prepared for this meeting to be transported from storage to the table in front of the Asgard council. “You will find detailed plans to build the devices in front of you. Place them on your ships and aboard the stations around your worlds, they will prevent any remote that has been tampered with no matter how much they have altered their selves, from operating. They will simply fall apart into their base components.”


Seeing the Asgard’s turn to each other and converse excitedly in the high pitched language they normally used, Harry interrupted with one last bit of news.


“Ages past when you first helped form the Alliances of the four great races, your ancestors left in our safe keeping a complete gene bank which will allow you to return to your pre-clone bodies.” Harry told the now excited Asgard.


“Though I should warn you, that now that you will once again posses bodies that are able to reproduce biologically, you should take advantage of this to ensure your race does not die out.” Harry said before turning towards the Nox Elders.


“Forgive me, but my information is slight when it comes to the Nox, though we are willing to return to your custody your races gene bank also.” Harry told the stunned Elders.


Now that we have re-established contact I must ask if the Nox and the Asgard wish to re-join the Alliance?” Harry asked.


An enthusiastic positive reply came from the Asgard as they had just received the gift that would see their survival, followed by a positive response from the Nox Elders.


“Knowing Remus’s usual efficiency, He has already made sure you have been properly introduced to each other.” Harry told them as he proceeded to lead the meeting.


For the next two hours they covered everything from home world security to trade and even joint fleet operations. They finished up by Harry telling them he would start his people updating their Astria to the more recent model.


All in all they accomplished quite a bit of work during those two hours.




Daniel had sat through two hours of conversation where he could not do anything but listen. Still chained to the chair and duct tape still covering his mouth He gave a muffled yelp when he listened in to the conversation the red head  and younger Jack had upon the ones return.


Hearing the yelp and seeing the shocked look on the linguists face, Mini Jack smirked. “I see you finally figured it out, the language the ancients speak has a large tonal aspect to it.”


Feeling older Jacks confusion he added for his benefit. “Think of it this way Jack a single word could mean either hi or die depending on how you say the same word.”


Nodding his head Jack simply said. “Like Chinese.”


Standing up when he noticed that the meeting had broken up, and Harry and the others had escorted the Elders of each of the races back to the gate, Mini Jack prepared to introduce Older Jack and Daniel to Harry and hopefully defuse Daniels remarks.


Harry motioned for Steven to enter the gate co-ordinates for the Nox world and inwardly smirked as Older Jack watched in amazement as the Astria cycled and locked the symbols as fast as they were typed.


“I need to see about getting an upgrade.” Older Jack mumbled as he watched a ripple form from the center of the gate instead of the normal whoosh he was used to.


Thor seeing O’Neill and the bound form of Daniel quickly turned to Harry and told him. “They mean you know harm. They must have followed me through the gate, I used the gate on their world to travel here as it was the closest to my position when I received the call.”


“I can give you the co-ordinates of their home world so they can be returned.” Thor advised.


Nodding his head in agreement, Harry told the Supreme Commander. “Though I still have yet to find out what the one chained to the chair did to deserve being captured.”


Seeing his Jack standing talking to the older version Harry decided to add. “You might want to have a word with the scientist that modified young Jacks memories as he screwed up, and it has taken us months to fix the damage.”


Thor turned and looked up at Harry and blinked as he took in the information. “I will do so. From now on I will direct that all such occurrences shall be handed over to you.”


Harry smiled as he said. “Please do so; we can handle modifying memories easily and quickly.”


Bowing his head slightly Thor walked over to the technicians at the Astria control to give them the address to the Earth gate before joining his fellows as they went through the gate to their home system.


Mini Jack led the older version over to where Harry was standing near Griphook and Stone Crusher.


“Lord Commander, I would like you to meet General Jack O’Neill of the Earth Star Gate Program.” Mini Jack introduced older him, this was getting way to confusing.


“Greetings General O’Neill.” Harry said nodding his head.


“Pleased to meet ya.” Older Jack said as he turned and leaned in towards the younger version and whispered. “Lord Commander sounds pretty important. So it’s like the president or something?”


Mini Jack smirked as he watched the grimace cross his older versions face when he simply said. “No Jack, that would be KING to you.”


“I would like to introduce you to Commander Griphook.” Harry said as he pointed to his right, ignoring the social slip.


Then pointing to the other side he said. “This is War Master Stone Crusher. Both are of the Furlings.”


Older Jack looked surprised as he looked each of the Goblins over, trying to see the fur, that he expected to see, as it was part of their races name.


Not seeing any and not wanting to seem like he was staring he said. “ Nice to meet, heard the name, nothing else though.”


Then leaning in Jack said. “Don’t want to sound crass here but…Oh, I don’t know shouldn’t you be furrier.”


Harry just stared at the older version, wondering if he was insane, and if he needed to check the genetic panel again for his Jack.


Griphook and Stone Crusher not knowing what to make of the crazy human in front of them wisely said nothing and slowly moved towards the rest of the Goblin Elders as the Astria once again activated this time back to Shas.


“What… Was it something I said?” Older Jack asked his younger version, as the Goblins backed away from him.


Switching to Alteran Harry asked. “What did that one do to end up tied and silenced?”


Mini Jack answered in the same language to the consternation of Older Jack, and explained exactly what Daniel had said.


Harry walked over to the bound Daniel and getting right in his face tilted his head back and forth staring coldly at the man who was doing his best to flinch away.


Touching the tape across Daniels mouth and remembering where he had seen the duct tape before Harry stood back up and addressed the older Jack. “I must admit General, this is a most unique way of silencing your subordinates.”


Expressionless Harry told him. “Much less permanent than removing his mouth.”


Hearing the cold voice and then taking in the expressionless face Older Jack shrugged. “Yes well, never had to resort to going this far before. He usually gives in, but why take the chance this time.”


Older Jack fidgeted as he stood there while Harry stared at him like he was trying to decide if he was going to step on a bug.


Moving behind the bound archeologist Harry looked at Older Jack and told him. “Yes…I think it is best if you both were sent home.”


Relieved somewhat that Harry had said they would both be sent home Older Jack had to ask. “I hope this does not interfere with our chances of sitting down and discussing things like trade and so forth?”


Harry though about what he had been asked for a moment before gathering some of his magic into a small blue orb and slamming it into the side of Daniels head.


Seeing the panicked look on the older version of Jack’s face Harry decided to relieve the tension. “I did not harm him. Merely made it impossible for him to talk about anything he has seen or heard here with any one that was not present.”


Feeling brave Older Jack asked. “About that trade?”


Making a motion for Steven to enter the Astria address for Earth Harry replied. “Maybe in the future.”


Whining a bit Older Jack mumbled. “Why does every race we meet treat us like children who should not be told any thing?”


Releasing the unsteady Daniel Jackson from his bonds with a wave of his hand, Harry told him. “It is not that you are too young, but that for us at least, you have no successful off world colony.”


Not giving the general time to answer or even think on what he had been told Harry used his will to levitate the unsteady ex-prisoner into the event horizon, before turning and walking away.


Mini Jack led the older version over to the gate and told him before pushing him through. “There is hope for you yet Jack.”


Chapter Text

                         T Minus 2 months 3 days  

Harry stood behind Steven and Scott as their hands flew across the gate controls as they activated five of the six Astria. Two of them were being set as incoming from the hidden island base on Earth and two of the other three set to split the matter stream on the new Draynor Astria allowing exit on both sides of the event horizon and the third for the sealed cargo containers that would go through the larger ship Astria in orbit.


Harry greeted Stone Crusher and Griphook as they stopped beside the Astria console. “Good morning.”


Seeing the other elders walk through the first Astria in line, along with fifty or so Goblins who congregated in lined groups in front of the Astria, Harry walked over to the Elders followed by Griphook and Stone Crusher.


Seeing Harry look at the squad of Goblin spell casters standing behind them Bane Breaker told him. “Taking advantage of our shorter stature, we plan to levitate the crates above our people’s heads as they enter the Astria system.”


Waving his hand at the spell casters behind him he told Harry. “These are some of our most powerful spell casters. It shall fall to them to take control of the crates as they come through the Astria and send them on through the next Astria.”


“The first two Astria will receive the Goblins from Earth.” Harry started his explanation by pointing out the Astria in question.


Walking over and standing in front of the third Astria Harry told them. “This one is will lead to the ship Astria in orbit above Draynor, so you should only send through objects that can withstand the vacuum of space. We will then use the shuttles to ferry the crates down to the planet.”


Pointing to the last two Astria activated. “Those two will lead to the Astria on the plains of Draynor itself.” Harry told them, as the Goblins arranged themselves now that they knew which Astria to send items and people through.”


Detecting movement in the matter streams form earth Steven called out, “Incoming travelers.”


Harry and the elders stepped aside as the first of the Goblins started to come through the Astria.


After half and hour of returning the greeting of the passing Goblins, Harry said his regrets and moved over to his work platform where he could monitor the progress while trying to get through some of the reports that had piled up overnight.


After another hour of work Harry leaned back in his chair reclining slightly and stretched as he thought over the latest request to cross his desk.


If it wasn’t for the fact that both his advisory council and the department heads had been the ones to author this he would have set it aside and responded with maybe at a later date.


What they proposed in securing the security of Terra or Earth as it was now known, would mean nothing other than bringing the humans into the Alliance as the fifth race, and he was not sure they were ready for that.


Paying attention to the Holo Screens at the edge of the table Harry watched the flow of people and goods flow from the Earth Astria through the city and out the Draynor Astria as he contemplated the points brought up in the proposal.


Still not coming to any decision Harry watched as a group of Goblins took over for the ones moving the crates as they arrived at the city and now instead of people coming through it was a massive stream of crates and materials.


Still not coming to any conclusion Harry was distracted with the blinking of one of the Communication panels indicating a fold space transmission.


Pressing the controls that would accept the incoming transmission a Hologram rippled into reality in front of him above the middle of the table.


Expecting to see Jack on the other end of the transmission Harry sat up in surprise to see the face of Thor.


“Greetings Lord Commander,” Thor stated nodding his head slightly.


“Greeting Thor, is everything alright?” Harry questioned slightly concerned that something had happened to Jack.


“Yes, I am calling on behalf of the SGC of Earth with a request that they be able to formally meet with you.” Thor answered.


Opening his senses to the space around him he could not sense the presence of any ascended beings close by, still it was such a convenient coincidence.


“When do they want to meet?” Harry asked slowly.


It was really short notice Harry thought but he would defiantly find out how serious they were. “I have time today, the Furlings are re-colonizing Draynor and I wish to be on hand in case of problems.”


“Tell them that I can meet with them in one hour. I know that is not a lot of notice, but I can not guarantee I will have enough free time after today.” Harry told him.


“I will relay your message along with co-ordinates to O’Neill you have given us to use.” Thor said before closing the connection.


Harry pondered what surprises the Earth SGC had come up with now.




“Sirs,” Carter said as she knocked on the open door to the general’s office.


Jack looked up from the reports scattered across the desk, he and Hank had been going over. “Carter?”


“Ambassador Faxon is here.” Sam reported, as she moved aside to allow the man to enter the office.


Standing up Jack extended his hand. “Ambassador Welcome to…”


Alarms started to blare as a voice called out over the speakers. “Unscheduled off world activation.”


Jack was first out the side door into the briefing room, and over to the corner to the stairs leading down to the control room.


Meeting up with Teal’C as he stopped behind Walter in time to hear him say, “Sirs, the iris will not engage.”


Hearing what Walter had just told O’Neill, General Landry walked over to the microphone. “Seal the gate room.” Just as the event horizon gave the typical whoosh as it activated.


As the special Operation Command forces chambered rounds in their weapons there was a ripple in the event horizon and Thor walked out and stopped a meter from the gate as it disengaged behind him.


Blinking, Thor stood there calmly as he looked up through the observation glass of the control room at the assembled officers. “Greetings O’Neill.”


Jack disappeared from the control room as he ran out the hall and around the corner to the blast doors sealing off the gate.


Sliding his ID card through the scanner strip he followed it quickly by inputting his password to over ride the security and allowing the doors to be opened.


Seeing that everyone was standing down from action stations, jack made his way up the ramp until his head was face level with Thor’s.


“Thor, I did not expect to hear back from you this soon.” Jack told him, knowing that SG-7 had just returned from P3X-798 where they contacted the Asgard not even two hours ago.


By this time the Carter, Teal’C, the Ambassador and General Landry had made their way into the gate room.


“O’Neill I bring word from the Ancients.” Thor stated as he stared at the human in front of him.


“The lord Commander will meet with you, and which ever representatives of your government that you bring, in one hours time.” Thor said as he extended a hand with a plastic imprinted card in it.


Walking the few steps needed to take the item from Thor; Jack looked down at it and noticed a series of nine symbols on it.


Looking back up at Thor, Jack did not have a chance to ask when Thor spoke once again.


“This gate address will take you to Toria Ai Shas, where you will meet with the Lord Commander. The rest is up to you.” Thor told him as he raised his hand with one of the oval control crystals and activated the gate.


Jack watched the little Asgard walk towards the gate and heard him say as he entered the event horizon. “We have faith in you O’Neill.”


Turning around clutching the card in his hand Jack scanned those in the gate room before asking. “Where’s Daniel?”


“He’s still at the alpha site Sir.” Sam told him.


“Walter.” Jack yelled up at the window. “Dial up the Alpha site and get Jackson back here pronto.”


Walking down the ramp Jack handed over the card with the gate address on it. “Here you go Carter. Program that in and meet us in the briefing room, bring Danny boy with you.”


“Shall we,” Jack told the rest as he gestured towards the door.


As everyone followed Jack into the briefing room and found a seat jack went to the desk in the corner and removed several legal pads and threw the bunch of them into the middle of the table, keeping one for himself.


Sitting down at the head of the table Jack waited until everyone that wanted one grabbed one of the pads. “Joe, I know this is short notice but can you be ready in time?” he asked.


Before he had a chance to answer Carter rushed in and sat down. “We got hold of the Alpha site and they will send Daniel back as soon as they can get him to the gate.”


“Thanks Carter.” Jack said as he looked at the Ambassador.


“I wish we had longer to discuss what the President told me before I left Washington to make sure we all are on the same page.” Joe said as he started to list points on the pad in front of him.


“It goes without saying that we would like to get as much advanced technology as we can.” Joe told him before asking. “You actually met with them, even if briefly, you must have made a wish list from what you observed.”


Snorting Jack replied. “You think they would just gift wrap one of those stations along with the tech manuals if I asked nicely?”


Carter coughed as she almost choked on the coffee she had just started to swallow when Jack cracked that comment.


Looking at Carter to make sure she was ok, Jack said. “Seriously, one of the things mentioned was that we could be accepted as the fifth race in the Alliance. That alone would go a long way to securing our world from hostile forces.”


Writing that point down Joe motioned for Jack to continue.


“If we could secure that I would like to know how much assistance we could get.” Jack said as he leaned back.


“I mean look what happened with our helping out the Asgard, they have helped us develop the Prometheus and installed Asgard weapons, if we can even get half the technological help that the Asgard have given us.” Jack mused.


Leaning forward over the table, “One of the big things is they have six gates side by side and they are more advanced than even the ones in Atlantis, if we could get ours upgraded.” Jack told him.


“Sorry it took so long, I was outside the base.” Daniel said as he walked into the room.


‘What’s the emergency?” Daniel trailed off seeing Jack at the table.


Seeing the wary expression on Daniels face, Jack said. “Not still mad at me about the tape thing are you?”


“I am not happy with you, but no I am not still mad.” Daniel said slowly.


“Good, because in thirty minutes we are going to go meet with the Ancients at some place called…” Jack started to say tor a as he tried to get his mouth around the words Thor had spoken.


“Toria Ai Shas is what Thor called it Sir.” Carter volunteered helpfully.


“Toria?” Daniel questioned, before thinking for a moment mumbling sounds of similar words.


“Pretty sure that means city. Though I will have to do a little more research on what Shas means, maybe it is descriptive like the cities name.” Daniel mused.


Sighing as Daniel went off a tangent, Jack brought him back on topic. “Well find time after we come back if you want.”


Seeing the confused expression on Daniels face, “You are coming with us.” Jack informed him.


Daniel smiled at hearing that. Reaching forward he grabbed one of the pads from the center of the table and a pen and started to write out questions at a brisk pace.


Almost groaning out loud Jack told his impulsive friend sternly. “Danny Boy, under NO circumstances are you to try to talk to them in Ancient. Am I making myself clear here?”


Paling slightly in embarrassment at the memory of floating through the Stargate with his mouth duct taped shut and the expressions on Sam’s and Mitchell’s faces when they saw him.


“Right, no worries Jack,” Daniel told him, as he muttered something about checking Jacks pack before they left.


“Do we know what the meeting is about?” Daniel asked.


Seeing that there was not much time left before they would have to break up to get ready, Jack responded. “I sent SG-7 this morning to contact the Asgard to see if it would be possible to meet with the Ancients, to discuss what it would take on our part to meet the requirements mentioned so we could become a member of the Great Alliance.”


“What I did not expect was to get an answer back two hours later telling us we would be meeting with the Lord Commander of the Ancients in an hour.” Jack told them.


Making a snap decision Jack stood up. “Dress blues on this one folks, if we are going to meet with the main man himself, we have one chance to make a good impression.”


“Meet in the gate room in fifteen minutes, I don’t want to be late.” Jack told them as he started towards the visitor’s quarters.




Standing at the foot of the gate ramp in his best dress uniform Jack was glad that Mitchell was off planet with that Vala woman, he could just imagine the chaos she would cause if given the opportunity of tagging along.


Teal’C was the first to join him dressed in his formal Jaffa robes, Followed by the Ambassador and Carter.


Looking at his watch Jack thought if Daniel didn’t hurry he would be left behind.


Just as he finished that thought Daniel came running into the room holding his suit jacket and attaché case under one arm as he tried to tie his tie.


Chuckling softly at Daniels antics Jack called out as he pointed to the gate. “Walter dial it up.”


General Hank Landry pulled the microphone close. “Good luck Jack.”


Shaking his head CMSgt. Walter Harriman announced that the ninth chevron had locked.




Harry was in deep discussion with Aloria over the brief report from the drones he had sent to the Altare galaxy several months ago. It had taken the probes a good six weeks to make their way unnoticed into the galaxy that spawned his race.


So far they had found and examined the nexus world that allowed Astria travel between galaxies, only to find it a barren wasteland, with a melted puddle of rock where the Astria once stood.


In fact the breathable atmosphere had long since burned off as all life on the planet had been destroyed.


He had a really bad feeling about what he would find when the probes made their way to the next closest world that had an Astria.


If he believed in the slightest in Divination he would say he was feeling a portent of danger.


Watching the Goblins once again start to exit the gates on their way to Draynor Harry tried to shake the feeling of danger.


Sighing he thought he would find out in two weeks when the probes made it to the next Astria enabled system.


Catching out of the corner of his eye the closest Astria start to light up and the address bar on top start to fill Harry stood and walked down the steps and across the deck to the Gate Console.


Steven who looked up from the hovering symbols above his console to see Harry walking towards them told him when he got close enough. “Lord Commander, the matter stream was initiated on Earth.”


Nodding his head, “Ah that would be the SGC team that Thor requested I meet with.” Harry told him.


Griphook had seen Harry walk over and decided that he should update him with how things were going so far walked over in time to hear his comment.


Seeing Griphook stop near him as he watched the Astria activate, Harry looked down and asked. “Is everything going smoothly?”


“We have reached the half way point Harry, another hour to an hour and a half should see us done.” Griphook told him barely holding on to his excitement.


Smiling at Griphook’s enthusiasm Harry said. “Maybe in a week or so you should take a couple of days and wander around Draynor yourself.”


Seeing the excited Goblin practically bouncing in place was one of the strangest things Steven had ever seen.


Seeing the next shift of spell casters walk through the Astria Griphook hurried off to make sure every one knew which Astria to use leaving Harry to stand by himself as the Earth team walked out of the Astria.


Giving them a moment to take in the massive movement of Goblins in and out of the Astria, a chance to awe them, Harry walked slowly over to greet them.


Sam stood there starring at the impossible sight before her. Five gates in close proximity to each other not only active but moving massive amounts of beings and cargo through them. Everything she knew about the gate system screamed at her this was impossible.


So engrossed in this contradiction of acceptable facts she did not notice the first three attempts to get her attention and Daniel had to resort to pinching her arm hard to get her to snap out of it.


Jack seeing the guy introduced last time he was here as the Lord Commander gathered his group together. “Hello there, thank you for agreeing to talk with us.”


Giving a slight head nod. “Please, this way to where we can sit comfortably and talk.” Harry told them as he led them towards the steps next to the Astria console leading to the next level.


Walking past the manned stations to the stairs and towards the next set leading up, Harry led his guests up to the third level where his meeting room was located.


Jack stopped at the only chair on this level and noticed he could see every station from this point.


Walking past the chairs on either side of the table and stopping at his chair at the head, Harry gestured to the empty seats. “Please have a seat.”


Harry waited until the others had seated themselves before sitting down. “Thor tells me that you wish to talk with me.”


Seeing that Joe was deferring to him for introductions. “We are glad for this opportunity.” Jack told him.


“If I may introduce you to my team and the Ambassador,” Jack said.


Seeing Harry nod his head, Jack started. “Colonel Samantha Carter our technological genius, and next to her Teal’C a weapons expert and free Jaffa.”


Then pointing to his right Jack finished with. “On my other side is Dr. Daniel Jackson and next to him is Ambassador Joe Faxon here as a representative of the President of the United States.”


Nodding to each in turn as they were introduced Harry fixed his gaze on Daniel wondering if the man would be foolish enough to make the same mistake twice.


Seeing the man squirm slightly Harry shifted his gaze before introducing himself.


Deciding a little misdirection would be appropriate. “The closest translation of my name would be Harry James Potter, Lord Commander of the Alteran people.”


Hoping to avoid a political faus paux Joe asked. “Please do not take offense, but could you tell us what rank would Lord Commander be equivalent in our ranking system?”


Seeing the question was very appropriate to heading off social mistakes replied, “No offense taken. It shows intelligence that you would prefer not to unintentionally insult me.” Harry said as he glanced at the wincing Daniel Jackson.


Seeing that the point had been taken by the man Harry continued. “The closest, as this position does not exist on your planet would be King of all Kings.”


Jack winced slightly thinking how close Daniel came to insulting this person last time. And the fact he had disregarded the explanation from his mini version as being facetious.


Joe was taken aback, finding out how high up this young looking person was in the scheme of things.


Harry had to chuckle inside as he took in their expressions, he loved doing that to people.


“Yes, Well...“ Stammered Joe as he tried to think of what to say next.


Jack helping the Ambassador out said. “One of the things we wanted to discuss was the statement you and one of your Advisers made to me before I left the last time.”


Leaning back Harry had wondered if this was what the meeting would be about. Then asked, “What would you like clarified?”


“If Jack understood you correctly.” Joe Started. “The reason your people will not consider letting our government join the Alliance is because we do not have a colony world?”


“Our world does not have one government, we have many governments, and not all of them are aware of the existence of other worlds and travel through the gate system.” Daniel told Harry.


“I am well aware that your world is splintered in such a way. I also am aware that only a small portion of the governments are aware of the Astria existence and of those five only two are actively traveling through it.” Harry answered.


“That does not matter to me. I know general your comment of being treated like children by the other races that are closely related to yours genetically must vex you to no end.” Harry told the man.


“In my mind it is simple really. Once any of the governments that are aware of the Astria use and existence, have successfully colonized one of the empty worlds out there, they will be considered for membership in the Alliance of Races.” Harry leaned back in his chair.


“The Asgard and even the Nox speak highly of your race.” Harry surprised them with the statement.


“The Asgard have even teamed up with you technologically in joint ventures. Which speaks highly of how they already consider you as the so called fifth race.” Harry told them.


“So what you are saying is that once the United States has an off world colony we would be considered for membership.” Joe said slowly, wanting to make sure he had his facts straight.


“Well there are plenty of empty worlds out there we can use.” Sam told her companions.


“Indeed Colonel Carter. And with the Goa’uld menace reduced it would be safe for you to do so.” Teal’C stated.


“But it would take years to set up a colony.” Daniel interjected.


“What about the people at the Alpha site, would they count as a colony?” Joe asked Harry.


“Unfortunately your Alpha site only qualifies as an outpost. There simply are not enough people there to be a viable population if for some reason it was cut off.” Harry told him.


“So we have to spend the time to develop a planet then the months it would take to move the people there after the infrastructure is in place.” Daniel said frustrated.


“But how long will it take to build enough housing and all the rest of the support structure needed for a new world.” Joe asked.


Jack had not joined in on the conversation as he was busy watching the subtle expressions on Harry’s face. Seeing the growing frustration there he broke in. “Hold on folks we’re evidently missing something simple here.”


Sam looked surprised and asked. “Like what Sir?”


Ignoring the others and concentrating on the very hard to read young man across from him Jack slowly said. “Nothing you have said told us we had to build the colony from the ground up.”


Encouraged by the lessoning of the frown and slight nod of Harry’s head he continued. “So if we chose an empty world that all the buildings and support structure were already in place it would be acceptable.”


Smiling now Harry answered. “Yes.”


Feeling that he was right in his conclusions, Jack rambled on. “So we choose one of the worlds we have visited that had no one living on it, but still has the remains of civilization that can be used to house our people. Then all we have to do is move enough people to the place and instant colony.”


“Don’t forget you have to move enough livestock and food production capabilities so it would be self sufficient.” Daniel added.


“Surely it is not that simple? Is it?” Joe questioned looking at the others.


“Yes and No,” Harry said as he sat up and placed his hand on the new control he had the remotes install.


Linking his mind to the controls Harry activated the replication features of the table and had several copies of a sample charter conjured in front of the Earth team.


“Since your world is splintered any colony would have to be governed by a charter. These are translations of several extremely old charters, from several differing planets.” Harry pointed to the parchments that appeared.


“The charter would state how the world would be governed, any monetary system used, how land was acquired and sold, and the technological level that could not be surpassed. I think you get the idea.” Harry said as they started to read the samples.


Skimming through the documents Joe asked. “Who would be in charge of seeing the charter was followed?”


“Any colony charters would be filed with the Alliance. They would make sure that is was followed.” Harry answered.


“So we have narrowed down years to maybe one now. It still is going to take a long time to move thousands of people.” Sam told them bursting the bubble so to speak.


Jack followed Harry’s gaze out the transparent side wall were he was watching all the commotion going on below.


Wait a moment he thought, the gates are still active, they haven’t shut down, Jack thought. Looking closer he noticed the amount of crates of goods floating above the heads of the people as they moved from one gate to another.


And some of them were carrying infants and children Jack noticed. Right there under their noses a colonization project was being carried out in plain view.


“Maybe not Carter,” Jack said as he turned back to face Harry.


“What do you mean Sir?” Sam asked.


Pointing to the wall behind her, “Look down there,” Jack told her.


Sam and Daniel turned around and looked out the window and stared at what Jack had pointed at, trying to figure out what he was talking about.


“I don’t see whatever it is Sir.” Sam said.


“Carter you are looking at colonization in progress down there. Look closely and you will see children and what looks like families along with their belongings moving from one gate to another.” Jack explained.


“Ok.” Daniel said slowly. “But how many worlds are being done at one time?”


“One,” Harry answered, and then followed up with. “And they are coming from one initial world also.”


Turning back around, “How is that possible? You can only have one active gate per planet.” Sam asked assured of her knowledge of how the gates functioned.


“Later Carter, you can satisfy your curiosity after we finish this conversation.” Jack interrupted her.


“Nothing I have heard or read today said we had to colonize a world without help.” Joe said thoughtfully.


Looking at his watch Jack noticed the gates had been active at least forty minutes asked. “How long do those gates stay activated between shutdowns?”


Looking out the wall at the gates Harry was confused at the question and it showed. “I am not sure I understand what you are asking, the Astria don’t shut down until we have finished using them.”


Almost growling in frustration at the obvious language impasse, Jack asked in a different way. “How long have those five gates been active before you shut them down to let them recharge?”


Quickly getting the answer form Aloria on how long ago the Astria had been activated answered still confused. “Those five Astria were activated two hours and forty five of your minutes ago and have yet to be shut down as it will take at least another hour to finish moving all the people we need to through them.”


“That’s not possible. The amount of power needed to generate and maintain a stable wormhole…” Sam started to protest.


“CARTER.” Jack looked at her and mouthed later when she stopped her rant and looked at him.


Looking back towards Harry he started to ask before being distracted by an amazing sight down on the floor. “How many…”


The amount of people traveling between the gates had stopped and now there seemed to be three times as many of the little people standing in lines as guides. When all of a sudden large numbers of crates started to fly out of the two first gates and the little people seemed to act like they were catching them and throwing them into one of the other gates even though the crates never got close to them.


And then the awe inspiring part started, they speeded up the already fast performance till the crates were flying by in a blur.


Harry noticed that the Goblins had decided to put on a little show for their visitors and smiled as they performed like one smooth machine and levitated the supplies at a rapid rate.


Clearing his throat to gain their attention Harry thought he better explain, hoping it would bring about the end of the confusion on both their parts.


“Draynor, that’s the current colony world the Furlings are moving to by the way.


Twenty-seven days ago I sent in remotes to completely rebuild the Astria on Draynor. In all total it took ten days for that to be completed.


During that time a team of fifty that had gone through along with the construction remotes, used that time to map and inventory the structures of the old Furling colony.


When the new Astria was finished I sent a larger team of remotes and support craft into orbit around Draynor so they could construct a ship sized Astria, which also took ten days to complete.


During this time more teams had been sent through to follow up with the evaluation team and over the next ten days these teams moved back and forth helping the new colonists chose where they would be living and to help set up some of the farms.


Then once the new Astria was finished we moved through enough Automatic weapons platforms to ensure that the system would not fall to outside invasion.


These sealed weapons platforms are of Alteran design and more advanced then anything the Furlings are able to produce.


That took around four and half days.” Harry told the SGC negotiation team to their incredulous looks.


“We then moved the livestock through to the prepared farms along with the farmers over the next two days. This leads into this morning when the rest of the colonists are moving to Draynor.” Harry said, seeing that the last groups of Goblins were coming through the Astria now.


“We estimated it would take four hours to move the thirty thousand Furlings and all their belongings and what not.” Harry said as the first two Astria finally deactivated as the last of the Goblins had walked through.


“Seems Griphook wanted to get done early.” Harry mentioned out loud as the few Goblins left moved through the now single activated Astria before it to closed down after they had made it through.


Jack sat there and blinked as he took in the unbelievable amount of information. Thinking of possibilities he decided it would not hurt to ask. “If we found a suitable world, filed the charter with you and did most of the preliminary work would you be willing to offer us the same as you did for those folks moving to Draynor, even if we have not become a full member of the Alliance yet.”


Joe sat there taking all the information in, it was amazing the way Jack could bounce around and even though he was more straight forward than a diplomat he seemed to get things done quickly. Maybe he should talk to the President about Making O’Neill the colonies governor or something. Talent like his should not be wasted.


Harry truly smiled, Jack was right; under that dumb acting exterior there was a keen intellect. Placing his hand back on the raised panel Harry had the system recreate several copies of the obligations of Alliance membership along with the benefits and place them in front of every one.


“If you agree to the obligations of Alliance membership which is now in front of you, and I must say the benefits are quite nice.” Harry told them.


Seeing them pick up and start to skim through the documents. “Then to answer your question, yes we would.” Harry told them.


Grinning in triumph, “Carter, while the Ambassador and I go through these why don’t you and Daniel ask your million and one questions.” Jack smirked.


Chapter Text


"Thank You Sir." Sam said as she turned to see the young man laughing quietly.


"Col. Carter, to answer your earlier speculation, it does take enormous energy to do what we do with the Astria, in fact my ancestors who built the primitive ones you use now, would not have been able to provide the power needed, nor would the Astria be able to handle it." Harry told her.


"But it still does not explain how it is possible to have more than one gate open at the same time in the same place." Sam exclaimed.


Seeing no forthcoming explanation she said. "Look we know that you can only dial one gate on a particular planet, the dominant one. It is possible for the gate to jump to a secondary gate on the same planet, but the circumstances needed to create that jump are impractical for normal use."


Since she had yet to ask any question Harry sat there and just watched her dig herself a deeper hole. Oh how he was going to enjoy knocking over her tower of knowledge.


Getting frustrated a she was not getting any answers, it did not dawn on her she had yet to ask a question.


Seeing Sam getting frustrated Daniel wisely whispered in her ear. "Sam you have not asked anything yet; just made statements of how things work which if you think about it since they can do it, you might want to re-evaluate what you think you know."


Leaving his colleague slightly shocked Daniel decided to ask before they got bogged down in technical discussions. "Would it be possible to get some one to tutor me properly in speaking your language, I would prefer not to make a fool of myself again."


Remembering Daniels last attempt and how much of a disaster it was, Harry smirked at the thought of teaming the Archeologist up with Minerva and wondered how many detentions he would end up with before she broke down and just slapped him for his foul mouth. "I think I can make arrangements with the Headmistress of education for you to join some of the elementary classes in a couple of months."


Pleased with the answer, "Thank you," Daniel told him beaming with excitement.


Thinking carefully on how to phrase it, "I have been wondering something." Sam said.


"I know that our gates, dial seven symbols to get to the planet we want to travel to, and the eighth acts like an area code which allows us to dial other galaxies, what does the ninth symbol do?" Sam asked.


 "Let's start with what happens when you input the co-ordinates into the ailer var shall we." Harry said placing his hand on the panel and having the computer give a detailed hologram of an antique gate and its control console.


"Now when seven symbols are entered, the closest Astria at the destination target becomes the anchor for the matter stream, correct." Harry asked.


Nodding her head in the affirmative, though it was not quite how she understood the process, but it was close.


"And if I told you that by adding one more symbol it would target a particular Astria at the target destination." Harry said watching her process that information.


"Wait a minute I thought the eighth glyph indicated which galaxy you wanted to dial into." Daniel interjected.


Shaking his head and pointing at the hologram, Harry told him. "No, at the time the Astria were built they did not need any more than eight symbols to indicate nexus gates."


"It's all about power, with enough power at your disposal you would be able to go to the planets that are currently out of your computers reach, which is about half of them." Harry shrank the hologram of the gate and had a nexus gate appear next to it.


Unlike other platforms that hold the gate, if you look closely at a nexus gates platform, you will see it is attached to the gate itself, and the ailer var is built into the platform not stationed near by. It also differs in that it is larger as it needs to be so to house the larger power source." Harry explained.


"Let me see if I have this correct." Daniel said. "The eighth symbol is to get to a nexus gate not a gate in another galaxy."


"Yes. Back when the Astria were built, it seemed like a waste of resources in the beginning to provide every Astria with a large enough power source to be able to access every other one. So traveling around the galaxies was a four or five step process.


You would travel to the nexus or to an Astria close enough to get to a nexus. Then you would travel to the next nexus and from there out to the planet you wished to go to. All together it took about ten minutes." Harry shrugged.


"Even after newer and more powerful power generators were invented there really was not a good enough reason to upgrade the Astria." Harry said as the hologram flashed and disappeared.


Sitting up as she made a connection. "Wait we have seen these nexus gates Daniel. The ones we found that had Zero Point Module's on them.


"Zero Point module?" Harry questioned trying to think what they could be referring to.


"A glowing crystalline structure about so long, several pointed points on the end." Daniel pantomimed the dimensions.


Frowning in thought Harry stared as energy modules started to rapidly flash in front of him.


-Harry I think he is describing a Celes node.' Aloria whispered through the link.


-Those old things,' Harry replied as he changed the settings so that museum pieces started to display.


Slowing down as he was getting to the end or the earliest displays Sam exclaimed.  "There, that's what it looks like."


"But...But that's positively ancient." Harry groaned out in shock.


"Are you telling me that the Celes Bydi were never replaced in this region?" Harry said incredulous.


Then aloud Harry asked Aloria, while skimming through diagrams and specifications, "Aloria could you check the archives to see if you can find out why these things were still in use."


Projecting her voice like it was coming out of a speaker in the table, she said, "Right away Lord Commander."


Sam just blinked at the statement and the expression on Harry's face, while Daniel asked. "Celes Bydi?"


"Hmm...Oh closest would be Quantum node in your language I suppose." Harry replied still distracted with what he was reading.


Seeing that he was distracted and hoping that he might give an explanation without thinking about it, Sam asked. "What do Quantum nodes do?"


"They encase an artificial subspace point which harnesses micro wormholes that try to form inside, and as they collapse capture the energy released and focuses its output through the crystalline structure into usable energy." Harry answered with what he was reading, not giving it much thought.


-It would take thousands of these things to match the energy output of just one of our singularity plants' Harry whispered in shock through his link. -No wonder the old Astria have to be replaced to perform as we need them to.'


"Just think of what we would be able to do if we could create ZPM's to power our ships instead of the Naquadah generators we use now." Sam was excited by the prospect.


-Harry, it looks like this branch of the Alteran race never had a need to develop new power sources. Though from information provided by the Atlantis dump it looks like the war caused them to try, but in the end they failed.' Aloria told him as he shut down the display.


-So while some moved into hiding and started to research and develop everything they could think of when the plague started the rest just put distance between them and the affected worlds and grew complacent and lazy' Harry said bitterly.


"It looks that way. I would say that we are as far advanced from the ancients as the ancients were to the Earth humans.' Aloria compared.


Harry winced at that thought, after all he did have Aloria and she was able to make great leaps in their knowledge and capabilities.


Sighing quietly as he leaned back in his chair letting his head rest on the headrest. The culture shock that the Alteran's they rescue is going to be immense he thought. I need to make sure we come up with something to help ease that or we stand the chance of loosing the much needed genetic infusion.


Deciding he had better pay attention to the here and now Harry listened in to the conversation Col. Carter was having with Daniel.


"I wonder if we can get a couple of spare ZPM's to replace the ones Dr. Weirs people need." Daniel mentioned to Sam.


Breaking into the conversation Harry told him. "No, we don't use them. In fact I had to find the information on them in the museum to even know what you were talking about."


Jack who had been keeping half an ear on the conversation sat up, the Asgard had even been unable to reverse engineer a ZPM.


Daniel stared at Harry and mouthed very slowly, "A museum."


"Our scientists have speculated that that a truly advanced civilization would have unlimited power by tapping the planets core." Sam threw out one of the more off the wall theories hoping to get it shot down.


Shaking his head in disgust, Harry simply said. "Why would you do something foolish like that and risk destabilizing the planets core causing it to blow up."


Sam's eyes bulged out in shock. She was hoping to get the theory disproved but this was a whole different thing.


Ignoring the babble that was over his head Jack asked. "If you don't use ZPM's what do you use?"


Harry blinked at the question and not seeing any harm in the answer told them. "A singularity."


"But how could you use a black hole as a power source? Wouldn't it sap all your energy instead of generate it?" Sam asked confused.


Confused for a moment as he had to translate the black hole reference and the prevailing theory behind it into something he could understand.


Sometimes he wished he had more of a grounding in the hard sciences he would have had if he did not go to Hogwarts, instead of learning advanced science from the Alteran view point, some times he did not have a good reference to go by when talking to those that only knew the prevailing Earth views.


"No this would be the opposite of a black hole. I believe you call them white holes." Harry explained.


While the hard Sciences were not his field Daniel did know that current theory was that a white hole birthed the universe.


Way over his head now Jack asked. "What's so special about a white hole anyway?"


"Big Bang, Jack." Daniel said as he was still trying to get his mind around the concept.


Harry almost had to laugh as the look that crossed the general's face as he looked around like he was about to be blown up at any minute.


"How...How is that possible?" Sam stuttered.


Harry just shrugged like it was no big deal, and replied. "We create them, it's quite easy actually."


Jack smiled as he watched Carters brain shut down and she sat there mouth moving slightly and nothing coming out.


"How is it possible to have five gates sending things to and from one gate on each end?" Daniel asked.


Well we are using the Astria in orbit around Draynor as one of the arrival points for non sensitive cargo:" Harry told him.


"But what you really are asking is how we can connect two of our Astria to just one at the other end correct?" Harry asked


"Indeed." Teal'C said.


Commanding an image of a gate to appear above the table Harry simply asked. "Describe the Astria to me."


Daniel not sure what the wanted to know started. "Well its round in structure with an inner ring that moves. There are nine chevrons spaced evenly around the gate that light up and lock into place one of the thirty nine symbols carved in relief on the inner ring."


Rotating the ring so the backside was now the one facing the Archeologist, "And this?" Harry again questioned.


"It is the same gate only the back of it." Daniel said not sure where this was going.


Harry changed the image now to the new advanced Astria they used. "And this one?"


"Well first off the color is different, meaning it might not be made of the same material. There seems to be no inner ring, and no chevrons to lock address into. There still is symbols carved into the face, but it does not look like it has any moving parts to it."


Rotating the gate to the other side Harry did not get a chance to ask before Daniel answered "It's just the back of the gate like the first one you showed me."


"I disagree Daniel Jackson." Teal'C said as he leaned forward.


"The back of the lighter colored gate also has symbols on it and the same raised ridge as the front side. Where as the gate we are used to does not have a raised ridge and the back side is smooth with nothing on it." Teal'C informed him.


Harry smiled at Teal'C as he was evidently the more observant of the two. "That is correct. One must remember that everything has two sides."


"With the advanced Astria we use we are able to split the matter stream between both the front and back, in essence creating two event horizons. Very useful in an emergency evacuation scenario." Harry told them smugly.


Joe after having read through most of the papers looked up. "While I certainly do not see anything in here that the president could disagree with I do have a couple of questions that would make things clearer in my mind."


Gesturing for him to continue Harry wondered what was not clear.


"You are offering to take all members of the Alliance to a certain technological level but no further, why?" Joe questioned.


"I was wondering that myself, but seeing how it is light years above where we are now it didn't seem important." Jack said.


Trying to phrase his answer in a way that didn't sound belittling, "It is not that we think that you could not in time understand it is more that any of you would not be able to duplicate our methods." Harry told him.


Joe looked over at Jack who looked at Daniel.


Seeing that they had no clue to what he had said Harry told Aloria to set his chair for simulation only.


A huge 3d holographic model of the city appeared above the table and for the first time the group realized they were not on a planet but a huge city sized ship.


Submerging himself in his magic Harry's voice became deeper as he started to glow with a greenish energy that swirled around him.


Leaning back in the chair it reclined as display after display appeared all around the room as each and every station and section of the simulated ship lit up. "We are able to directly manipulate the energy of our surrounding in a way like no others."


"Through this I can link my mind and energy to the city and with a thought, command it to do anything I can think of." Harry told after a few minutes of the demonstrated simulated attack he put the city through. Sitting back up and letting go of his magic letting it return to the imaginary pool just below the surface of his skin as he told Aloria to shut down the simulation.


"So it's a genetic thing." Daniel said slowly, impressed by the demonstration.


"To a certain extent," Harry nodded his head in agreement.


"And would we have to give up our sovereignty by joining the Alliance?" Joe wanted that point clarified.


Harry turned to look the man in the face. "NO, but if you would leave the Alliance you would loose the protections you had gained by being a part of the Alliance along with any Alteran tech loaned to you for your use."


Jack heard the unspoken threat that if they wanted out they would loose the advanced gates also. He made a mental note to make sure Joe picked up on that fact.


Thinking back to BP6-3Q1 the planet where Teal'C was infected by the giant bug, Carter asked. "Would help colonizing another world include the possibility of removing a hostile non sentient life form?"


"What." Jack asked liking Carter better when her brain was stuck in idle until needed. She was a lot quieter that way.


Excited by the possibility, "Sir you remember BP6-3Q1, the planet where Teal'C got stung by that strange bug. It was advanced and was in pristine condition. Like whatever disaster happened destroyed to them overnight."


Remembering the planet now, Jack had a hopeful look on his face when he turned back to Harry, thinking the planet was perfect.


"Intelligent or not we will not help exterminate a native natural species." Harry dashed Jacks hopes.


Not speaking till now Teal'C asked. "And if it is not natural?"


Harry had almost forgotten that the Jaffa was there as quiet as he had been. "That I have no problem with."


"Carter do you remember the gate address?" Jack asked.


Frowning Sam replied. "No sir but I can radio back to the SGC and get it."


Looking at Harry she added. "That is if you do not have any objections to me doing that."


Seeing Molly fidgeting outside the meeting room Harry said. "I have no problem with that, why don't we take a break of about an hour while you phone home."


Standing up and willing some folders to appear, "We will reconvene in an hour then; you might want to take those with you as we will meet on another level that is a little more spacious." Harry told them as he escorted them to the steps.


Signaling Molly to join him as he escorted the SGC team to the main level.


Switching to Alteran he asked. "Molly is there a problem?"


Answering him the same way, "I was in medical when we received a signal from one of the damaged Alteran ships whose crew was in hibernation sleep. It was a gate beacon automatically released screaming about the destruction of the ship."


"Aloria did not say anything about receiving a distress signal. How did the signal come in?" Harry asked reaching the first level and walking towards the steps.


 Slightly upset that so many had died before they could rescue them Molly told Harry. "It came in on the dedicated medical channel...You know that means..."


Stopping to one side of the bottom of the steps, Harry whispered in horror. "Cyrorar...It means it could only be the Cyrorar."


"Thank you Molly I will get some people out there right away to find out what happened and if there are any survivors." Harry hugged her before she made her way back to the embarkation med bay.


Harry stared at the retreating Molly, not sure what the feeling was, other than knowing anger was mixed in there somewhere.


Ignoring the questioning looks from Jack and Daniel Harry led them to the gate console, and asked. "Steven would you use Astria one so that my guests may contact their home base."


Not even listening to Stevens reply Harry walked a few meters away and started to glow.


Jack and Teal'C were curious as they watched Harry walk a few steps away from them and start to glow slightly. Moving closer they listened in.


Very aware that he was being watched closely Harry never the less. "Aloria city wide alert, trace back the Astria beacon please."


Pitching his voice so that it would be carried over the sounds of the alarms that started blaring, "This is not a sim...I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A SIMULATION. ALL PERSONALL TO RESCUE AND RECOVERY STATIONS."


Waving his hand in a circle above him Harry was engulfed in a bright white light as the area was bathed in a red light and the bay doors in the ceiling opened.


His voice was carried through out the city as everyone ran to their emergency stations. Aloria having traced back the signal from the gate beacon started to dial the Astria address where the signal originated.


At the same time she uploaded the information to the ready room and the ships standing by.


"Ready Room...Launch the search and recovery Pinnaces." Harry's voice boomed out over the hidden speakers.


"We have received a gate beacon from the Cyrorar that is twelve hours old." By this time Harry was completely linked with Aloria and the city and was seeing everything as it happened.


"Pinnace one through nine manned and responding." A voice came back through the speakers.


Long double ended needle like craft started to drop from the ceiling and powered up and flew through the gate.


Sam who had ran over to where Jack and Teal'C where standing asked, "Sir what's going on?"


"Not sure Carter, but whatever the Cyr...Whatever it is it sounds important." Jack said stumbling over the name.


Daniel and Joe who had just finished talking to earth and started back towards the rest of their team, jumped in surprise to hear the alarms going off and seeing people actually appear out of thin air and start running for stations.


"Launch scout cadre unicorn...Provide cover for search and rescue Pinnaces." Harry went on as his eyes cycled through the different stations as they powered up.


As the last of the Pinnaces entered the Astria, a swarm of remotes started through, intent on rapid modification of the receiving Astria.


"Estimated Astria upgrade one point seven hours." Steven yelled out as he sent the emergency remotes through the gate, programmed for rapid down and dirty modifications.


By now the rest of the Earth SGC team had gathered a few feet behind Harry.


"Jack what the hell is going on?" Daniel was almost frantic seeing replicators swarm through the gate.


"Harry the Bololarys is fully manned and ready." Ron's shimmering image appeared near Harry.


Turning his head slightly and focusing on Ron. "Launch Search and Destroy mission. Your orders are Vengeance." Harry told Ron before turning back to monitor the information feeds now coming back from the gate in the Pegasus galaxy.


Remus who knew Harry was scheduled to meet with the SGC team shifted to the Embarkation deck, right behind the Earth Team in time to hear Daniels question.


Looking down at his data pad where Aloria was scrolling the details of the hospital ship. "The Cyrorar was a hospital ship with a crew and medical staff of five hundred and five thousand youngsters in stasis. They had engine damage due to the system where rescue operations were in progress going nova when they attempted to escape." Remus answered Daniel's question.


Hearing that Jack winced in pain, not liking to hear about any child getting hurt or killed.


"The plan was for them to take the ship to light speed and enter stasis while they traveled knowing that their emergency signal would take some time to reach an outpost that could mount a rescue." Remus sadly said. "Unfortunately their signal did not reach a manned outpost, the ship became a legend as no one could find her, we received a message from her automated systems last week and we were planning a rescue mission to take off in a few days. That's the reason the Bololarys was ready to respond so quickly."


"Incoming fold space transmission." Aloria announced.


The image of a huge lethal looking ship appeared on the wall behind the gates as small liquid silver dart shapes started to drop through the ceiling and disappear through the gate like bullets shot from a gun.


"Greeting Lord..." Thor started to say before taking in what was happening on the other end of the connection.


"Commencing data dump." Aloria announced as visual streams of Asgard writing scrolled in front of Thor's face.


 Finished reading the data stream, "I shall collect your mate and launch the New Hope and the Vindicator. Estimated time of arrival 6 hours." Thor said before disconnecting.


Jack looked around taking in all the people around him glowing as their hands moved through holograms above their work stations.


A voice from behind him called out. "Bololarys you are cleared for dimensional shift."


Jack realizing that the image of the ship on the far wall was what was being seen in near space watched in awe as it shimmered and disappeared.


Turning back to where Harry was standing, a chair started to rise from the floor molding itself to Harry's form, changing his position so he was seated and reclining back.


An image formed above Harry, fed by the fold space transmitters on the rescue Pinnaces Showing the Bololarys shifting into existence near their position outside the planets gravity well.


By this time the gate had shut down and off to one side an image appeared showing the replicators swarming all over the gate sparks flying as control runs were ripped out and new ones appeared like they were grown in place.


 "I am not sure how far you had gotten in your meeting, but I want to apologize on Harry's behalf, I know the next several hours are going to be taken up by this emergency at least and more than likely he will not be willing to deal with the niceties of diplomacy afterwards." Remus apologized to them.


Ever the diplomat Joe replied. "We understand, for the most part this meeting was over, as I need to present everything to the President before we can commit. We can leave the gate address of the planet with the dangerous insects with you."


"Horntail nine reporting wreckage on long range sensors." A voice called out.


Harry started to glow brightly, quickly becoming too bright to look at. When they were able to see again he had disappeared.


"Where did he go?" Questioned Daniel as he rapidly looked around the area trying to find out where he went.


"Back where he belongs during a crisis." Remus pointed up to the third level, where Harry was now in his chair.


"All ships converge on Horntail Nine. Employ standard search pattern." Ron's voice came through the speaker.


"Is there any thing we can do to help?"  Joe offered, knowing that it would prove their willingness to be full members of the Alliance.


Remus thought the offer was nice, but knew that they were not advanced enough to really help. "Not right now. If you wish I can make arrangements to send you home or I can take you over there where you can sit and observe."


Seeing the concern and that Daniel did not want to leave Jack turned to Joe and questioned him with signs on what he thought.


Seeing the Ambassador nod his head for staying Jack said. "We'll stay for now, in case we can help."


Leading them over to Harry's work platform where the could sit out of the way yet still watch what was going on Remus summoned some drinks and sandwiches to the table. "Help yourself, everything is safe for you to eat, we might be here a while."


Half an hour passed as Remus answered their questions to help them understand what they were seeing.


"Unicorn One I am reporting tango. I repeat tango inbound" a voice came from towards the gate area.


Harry rotated his chair and the Holo images that were being shown shifted with him.


A Holo of the ship in question appeared in the middle of the floor where Harry had been seated earlier. It was shaped like an arrowhead with two bulges mid ship.


"Sensors indicate bio ceramic construction." The voice continued to report.


-Harry that looks like the Wraith hive ships in the data dump' Aloria told him quickly.


"Unicorn One. Vengeance is yours...I repeat Vengeance is yours." Harry's voice echoed through the room.


"Confirmed Lord Commander, Unicorn One confirms Vengeance is mine." The voice spoke as the little ship rose from near the gate and turned to face the oncoming ship and sped off to meet it.


Waiting until the Astria was cleared from any possible backlash from the energy released the scout ship taunted the larger ship into following it into the upper atmosphere.


Clearly out of range of the Astria David released the weapons console with a thought as he lined the enemy craft into the Holo crosshairs that appeared in the front view port.


Giving the mental command to fire he threw the scout into an end over end and steep climb to get out of the way of the wreckage as the single shot impacted the ships screens causing them to overload and the energy released fed on itself as it destroyed everything in its path.


Circling around David was pleased to see the ship was now in very small pieces as it fell to the ground.


Activating the fold space communicator again David reported before heading back to guard the gate. "Vengeance has been served... I repeat Vengeance has been served. No survivors."


"Holy shit." Jack yelled out as he watched that little ship take out the huge one with one little shot the size of a baseball.


Scott lent me his most excellent editing skills for this chapter.

Chapter Text


An hour into the rescue mission Harry was starting to get a feel for what might have happened as he continued to receive reports and assimilate them at the speed of thought.


The trajectory of the wreckage suggested that it was leaving the system when it had been attacked and destroyed. Not something he would expect for a ship under light speed conditions. Also the wreckage was not what one would expect, from the large pieces found so far there was just not enough to account for a ship the size of the Cyrorar.


His suspicions were confirmed when Unicorn One reported. “High energy weapons fire detected two grids degree ninety from my position.”




Cadre Unicorn Converge on location of weapons fire. Energy weapons only, let’s not blow up the people we are trying to rescue.” Harry told them.


Ground response, internal security report to embarkation deck. PREPARE TO RECEIVE WOUNDED.” Harry was now sure that any survivors would be found on planet.


Even Teal’C showed his surprise as people started to pop into existence behind them in the large open space where medical personal were setting up a triage area, and begin to form up near the gates in groups.


Astria status,” Harry asked


Steven started to do the Astria diagnostic program as he sent the data stream through the Astria network. Watching the numbers scroll on his Holo screen he shouted out “Primary Astria functional, five minutes to split stream.”


Security Response T minus Five minutes until insertion” Harry told them as he watched the scout ships close in on the area were weapons fire had been reported.


Harry watched as the scouts flew over three of the old fashioned scout parasites, they were grounded in a triangle pattern with twelve medical drop ships in the center.


Approaching the ships were several hundred pale vampire looking creatures, while several dart like ships were being kept away by ships weapons fire.


“Unicorn Three, Apparation beacon has been dropped. I repeat Apparation beacon in place” Came through the speakers.


Cadre Unicorn, Vengeance is yours…I repeat Vengeance is yours.” Harry told them.


“Confirmed Lord Commander, Vengeance is ours” Came through the speakers. “Unicorn flight, take vengeance on those darts.”


Security forces, your orders are Vengeance and NO MERCY.” Harry’s voice boomed in anger.


Astria five and six rippled into existence as the matter streams connected to the newly patched gate.


“Matter Stream secured.” Steven called out


‘Aloria blanket the area with rescue response codes, let’s let them know help is on the way. Harry thought.


“All right you lot, internal security secure inner courtyard, and the rest of you take them down.” Tonks yelled out as she rushed through the gate.


“Contact…Response… stasis pods at critical, Parasite power levels to ten percent…Save the children.” A male voice came over the speakers in Alteran.


‘Aloria, five thousand stasis chambers, Merlin’ Harry sighed in frustration were can we set them up he thought desperately.




“Jack we have to help.” Daniel said in frustration.


“Sir, the least we can do is secure the gate and free up some of their people.” Sam said


Jack looked over at the Ambassador who just said. “Do it.”


“Remus, can I get you to…” Jack started to ask.


Holding up his hand as he tilted his head as he contacted Harry through the link “Harry’s cleared the idea” Remus told him as he stood up and moved quickly towards the first gate in line.




Neville hearing that five thousand stasis chambers of children were about to begin showing up shifted to the alpha field farm where he knew there was a massive transport station.


Accessing the controls to the remotes he ordered them to start preparing power connections for the stasis chambers in the middle of the field of alfalfa.


“Aloria, tell Harry that Alpha Farm will be ready to start receiving the stasis chambers in twenty minutes.” Neville called over the communication gear.


After Aloria told Harry what Neville was up to he called out city wide. “Engineering staff to Alpha Farm, Medical staff prepare to receive Stasis pods at Alpha Farm.”




Remus had told Steven in passing to connect Astria one with Earth, and override Earth’s iris. Rushed Jack over to the now active gate and told him. “Ten minutes, everyone you can in ten minutes, after that we will be to busy to accept the connection.”


Jack just nodded as he ran through the gate.




“Unscheduled off World Activation” Davis’s voice came over the sounds of the sirens.


As General Landry made his way into the control room he heard Davis say. “The iris will not close, Receiving Sg-1 IDC.” His voice switched to relief at getting the code.


The guards had just started to lower their weapons as Jack ran through the closing gate and panted a few times to get his breath back.


Seeing Hank standing in the control room he yelled out. “Hank I need every able bodied Airman and SG team in the gate room in five minutes.”


“The wraith are attacking a hospital ship full of Ancient children and we need to guard the gate as they are evacuated.” Jack yelled as he walked down the gate and ordered one of the sentries to send for Teal’C staff weapon.


“Really wanting a lot more information, but obeying a direct order from a superior officer Hank walked over to the intercom and picked up the phone. “Special forces teams to the gate room…All SG teams to the gate room….Mash teams to the Gate room…Off world evacuation in progress we will be providing rear guard support.”


“Four minutes people” Hank told them before he hung up the phone.


“Jack what the hell is happening?” General Landry called out as Major General O’Neill rushed into the control room.


“One sec Hank” Jack said as he walked over to Davis.


“Dial up the Ancient’s address we were given.” Jack told the Airman.


Turning Jack said. “Long story short, negotiations are all but signed and golden. When word came of an attack on one of the Ancient’s ships carrying around five thousand children in stasis. They have been forced down on a planet that has a gate and right now we are going to do our damdest to hold the gate as they move the children through.”


“For god’s sake Hank it’s children.” Jack swore under his breath.


Nodding his head in understanding Hank gave Jack’s shoulder a squeeze before saying. “Go, I will let every one know what is going on before sending them after you.”


Jack made his way back to the gate room right behind a heavily armed squad of marines.


Seeing the same sentry he had talked to moments before Jack told him to send the Teal’C staff weapon through whenever it made its way up from the armory, and grabbed the P-90 that was extended his way.


Making his way to the top of the ramp he yelled out. “Listen up we are providing rear guard support for an evacuation. Once through this gate make your way over to the last gate you see and go through it. I want a hundred meter perimeter set up once we hit dirt. Kill any wraith you see before they can get to the kids.”


Turning he made his way through the gate followed by SG-4 and two of the Marine squads that had made it to the gate room first.




Jack exited the gate in time to see a large group of Furlings come running into the embarkation room, and head towards the third gate which had just rippled into existence.


Quickly telling Teal’C to direct the troops to the proper gate and to follow through when his staff weapon made it, Jack led his troops to the sixth gate.




“Matter Stream accepted. Draynor gate activated.” Steven called out as Goblins troops started to make their way to the fifth gate as they followed those Griphook had brought with him.




“Unicorn Six Apparation beacons deployed.” The female voice came over the speakers.


“Horntail Three, two grounded enemy ships point two ninety degrees five grids from ground zero.” The voice of the Pinnace pilot came through the speakers.


Ron’s voice came over the speakers along with the data from his ships sensors. “Incoming, three more of those bloody big ones.”


Ron SECURE THAT SYSTEM, Vengeance is yours, NO MERCY.” Harry spat out the orders really starting to loathe those creatures.


Unicorn One, Unicorn Six take out those grounded ships.” Harry ordered.


“Lord Commander, Vengeance is mine.” The voice from Unicorn Six's pilot confirmed.


“Vengeance is mine Lord Commander.” David’s voice from Unicorn One confirmed.




Once through the gate Tonks Apparated to the beacon along with her teams and seeing several of the pale vampire like wraiths making there way towards the drop ships through the gaps between the grounded parasite ships ordered her teams to plug the holes.


Feeling her combat suit absorb an energy blast from the back she turned and sent a silent Incendio back at her attacker.


Running towards the group of Wraith attacking the closest drop ship her hair cycled through deep violent colors mirroring her anger at those who would dare to attack children.


Calling fire balls up in her hands, she cast them at the wraith and watched in satisfaction as they went up in flames.


Making her way to the open hatch and the lone defender she switched to Alteran and called out “How long on the stasis pods before they fail?


Quarter of a cycle, where did you come from?” The man asked as Tonks stopped at the hatch.


Shit she thought as she translated Alteran time cycles into minutes and it came to just under an hour.


Pulling the communicator off her belt she connected to the remote system to relay back to Harry.” Lord Commander, Zero point semi secured. Stasis pods will fail in under an hour.”


Harry hearing Tonks report over the speakers watched the last of the Earth humans go through the gate to secure the evacuation gate.


Pressing a panel on the arm of his chair Harry asked. “Do the drop ships have enough power to make it to the Astria?


Turning to the man Tonks said. “You heard?


The man was muttering. “Lord Commander but that name is a myth he no longer exists.”


Wanting to slap the man silly for wasting precious seconds the kids did not have she got in his face and screamed. “Can these ships make it to the Astria?

  Startled backwards a couple steps at the screaming security officer in front of him he stuttered “Where?”  

Placing her finger against the pilots head rather hard in her exasperation, she pushed with all her magic the location of the gate, not wanting to waste any more time.


We can get close.” He said as he turned and ran back to the control room to let the other pilots know where to go.


Tonks stood inside the hatchway as she gave orders to her second in command to take over until she returned.


As the drop ship started to take flight and barely clearing the larger Parasites, she opened herself to her magic and sent her senses through the ship.


Sensing four hundred and some odd pods not far from her she watched through the open hatch as the ship barely cleared the tops of the trees as it made its way to the Astria.


The Astria in sight she felt a surge of panic from the pilot as the ship started to loose power, and he set it down just in time.


“Harry we can see the Astria but are still a distance away. We got as closer as we could.” Tonks reported.


Goblin Spell casters en route Tonks.” Harry told her as he watched the image of the Goblins running towards the ships landing.




“Emergency Astria en-route to Alpha Farm” Steven called out as he transported the standby gate from storage to the moorings that had risen from the farm floor near Neville by the remotes.




Griphook who was standing near the Earth General watched the approaching ships, and then to his horror they started to drop to the ground outside the perimeter the Earth warriors had set up.


“Just like this morning, move those pods through the gate to our brothers as fast as we can.” Griphook Yelled out to the Goblin spell casters as they rushed towards the ships.


Every fifty feet or so two goblin spell casters would take up position until they had a narrow path leading to the ships.


Turning towards the Earth General Griphook grumbled out. “Keep that path clear of all people” Before he made his way to the group of goblins that were to split the pods to each side of the gate.


Pulling his communicator out of his belt pouch he sent the signal to the spell casters back at the city to take up stations, as they were about to commence evacuation.




“Alpha Farm is now active. Matter stream connected to gate one and two.” Steven called out as the gate sent back the all ready signal.


Back at the city the Goblin spell casters split into two groups, the first set up to receive the incoming pods and to redirect them to the first two gates while the rest ran through the aforementioned gates to receive the pods at the Alpha farm staging area.




Tonks had stepped out of the ship onto the ground as the first of the Goblin spell casters arrived.


Grinding could be heard as the cargo hatches protested at being opened after so long exposing their precious cargo.


The Alteran pilot had made his way back to the groundside hatch after activating the cargo hatch and stopped at the threshold in awe as small beings that reminded him of Furlings from his ancient history texts extended their arms towards the cargo bay and then pulled them back before turning and pushing them towards the Astria.


Each time they did this a stasis pod was pulled out of the ship and acted like it was being pushed towards the next group, by the actions of the little people.




Jack seeing how the ships were not going to make it swore under his breath as he ran towards where they were going to land.


The he noticed that the Furlings were running towards the ships and lined up like they were going to do a repeat performance of their cargo moving abilities, he had seen this morning.


Grabbing the radio from his vest “Major Forrester take your Marines to the far side of those ships and protect them. Stay clear of the lane the Furlings have made.” Jack ordered.




Seeing wounded Security forces being tended to by their comrades and port keys being placed on them to take them back to the Astria, and the Goblins starting to remove the stasis pods from the ships, Harry announced. “Incoming wounded…Stasis pods inbound prepare for rapid transfer.”


As the wounded arrived near the Astria, stretchers were conjured for them and after being levitated near the Goblin spell casters they were shunted in between the stasis pods and moved quickly through the Astria.




Teal’C walked over to where Jack was standing as he too took in the impressive sight of the pods being moved. Sensing danger he whirled to the left and brought his staff up ready to fire. “O’Neill” He yelled before starting to fire at the approaching wraith.




Where are they all coming from Harry thought, there are more of those dam vamps than three ships would account for.


Steven who was monitoring the matter stream was distracted when one of the panels started to blink notifying him of an attempt to connect to one of the gate system from an outside source.


Tracing the connection back he blinked in surprise to see it was originating at the Nox home world. Tapping a few controls he accepted the matter stream and directed to the beta side of gate four.


“”Incoming travelers from the Nox home world” Steven announced, as he wondered who else was going to show up as he went back to monitoring the matter streams that the children’s pods were traveling through, there would not be an accident while he was in charge he vowed.


Down near the gates Stone Crusher was monitoring the image and transmission being sent from Griphook on the other end of the gate. Hearing about the new attack he pulled out his communicator and called for ward specialist to make their way to the embarkation deck. Before looking Harry’s way and yelling out. “We need to send reinforcements through.”


Harry reached over and slid home one of the blue energy potions in his armband as he was starting to feel the effects of sustaining this extended magical merge for so long.


Steven hearing Stone Crusher wanting to send reinforcements sent over the speakers and to Griphook. “Gate five redirect to outgoing in five minutes, reinforcements on the way.”


Though the situation was extreme Harry was proud at how his little community was pulling together. Even those that had no interest in the technological aspects were showing up at the Alpha Farm by the hundreds, commenting to Neville that the least they could do was to move the pods, after all the could do a simple levitation charm.




Tonks looking around and seeing they were about to be over run used her communicator. “Hendricks, what’s your status?”


“I don’t know where they keep coming from, but we are barely holding on.” Hendricks told her as she banished yet another group of the vamp like creatures.


Making a decision Tonks activated the all cal button on her communicator and gave the order to break out the AMR’s. “Time to switch to Anti Matter Rifles boys and girls.”


Hendricks can the crews of the Parasites get them back into space to take the pressure off?” Harry who had been monitoring the conversation asked.


Firing back as she sighted in with her new toy and fired off a set of rapid shots opening a chasm a hundred meters away replied. “No Lord Commander the pilots say all power is being used to complete the stasis reactivation cycle that was started, they could not stop once it had begun and that’s when the Wraith attacked.”


Seeing where Harry was going with this, as it would be a lot easier for Ron and his ship to protect those parasites in space Tonks muttered over the open channel. “Well Shite.”




‘Harry I am powering up the Tyaes, we are going to need her.’ Aloria said quietly.


‘But we do not have enough people trained to staff her right now.’ Harry thought back


‘We can make it with the help of the Asgard and Goblins; I am modifying the station controls to be read by both races now.’ She fired back, busy doing just what she said.


Pressing another key on his chair Harry said. “Bill take your command staff over the Tyaes and get ready to take her out.”


Then over the general city wide speakers he said. “Initiate Tyaes power up…Command staff deploy all Auxiliary personal to Tyaes stations…Asgard and Furling Volunteers to Transport Stations for deployment to Tyaes.”


Freyr and Opher made their way around the outskirts of the room and up the steps leading to the third level to be near Harry in case they could help out.


Sensing the two leaders from the Alliance standing near him now Harry spoke out loud so they could hear, “Aloria have the Tyaes clear her bays so we can take on board the Parasites.”


“Now how to get them up to her,” Harry muttered as he thought about what ship he could send along, knowing he did not have the crew to man it though.


Freyr blinked before saying. “The New Hope and the Vindicator are still three hours away and they more than have the capability to tractor those ships into orbit. Is there no way the Tyaes could not meet them and carry them within her as she responds.”


Harry looked at the Asgard and blinked as a new set of Holo maps appeared near the balcony tracing the two named Asgard ships route to the Pegasus galaxy.


Calculating how long it would be before the Tyaes deployed and where they would be able to meet the Asgard after the dimensional shift, Harry highlighted an area on the map in red.


There, tell your ships to meet the Tyaes there and they shall be taken on board.” Harry told him as he willed one of the nearby stations to come to life and converted the control labels to Asgard.




Tonks swearing like a drunken sailor finding out shore leave had been canceled, pulled a shrunken chest off her belt and willed it to return to normal size after it hit the ground.


Remembering her talks with Jack, she thought that the older version should be able to use the AMR even though he was the equivalent of a squib, and better yet the pilot of the drop ship that that followed her after his ship was unloaded of its precious cargo should be able to use one also.


“Jack get your arse over here and grab one of these big boy guns.” Tonks yelled at the Earth General who has twenty meters away.


Jack perked up hearing something about big boy guns and trotted over in anticipation of a new toy.


Gathering the two Tonks started to explain. “These fire compressed Anti Matter rounds do not fire on anything closer than a hundred meters out or you risk destroying our people.” She told jack who had taken one of the weapons and it had glowed with activation, looks like she was right he has enough of a core to work our tech.


Turning to the pilot next to her she switched to Alteran and once again explained. “These fire compressed Anti Matter rounds do not fire on anything closer than a point two five out or you risk destroying the pods.”


Taking up her own rifle she shifted to the top of the drop ship and started to make giant holes where the enemy was.




Lya and a few of the other mind healers stood near the Astria receiving the stasis pods when one of the pods that had just exited started to blare out a siren, as all the display panels just turned red.


Hoping the Furling spoke the Earth language. “The pod is failing shift it over to the triage area.” Lya told him as she directed two of her fellow healers to follow the rapidly diverted chamber.




Griphook seeing several of the Earth warriors go down with injuries, rapidly summoned them to his position and placed them on stretchers to be sent back.


“We will soon be over run at this rate.” Griphook muttered as the gate flashed blue on the side closest to him before reinforcements started to arrive through it.


Colin Creevy and several more of his friends came through the Astria to provide cover for the Goblin warders, as all of them were a good shot.


Grouping near one side out of the way Colin had his brother levitate him above the gate so he could see the best place for them to deploy.


Pulling his communicator off his belt “Harry we are surrounded by thousands, and as far out as I can see more are coming.” Colin sent back, too frightened to address Harry properly.


Luna who had followed Colin through the gate took in her surroundings and heard what Colin said from the belt of one of the other DA members, thought that she should make the remote go a little higher so Harry could see what Colin was talking about.


Levitating the remote and spinning it slowly Luna tied the other end of the spell to one of the butter beer bottle caps from her necklace so it would maintain itself while she went in search of where the wounded were arriving so she could help out.




Shifting the Holo views so that he could see what was happening and silently blessing whoever had the presence of mind to levitate and spin the remote Harry started to flesh out a new plan.

  Using his mind he drew a red circle around each of the sites they were trying to protect and sent it to the Unicorn units. “All Unicorn Cadre you are cleared for Anti Matter weapons outside the red line. Take Vengeance on the enemy.”  

“Unicorn Seven through Twelve target enemy near position Point Zero, Unicorn One through Six Target near the Astria.” Harry gave the orders, knowing any radioactive fall out from the destruction could easily be repaired by the healers.


“Tyaes Fully staffed and powered up.” Bills voice came over the speakers minus his muttered “fully staffed but no one knows what they bloody hell they are doing.”


Bill proceed to point Zero Nine Alpha system Tre’as Delta relative and take aboard the Asgard Ships Vindicator and New Hope, they will provide you with their ability to tractor the Parasites into orbit.” Harry read of the spatial coordinates from the map tracing the Asgard ships


Giving one last glance at the map before ending the display Harry noticed the two Asgard ships slow down then stop.


“Tyaes clearing mooring docks” Bills voice rang over the speakers as the massive ship left the center of the docking ring.


“All hands prepare for emergency shift in Five…Four…” Bills voice counted down to Zero and the ship shifted in a bright flash of light.




Hendricks cheered in relief as the Unicorn scouts started to chew up the terrain a couple hundred meters out. Maybe now they would get a break she thought.


Pilot Second Devorn made his way over to the female leader’s position by way of an anti-gravity belt used for structural repairs. “How goes the evacuation of the children?


“Tonks how long until the pods are gone?” Hendricks asked over the communicator.


Griphook hearing the question answered. “Another thirty minutes.”


Doing some quick mental calculations translating time units Hendricks replied. “An eighth of a cycle maybe less.”


Devorn smiled for the first time since landing on this hell hole of a planet. “As long as the children escape we will be able to die in peace knowing they escaped.”


Hendricks punched the man standing next to her kneeling form hard in the leg causing him to fall over in pain. “Get this through your thick head right now. NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE; you all are going home with us.”


Shocked at the violent response from his simple comment, Devorn wisely just nodded his head.




Seeing more and more of the Earth soldiers being treated for injuries in the triage area, Harry focused his attention briefly there, and it was like he was standing there in person as he took in the controlled chaos.


Finding everything under control and most of the injuries would only require several hours of treatment for the most part he focused on the Alpha Farm and watched as the stasis pods came through the gate and were led over to empty spaces near black conduits for the remotes to hook the pods up to city power.


Watching one of the pods being hooked up he was pleased when the panel went from red and blinking to green quickly as full power was restored.


Taking a quick look inside before returning his attention back to the battles on the distant planet Harry froze in fright at the sight of the pod sectioned off into ten sections all cradling an infant.


Snapping his attention back to the embarkation deck he quickly scanned the incoming pods and saw that a good two thirds of them held more than one occupant.


Aloria was startled by his thoughts as she had not even contemplated the sheer desperation needed to jury rig the pods in such a fashion.


“Shift complete.” Bills voice came over the speakers a quick ten minutes after his departure.


“Ron, what’s your status?” Bill could be heard asking.


“Bloody Hell how did you get enough blokes to man that monster.” Ron’s question could be heard.


“Long range sensors indicate ten hive ships approaching this system. Estimate they should breach the outer system perimeter in twenty five minutes.” An Asgard voice could be heard.




Griphook who was monitoring communications between the city, and now the ships in orbit knew his people were loosing strength from the massive amount of magic they had been throwing around.


Seeing the warders had accomplished their job and the enemy was unable to breach the shields, he ordered the warders to pick up the slack by sending the wounded through the gate freeing up the spell casters to concentrate fully on the pods alone.


Seeing only three of the drop ships remained and were being unloaded he made his way over to the Earth General. “Pull your people back to our position here. They can get no closer while those shields are up.”


Jack having seen the shimmering wall go up and noticing that the wraith could not cross it picked up his radio ” All Units fall back…Fall back to the Furlings positions.”


Easing off of the trigger of his new toy, Jack briefly wondered why he had yet to run out of ammo.


“O’Neill, the evacuation is almost complete.” Teal’C said as he made his way over having switched to a P-90 after exhausting the power supply of his staff weapon long ago.


Watching as another one of the empty drop ships was banished into the encroaching hoard Griphook ordered. “Double time lets get the last of the pods moved now.”


Tonks who had made her way to where Griphook and the Earth General were standing asked. “How long?”


“Five minutes and we can begin to fall back to the Astria.” Griphook said as he monitored the information flowing across his data pad.


Turning towards the atmospheric disturbance of a large ship entering the atmosphere, and knowing that Ron would have kept the near space clear of the enemy, Tonks Activated her communicator once more. “Hendricks tell the crews of the Parasites to close up and prepare to be towed into space, and then follow everyone else back to the Astria.”


“All right you lot, this is a recall…Apparate back to the gate and let the Asgard do their part.” Tonks told her crews.




RECALL ALERT. All Security forces T minus Five minutes to return.” Harry’s voice sounded both on city and through the Astria to the security forces making their way back to the Astria area.


Seeing that the stasis pods were only coming through Astria five now and the rescue parties were starting to come through Astria six. “Stone Crusher, make sure all those returning get seen by a healer and stuff them with as much as they can eat before letting them go.” Harry ordered.


Turning his attention towards the display where the Tyaes and Bololarys bridge crews were displayed, Harry watched in satisfaction as the New Hope and Vindicator each towed one of the Parasites with the last tractored between the two of them approached the Tyaes for docking.




Turning towards O’Neill, Tonks told him. “Get your people through the Astria General we’re leaving this place.”


Motioning for Teal’C to go ahead of him Jack clicked his radio. “All units return through the gate.


Tonks noticed that some of the returning security forces had blackened spots on their combat suits, indicating massive overloads to the area, and more than likely some damage. Shaking her head at the foolish but brave attitude of her people not to abandon their posts, she watched the last of the stasis pods levitate out of the drop ship.


“Tell them thank you for me. Your casters did us proud today Griphook.” Tonks told him as the adrenaline rush started to fade and she pushed home the sixth energy restorer potion in her armband, boy she was going to pay for it when the healers got a hold of her she thought.




Hendricks was the last to Apparate out as the Asgard ships became visible through the rolling storm clouds of fast entry into the atmosphere.


She smiled in satisfaction as the Asgard beaming technology started to remove massive amounts of Wraith to be sent towards the system primary.


Following the Apparation beacon she made the jump back to the Astria promising herself she would spend more time perfecting her shifting ability.




Mini Jack along with Thor Beamed themselves to the bridge of the Tyaes.


Making his way over to one of the empty stations Jack logged in and beamed over the crews that had piloted the Parasites; they deserved to see the punishment about to be unleashed.


“Ron, bring her home.” Bill commended as Harry’s voice came over the speakers with new orders.


A Holo image of Harry in the command chair appeared in the middle of the bridge of the Tyaes.


The Holo image of Harry scanned the assembled faces before landing on Bill.


Tyaes you are ordered to sterilize the system. Vengeance must be taken.” Harry ordered.


“Vengeance is mine to take Lord Commander.” Bill replied fiercely.


Rounding on his staff Bill ordered. “Secondary weapons target the Astria.”


Sitting in his command chair Bill ordered “Primary weapons target this systems sun…Prepare to fire on my command.”


Touching several controls on the arm of his chair Bill announced “Dimensional shift in Five…Four…Three…”


“Fire all weapons.” Bill commanded followed by. “Initiate shift.”


Bill felt a great deal of satisfaction as he and the Asgard ships shifted away as the planet sized Anti Matter Rounds made contact with the planet and the system primary as the dimensional drive shifted them out of the region.


Scott lent me his most excellent editing skills for this chapter.

Chapter Text


Harry willed his chair to return to a normal upright position as he released his control over his core and slowly the glow that had enveloped him for the past couple of hours faded away.


Standing up he muttered as he watched the last display show an immense fire engulf two light years from the center of the Wraith occupied system, reducing every thing in to its component atoms.


Freyr and Opher looked at each other as they watched one ship simply destroy an entire system with two shots.


Motioning with his hand towards the steps down, “Shall we move to a less lofty level?” Harry told them.


As they walked down the steps, “I want to thank you two for coming to our aid in the rescue of the children.” Harry said as they rounded the steps to the first level and walked to the steps leading to the embarkation deck.


“I know that the Nox are a peaceful people and hope the violence you have witnessed today has not duly distressed you Opher.” Harry told him as he made his way to the gate console.


“It was slightly unsettling to watch, but at the same time gratifying to know that the Alliance once again is well protected.” Opher said softly.


Inclining his head in acknowledgement Harry came up behind Steven and placed his hand on the communication panel.


“Theta shift report to duty stations.” He announced city wide before clapping Steven on the shoulder.


“Well done Steven, when your replacement gets here get a hot meal and relax.” Harry told him before continuing towards his working platform and Remus and the seated Earth Ambassador.


Remus conjured up a steaming cup of hot chocolate infused with a restorative and handed it to Harry as soon as he made it to the platform.


“Thanks Remus.” Harry said as he made for his chair.


 Aloria who was transporting large amounts of food to the area behind the gates diverted some of it and included some of the Nox and Asgard favorites to the table in front of Harry.


Spotting General O’Neill and Teal’C making their way to the platform Harry told them. “Gentleman help your self to some hot food.”


After everyone had fixed a plate and or beverage Harry asked. “Aloria details please?”


“Of course Lord Commander.” Aloria’s voice came from the table.


“Of the one hundred Earth soldiers, thirty five of them sustained injuries requiring a healer. Of those, six will require extended stays for re-growth treatments to repair lost limbs.”


General O’Neill winced at that knowing it would not be pleasant when he informed the pentagon what had happened.


“They should be back to pre battle condition in three days. With the rest being discharged from healer care by dinner. The healers request that all Earth force personal be afforded guest accommodations and returned to Earth in the morning after a good nights rest.” Aloria said shocking General O’Neill.


“This works out to the benefit of Colonel Carter and Daniel Jackson, seeing as the Tyaes and Bololarys will take six hours to get home, there is no need for speed on the return trip and it gives those in hibernation a chance to be brought out of it before getting here.”


“Of our own forces nine were seriously wounded which will require several days worth of healing and the rest all require healer intervention as they refused to leave their positions until the recall order was broadcast.” Aloria continued.


“Unicorn and Horntail cadre units suffered no loss or damage and are currently en-route back aboard the Tyaes.” Aloria finished reporting.


“And of those we rescued?” Harry asked as he refilled his plate again.


“Initial reports back from the Nox healers on the Tyaes indicate that the four hundred plus members of the healer staff of the Cyrorar in hibernation should make a full recovery as they have slowed down the reactivation to safer levels now that they have more than enough power to be able to use the input controls.


Of the stasis pods we recovered, a total of thirty were in danger of failing and are in med bay seven after being stabilized and awaiting release.


Of the total, ten percent of them had only one occupant, while thirty percent had two.


Of the remaining another forty percent had three occupants while the last twenty percent held ten infants each.


A total of Twenty four thousand and five hundred children.” Aloria gave the statistics to Harry causing him to drop his fork in shock.


“I have examined the hastily done modification and come to the conclusion that only extreme desperation would cause one to even consider the modifications they employed.” Aloria softly told them.


Letting his head rest in his hands, Harry groaned then asked. “How long can they safely stay in stasis while we try to figure out what to do?”


“If we bring out of stasis the oldest children within a week, that’s twenty five hundred children, we should be able to release the others over the next two weeks.” Aloria answered.


Trying not to snap at her as he more than likely did not make it clear as tired as he was. “Aloria I need to be able to leave them IN stasis as long as possible, we do not have the means to care for fifteen thousand infants right now.” Harry said very slowly.


“Sorry Harry, To answer your question, they might be safe for another year or more than likely seeing the modifications were done in haste they might last only another week.” Aloria apologized.


Food forgotten for the moment Harry leaned back in his chair eyes closed, knowing the children had to be released from stasis as soon as possible, but at a loss of how they would be able to take care of that many.


Placing his hand on the raised panel on the table to his right Harry let his mind merge with the system seeking a solution.


A few tears started to leak from his eyes as he thought of how many of the infants they more than likely would lose, as they just did not have enough people to care for them.


General O’Neill watched as images began to flash rapidly before Harry before they sped up to a level to fast to follow, though the ones in the beginning seemed to be about babies. Then to his shock he watched tears start to fall from Harry’s closed eyes.


Figuring there was bad news concerning the kids rescued General O’Neill had to ask. “What’s wrong? Is something wrong with the Stasis chambers?”


Harry deep in thought as he searched for answers did not hear the question so Aloria answered for him. “General O’Neill the pods are unstable because of the modifications made to them. Right this minutes the children are safe, but the only way to make sure they stay that way and we don’t lose any, is to bring them all out of stasis now.”


“We just don’t have the resources at the moment to take care of a whole colonies infant population, fifteen thousand infants is just to much for even us to handle in one go, not to mention the other children.” Aloria said in a soft pain filled voice.


Harry found no answers in the miraculous technology archives of his legendary people. Before now there seemed to be no problem that he could not solve by just looking it up.


Since the children had been in stasis for so long they could not bring them out of stasis and place them in more advanced chambers, hell they could not even place them in hibernation units either.


Letting the tears fall freely now he sobbed before shifting to the Alpha Farm to be with the children.




“What just happened?” General O’Neill asked slowly pointing to where Harry used to be sitting.


“Aloria?” Remus questioned.


“Harry is exhausted and his emotions are running high so he is not thinking as clearly as he could.” Aloria said before her voice got quiet. “Plus, for the first time, the repository of knowledge has failed to solve his problems.”


“How to handle over twenty four thousand children most of them babies.” Remus whispered in shock.


Lya rushed to the platform and asked. “Opher what has happened now, the emotional pain coming from over here has overwhelmed some of the more sensitive mind healers?”


Standing up straight she looked around in confusion. “The pain has diminished greatly now.”


“It was Harry.” Remus told her as he to started to wallow a little in anguish.


“Can we help out?” Joe asked. “Is there any reason we can not get a lot of volunteers to take in some of the infants.”


Looking over at Remus. “I mean if we plan to be part of the Alliance we should help out as much as we can. It is fair after all with all the help you are about to give us.”


Remus contemplated the offer and tried to find a way to make it work but failed. “I appreciate the offer, I really do But Alteran children are born with the ability to manipulate the energy and matter around them. For a lack of a better word in English, Magic.”


“I see no way that your people would be able to handle one of our infants and control their abilities so that they or you are not injured.” Remus said slowly the little hope that started, died.


“Add in that the children need the emotional projections of love and support that you would be unable to provide to help them learn control their powers.” Aloria told him, before thinking it could be taken as an insult. “No offense or belittlement meant.”


“None taken.” Joe sighed.


“While not a race with a large populace, can we not find volunteers Opher, which could team up with some of the Earth people so that what can not be accomplished alone could be accomplished together?” Lya asked.


“While the Asgard would also be willing to help I am afraid that we are unsuited to the needs of small children. And would not be able to provide the emotional support needed for their development.” Freyr told them.


Molly who had been standing off to one side out of sight, wanting to hear if her two boys were all right, decided that this conversation needed a mothers touch.


Walking onto the platform she stood near Harry’s chair refusing to sit down in it, but better able to meet every ones eyes this way.


Choosing her words carefully so as to not give away to much information to the Earth Ambassador Molly said. “As much as the mother in me screams in denial for suggesting this, what if used the house elves along with mixed teams of Alteran’s, Nox and Those from Earth.”


Seeing she had all their attention she pushed on. “It’s not like we don’t have the room. What we need is the people, this way each team can handle around ten infants and if we kept siblings together some of those that are older can help out.”


Leaning on the table Molly drove her point home. “This is not long term so as long as the little ones know love and acceptance they will be fine. Plus Harry just needs to move up his plans for searching out the Alteran’s trapped in damaged ships to now, instead of two months down the road.”


Catching herself before she mentioned the part about moving to their new home to those present that did not know about it. “It’s worth a try isn’t it?” Molly asked.


As everyone thought about what Molly had said she asked. “Aloria if we were able to retrieve all those trapped on the ships we knew about, before new information came to light on the other ships, how many people are we talking about?”


Aloria herself perked up seeing the train of thought Molly Weasley was generating. “We knew about close to nine thousand Alteran’s trapped and in either hibernation units or stasis pods.”


“With the new information from the data dump of the Cyrorar We can speculate on at least seven if not more damaged vessels to add to that total, with crews either in stasis or hibernation. The problem is we have no idea where they are.” Aloria answered.


“Nine thousand would go far in helping us deal with the children.” Remus spoke up.


“The Asgard can send several ships to help retrieve the lost crews.” Freyr added.


Remus sat back in the chair sighing in frustration.


“The problem is that, if we bring the children out of stasis now, we do not have the people to crew the ships to retrieve those lost in light speed travel.” Augusta said as she too entered the conversation as she stepped on the platform and took a seat.


“A month from now we would be in a position to do this, but knowing Harry like we do, he will not take the chance of something going wrong with the stasis pods.” Augusta told them having heard the last part of the conversation.


“You are assuming he is going to start bringing them out of stasis right now.” Remus objected.


“You know him better than I do. What will he do when the first pod start to malfunction.” Augusta countered.


Breath indrawn in horror Molly whispered. “He will order them all brought out at once and try to save them all. And he will second guess himself after some die because we did not have enough healers around to handle the chaos.”


General O’Neill listening to the back and forth banter of a team long used to bouncing ideas off of each other.


Sighing Remus asked. “Aloria where is Harry?”


Explaining to the others. “If he was not exhausted, he could take what we have discussed and turned it into a working plan faster than it takes Aloria to form a response to my question.” Remus stated as fact.


“He is sitting, staring at the stasis pods right now.” Aloria said worried over the quiet that was all she heard coming through the bond.


“Ok.” General O’Neill drawled out. “He has worked more than enough of a miracle today.”


“If he needs sleep can some one sneak up behind him and sedate him or something?” General O’Neill asked sneakily.


“After all we.” General O’Neill pointed his finger around the table. “Might take longer but at least we can come up with a plan he can work with by the time he wakes.”


Remus making a decision opened a channel to the Tyaes and spoke in Alteran hoping that bill would pick up on the subtle hint and reply in the same. “Bill, its Remus is Jack there I need to speak with him for a moment?


Jack hearing the question hurried over to the communicator as he was slightly worried not to see an image.


Replying in Alteran Jack asked. “Remus what’s wrong?”


Harry is exhausted and not thinking straight, on top of that he did not eat after expending all that energy. To make a long story short the news of all the infants in the stasis pods and how jury rigged they are put his mind on hold. And he doesn’t seem to be listening at the moment to the fact that we have come up with a possible solution.” Remus rushed out.


How soon can you transfer over to Ron’s ship and make the shift home?” Remus asked hoping that Jack could break through enough to get Harry to at least eat.


Shit…Shit …Shit; Ron is not with us any longer as Bill gave him permission to investigate a weak signal we picked up.” Jack cussed.


“Damn.” Remus whispered.


Coming up with an idea that might work Jack asked. “Aloria can you transfer my voice down to Harry?”


Relay in place.” Aloria reported intrigued with what Jack planned.


Harry…HARRY.” Jack yelled.


Getting no answer Jack tried. “Neville you there?”


Neville who was worried about his friend had been watching him from the moment he had appeared and refused to answer his calls responded. “I hear you Jack.”


Good I want you to place your com next to Harry’s ear and when I yell out his name and he jumps I want you to stun him.” Jack instructed.


Neville looked at his com as he heard what jack asked and wondered when the world had gone mad. “You want me to do WHAT?”


Harry has exhausted himself and needs food and or sleep preferably both. But right now he is not thinking locked in a loop. So I want you to stun his Ass so he can at least get some rest. We need him thinking again.” Jack pleaded.


Putting the com near Harry’s ear and placing his hand just microns away from his head as he pulled up his magic enough to quickly stun him. The fact that Harry did not even realize he was there just made it plain that it was the right decision and he said. “Ready.”


HARRY.” Jack screamed causing Harry to jump right into Neville’s stunner charged hand.


Well he out, but it’s on your head when he wakes up and goes looking for me. I am sending him right after you.” Neville rushed the words out nervously, as he conjured a stretcher and levitated it towards the TS so he could go to the med bay.


Thanks Jack, he is sleeping now. Some what enforced but sleeping.” Remus tried a little levity.


Your ass is on the line to Remus if I end up sleeping on the couch.” Jack said before closing the communicator.


Laughing Remus turned to the others and said. “Problem solved, Harry is now resting the rest of the bludgeoned.”


General O’Neill smirked for a moment before looking towards the ambassador and saying. “Ok planning time. I can have another two hundred people here by morning.”


Joe nodded his head and said. “I would agree the president would be more than willing to help out, from the conversation he and I had before I left Washington. He really wants to be able to join the Alliance.”


“We also can have the same number here shortly.” Freyr told him.


“Not all the Furlings that are here took part in the battle, much to their complaints. What do you have in mind?” Stone Crusher spoke up for the first time.


Sitting back in the chair General O’Neill thought out loud. “Is there any reason why we can’t send out a few rescue ships now? At least they will be well on the way by the time Harry wakes up. While you might be short crew at the moment can we put together enough from all the races here to at least launch a few right now?”


While the others were thinking about what he had said, he added. “Tomorrow there will be four hundred or so rescued Alteran’s, awake and ready to start working on waking the kids.


If we add in those the Nox volunteers and some of those already here and the volunteers our people can have here by that night and the next day.


Shouldn’t we be able to also send out at least a couple of the rescue ships manned by the Furlings and Asgard’s along with some of your command staff to start to retrieve those ships?


I mean they all can’t be as involved as this rescue can they?”


“The infants and the toddlers are the ones right now that are overwhelming our abilities, but if we only had to hold on a week or so as we rescued more, who then in turn would be able to take on more responsibilities of the care of the children.” Augusta offered.


“The only flaw in the plan so far is that while yes I can power up the ships and provide temporary translations of the systems, those ships would be completely without weapons as they need a direct command from Harry to unlock them.” Aloria told them, hoping that they would see the solution like she did.


“We will be able to provide another six ships that would be able to provide cover within the hour.” Freyr told them. “If you would retrieve the New Hope and the Vindicator along the way that would be eight.”


“If we use some of my command staff from the primary shift long enough to set course before they to went back to bed, we could crew three more ships of the same class as the Bololarys with the help of the Furlings to man most of the other stations.” Powaqa told then as she took another sip of the herbal medicine tea her Gran made her before she came to check up on Theta shift.


“So we have crews for three ships, four if we count Ron’s. We also have escorts who can provide covering fire in case they run into any hostiles until Harry wakes up.” Remus recapped.


“Aloria please put up a map showing the estimated positions of the damaged vessels traveling at light speed.” Remus asked.


Aloria did as asked and a globular map of the Pegasus galaxy appeared above the table with seven blinking symbols scattered through out.


 Stone Crusher always the war master on the look out for enemies asked. “Can you place the planet where we had the confrontation today on the map?”


Near the back a red area glowed as Aloria placed the requested information on it.


“Dear would you highlight the three vessels that have the largest numbers to be rescued?” Molly requested.


They sat around the table and stared at the Holo display before Remus put it into words. “We have our three targets…So when do they leave?”


After an hour of planning and selecting crews and ships Remus sat up and remembered something that might cause the whole plan to fall apart. “Shit…”


“Remus.” Molly scolded.


“We are forgetting one very important thing. None of us are in the chain of command and can tell Aloria to prep the ships for departure.” Remus remembered.


“Yes But I can.” Bill’s voice was heard over the fold space communicator.


Shocked Remus looked around. “Bill?”


Chuckling could be heard along with Bill’s Voice. “Relax Remus; I am still Aboard the Tyaes. I have been listening in to your little planning session. I originally was contacting you all to find out what was up with Harry, but decided not to interrupt what you were doing.”


“Your plan is a good one, and when Harry wakes up I am sure he can tweak it to suit his purposes.” Bill told them.


“Aloria please power up and prepare for launch the Vaelaeli, Berolo and the Veloras.” Bill ordered.


“Right away Commander.” Aloria was pleased that they figured out a solution that would work for now.


“I will let you lot finish this off then, I plan to get some sleep.” Bill told them. “We should arrive in six hours.”


“Right.” General O’Neill said as he stood up. “Teal’C why don’t you stay and ride herd on our teams, while the Ambassador and I return to Earth and get started on rounding up some baby sitters.”


“You have learned much since first we met. Anteaus will be pleased to learn that the very young do indeed grow up.” Lya said as Jack walked down the steps.


Augusta also stood up. “Teal’C is it? If you will follow me I shall escort you to the quarters set aside for your soldiers use.”


“Thank you again for all you and your peoples help today. You have more than proved your willingness to hold up the ideals of the Alliance of Great Races.” Remus bid the two goodbye.



                                      T Minus 2 months 2 days  

Harry slowly opened his eyes wondering why he was starving and his head was pounding.


Looking around he noticed he was in Med Bay One and Jack was sleeping in a chair next to his bed.


Sensing Harry start to stir Jack woke up to see the curious expression on Harry’s face.


“Why am I in the Med Bay?’ Harry asked.


“How much of yesterday do you remember?’ Jack asked slowly, as he handed over glass full of the specially prepared restorative drink.


Thinking for a moment. “Everything is clear until afterwards when I started to eat.” Harry sniffed the glass full of bright orange liquid. “What’s this?”


Pointing to the glass Jack said. “That is our future answer to the problem of extended magical merging with Alteran controls.”


“Smells like Oranges.” Harry said still eyeing the dubious drink.


“Tastes like them to.” Jack’s flippant answers shot back.


Taking a small sip and finding it tasted very good, Harry downed the rest in a couple of swallows.


Feeling his energy flow back into him like a tidal wave Harry willed the bed to provide him with support so he could sit up.


Feeling a lot better Harry started to ask once again why he was in the med bay, when he was distracted by a tray positively mounded with food, appearing in front of him.


“I convinced Aloria not to allow you access to the replays of everything that happened after your little episode until you eat.” Jack smirked.


“Surely you don’t expect me to eat all this. There is no way I would be able to…” Harry started to complain.


Harry.” Jack said sternly. “You will eat as much as you can, for heavens sake you lost twenty pounds yesterday.”


Harry sat there stunned at the revelation that he had lost so much weight. Never one to have an ounce of excess weight to begin with this frightened him that he could lose that amount that quick.


‘Aloria?’ Harry asked through the bond.


‘Jack is right Harry I will explain everything after you start eating.’ Aloria sounded apologetic but firm.


Seeing Harry pick up the fork and start to eat Jack started to explain. “What we have worked out is, that in the extended magical bonding with the city and systems that you did yesterday, to keep up with what you were doing your body started to cannibalize itself to keep your brain as active as it needed to be.


Which means since you do not have an ounce of extra weight it started to break down muscle tissue and such to produce enough energy to keep up with the demands placed on your core. At least that is what I think that Poppy person told me.”


“You were not the only one affected like that.” Jack told Harry motioning for him to continue eating.


“That high calorie and protein drink was developed to counteract the effects so this will not happen to anyone again.” Healer Christenson told Harry as she walked up to the bed.


“As soon as you finish eating you are cleared to leave.” She told Harry.


“What happened?’ Harry asked her.


“You went into metabolic shock and your brain just shut down. Unfortunately your body did not follow and you had to be stunned.” Agatha told him.


Eyes glowing softly as she scanned Harry to see how well he was responding Agatha told him. “Seems like you are bouncing back quite nicely. Try to keep from doing any advanced magic for the next couple of days.”


Moving away she stopped and turned her head. “Oh, before I forget, Aloria has been instructed to deliver that high calorie drink to you every couple of hours for the next four days. It will help you put the weight back on.”


Harry stared at the retreating back of the healer and muttered. “Bloody hell, she’s been taking lessons from Poppy.”


Jack had to laugh at Harry’s muttering. “Don’t ever change Harry.”


Checks tinged by blushing Harry wisely chose not to respond.


After eating way more than he thought he could he closed his eyes and for Jack’s benefit told Aloria out loud. “Aloria, I have finished eating so let’s see what happened starting when I sat down at the table and started to eat.”


Harry spent the next hour or so reliving what had gone on wincing the whole while.


Coming out of the trance like state Harry simply said. “What a Bollocksed up affair.”


Summoning some clothes Harry got off the bed and started to get dressed. “Well, you were right, the older you certainly have a brain behind that facade he presents.”


Finished sealing his uniform in place Harry strode towards the door. “Let’s get to the command deck so I make official what was planned after I was helped to sleep.”


Hesitating a moment as Jack was not sure if he should be worried or not, thought he better catch up so Harry did not have time to plan a suitable revenge.


Walking down the corridor to take the long way to the Embarkation deck Harry decided that a joint meeting was in order.


‘Aloria would you inform all the department heads and advisors to meet me in half an hour.’ Making a snap decision he added through the bond. ‘You might have the command crew and any of the others from the Cyrorar join us fifteen minutes later so we can find out what happened and plan from there.’


“Jack how did the crews and sleepers handle being re-introduced to the world of the living?” Harry wanted to know.


“Well it did not go as gently as it could have.” Jack said remembering back to the confrontation when they found out the stasis pods were not on board the Tyaes.


“Meaning?’ Harry asked as he walked through the door leading to the Embarkation deck.


Sighing Jack finally told him. “Meaning they were not too happy to find out they had been separated from the kids.”


Harry did not say anything else waiting until they got out of the corridor, as he was busy returning the greetings everyone seemed to call out as he walked towards the work platform.


Once he had made it to his working platform he sat down and activated the displays with tracking maps showing the where about of all the rescue ships.


Looking over at Jack for an explanation, Harry frowned when out of the corner of his eye a plate of brownies appeared.


Sighing as he was not about to get into an argument with an Aloria in mothering mode. Moving the plate so it was in the center of the table. “Help yourself.” Harry sighed.


Not about to risk a lecture from the protective city personality Jack wisely only took one.


“Once we docked and they were able to transport over to the city and they saw for themselves that the stasis pods were okay and all the panels are now reading green, they calmed down.” Jack reported.


“Though after the tongue lashing Neville gave them for some of their remarks it’s a wonder any of them will show their faces at the Farm to check up on the kids.” Jack grinned at the memory.


“Never, ever discount Neville’s abilities, or his knowledge of plants.” Harry told him as he shook his head at the thought of the idiot that would do so, wouldn’t be much left after Neville finished with him.


Harry and Jack spent the next twenty minutes catching up on all the information Jack had gathered on the command crew and other notables of the Cyrorar on the journey back.


Since there was going to be a joint meeting and then not knowing how many of the Cyrorar’s crew and staff would show up, Harry spent a few moments thinking about the best way to change the platforms layout before willing it to do so.


As the platform started to widen and the table change so that it was more of a blunted arrowhead shape, Jack grabbed onto his moving chair before scolding Harry. “You were told not to use any magic for the next few days. There is no way in hell I am standing between you and Agatha when she shows up. Healers can be right scary when they want to and they have all these nasty devices to torture you with too.”


Grumbling could be heard from the speaker in the table sounding like Aloria cussing, when a glass full of the energy drink appeared in front of Harry and she said. “DRINK.”


Sheepishly grinning as he was not used to not using his mind to do everything any more Harry meekly picked up the glass and drained it on in go.


Even though he was not hungry he decided the least he could do is eat one of the brownies to make Aloria feel better. Or more to the point so she would not force feed them to him.


Harry was still slowly munching on the brownie as the others started to show up.


Harry just blushed sheepishly as Agatha walked onto the newly expanded platform.


“Good thing I did not take the bet with Poppy on how long it would be before you preformed magic without thinking about it.” Agatha said sitting down, to the chuckles of the others.


‘Yes well, you try to stop thinking about things bending to your will after so many years.” Harry muttered.


Softening her tone Agatha replied. “I know Harry; I am not upset with you, just try to put off any major feats of magic for a few days.


Seeing that everyone that was not on rescue missions had assembled Harry started. “Ok let’s try to hash out what we can before the rescued Alteran’s show up in twenty minutes.”


“Let’s start with housing.” Harry told them as he tapped into Gran’s data pad to copy the information to his table.


“At first I was going to house them over in Theta all in one tower, but I thought that would not make it any easier for them to adjust to the fact they were lost out of their own time.” Gran started to tell her reasoning’s.


“But for right now I think it would be best if we house any of the off world volunteers in Theta with the babies and I have assigned quarters in Omicron and finished filling those empty ones in Alpha.” Gran Finished.


“How much of Omicron is occupied?” Harry asked making a note on her answer.


“Roughly sixty percent of Omicron has been assigned and there is roughly ten thousand left to fill, though that will rapidly decline once we start bringing back those we rescue.” Gran answered.


“Ok…Thanks.” Harry said as he looked towards Agatha.


Sighing she pulled out her hand written notes as she was slightly old fashioned that way, more like she forgot her data pad in her quarters this morning, but she would deny that to any that asked. “Luckily DNA scans and health screening were done before they arrived. Surprisingly their DNA is a closer match to ours than the repository led us to believe, it should be no problem putting them through the re-sequencer so they can access their undeveloped cores.”


“Do you know why there is such a wide margin of difference in the genetic structure?” Tanaka asked as he was studying the helix model being displayed in front of him at his request.


“It could be from the fact that they are refuges of a colony disaster centuries before the war started.” Agatha leaned forward. “To tell the truth they are not that far off the scale that we could not just attribute it to genetic drift.”


“Either way it just makes it easier as they will need two less treatments.” Agatha closed with.


“Remus you spent the most time with them. How are they adjusting?” Molly asked.


“Confused, distraught, scared at first, trying to figure out what happened and why. But the really helpful thing is that at least for all those that were not part of the immediate crew, they are all parents of the children in the Stasis pods.” Remus replied.


“After assuring themselves that their children were ok, and getting over the fear that they were about to fail at any moment, they seemed to have settled down and right now they just want their children out of the pods.” Remus told them.


“As a mother I can understand that. The poor dears probably worried themselves sick.” Molly exclaimed.


“Vlad, have you had a chance to look over the Parasites yet?” Harry asked the stocky Slavic head of engineering.


“Yes I have.” Vlad told them as he inputted a command so that a Holo image was hovering over the table.


“From what I have been able to find in the archives, this style of Parasite was meant to act as a mobile surgical platform that would land on a planet to provide a ready made facility to treat the victims of a disaster.


Four drop ships were assigned to each as a means to ferry patients up to the main ship in orbit for care requiring more than a couple of hours. “Vlad then rotated the display so that everyone could see where the drop ships fit onto the hull.


Switching to an inside view most were shocked that the inside was not as pristine as it should be. There were stains and soot covering the bulkheads and floors.


Everywhere they looked cables lay tangled next to open service tubes running along the wall. Some corridors had huge cable running from generators towards where they drop ships would have joined the hulls. All in all the inside of the ships were a disaster.


“They are old and the best thing we could do is send them to the remotes to be broken down for raw material used to build new things.” Vlad finished.


Harry stared at the pictures he was being shown, he could not imagine the sheer desperation that the crew had to be in to attempt this.


Seeing some of the people they were talking about making their way onto the embarkation deck Kevin cleared his throat. “Before we are interrupted I should report I have taken a hard look at the stasis pods and honestly they frighten me.”


Willing himself to turn from the image in the center of the table Harry motioned for Vlad to kill it before asking.” What do you mean Kevin?”


“Those things frighten me Harry. They should not be able to work, every thing they did to modify them should have blown them up. But yet by sheer willpower alone I think, they have kept their precious cargo alive.” Kevin told him as he shuddered.


Aloria in the back of his mind doing her best to calm him and tell him they had a plan and it was a good one, Harry replied with conviction. “We are going to start getting them out this afternoon.”


“Good, the sooner the better. And I can pitch those unholy things into the sun.” Kevin spat out.


Seeing the Nox mind healers escorting the refugees over to the arrival area, Molly decided to jump the gun, before Harry used magic again and called out. “Aloria dear could you be kind enough to provide some comfortable chairs for us.”


“Of course Molly.” Aloria said formally, while laughing through the bond to Harry.


As the out of time Alteran’s moved to find seats Harry stood up and dropped the charm hiding the glowing crown that was now part of him.


Four hundred and some eyes stared quietly as they took in the sight from ancient history books, which they believed was more a legend than reality.


Yet there standing before them was the legendary Lord Commander.


Waiting until everyone had found seats Harry scanned the crowd to get a feel of their emotions.


No such luck as the worry they felt for their children over rode any other feeling, and he was not gifted enough to delve deeply to find out.


“I know you have questions and that you are worried about your children. As soon as we are done here we will start to bring the children out of stasis” Harry started.


“From what my engineers tell me, well frankly I am surprised the pods even worked, let alone this long. So over the next couple of days I want your help in caring for the infants as we bring in other volunteers to help with their care. This is not something we had been prepared for and as such Toria Ai Shas just does not have the personal to handle it.” Harry decided to be frank with them.


Levitating himself to the top of the table Harry walked to the end closest to those he was speaking to and gently levitated himself to the floor.


Waving his arm in one smooth motion the railing vanished and steps leading down to the arrival area appeared.


Stepping down one step Harry sat down on the top step so he would not be so imposing.


For the next two hours Harry sat there as he explained how things were currently and answered questions.


Steven, who had just finished a long series of diagnostics of the Astria system after its maiden voyage so to speak, was very pleased that it had preformed up to specs.


Looking down he noticed one of the displays light up with an incoming signal that was the precursor of one of his Astria being accessed.


Tracing the signal back he followed it back to the Earth gate used by the SGC teams. Routing the matter stream to the third Astria he announced. “Incoming travelers. Origin Earth SGC command.”


Standing back up Harry told them. “The first of the volunteers seem to be arriving so let’s leave any further questions for another day and see about settling the volunteers into their quarters and start bringing the children out of stasis before the engineers and healers have a coronary from waiting so long.”


A few people laughed at his words and more smiled as the tensions started to dissipate now that they were about to be reunited with their families.


Scott lent me his most excellent editing skills for this chapter.