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Heritage of the Ancients

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                        Leaving day – Present day T minus Zero  

The young man walked up the stairs past the control room to the embarkation area and stopped at the balcony overlooking all the other control stations to see that they were fully manned by wizards and Goblins. Stepping back from the railing he turned and sat down in the high backed throne like chair.


Closing his eyes he thought back to the day he found his true heritage and followed the link that led him to this place. Sighing he thought so much could have been changed, had the secret of this place had not been lost. But so much had been accomplished after its rediscovery, and he had even gained a family he thought in satisfaction.


Leaning back in the chair he closed his eyes as the back of the command chair reclined slightly and he opened his mind further allowing the city to merge with his mind fully.


All around his chair stations came to life as system after system powered up for the first time other than testing and a golden glow encompassed the chair and its occupant


He felt the thrill of pleasure come from Aloria as power flowed through the weapons systems and the feeling that came with fulfilling her destiny. And the almost pleasurable eagerness that she gave off as she prepared to Shift for the first time.


Bryce seeing the golden glow encompass even him turned around in his chair to see Harry eyes closed smiling.


The city ship slowly moved out of its station keeping position it has held for thousands of years and gained speed as it headed off towards deep space. Slowly as it moved above the planets it started to spin as the shimmering shield started to ripple with colors.


Receiving the knowledge from Aloria that all was ready, Harry Potter, Lord Commander of the Alteran People gave the command to shift. “Shift in Five…Four…Three…Two…One.” and the city built by the ancients to be the ultimate weapon of war shifted in an explosion of colors as the dimensional drive kicked in shifting them from the Earth system in the milky way all the way to the Lantea system in the Pegasus galaxy in a blink of the eye.



                                        T minus 6 months and counting   

Harry looked down at the parchment that was delivered early that morning for what seemed the seventh time and let the anger he felt swirl around him as he came to a decision.

              Mr. Potter The Wizarding world can no longer stand by while you are off so called training yourself. The deaths of good pureblood wizards and witches can no longer be ignored. As such you are herby ordered to come out of seclusion and deal with the madman known as You Know Who. To ensure that you do as I have directed I have ordered the detainment of the following people who shall remain as my guests until you have fulfilled your roll as chosen one. Fred Weasley – in custodyGeorge Weasley - in custodyMolly Weasley - in custodyRon WeasleyBill WeasleyCharlie WeasleyArthur Weasley – died defying ministerial orders  Your owl refused to deliver this message to you so the department of mysteries used her body and the body of the Weasley in a ritual that created a port key that could pass even your wards. A formal challenge has been issued in your name to the Dark Lord to take place tomorrow at noon in Diagon Ally. Failure to show shall result in the above guests being turned over to the Dark Lord   Rufus Scrimgeour  Minister for Magic   

Harry let the rage he was feeling consume him and with a burst of power the parchment he was holding burst into flames and was instantly consumed to ash.


Mentally ordering the remotes to take the bodies of his friend’s father, and his beloved first friend to the med bay, to be placed into stasis, Harry left the command deck and walked towards his quarters.


Entering his quarters he stripped off the work clothes he was wearing and went over to his desk where his latest project had just been completed and strapped on the devices one to each arm.


Walking over to the closet he opened up a panel next to the door and stuck his hand in the middle of the shimmering silver liquid. Sending some of his magic to his skin as just as he had learned to do as he mastered his magic the liquid quickly crawled over and up his arm and quickly encased his body in shimmering silver.


Crossing the hall from his quarters Harry entered a small room and tracing his finger along one of the towers pictures on the screen he waited until it zoomed in on the area, before choosing the floor and tapping the room marked as the main medical bay and with a brief flash he turned and walked out of the door into the med bay.


Walking over to medical synthesizer Harry started to enter in his requests for certain  potions through the on screen keyboard.


As the requested vials appeared in the dispensing tray Harry carefully inserted them into the appropriate slots in the gauntlet on his right arm. After filling all the empty slots with the vials Harry went over to where the remotes had left Mr. Weasley and Hedwig and with his head bowed in grief and let the rage he was feeling slip away to be replaced with a need to see justice done.


Harry let his hand rest for a moment longer on the still form of his first friend before stepping back and whispering “Eiloloari”


Harry stood there long enough to see the tables glow and a field encase the still forms in the stasis field before turning and walking out of the med bay and wrapping the silent stillness of the city around him as he took the long way to the main tower and the embarkation room.



              Diagon Ally T minus 5 month 30 days 15 hours   

Spending all night in the bowels of Gringotts Harry sighed as the last trunk had been filled and the last vault under his control had been emptied. Watching it float through the portal leading to the city of Shas, his home for the past couple of years since the death of Headmaster Dumbledore, and turning to the goblin that helped him through the night he said “Griphook I think it is time I met with the Goblin High Council”


Griphook slightly cringed as he thought back to the last night when Mr. Potter had arrived at the bank and the uproar that had surrounded his announcement that he would be empting every vault he had access too. “Of course Mr. Potter they are waiting for you. This way if you please”


Harry followed the little Goblin into the cart and was slightly surprised to find that instead of going back towards the surface they started to go deeper into the tunnels.


After a fifteen minute ride that was practically straight down they slowed to a stop in an enormous cavern encrusted with gems that glowed with their own inner fire.


Griphook led Harry down a path to the right of the parking area for the carts used in the tunnels. Leading the young man through an area that no human had ever stepped foot in, he watched out of the corner of his eye as the young man in question took in his surrounding and the astonished looks of the Goblin residents they passed on their way to the council hall.


Harry was impressed with what he saw as he was led through the city, though in the back of his mind something was tickling his memory, almost as if he had been to this place before.


Standing before the council doors Harry looked at the runes and words inscribed on the door in what he assumes was Gobbledygook when the tickling sensation in the back of his mind finally put two and two together and gave him the answer to what he was looking at.


As Harry stood in the chamber and looked at the practically ancient looking Goblins seated in a semi-circle around him he began to notice the slight differences in appearance between the Goblins of this day and age and the race that he now knew that they had splintered from.


As the Elders sat there and watched the young human look at them Stone Crusher the leader of the Goblin warriors watched him with a growing sense of discomfort. His discomfort increased drastically when he noticed the young man seem to come to some type of conclusion and then stare at the council as if he was dissecting their very being.


Looking around the chamber Harry noticed that he could read the written language covering the walls and in his mind that cemented the conclusion he had come to.


Seeing that no one else was going to speak first Bane Breaker first of the Goblin council stood up and addressed the young human standing before them “Mr. Potter the emptying of the vaults under your control which amount to almost a third of the monies deposited in Gringotts worldwide is deeply troubling to the Goblin people. We are asking you to please tell us why you have done this? And what we can do to keep your accounts in our bank?”


Harry tilted his head to one side slightly as he replied “Due to the respect I have for the accord between the four great races which Goblins are a descendant of I will say this”


“The current Minister for Magic has decided that too many good pureblood witches and wizards are being killed by Voldermort, so in a burst of creativity he has taken hostage most of the surviving Weasley family and if I do not show up for the little duel to the death he has arranged for me he plans to hand them over to Voldermort at noon today in the middle of Diagon Ally”


The elders of the council shifted in their seats uncomfortably as the waves of energy washed across them from the young man speaking in front of them.


“I plan on rescuing them as I have been informed by my spies that Voldermort does not plan on showing up, instead he is going to send some of his more violent followers to eliminate the minister and his hostages. Ordering them to only use the killing curse” Harry told them


Seeing the stunned looks on the face of the council Harry continued “I have had a plan in the works now for several months, it is simple really”


He continued as he walked over to the walls and starting reading the mural “You see Tommie boy made the ultimate mistake when he did not destroy the remains of his father after his rebirth ritual”


Turning his head so he could see the council members briefly as he continued around the wall “He left behind the most important ingredient from his little bath soak.”


Seeing that he had their attention Harry moved to the other wall and started to examine the runes on it “He left behind the rest of his fathers bones, which allowed me to make my own little cocktail so to speak”


Deciding that the runes were Astria Porta coordinates, most likely to the home world of the Goblins predecessors Harry turned to face the council once more “Since Tommie boy connected himself magically to his little band of followers all I need is one marked Death Eater to apply the potion to”


“After that it is only a matter of hours after kissing his masters filthy robes before the potion takes affect and starts to destroy Tommie’s magical core” Harry added with an evil smile “It’s really to bad that Tommie could care less about any of his minions, they unfortunately will loose their magic as he collapses their cores in an attempt to strengthen his own.”


“Shame really as the techno-magic is very specific in its target and if he had the slightest belief in the dogma he spouts off he would sever the connection he has with his followers. But as we all know Tommie boy is only for Tommie boy” Harry finished as he stepped back to the spot he was in when he started talking


“So to answer your question, after my friends have been rescued I plan to empty out my muggle bank accounts and leave this world. Are there any other questions?” Harry asked hoping to get this over as noon was fast approaching.


The Goblin elders sat there their tooth filled maws slightly agape in shock as they processed what they had been told. But it was Griphook the newly clientless account manager that put all the pieces together.


“Leaving this world, not the Wizarding world…that means” Griphook left his spot by the door and walked in front of Harry and facing him knelt down on one knee as he ignored the indrawn breaths of surprise from behind him “Harry I wish to join you on your journey”


Stone Crusher felt rage rise in him as he took in the sight of a Goblin supplicating himself before a Wizard. As he started to rise out of his chair to take to task the young Goblin the pieces started to fall into place and he quickly moved over to the wall that had the runes drawn on them and stared at them trying to remember his ancient teachings as a young boy.


It can not be he thought to himself as he swiftly turned to face Harry Potter and fearful of the answer either way he spoke the ancient words taught from father to son since the beginning in a language he did not understand ~I call upon the ancient alliance of the four and ask your aid in taking us back home once again ~


Harry’s head whipped around so quickly it left an almost audible snap as he heard the language of the Anqueetas being spoken in a broken guttural mish mash.


Linking his mind with Shas and replaying the conversation hoping that it could be cleaned up somewhat and it was not what he thought it was. After getting the response back that it was indeed a formal request as he thought, Harry paled as he once again tried to deny what he knew he had to do.


Harry sighed knowing he was not going to win this argument and giving in, he thought back. “Fine you win. No more whining from me. But if I hear so much as one I told you so I will hunt down every control crystal that allows you speech and Reducto the hell out of them”


“By the way I can’t keep calling you Shas. It is a little pretentious to keep calling you after part of your designation so think up a name I can call you by” Harry told the essence that was the city.


Tapping into his magic Harry conjured a duplicate of the chair he used while on the command deck and dropped the glamour around his combat suit and sat down as he took in the shocked looks of the Goblin elders.


After giving them a moment to try to compose themselves “Please Griphook get up off the floor…You can come with me” Sighing one last time as he gave into the inevitable and accepted his destiny.


The sentience that was the city built for the purpose of war and rescue felt satisfaction and if she could, would have cried out in joy as the bond she had with Harry deepened into the full command bond that she longed for.


In front of Harry a glowing band covered in runes cut out of gemstones appeared along with the feeling of contentment and joy coming through the link.


Plucking the band from its point hovering in mid air in front of Harry he rolled it to the side so he could get a good look at it and see the wording place don it in the alphabet of the four great races of the alliance.


He had avoided this for three years now, ever since making contact with the city and starting to learn its secrets after releasing his full potential.


Placing the band on his head with reluctance Harry straightened up in his chair once more “I can not ignore a formal plea of help from one of the alliance”


Calming himself Harry looked at Stone Crusher “I Harry James Potter as the representative of the Anqueetas and Lord Commander of the Great Alliance I hear your plea for help and will do everything in my power to help bring the Furlings home once again”


Chaos erupted as Harry’s words rebounded throughout the Goblin cavern for all to hear as his promise of help was carried on magic.




After answering questions for over an hour Harry stood up and willed his seat to return to the stone of the floor. As the Elders stilled as they watched him walk over to the wall that had the coordinates inscribed on it he went to one side and tapped a selection of runes causing the wall to split apart and expose a circular arch in a hidden alcove.


Checking the panel built into the wall near the entrance Harry noticed that the power levels read as a full charge.


Turning and walking over to the table Harry drew nine symbols on a piece of parchment.


Looking up Harry took a moment to look each of the Goblins in the eye “I have to leave as I have a few people to rescue from the hands of those fools in the ministry. I know we have barely touched on what needs to be gone over and planned”


Turning the parchment around and sliding it across the table he finished “Tomorrow at noon press the symbols on the side wall near the arch in the order I have placed them on this parchment… the exact order” Harry tapped the parchment


“After the ninth symbol is pressed the circle will shimmer as if filled with water at that time you can step into the alcove and through the arch. You will find your self in my home Toria Ai Shas” Straightening up Harry waited for a moment to make sure they understood what he had said before walking towards the door


“Now if you will excuse me I have some Ministry officials to castrate” Harry threw over his shoulder as he walked out of the room with Griphook running to catch up with him.




As Harry strode into the lobby of the bank from the tunnels he noticed two people with red hair hiding in the shadows near the front door.


Walking up to the duo he noticed that their attention was on something outside the main doors and they were arguing quietly.


Stopping behind them he placed his hand on each of their shoulders “Bill, Ron I want you to know everything is going to be alright”


Ron jumped back and spun around wand at the ready “Harry…Merlin…Harry don’t do that”


Pulling the other two back farther into the shadows Bill whispered “Harry you do know this is a trap…”


Letting the hate he felt towards the cowardly actions of the minister Harry replied “Oh I know to well what is going on, the minister made sure of it when he sent me the note”


Ron stepped back as he watched his friend answer his brother, he had never seen so much hate on his friends face before. “Right…well what are we going to do then?”


Harry held up a small silver tube in one hand and in the other he had several small crystal splinters “Bill have you ever seen a blow gun before?”


Accepting the slender tube from Harry Bill looked at it for a moment before replying “No…How does it work?”


Harry used the second blow gun and demonstrated the proper way to load the dart and how they worked and ended with “It does not matter where you hit them, so long as the dart touches them, just so long as it catches in thee fabric of their clothes so it will stay put”


Handing the other blow gun over to Ron along with a handful of the darts to each Harry finished with “Let me make it very clear to you two. The whole point is to tag those the ministry is holding and not be seen. We can not afford any slip ups here.”


“A simple get in without being seen, tag those hostages and get out, all before the death eaters arrive” Harry threw over his shoulder as he started to leave the shadows


“But Harry what about The Dark Lord. You will need help to watch your back when he shows up” Ron sputtered face red with the thought he was being asked to stay out of the fight.


Harry stopped and turned slightly tapping his scar “He is not coming”


Willing the illusion of clothes to drop Harry stood there decked out in the combat suit he donned the previous evening before leaving the city “He never planned on coming…He plans to have his inner circle kill the hostages and the minister and leave”


Bill and Ron watched as Harry stopped and tapped one of the bands on his arm and watched as both started to glow.


As Bill was about to stop Harry for an explanation of what he meant he stared in awe the silver skin tight suit almost seemed to turn into liquid and flow up the back of Harry’s neck and cover his head leaving the face open.


Before he could reach out to grab Harry’s shoulder to stop him He watched in shock as he faded from view as he heard Harry tell him “Tag your family and get out of here you two. Leave the rest to me”


Bill was further stunned when he heard the voice of Stone Crusher come from behind him “Head his words Mr. Weasley…and follow them exactly, for to do otherwise will interfere with his plans and might end up with some coming to harm that should not”


Trying to come to terms with what he heard and what the elder Goblin had told him he shook his head as if coming out of a bad dream and grabbing his brother started for the main doors.


“Mr. Weasley…if things do not go as planned, Gringotts will offer you sanctuary” Stone Crusher told them as he motioned for his warriors to take up position and the tellers to close their stations




Harry walked out of the bank and down the stairs; he had forty minutes to get in position for his part. Deciding it would be a good idea to walk around the ally a little bit to make sure there was no surprises that could come back later and bite him in the arse when he noticed Neville sitting at one of the outside tables at Fortescue's looking suspicious.


Sitting down next to Neville still cloaked from sight Harry whispered “Neville what the bloody hell are you doing here?”


Startled at hearing Harry’s voice and looking around slyly and not seeing anyone Neville figured Harry was under his invisibility cloak “The DA and a few others are here to help free the Weasley's before Voldermort shows up.


“Harry you know that the DA would not let you face You Know Who by yourself” Neville said without moving his lips


“Tommie boy is not planning on showing up Nev. More than likely it will be the Lestrange's and a few other inner circle members along with as many grunts as they can” Harry told him


Making a fast decision Harry decided to use the resources being offered “Neville meet me behind the twins shop in three minutes with as many of the DA leadership you can contact in three minutes. Don’t be late as there is not a lot of time to alter my plans to include you”


“We won’t let you down Harry” Neville whispered to the empty street before getting up from his chair to cause a pre-arranged scene.


Picking up his ice cream and slamming it upside down on the table and yelling out “Bloody Hell prankster’s can’t leave a bloke alone” before storming off down the ally


Harry stood by the back door to the twins shop in the dingy ally waiting for Neville and the others to show up. Placing his hand on the back door “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good”


After a brief glow the door clicked open and Harry reached out with his senses to see if there were any other traps in place.


Sensing that the coast was clear Harry turned around to see that Neville had brought six others with him.


Nodding at the “Hey Harry” from Colin Harry started to explain his plan “Contrary to what the minister plans, Voldermort has no intention of showing up today. Though he will be sending some of his nastier friends”


“I want to be very clear the death eaters are going to be firing off killing curses as their main curse so I want you to make sure you keep your wits about you.


After the hostages have been rescued I want you to make sure all the members of the DA make their way inside Gringotts or better yet to leave the ally all together.”


Seeing some of them were about to interrupt to protest Harry told them sternly “Listen up I have the means to get rid of Voldermort once and for all, but to do it I need the Death Eaters to seem to win this battle so they can go home to their master.”


Holding up a glass dart Harry showed the shimmering gray liquid inside thinking about how to explain nanite technology to the wizard born “I plan to inject this into at least one Death Eater who will then carry this little potion inside them. When the unsuspecting pawn gets within a meter of Tommie boy he will unfortunately explode showering Tommie’s downfall all over him.”


“Then all I have to do is sit back and while the potion does its work destroying old Voldie’s magical core making him less than a squib” Harry let a heartfelt smile cross his face at the though of turning Riddle into a muggle.


“So what do you want us to do then Harry?” Neville asked and the others nodded their heads in agreement


Conjuring a dart rifle Harry loaded three of the darts into the clip and asked “Who knows how to shoot one of these?”


To his surprise Colin stepped forward “My uncle likes to take me to the hunt club Harry”


Giving Colin a sideways glance and thinking the boy knows more than shooting pictures, weird “Ok Colin up on the roof of the twins shop…Neville your with him guard his back”


Handing over the rifle “Colin target the inner circle members. They will be the ones standing in the middle or in the back giving all the orders”


Harry placed his hand on the lads shoulder to keep him put for the moment “The rest of you pass out some of the little gifts the twins like to call pranks and cause as much mayhem as you can. I don’t want those in the ally to be able to pay attention to their surroundings”


Letting go of Colin’s shoulder “Pass the word the DA galleons will become port-keys Friday Morning after eight am and will no longer work after noon. They will bring you to a safe place where we can meet. Activation word is my name”


“You have ten minutes to get in position. And for Merlin’s sake stay safe” Harry told them as he stepped back and faded from sight


Several members jumped back in shock at the disappearance of Harry and exclaimed “Hey where did he go?”


Neville hissed out before following Colin up the stairs “Quiet we don’t have much time and Harry is counting on us, so move it”


Editing provided by Scott