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    Pairing: Ryan/Colin
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: He'll do it with everyone else, so why won't he do it with me?
    Archive: Sure. Here at this archive and anywhere else; just be sure and let me know where.
    Author's Notes: The scene where Colin kisses Kathy is borrowed from Caroline's story `Whose Business is it Anyway?' and can soon be found in the WhoseLineFanfiction group archives. It is recreated here with the author's permission and I'd like to thank her for allowing me to use it.
    Disclaimer: Don't own `em, but if Ryan and/or Colin come up for sale, I've got first dibs. The song "All or Nothing" belongs to the group O-Town and can be found on their album `O-Town.' The song "Every Little Thing You Do" belongs to the group Westlife and can be found on their album `Coast to Coast.' I don't own any part of either song and no copyright infringement was intended.
    Author's Warning: Hear ye, hear ye. This story is rated NC-17 and it is graphic. It's also a slash story (m/m interaction). If you are not 18 or find this kind of thing offensive, DON'T READ THIS!!! I'm not kidding. Go away. If you are 18 or older, you might want to have a pitcher of water handy. Feedback is craved; flames will used to toast my s'mores.
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