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My Almond Joy

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Title: My Almond Joy

Author: Lopaka Tanu

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of Scrubs.

Characters: JD

Prompt: 16 You See, I Woke Up Gay.

Fandom: Scrubs

Timeline: My Cabbage.

Pairing: JD/Keith, others implied.

Rating: Adult

Words: 2360

Warnings: Language,

Summary: Some times you feel like a nut, some times you don't. JD, yep, wakes up gay!

Author's Note: Scrubs Crack, boy, that's redundant. <i>JD Narrative</i>



<i>Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suddenly wake up one day and be an entirely new person? Aside from amnesia or being a super secret agent, there really isn't any possible way for this to happen. I mean, this doesn't happen to people, right?</i>

Awakening, JD felt comfortably warm. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the bed smelled of hot, drunken intern. Snuggling deeper in to his blanket, he felt something poke him from behind. That could mean only one thing, Keith was back for his booty call. Sure enough, said intern's arm was soon draped over his waist, pulling him back against a broad chest.

For a minute, he lay there luxuriating in the warmth produced by their bodies. That lasted only a few seconds more as Keith slowly began to grind against him. He recognized almost immediately what the other man's actions meant and his eyebrow raised.

<i> Someone's a little frisky.</i>

Reaching behind him, JD had no idea what he intended to do, but grabbing the other man's cock through his boxers wasn't it. The pleasured moan in his ear made him shiver in response. His own cock twitched in sympathy making him whimper.

To make matters worse, Keith pressed his lips to the skin under JD's left ear, kissing up until he had the lobe between his teeth. Tugging on it gently, he ground his cock further in to JD's hand. Expert fingers slid along the tip making him moan.

<i>I have no idea what I'm doing, but I think I'm actually.... Ooo, so good!</i>

Keith's moans became obscene in his ear as the other man came closer to his climax. Quick, moist pants of breath blew across his skin. JD heard the hitch in his breathing a moment before his hand was coated in a sticky liquid. A second, third, fourth, and fifth thrust produced more cum until Keith gave a satisfied groan and settled down in to sleep.

"Keith?" One eye open, JD glanced over his shoulder to see that Keith was well and truly unconscious. Releasing the other man's limp cock, he brought his hand out of the covers to examine it. Several strands of cum stretched over his fingers and palm. For a moment, he considered it. As realization of what just happened settled upon him, his eyes rolled up in his head and he jerked through his own orgasm.

<i>Oh, yeah.</i>

Half blissed smile in place, JD dozed off.


Hair gelled in the usual velcro spikes, JD sat at the kitchen counter eating a bowl of Special K. For some strange reason, he felt rather self conscious of his figure this morning and it had looked rather tempting. Despite the lack of flavor, it was still something to eat. He looked up as a change in the shadows drew his attention. "Morning, Elliot!"

"JD." Hair displaced as if having walked through a tornado, Elliot rubbed at her cheek. She slowly walked her way over to the fridge to grab something when something occurred to her. Frowning, she turned back to JD. "You're up awful early, why?"

"Keith came in late." Sipping his orange juice, JD used the glass to hide his smug grin. "He'll be out for a while yet, though."

Shaking her head in disgust, Elliot turned back to the fridge. He was supposed to be her booty call, so why did nine times out of ten did he end up in JD's bed? She threw her roommate a scowl over her shoulder at that thought. She didn't understand why he was so pleasant for having been awakened so early. Heck, even with her early wake-up call to get ready, she was still a grouch if someone woke her before the alarm. The only time she would be glowing like him was when Keith had...

JD's eyebrows shot up as he heard the orange juice carton hit the floor. The next instant he sensed a dark presence behind him. "Elliot?"

"Tell me you didn't hit my booty call."

Picking up his glass, JD took a careful sip of his juice before setting the glass down then picked up a napkin. He wiped his lips carefully before he spun the chair to face her. His eyes scanned her quickly before settling on her hair. "You know, I bet you could pull off being a redhead."

Elliot could only stare at him horror as he stood. Jaw quivering, she reached in her mind for words but came up empty. She stood there as he passed her to put his dishes in the sink, watching as he went back to the living room. Still unable to think even as he grabbed his back pack from beside the couch, she at least closed her mouth.

JD gave her a sympathetic smile before opening the door. "I'll see you at the hospital, Elliot. If Keith, wakes before you leave, tell him he has the day off." He walked out with a happy sigh.

The moment the door closed, Elliot's mind freeze defrosted. "You..." her lower lip quivered, "you cheap slut."


The ride to Sacred Heart had been filled with wonderful things. Never in his life had he realized the world had been so beautiful. The colors were brighter, the sun was warmer, the wind was sweeter smelling, even the foul tempered motorists seemed pleasant this morning. Smiling serenely, JD pulled off his helmet and took a deep breath. His smile grew in brilliance as the wind kicked up the smell of flowers to his nose. "Good morning, sunshine!"

Rolling his eyes, Dr. Kelso fiddled with the idea of just turning around and heading off. Instead, he climbed out of his car and glared at JD. "If you're taking something, young man, it had better not be from our pharmacy." He gave JD a wide berth as he walked in to the hospital on the off chance it was contagious.

Ignoring his boss' words, JD pulled off his goggles and stuffed them in his backpack. Zipping it up, he headed inside the hospital's main entrance. A common enough occurrence, he shouldn't have felt different, but today was special. Walking through the doors, he grinned broadly at the feeling of euphoria. "Hello, all you beautiful people!"

In the waiting room, people gave him a quick appraising look and the door an even longer one. One false move and they would bolt.

At the nurses's station, Laverne looked at him over the top of her glasses. Catching his wide smile and his graceful step, she snorted.

Coming up to her counter, JD smiled for her and leaned over the counter. "Hello, Laverne, the most beautiful nurse in the whole wide world!"

"It's finally happened, you've crossed over to the lavender side." She checked him up and down with her eyes, another snort coming out over what she saw. "No big loss."

"Oh, Laverne." With a wink, he picked turned to see his position on the watch board. "Ah, how wonderful, I've got a full schedule today! I tell ya, nothing makes me feel better than helping people in need. That's why I became a doctor, you know."

"Lord, I've got better things to do with my time." Picking up a patient's chart, Laverne walked off as fast as she could.

"Nice to see you too, Laverne!" Waving at her retreating form, JD sighed in to contentment. Today was so good, nothing could spoil it. A shrill whistle in his ear almost made his smile falter as it ripped through his dreamy musing. Turning towards the source, he found the Janitor holding up a police whistle. "Hello, Janitor, looking as handsome as always, I see."

"You can see...Huh?" He was about to launch in to his latest explanation on why he annoyed JD until the other man's words registered. Frowning, his eyes went wide. "What did you say?"

Stepping in closer, JD slid a finger down the taller man's button row from his collar to the center of his chest. "I said you're looking as handsome as always. Did that clarify it or do I need to use my body language." Next thing he knew, JD was falling over as the Janitor was just not there any more. He caught himself on the counter ledge before he could completely loose his balance. A quick search turned up no sign of the annoying man.

Shrugging, JD picked up his patient's charts from the nurse's station so he could examine their progress or lack there of. Several looked promising, only one was worsening. He was almost done when two familiar shapes drew his eyes towards them. Smiling brightly, JD set the chart down. "Hello and good morning, guys!"

Staggering behind the counter, Carla dropped in to her chair and let her purse fall beside her. "What's so good about it?" Blinking tiredly, she swiveled the chair towards the coffee machine and scooted towards it.

For his part, Turk leaned against the counter and crossed his arms. Eyebrows waggling, he grinned at JD. "Hey, vanilla bear! Someone else get lucky last night, too?"

Looking to the ceiling in a sign of modesty, JD grinned. "Well, I don't like to kiss and tell."

"Then save us all a whole lot of nightmarish imagery and don't, Francesca." Pushing JD aside, Dr. Cox grabbed his patient's chart from the stack. After flipping through the papers, he slammed it shut and replaced it. "If you two girls are through with your gossip and latest teen fashion craze, I'm certain your patients would appreciate your less than stellar attention. Oh, Ghandi, don't look at me that way, you know how it makes me want to just ram your head in to a wall."

Eye brows shooting up his forehead, Turk took a step back. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the pit this morning."

Dr. Cox was about to make a snappy remark until he caught sight of JD. "Wha-ha-ho, what have we here, Marsha? You're actually glowing, this can't be a good thing. Someone finally knock you up? If so, who is this jackass and why hasn't he been institutionalized yet?"

Stepping back, JD lowered his head, cheeks coloring red. A slow smile spread across his face as he peered up at the older man. He put a finger to his lips and twisted a toe on the floor. "Why, Dr. Cox, I do believe you are flirting with me."

Bodily restraining the need to puff up his chest and hiss at the other man, Dr. Cox grit his teeth and shook his head. "I'm sorry, Newby, I must have something in my ears because I can't possibly have heard what I think I just did."

Reaching out, JD flicked Dr. Cox's stethoscope playfully. "Oh, you."

Eyes nearly bulging, Perry held up his hands in defense. "I'm going to walk away very slowly, Pamela, and you will stay right there. We will pretend that this never, never, ever, never happened!" True to his words, he took three slow steps backwards. "Never happened," he whispered, closing his eyes as he turned and sprinted down the hall.

JD started to sulk as the people behind him remained silent. He was about to lean against the counter until a strong hand bodily jerked him off his feet forwards to stare helplessly at a very pissed Jordan. He could tell she was angry by the way her eye lids were half open and her lips formed a perfect smile. "Hello, Jordan."

"Touch that piece of hairy ass again, Princess, and the next time your friends see you will be as the Thursday meatloaf special. But, by the way, thanks for giving me all the leverage I'll ever need to get my way." Releasing him, she straightened out his scrubs top. She gave him a happy sound as she followed in the same direction Dr. Cox had gone.

Rubbing his neck, he sighed. "What a shame, he really is kinda cute." The next moment, JD was wincing as Carla hit him from behind. He moved quickly to avoid her just in case she fired again. "What was that for?"

"I'm trying to knock some sense in to you! What the hell is wrong with you?" Holding up a hand, she looked away. "Never mind, I don't want to know. Just, keep your hands off Turk."

"Baby, you got nothing to worry about." In confusion, Turk shared a look with his friend. "JD, tell her she has nothing to worry about, whatever she means."

"Really, nothing. He's happily married, I understand that." Nodding, JD looked away. If they weren't together by now, it would never happen. May be someday he would accept that. He released a wistful sigh. The melancholy only lasted a moment before he perked up again. Spinning to face the nurse's station, he leaned over the counter and laid his head upon his fists. "So, who's up for jello shots tonight? I'm buying!"

"Sure." Nodding, Carla met his gaze for one of her own. "But, one thing, JD."

"Name it." He grinned widely.

<i>Anything for a fiery Latin goddess!</i>

"No pink, ever." Patting him on the cheek, she walked off.

"Oh, Carla, what would I do if I didn't have you for that sound motherly advice?" Taking a deep breath, JD released it with a wistful sigh. Yes, today was turning out to be an okay... a really swell day! "I just love my life!" Wonderful mood restored, he spun around in a circle. Or, he tried to, but ended up tripping over his own feet and landed on his hands and knees.

Grunting from the impact, he took the brunt of the force in his hands. As he opened his eyes, he saw familiar sneakers in his face. "Good morning, Todd." With a push up, he sat back on his haunches so he could look up at the other man's face.

Grin a mile wide, hands on his hips, Todd nodded slowly. "Oh yeah, for the Todd, it totally is."

<i>Mmmmm, me likey!</i>

"It just might be."



THE END........................................