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Getting to know each other

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Getting to know each other
by Josette Grover  or


"Hey Jake, how you feeling?" Miles asks softly, settling in the chair by the bed of his identical twin brother, and he's still having problems believing it, even with the blood and DNA tests the others had performed at NIH when they had first met the other man. He brushes a lock of unruly hair off Jake's head, trying not to touch the white bandage on his brother's head.

"Concussions suck." Jake says, wincing as he tries to sit up. Smiling, Miles helps him sit up and props a couple of pillows behind him.

"I'll take your word for it." Miles says, softly in deference to the obvious pain his brother is in. Picking up the prescription bottle on the nightstand, shaking out a pill and dropping it in Jake's hand. Jake takes the glass of water and swallows the pill, making a face.

"I hat taking pills." he grumbles, handing the empty glass back.

"Did you know. . . that you were adopted?" Miles asks.

"Yeah," Jake says, lying back into the pillows. Miles automatically holding his wrist. "I was in an accident when I was twelve, needed a blood transfusion. Neither of my parents were a match, that's when I found out that I was adopted. According to the records, my. . . our biological parents were killed in an airplane crash when we were just months old. Since there wasn't any relatives, we were taken in by the state and adopted days later."

Miles shakes his head. "Well, I've always had nightmares about planes crashing. Now I know why. Any idea why we were separated?"

"At that time, children were routinely separated. Whether it was because prospective parents would only want one baby instead of an entire family, who knows And if you weren't a baby. . . you didn't get adopted."

"Yeah Eva, one of women I work with at NIH was in and out of foster homes for years before she finally found a permanent home."

"What about you?" Jake asks, looking at his brother. And he still can't believe it. . . brother. One that's he's related to by blood and not just because they have the same parents.

"No, I never knew I was adopted. Not until I met you anyway." Miles says. "But, now that I think about it, it makes sense."

"What about your family?"

"I'm not close to them, my father and I never agreed on much. He preaches liberalism, but it's more about the almighty dollar with him. I left town as soon as I graduated and I haven't been back since." Miles says softly. "I just started talking to him again a few months ago, after a case."

"Bad?" Jake asks, holding up a hand and touching his brother's cheek.

"Yeah, a mutated strain of the flu killed a number of people in Virginia. I became . . . close to one of the victims."

". . . and she didn't make it?" Jake asks softly.

"No, she didn't." Miles says. "We were talking about small towns and leaving home. She'd asked how long it had been since I'd been home, I told her it had been a while."

"And her death got you talking again?"

"Yeah, it's still strained, but we're talking anyway."

"Why did you become a doctor if you don't mind my asking?" Jake asks.

"One of my uncles is a doctor, I became interested in what he did and he he encouraged me. When I left home, he allowed me to stay with him and helped me get through medical school. We still keep in touch."

"Would he know? If you had been adopted, I mean."

"Maybe, I'll have to ask him when I call him later. I try to call him once a week or so when I'm not on a case." Miles looks down at the phone, one of several in the house he and Stephen share and grabs it, dialing a number from memory. "Why don't I call and ask him? It's been a couple of weeks since I talked to him."

In the house he and Gregory share, James looks up from the couch where he and House are sitting, House's head on his lap, and grabs the phone next to him with one hand.


"Hey Uncle James, it's Miles."

"Hey Miles, what's up?" James says as House opens his eyes. "You stopped petting me?" he asks with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm talking on the phone." Wilson says rolling his eyes as he holds the phone against his shoulder and starts rubbing his hand over Greg's head and back again.

"You can talk to the nephew and pay attention to me at the same time." Greg says, smirking as he lays back down on the couch. "Tell Miles I said hello."

Wilson rolls his eyes again. "Greg says hello." he says into the phone. "What's up, you sound upset? You didn't lose a patient, did you?" Gregory opens his eyes, looking over his shoulder at Wilson, for once not complaining about Wilson stopping.

"No," Miles says, smiling as he looks over at Jake. "Uncle James, I need to ask you a very serious question."

"Go ahead, Miles." Wilson says.

"Was I adopted?" Miles asks.

"What brought that on?" James asks, looking down at House as he sits up.

"I met somebody last week on a case, he looks just like me." Miles says over the phone. "The blood tests confirmed what everybody knows, we are identical twins. And he's adopted, he found out when he was twelve and needed a blood transfusion. Neither of his parents was a match."

"Damn." James says softly. "I didn't know Miles, your parents never told me or our parents. Your father and I have never exactly been close."

"Thanks for letting me know Uncle James." Miles says, "you going to the convention next month."

"Yes, Cuddy has ordered me and your Uncle Greg to attend." Wilson says rolling his eyes. "Are you going to be there?"

"If we're not called out on a case." Miles says smiling. "I'll introduce you to Jake then, he's going to be joining our team as a computer specialist when he recovers from the concussion."

"What happened?"

"Somebody tried to run us over on our last case. He shoved me and Stephen out of the way, but he couldn't get clear in time. He's got a concussion, some sore ribs, and bruises."

"Other than that he's okay, right?" James asks.

"Yeah, already trying to get out of bed." Miles says, smirking at his newfound brother.

"He's just like you then." James smiles and finishes the call, looking down at his lover. "Miles just found out he's adopted, by finding out he has an identical twin brother."

"Your brother is an asshole." Greg says, closing his eyes.


end part 1