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Interlude To Hell

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Interlude To Hell
by Pixie Child


The truth is, she's pathetic. She spent her entire time as Medenham Hall treating Thelma like trash and now she's getting her rocks off with the dead girl in completely perverse dreams. She's never been like this before. There was that one time at Leon's birthday last year before Cassie started here, when she stumbled back to school drunk and Thelma'd been depressed and it happened, but she hadn't been proud of it or anything. It was ridiculous to be jealous of Cassie when she arrived, so she'd spent every free moment tormenting them instead, which of course only backfired and she ended up feeling worse about the way Thelma didn't seem to be even the slightest bit affected by anything she did.

So she targeted Cassie. They were almost always together, with Thelma acting like Cassie's barrier, but even the most perfect girl in the world apparently got sick of Thelma Bates' repulsive comments sometimes because whenever she was feeling vindictive, the blonde, angelic artist was there by herself trying to blend into the wallpaper.

Roxanne picked Leon's party for an irony she doubts even Thelma got. The ultimate revenge, putting Thelma's girlfriend in the same position she was a year ago. Well, maybe not exactly the same position. There's no way Leon will ever be that talented with his tongue. And nothing ever works out the way she wants it to anyhow. She's not sure what she wanted, but it sure as hell wasn't Thelma dead. The whole point was to make her see past Cassie's halo, not push her into the lake.


The dreams are so vivid, Roxanne would've wondered if they weren’t memories, but she's not an exhibitionist and she'd definitely never do it with that porny-dyke music in the background. That's more like something out of Leon's less-then-imaginative fantasy, not her's. Except... if Thelma really wanted her to, maybe she would have. Just not in the crowded cafeteria. Despite the way her thoughts were going, she does have <u>some</u> standards. Although she immediately regretted telling Gemma about it because Roxanne knows the moment she gets the chance, she'd going to use it against her. There are already rumors going around about a new dyke at Medenham Hall and it's doubtful Cassie started them with the hell of her no friends.


She started having sex with him to make the dreams stop the same way she slept with the art teacher to make herself stop wanting Thelma. Neither of them worked and she hates herself every time she does it but she can't seem to stop herself from doing it again. It's disgusting and Thelma tells her as much every night but it doesn't stop them from doing it because "it's fucking lonely being a lesbian ghost when your best friend is too busy being obsessed with the bastard who got her pregnant with his demon spawn to pay any attention to you." Which doesn't make any sense because in her dreams, Thelma's anything but dead.

Then Cassie went missing just after the whore from hell showed up and it just got that much more intense, as if Thelma was using her to vent her worry or angst or whatever through screwing. Not that Roxanne was complaining.


But just how the hell did Leon know about her and Jez? Or Thelma's joke about keeping the faith?