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Grounded For Life: Scratching A New Itch

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Sean walked into the laundry room of the Finnerty home to find his wife, Claudia, and their young son Henry, absorbed in some sort of project involving a large shaker can and what appeared to be one of Lily’s bras and a pair of her panties.

"What’s going on?" Sean inquired, scratching his head as a perplexed look crossed his face.

"Do you know what time Lily got home last night??" Claudia asked in a terse tone."Wait, let me rephrase that" she interjected before Sean had a chance to speak, "Do you know what time Lily got home this morning and with a hickey on her neck?!"

"C’mon Claud," Sean started, "Remember when we..."

"Never mind that now," Claudia interrupted again and motioned with her head towards Henry, who was busily shaking something out of the can into Lily’s panties.

"What’s that anyway?" Sean asked, trying to side step Lily breaking curfew.

"It’s itching powder," Claudia said with a vindictive smirk, "I’m going to teach Lily a lesson about not keeping her clothes on!"

"But wouldn’t itching powder be incentive to take her clothes off?" Sean asked.

"Look! Whose side are you on here?" Claudia snapped.

"Yours baby, I’m on your side, but I’m just not so sure this is the way to go." Then looking down at Henry, Sean added, "And I’m not so sure this is so good for him either. Being so close to his sisters undies can’t be all that healthy, mentally I mean."

"I thought about that too," Claudia sighed, "But he insisted."

"Insisted?" Sean asked.

"It’s my itching powder!" Henry piped up, "We need to put more in her bra cups," He said to his mother as he shook a liberal amount of powder into the light blue undergarment then folded it and set it aside.

Sean just shook his head and walked out of the room to leave his wife and young son to continue their deviltry. As he walked through the kitchen he looked up at the clock on the wall. It was just before twelve and they had a photographer coming at two to take a family portrait.At one o’clock, after a heated, twenty minute exchange between Claudia and Lily, the Finnerty house was quiet. Everyone was getting dressed for the portrait. Sean walked into his bedroom to get a pair of socks only to find Lily and Henry hovering over the bed.

"What’s going on?" Sean asked, a little surprised to find them in there.

"It’s called revenge," Lily hissed.

"For what?" Sean replied as he opened his sock drawer.

"Mom grounded me for two weeks, and next weekend is Susan’s party, and she knew how much I was looking forward to it, so this is a little payback."

Sean glanced in the dresser mirror as he closed the drawer and in the reflection saw Henry shaking something into the cups of Claudia’s leopard print bra that she had lain out on the bed while she showered.

"Ok, Henry!" Sean said as he turned around, "We really need to talk young man. This has gone too fa...." but his protest was cut short by the sound of the shower shutting off.

Henry and Lily shot each other a panicked look then bolted for the door. Lily paused and gave Sean a quick kiss on the cheek and quickly whispered,

"I love you daddy! Not a word to mom ok?" and she was gone.

In a few moments Claudia walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, kissed Sean on the cheek as she passed him, and walked to the dresser and picked up her blow dryer to finish her hair. Sean sat down on the bed and pulled on his socks and considered his next course of action. He probably should tell Claudia about what the kids did to her underwear. But by the same token, he probably should have told Lily, and didn’t. And then there was Henry, he seemed to be playing both ends against the middle and Sean really felt he should talk to the boy, he was getting to the age where playing with women’s underwear could become a little over stimulating.

Claudia turned off the dryer and picked up a brush and began brushing her silky blond hair. Just as Sean was about to say something to her, one of the boys called up the stairs that the photographer was there,

"Oh good!" Claudia said as she hurried to the bed where her clothes were all laid out, "I’m itching to get this over with!" She giggled, "And Lily will be too once she gets dressed!"Claudia punctuated her glee with an evil laugh.

Sean decided to just let things take their course and went down stairs, leaving Claudia to her fate.

Once downstairs, Sean greeted the lady photographer and introduced her to Henry and Jimmy, explaining Lily and Claudia would be down directly. Lily appeared first, wearing a corduroy mini skirt and a tight red turtle neck, it was the only top she had that would cover the love bite on her neck. Sean almost shuddered at the thought of how much of a woman his daughter was becoming, she had become quite shapely, especially over just the last year, and he suddenly felt older.

Then Claudia appeared at the bottom of the stairs. It was easy to see where Lily got her curves and good looks. Claudia was a knock out in that tight black dress. The deep neckline and tailored fit made her look like a model.

"Sorry to hurry everyone, but I have to go out of town right after this shoot, a sort of family emergency."

The photographer apologized and got everyone in position for the portrait. She placed the three children behind the love seat, Lily in the middle, her being the tallest, and Sean and Claudia were seated on the love seat itself. Claudia sort of squirmed and fidgeted as she sat down,

"You ok babe?" Sean asked.

"Yeah yeah, I’m fine," she replied as she tugged at the shoulder strap of her bra.

Behind them Lily fidgeted a bit herself as she leered down at her mother from behind with an evil smirk of vengeance. Henry on the other hand was beaming as his eyes darted back and forth between Lily and Claudia, knowing the real show was about to start.

"Ok then," the photographer said as she finished adjusting her tripod, "Big smiles now."Just as she was about to snap the picture, she paused, "I’m afraid you’re going to have to keep perfectly still until I snap the picture.

""Oh, ok," Lily and Claudia answered simultaneously.

For each had been squirming. Claudia, rubbing her back against the love seat and Lily was shifting her hips back and forth against the back of the love seat. The itch in both their undies was becoming steadily worse. For Claudia, sitting was only serving to grind the powder into her shapely posterior, intensifying the itch. Lily, on the other hand, forced to wear that tight turtle neck sweater to hide her little indiscretion, could feel the effects of it pressing her brassiere against her tender bosoms even more than usual. She felt like a swarm of mosquitoes had found their way into her sweater.

"You sure you’re ok Claud?" Sean asked again as Claudia rolled her shoulders trying to shift her bra a bit in hopes the itch would go away.

"Yeah I’m fine. I just..." then she paused and turned and looked at Henry.Her eyes narrowed at the young boy who merely smiled angelically and turned back to the photographer.

"Ok now seriously, you have to stay still for me to get this picture, and I don’t have a lot of time, now please..."

Now that she suspected Henry had been at her underwear as well made Claudia itch even more. Her hips spasmed as the itch bit into her soft bottom. Clenching her teeth she tried to smile for the camera as she fought to sit still and maintain her composure.

Lily pretended to sneeze as a ploy to turn her back to the group and sneak a quick scratch at her itchy breasts. The photographer let out a long exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes as she got ready to take the picture yet another time.Claudia leaned over to Sean a bit and whispered out of the side of her mouth as she rubbed her breast against his arm,

"I think Henry put itching powder in my bra and panties too! I itch so bad....I don’t think I can take it any more!!"

Sean whispered back, "Serves you right. Maybe this will teach both of you a lesso..."

From behind them came a sort of guttural noise as Lily finally reached her breaking point," Henry!!" she growled, "I’ll get you for this!!" and she began wildly scratching.

Just at that instant, Claudia’s eyes got wide and she jumped up from the love seat to join Lily in her tormented dance, pausing her scratching only long enough to shake a scolding, slender finger at her youngest son,

"You are in so much trouble young man!"

For just a moment, everyone stood dumbfounded as Claudia and Lily writhed and scratched. All save Henry that is, he was all smiles and thoroughly enjoying the show. The two Finnerty women gyrated and squeal as their scratching only served to make the itching worse, and it was their most tender areas that itched.

Claudia, unabashedly dug at her breasts. Sticking one hand down the front of her dress, and into a bra cup, to scratch a breast then switching hands to scratch the other.Finally Sean decided enough was enough,

"Ok boys, upstairs!" He said as he ushered his sons towards the stairs.

"Sean!! Unzip me!!" Claudia pleaded as she fumbled with the zipper at the back of her dress.

"Oww!!Aiiieeeee!! Make it stop!!" Lily shrieked as she rubbed and scratched everywhere her itching powder spiked dainties came in contact with her flesh.

Claudia shimmied out of her little black dress once Sean had unzipped it, standing now in just her leopard print undies and black thigh high stockings. In similar desperation to escape the horrible itch, Lily had dropped her skirt and was now struggling to get her tight sweater pulled off over her head. Claudia’s mother’s instincts took over as she helped Lily get her sweater off. Now both women wriggled and scratched in the living room, desperate to satiate the terrible itching.

"Quick, Lily! Upstairs, we’ll wash it off in the shower!!" Claudia said, her voice tainted with panic.

The pair sprinted upstairs to Claudia and Sean’s room and the big shower in the master bath. Claudia turned on the water and quickly slithered out of her panties. Lily on the other hand was struggling with her baby blue bra, she just couldn’t stop scratching long enough to reach around to unhook it. Claudia came to her rescue again and unhooked her, bringing a huge sigh of relief from her red haired daughter. Then quickly undoing her own bra, Claudia sighed as well as she tossed it on the floor,"Thank God for front hook bras!"

In a flash they were in the shower under the warm soothing water. As the shower sprayed over them, the itching quickly began to subside. Claudia had her head back and her eyes closed as she let the warm water spray over her bottom as she continued to slowly scratch it. But Lily was feeling another sensation taking over as the itching disappeared. She gazed at her mother’s breasts. They were almost perfect. Still perky after years and children. Her areolas were slightly larger than her own, but like hers, they were now fully erect from the stimulation of scratching and water. Reaching out, she gently stroked the backs of her fingers down the sides of both her mother’s breasts.Brought out of her revelry, Claudia looked at Lily for a second. her face had an expression of deep, intense thought. Her brow was slightly furrowed and her tongue peeked out at the corner of her mouth as she slid her fingers back up the sides of her boobs,

"Lily?" Claudia asked, confused to say the least.

"Shhh..." was Lily’s only reply as she gently slid the backs of her fingers over Claudia’s chunky nipples.

Claudia felt a shiver run through her as she felt Lily’s fingers softly teasing her. Instantly feelings of taboo and arousal boiled inside her. Her own daughter was attempting to seduce her right here in her own shower, with the whole family in the house. This was deliciously dangerous.

"Lily...I really don't think we..." Claudia’s weak protest was cut short as Lily gently took her by the shoulders and pushed her back against the shower wall.

Lily moved her full lips to Claudia’s stiff, aching nipple. Claudia felt chills run through her as Lily’s hot breath swept over her swollen flesh. She gasped aloud as Lily put her tongue to now tingling nipple. Never in her life had Claudia been so turned on, but she was losing control and she knew that would be out of the question,

" can’t," Claudia reluctantly said as she put her hand under Lily’s chin and raised her head, their eyes meeting," Your brothers and dad are in the house...we just can’t,"

Claudia could’ve cried, she wanted what Lily was offering so badly.

"It’s ok, " Lily slowly licked her lips and then swallowed hard, "I locked the bedroom door when I came in," she cooed matter of factually and then caressed her mother’s nipple again with her lips.

A sudden rush of passion surged through Claudia as she place her hands on her daughter’s neck and let the eager Lily go about what she was doing. Lily licked, sucked and gently caressed Claudia’s breasts and nipples until the lust in the older Finnerty woman was beginning to boil. Unable to resist or control herself any longer, Claudia pushed gently down on Lily’s shoulders, urging her to move her smoldering tongue further down on her body.

Slowly Lily licked her way down the front of her mother’s body. Swirling her tongue like a serpent, tracing it over Claudia’s smooth skin, fanning the flame that was growing between her legs. Finally, Lily placed her hands on Claudia’s hips and knelt down. Claudia spread her legs slightly as Lily licked and nibbled her inner thighs. Lily gave a hum of approval as she finally realized her mother’s pussy was shaved completely smooth. Placing her slender thumbs on either side of Claudia’s thick, swollen labia, Lily parted Claudia’s lips slightly and inserted the tip of her tongue between them.

Slowly she dragged her tongue the length of Claudia sopping slit. Once at the top, Lily swirled the stud in her pierced tongue over Claudia’s clit.Claudia actually whimpered as she felt the flesh of her daughter’s tongue working it’s magic. Claudia could feel her orgasm rushing quickly forward,

"And I was the one who told you not to get your tongue pierced," Claudia panted, "What the fuck was I thinking??" She said with a groan of satisfaction.

Her hips convulsed forward as she rested her hands on top of Lily’s head. Her breath was beginning to come in short gasps. She could feel her vaginal muscles beginning to contract and spasm. She could feel that this orgasm was going to be a screaming affair, but she didn’t dare. She couldn’t. Opening her eyes slightly she noticed a wash cloth hanging on the towel bar beside her. Quickly she grabbed it and bunching it up she pressed it to her mouth, biting down on it with her straight, white teeth as her body began to violently shudder.

Hearing her mother’s muffled cries, Lily began running her tongue stud quickly and lightly back and forth over Claudia’s engorged clit.At the apex of Claudia’s climax, a knock came to the door,

"Everything ok in there?" Sean asked through the door.

"Fine!" Claudia quickly pulled the wash cloth out of her mouth to answer then replaced it.

Biting down on it as tidal waves of ecstasy rolled through her body.Sean turned the doorknob, only to find it locked,

"Claud...the door’s locked," he spoke again through the closed door.

"You can’t come in!" Claudia said through clenched teeth, "We’re indecent!"

"You’re what?"

"I said we’re not decent!" Claudia replied, catching her Freudian slip,

"We’ll come downstairs in a few minutes!"

With that there was silence in the hall again and Claudia replaced the wash cloth as she grasped the towel bar with her free hand. She could feel her knees going weak as her orgasm slowly concluded. taking the cloth from her mouth, she braced herself with both hands on Lily’s shoulders,

"Hold me up...Baby..hold me up.." Was all she could manage to pant.

Lily got up and embraced her mother, her firm breasts pressing against Claudia’s.

"Get me to the bed," Claudia said in a giggly, dreamy whisper.

Lily helped Claudia over to the bed, half carrying her as if she’d had too much to drink. Claudia flopped down on the bed with an imbecilic grin on her face. She was as lifeless as a rag doll.

Lily looked down at her motionless mother. Her gaze taking in every curve and line of her naked body. Lily was sopping wet and ready for some of the same release she had given her mother. Just as she moved her mouth to her mother’s, Claudia let out a small, gentle snore. She had been so relaxed she had gone to sleep.

"Hey," Lily said quietly, "Hey! What about me??"

Lily was just about to shake her awake, but decided against it. She simply pulled the du vet cover over her sleeping mother, wrapped a towel around herself, and quietly slipped out and to her own room, where she could finish herself off.

As she feverishly rubbed her throbbing clitoris, she knew, that one day soon, her mother’s tongue would be right where her fingers were now, and she just couldn’t wait.