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Not Coming Home

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"I'm not coming home, Dad. I can't, I just can't. After ragging on Spencer for the last few
years, about being gay, I can't just come home and say, oops, I'm gay too. Do you know
how much pain Spencer and I have gone through, just because we disagreed on things?
She would never let me live it down Dad, I'm sorry." Arthur sighed. "Look Glen, Spencer
misses you, and so do Clay and I. I can't speak for your mother, because as you know,
we got a divorce the year after you left home. But Spencer, Clay and I, would like to
see you."

Arthur sighed again. "Please Glen, come home. You know that we love you and always will,
no matter what." Glen was silent for a moment, then he spoke. "Can I bring my boyfriend?"
He asked softly. Arthur let out a relieved sigh. "Yes, you can bring him. I look forward to
meeting the young man who can make you so happy." Glen laughed. "Dad, you're cheesy."
He said playfully. Arthur laughed also. "I'll take that as, I love you, Dad."

Glen laughed again. "It was meant to be taken that way. You know that I love you. Anyways,
tell Spencer and Clay hi, and send them my love. I will see if I can convince my boyfriend to
come home with me. It won't be an easy task, let me tell you, but I'll do my best." Glen said.
"Now, I've got to go. I have 3 essays to write before tomorrow, so I will call again soon. Bye
Dad." Glen said softly. "Bye Glen, I love you." Arthur said, and then he hung up the phone.

As Glen hung up the phone, his boyfriend walked into the apartment that they shared. "Hey,
who was that? Is everything okay? You look sad." Aiden said, and he set down the bag he'd
been carrying, and walked over to his boyfriend, and hugged him. "Glen, what is it? What's
wrong? Is someone hurt?" Aiden asked. Glen shook his head no. "I just miss my family. That
was my dad. I called him to say hello, and talk for a bit." He said.

Aiden nodded. He kissed Glen real quick, and after making sure that he really was okay, got
up, and began to put everything away. "Where did you go? You were gone when I woke up."
Glen said. Aiden nodded, as he put some milk, coke, and a few other things, into the fridge.
"I went to the store. We were close to starving." Glen nodded, and he stayed silent. Aiden
paused for several moments, and then he turned to his boyfriend. "I heard you say that you
were going to try and convince me of something. What is it?"

Glen shrugged. "My dad wants me to come home, but I can't, since I gave Spencer a hard time
about being gay." He said, ashamed. Aiden nodded, and after he finished putting everything away,
said, "Why don't you go and take a shower? You will feel better afterwards." Glen nodded. "Good
idea," He said, and then after kissing Aiden, Glen went to take a shower. Making sure Glen was still
running the water, Aiden picked up the phone.

He dialed a number that he knew by heart. Moments later, Aiden smiled when a female voice came
over the line. "Hello Spencer." He said softly, and laughed when she began to squeal in happiness.
"Oh god, Aiden it's so great to hear from you! How are you? Where are you?" Aiden laughed again.
"Spencer, calm down. I will answer everything later. I just want to know, if you want to see Glen."
Spencer paused. "Sure I want to see Glen, he's my brother. Why, is he okay? Do you know where
he is?" She asked, excited.

"Yes, I know where he is. Now would you like to see him?" Aiden asked, a grin forming on his
handsome face, since he knew she would be thrilled. "Of course, I wanna see my brother, but
I also wanna see you too. You left us all of a sudden, and never told anyone where you were
going." Aiden laughed. "I'll mail you the tickets tonight, and you should arrive tomorrow morning.
Bye Spencer." Aiden said, and then he quickly hung up. Glen walked into the room an hour later.

"Who were you talking to just now?" Aiden shrugged. "Just a friend, don't worry, a girl." Glen nods,
and he looks at his boyfriend. "I'm gonna go to sleep; I'll see you in the morning." Aiden nods, and
he accepts the kiss Glen gave him. When his boyfriend pulls away a few moments later, Aiden grins.
The next morning, Aiden was up at 5:00 A.M. and he went to the airport, to greet Spencer, Clay,
and Arthur. Aiden loved the surprised looks on their faces, when he walked up to them. "Glen doesn't

He brought them to the apartment, and entertained them for a few hours, until he heard Glen waking
up. "Excuse me guys, I'll have a word with Glen real quick, and then send him in to see you guys." He
got up, and walked into the room, quickly closing the door. "Glen, you need to get dressed. We have
company today, and trust me, you'll want to see them, but you have to get dressed first." Aiden said,

Glen grumbled, not liking the fact that his boyfriend had chosen today to be a morning person. He quickly
dressed, took care of his personal needs, and then when he walked in the living room, Glen nearly fainted
in shock. There sat his father, Spencer, and Clay, all waiting to see him. Spencer got up and hugged her
brother. "Dad said you didn't want to come home, so he and Aiden made it so that you wouldn't have to."

The End.