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Loving You

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"I can't help loving you, Glen. You're my boyfriend, and beside, Ashley and Spencer, the only one who gets me. My mother called the other day, and you would never guess what she did." Glen only shrugged in reply. Aiden let out an angry huff. "She tried to set me up on a date with Madison." Glen stared at his boyfriend for a moment. Then he broke out laughing. Aiden glowered at Glen, who fell silent immediately. "It's not funny. My mother just can't seem to grasp the concept that I'm gay." Aiden explained, throwing his hands in the air in exasperation. Glen, who had just come from taking a shower, shook his hair dry, and then spoke.

"Well of course Madison jumped at the chance to go out on a date with you. For some weird reason that she just can't fathom, you are immune to her charms, so this way, she figures she will get a chance to work on you, and try to make you fall under her spell, and fall madly in love with her. When we went to the class reunion a year ago, she did everything in her power, to try and catch your interest. Maybe you should go on a date with her after all." When Aiden shot him a glare, Glen only smiled. "Or maybe you could get a tattoo on your forehead saying, 'I'm gay'."

Aiden rolled his eyes at Glen's suggestion. He got up, and left the front room angrily Glen called, from where he was sitting in the living room, "Don't be getting all cantankerous on me now. You need to keep your false appeal of seeming sweet-natured." Aiden's only reply was to throw something at the door. Glen just laughed. Moments later, he walked back into the front room again. "Maybe you should, go out on a date with Madison, I mean." Aiden shot Glen a look of defiance, and asked, "Are you kidding me? I'm gay Glen, just like you are. So why would I want to go out on a date with a girl, and much less, have that girl be Madison?" Glen decided to defuse the situation, before it got out of hand.

"Okay, I'm sorry Aiden. I just thought that it would be funny. And with the things that have been going on lately, you could use a good laugh, and going on a date with Madison, would definitely be a night of entertainment." Aiden shrugged. "Sorry to take away from your glee, but seeing as how we both know what Madison is like, it's better this way." Glen decided to try and change the subject. "Have you seen or talked to Spencer lately?" Aiden nodded. "I saw her yesterday afternoon at the corner store. She just looked so dejected, Glen, its bad."

Aiden sighed softly. "Spencer has been so depressed ever since she and Ashley broke up." Glen looked at his boyfriend in shock. "They broke up, really?" Glen asked, unable to believe it. Aiden nodded. "It's gonna take both Spencer and Ashley some time to ease back into dating. It might take a while." Aiden said softly, stating his own opinion. Glen shook his head no. "Ashley's moved on. In fact, she more than likely already has a date for tomorrow night, or maybe even tonight." Glen said angrily. Aiden sighed softly. "You don't know Ashley, so you shouldn't just go around jumping to conclusions."

Aiden tried to think of a way he could make Glen understand. It came to him a moment later. "Spencer got to meet Ashley's dad, so that's how I know she is very important to Ashley. Only one other person got to meet her dad, and that was me, but only because Ashley and I have been friends for such a long time." Glen stared at Aiden. "So what? People meet their boyfriend or girlfriend's parents all of the time, it's really not that big of a deal." Aiden was just barely able to hold in the sigh he wanted to release, and he tried his best, to explain to Glen, about Ashley and how she worked, once more.

"Look, it was a big deal to Ashley, okay? She doesn't let just anybody meet her father. Their bon was special, and only certain people, ever get to meet her father. Ashley never let anyone else, except for me, and now Spencer, meet her father. So that's how I know Ashley really cared for Spencer. Spencer got to meet her dad, so Spencer was pretty important to Ashley." Aiden said softly. He sat down on the floor, and waited to see how his boyfriend was gonna respond. When Glen didn't reply immediately, Aiden wondered what he was thinking.

Glen rolled his eyes. "Yeah, right Aiden. To Ashley, all my sister was, was another notch on her headboard, and you know it, Ashley knows it, I know it, and now, sadly, Spencer knows it. I was trying to protect her from people like that, but apparently you and everyone else don't care who gets hurt, just as long as it's not yourself." Aiden just shrugged "I don't care if you believe me or not, Glen. I don't have to defend my opinions, or the facts that I know, because it's the truth, and you can't handle it." Glen got up, and he began to pace the room, not understanding why his boyfriend was making such a big deal of things.

Moments later, Glen left the room to get a drink. As he did so, the phone rang, and Aiden, who was closest to the phone, answered it, while trying to get his temper under control. He was silent for several moments, as the person on the other end of the line spoke. Then, when he was sure that the person on the other end had finished speaking, he spoke. "Look Spencer, I know you're hurt, but I know that Ashley loved you, and she still does." Spencer sighed softly. "But Aiden, how do you know that? She never acted like she loved me." Spencer said softly.

Aiden forced himself not to get angry. "Because she let you meet her father. Ashley's relationship with her father was very special, and she wouldn't let just anybody meet him, Glen." Aiden fell silent again after speaking, and he listened to everything she was saying, and then hung up. Aiden got up, and walked over to the door, and opening it, he wasn't surprised to find Spencer standing there. He was surprised however, to find her soaking wet in the rain, and shivering. Aiden led Spencer inside, just as Glen walked up. Seeing his sister, Glen grew worried. He put down his drink, walked over to Spencer, and hugged her, concerned.

Moments later, Glen ended the hug. He looked at Spencer and said, "You can stay with us, for as long as you need. We have some of your clothes, from the last time you were here, and forgot them." Aiden nods. "They're hanging in the closet in the bathroom." Spencer got up and went to change her clothes. When she was through, she went lie down in the bed in the extra bedroom. Aiden and Glen both watched Spencer sleep for a moment, looking at peace for the first time. The couple silently went back into the living room, and took a seat on the couch next to each other. Glen looked at Aiden. "I love you." He said ever so softly.

The End.