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I'm With You

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"I'm with you, Jamie, I love you. But I can't be with you every single minute of the day. We have separate lives to lead, you know." Tommy said, cringing at how he sounded. Jamie stared at Tommy. "Are you saying that you want to break up?" He asked softly. Tommy shrugged. "I know what I'm saying Jamie. I think that we should take a break. I love you, but at the same time, I need room to breathe. Ever since I almost lost my job, and tried to kill myself, you haven't let me out of your sight for a minute, and I'm going crazy."

Jamie didn't know what to say. He and Tommy had been going out for a year now, in secret, and they were surprised no one knew, especially the press, since they were always together. Hell, Jude was the only person who knew. The door opened, and in walked Jude, as if magically conjured right out of thin air. "What's going on you guys? Lovers spat?" Tommy glared at Jude, who had laughed softly, but when she saw the look on his face, quickly fell silent.

"This isn't funny, Jude. Jamie and I, we can't go out in public together, at least, not alone or the press will find out, and Darius will find out, and he will throw a fit, and you, me, and Jamie, will all get fired." Jude hugged Tommy. "Man, you're really stressing about this, aren't you?" Tommy sighed. "My professional reputation is on the line, and I've no idea what to do." Jamie looks at his boyfriend. "Why don't we tell the press and Darius, that you and I are dating?" Tommy shook his head no so fast, it could have flown off.

Jamie sighed, "Why not? If we tell them, we will be able to control the situation, instead of having the press find out some stupid way, and then spin it in a way that will make it seem wrong." Tommy sighed. He got up, and then walked out the studio, leaving Jamie and Jude standing there worried. When he didn't slam the door, Jamie wondered if things were going to be okay. He looked at Jude, and after giving her a kiss on the cheek, he left too.

Later that night, Jamie was walking around outside a gay club, called 'Secrets,' waiting for Tommy to show up for their date. He continued to wait, and then an hour passed, and then two, three hours, and then four, and finally Jamie gave up waiting, and decided to leave. He walked around town, and sighed softly, when it began to rain. He found himself standing on the bridge, overlooking the water. It was his and Tommy's special place. They came here often, but not lately.

A single tear fell from Jamie's eye, but he quickly wiped it away. There was no reason for him to cry. Sure, Tommy had forgotten about their date, the 4th time this week, or he was choosing not to show up, but either way, Jamie was hurt. He had thought they were good together, but maybe Tommy still thought of him as a kid. Well, he wasn't. Jamie was legally an adult, at 19, and was able to date whoever he pleased, within reality, of course. But he really liked Tommy, and it hurt him so much, that Tommy cared so little about their relationship.

Especially after all this time that they had been together. He looked up at the sky, and saw that it was completely dark. Jamie had no idea how long he had been standing there, on the bridge, in the rain, just crying silently, hopping that someone would find him, wishing that it would be Tommy, and he would say sorry, and everything would be alright, but things would never be alright again. Tommy couldn't handle being gay, and so they would break up because of it.

Finally, as he turned around, ready to go home, he saw a figure walking toward him. Part of Jamie thought that it was Tommy, but the smarter part of him knew better. And he was right, for when the person stepped into the light, it was Jude, and she stepped forward, and hugged him quickly. Jamie hugged Jude back, and he cried softly, while she whispered that everything was going to be okay. When he was finally calm enough to speak Jamie steps back from Jude.

"Where is Tommy? Why didn't he show up?" Jude pulled Jamie to her once more, and she hugged him close, before speaking. "Tommy is dead, Jamie, I'm sorry. He got beaten up by someone who found out that he is gay, and who doesn't like gays, and first they beat him up, and when Tommy couldn't move, they tied him up, lied him in the back seat of his car, and pushed it into a lake." Jude was trying her hardest not to cry, but several tears slipped down her cheek. Tommy had been her producer and one of her very best friends after Kat and Jamie.

Jamie didn't know what to say. The last time he had had with Tommy, they had been arguing about trying to tell Darius, the others on the record label, and the press, that they are gay, and now, here was someone who already knew, and they had killed Tommy. Life really wasn't fair.Jamie walked with Jude to her house, and as he was about to leave, Kat walked onto the front porch, joining them. She hugs Jamie, and both Jude and Kat, wrapped their arms around Jamie, and led him inside, saying that it would be better if he spent the night, since being alone sucked, and 3 hours later, the friends fell asleep on the couch, watching movies together like old times.

The End.