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Dirty Little Secret

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Natalia Carlisle sighed, tired, as she walked into the Carlisle Mansion, set down her keys, and purse, and took a seat on the sofa. She was just getting off work, and was glad. Spyder Games had been hectic. Who would have ever guessed, that running a video game company, would be a handful. The sound of the door opening a second time, startled Natalia, and she got up, to see Sasha, Dmitri, and Ivan walk into the room.

"What happened?" She asked, noticing Sasha looked extremely angry. "Nothing Natalia, I need to see dad. Lt. Pardee arrested me again, and he said that dad has to go to my hearing." Natalia got up, and sighing softly, realized that he didn't know Boris was dead. "Sasha, I have been meaning to talk to you about dad." She said softly, and the look Dmitri gave her, almost made her stop, but she didn't. The truth had to be told, to everybody.

Not caring that Ivan was in the room, she began to explain to Sasha, that she was actually his mother. "Sasha I... I'm your mother. Sonia isn't, and she never was. It was all a lie, to hide the fact that you are my son. Boris couldn't handle the fact that, the things he did to me, caused me to have a son, you. So therefore, he and my mother came up with this sick scheme of claiming that you were their son, so that I wouldn't screw up, what looked liked a perfect family."

Sasha rolled his eyes. "Are we done here? I'm so sick and tired, of hearing how you were supposedly mistreated by dad. Don't you know he loved all of us the same?" Dmitri steps forward, and he wrapped his arms around his sister, in what was a supportive embrace. Facing Sasha, he said, "Natalia isn't lying. She told me the truth several weeks ago, on accident." He said softly, surprising not only Ivan, but Sasha as well. Turning to Dmitri, he said, "I thought you hated her."

Dmitri shrugged. "I did, until I found out the reason your mother acts this way." Sasha glared. "Stop saying that she's my mother, it's too weird." "It's true Sasha." Natalia said softly. Ivan didn't know what to say. He knew that their father had been a bastard, but if what his sister was saying was true, then Sasha was Ben's son, and Natalia had been raped by the jerk, and he didn't want to think that. Ivan wanted to remain mad at Natalia, and now he couldn't.

Natalia pulled away from Dmitri, and bolted right back out the front door. There was only one place she could go, where no one would look at her as if she were nothing more than a hooker. It was Taylor's place she pulled up to, 20 minutes later. She knew the woman was surprised when she opened the door. "Natalia, what's wrong?" She asked, motioning the older woman inside. They had gone out two times, after Natalia kicked Taylor's ass, for trying to date her son. Somewhere in the middle of all that they realized their feelings for each other.

What happened?" Taylor asked, opening the door to her house, and stepping back so that Natalia could walk in. Natalia sighed. "I'm Sasha's mother, and I just had to tell him, and he doesn't know that I'm a lesbian, none of my family do. I can't tell them, because Ivan is gay, and it would make things more complicated and worse than they already are." Taylor motioned for Natalia to sit down. "Maybe you should tell him." When she saw the other woman's look, Taylor continued.

"I'm serious. You and I are together. I have quit trying to scheme a way to get into the Carlisle family through either Dmitri or Sasha, but you have to stop acting like I'm just a dirtly little secret that you're trying to hide from your family, and the world." Taylor said honestly. Natalia didn't know what to do. There was so much at stake, that part of her, was tempted to end things, so that she could keep her son. But now, it was gonna be hard, after what Taylor had just confessed.

Natalia looked at her girlfriend, who was speaking. "I'm not a doormat, and I won't sit here and let you continue to be with me, and then try to hide our relationship, because you feel some type of shame. You are my girlfriend, Natalia, and its way past time, that you started acting like it, or we are through, and I mean it this time. I can't go on, lying to everyone. It may seem like I can, and I am okay with it, but, I hate lying to everybody."

Natalia tried to calm Taylor down. "No Natalia, you're not gonna make me be quiet this time. I'm not just some woman off the street that you are sleeping with." Natalia got up, and ran to her car,  leaving Taylor's house. Taylor followed Natalia home. and just as the woman was about to go inside her house once more, Taylor stopped her girlfriend, and said, "I'm not your dirty little secret, so why are you so ashamed of me?!" She shouted, and moments later, the door opened, and Dmitri, Ivan, and Sasha were standing there, shocked looks on their faces.

"I can't do this anymore, Natalia. You either love me, or don't. When you make up your mind, call me." With that, Taylor was gone, leaving Natalia standing in the doorway, with her two brothers, and her son, wondering what the scene they just witnessed was about. Natalia knew that she had to tell them. "Taylor is my girlfriend, or rather, was my girlfriend. She got tired of us having to keep our relationship a secret." The three males just went back inside, too surprised to say anything.


The End.