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You're What!

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"You're what!" Master Sergeant Ernie Bilko demanded. He stared at the two men standing before him. He frantically waved his arms. "I must have heard you wrong."

Corporal Rocco Barbella dared to raise his eyes from the floor. "Well, Sarge..." he tried. He sighed helplessly and looked at his partner.

Corporal Steve Henshaw shrugged and pointed to his and Rocco's dress or lack thereof. "Sarge, how could we be making this up? You pretty much caught us red handed."

His two men were only wearing shorts, which they'd hastily thrown on when Ernie walked in on them. He waved his arms again. "Put some more clothes on."

Rocco picked a pair of trousers up from the floor. He tried putting them on but they were too big. He tossed them to Steve and found his own on the other side of his cot. "Sarge, we..."

Ernie put his hands on his hips. "I would have thought you two had the brains to be discreet."

"We expected you to be at the poker game," Steve offered sheepishly.

"And with the rest of the guys at the movie," Rocco added.

"Yeah, well I cleaned the guys out in record time." Ernie grinned. "Beat my own best time."

"That's great!" Rocco bit his lip. "Are you gonna turn us in?"

Ernie looked from one to the other. He frowned. "I should." He sighed. "Then, I'd have to break in two new assistants." He turned away. "Just keep whatever happens between you two, between you two." He gave an exaggerated shudder. "And lock the door."