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The Next Day

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Title: The Next Day

Author: Josette Grover

Fandom: Fantastic Journey

Pairing: Scott/Varian/Fred

Series/Sequel: Part of my Fantastic Journey series, follows the events of Happy Birthday, Scott.

Rating: PG, no sex just tender cuddling

Archive: Beyond Canon, WWOMB, anywhere else ask first

Synopsis: The morning after the night of Scott's birthday


The Next Day
by Josette Grover


Scott opens his eyes, trying to stretch under the fur only to find Fred and Varian cuddled around him. The events of the night before come back to him the minute he tries to move.

"Told you you'd be sore in the morning," Fred murmurs in Scott's ear. Fred and Varian had been watching their younger husband sleep, for somebody who had been so damn sex-hungry last night, he looks like an innocent angel while he's asleep.

"It was worth it," Scott grimaces as he tries to talk, reaching for his throat. Fred snickers, reaching for the edge of the fur.

"You go soak in the hot pool, I'll come out with a mug of tea with honey for your throat." Varian says, pulling Scott to his feet and shoving him in the direction of the bathing pools. Scott heads in the direction of the outhouse first, grabs a bar of soap and towel from the shelf in the grotto that holds the bathing chambers, and slides into the hottest pool, closing his eyes and leaning his head against the wall.

Varian enters the ranch house, grinning as Liana calmly points at a basket of food, including a jug of tea and a small pot of honey waiting for them.

"You must have read my mind." Varian says, holding the basket against his hip as Willoway hands him clean clothes for them.

"Actually," Willoway smirks, "after hearing the dear boy's more vocal wails, screams, moans, and groans last night, I figured somebody would be in getting something for his throat. I'm surprised he has any voice left at all the way he was carrying on."

"We didn't wake you, did we?" Varian asks blushing.

"Not at all, we have had practice sleeping through the three of you." Willoway purrs, he so loves teasing Varian.

"Willoway, be nice." Liana chides in her lightly accented voice, looking up from putting a bowl of food down for S'Lil. She smiles at Varian, holding Vastya up so her daddy Var can kiss her forehead before putting her in her highchair for breakfast.

Varian makes his way back out to the bathing pools as Fred puts the furs in the laundry pool to soak before sliding into the hot pool beside Scott. Scott opens his eyes long enough to see who it is before closing his eyes and leaning back against the rock wall again.

Fred pulls Scott's head to his shoulder, grinning as the younger man sighs contentedly and snuggles close.

"We're not going to be able to hold you much longer," Fred murmurs against Scott's hair, fingers gently combing through the tangled locks. "I'm going to miss it."

"So will I," Scott mumbles against his throat. Varian settles into the water beside them, handing Scott a mug of steaming tea. Scott scowls at the mug, but drinks it at the looks his husbands give him, the 'drink it or you're not getting any for another three years' look. Varian's right, the tea did make his throat feel better, and he tips his head up for a kiss. Varian obliges, tipping Scott's head forward and kissing him until they're both breathless.

"Well, was it worth it?"

"Ohh yes," Scott purrs, closing his eyes as he snuggles back against Fred's shoulder. "But I still want Fred buried in my ass as soon as possible."

"That's it, I'm taking you to Mother Mayambe just as soon as we get out of the pool." Varian says, half-teasingly.

"No need, Mother Mayambe said that taking a double dose of the anti-conception herbs might make me hornier than usual." Scott says, blushing as his husbands stare at him. "A lot of the younger tribe members use it as a love potion. She said it would wear off in about 24 hours. She also said something about coming out later today, there was something she wanted to tell us."

"And why didn't you tell us this last night?" Varian asks his husband, knowing what the answer would be.

"Would you have fucked me if I told you?" Scott asks, rolling his eyes. "I wasn't in any danger, and it's already out of my system."

"Scott, you could have been seriously hurt." Fred says, glaring at his husband.

"Actually, he was in no danger." A lightly accented voice says as Mother Mayambe drops down onto the ground beside the men. "Scott is right, some of our younger tribe members routinely take double doses of the herbs when they 're courting a new lover. And it's commonly used as a part of our marriage ceremonies, to make certain that the marriage is consummated. I knew that Scott was upset that you both hadn't taken him yet because where you originally came from he would still be considered a child, while here he would have already had at least one child, so when he asked if I knew there was a way for him not to conceive last night, I told him to take a double dose of the herbs. But that is not what I came out to talk to you about. Rather, it is something that you will need to know now that I am certain you plan on staying with the tribe."

"Please tell us, Mother Mayambe." Varian asks the Vis Kvinne, Wise Woman, of the tribe. She's the healer of the tribe, knowing what herbs can be used for what purposes, delivers more than half the babies of the tribe, performs the marriage ceremonies, and teaches the youngsters. Varian gives Scott a 'we're talking about this later' look and Scott slides off Fred's lap, settling in the water between his husbands.

"First, I must tell you how it came to be that the men of our tribe are able to conceive and bear children. About 200 summers ago a plague struck our
land. . ."

"Wait please, Mother Mayambe," Scott says, holding his hand up, "I think this is something that the others should hear as well."

"Of course, of course, they need to know as well." Mother Mayambe says as Scott gets out of the water, and not bothering to put on a loincloth, heads for the house. Fred and Varian watch the wriggling ass until it's out of sight, blushing when they see Mother Mayambe watching in amusement.

"It is about time that you two took him," She says, waggling a finger in their faces, "It is obvious that the two of you love him, but your refusal to have sex with your husband has hurt him."

"He's so young," Fred murmurs, rubbing his hand over his face, "We didn't want him to waste his life with us when he could easily find a young woman his own age to settle down with. I'm afraid one day he's going to wake up with two old men and realized he wasted his life."

"Well, you have no fear of that." Mother Mayambe says, knowing that this is exactly the time to tell her news to the others.

"Scott said you had something to tell us, Mother Mayambe?" Liana asks, sliding into the water beside Varian. Fred takes Vastya from her arms, holding her in his lap as the toddler happily splashes. Scott and Willoway slide into the water, getting comfortable for what will turn out to be an interesting revelation.

"As I was saying," Mother Mayambe says, "about 200 years ago a plague struck our land, killing all women of childbearing years. This left our valley open to plunder from neighboring tribes, until myself and the other wise women prayed to our respective goddesses."

"You prayed, Mother Mayambe? But that would mean you're . . "

"Yes, Varian, I have seen over 500 summers. And I am considered young by the standards of the other Elders. That is why I was asked to work with you."

"B. . But h. . .h. . . how?" Varian asks, stunned.

"I will explain that after I finish my tale." Mother Mayambe says calmly, tucking her feet under her robe. "Anyway, as I said we prayed to our goddesses that our tribe would not die out until those girls who had survived were old enough to bear children. An answer came to us in a dream saying that the men would be able to bear children, but only those who were in a committed relationship and had the maturity to be able to handle
When we had awakened from our dreamings, a mineral had been added to our water. That winter, sixteen of our braves were with child. Since then, there have always been male pregnancies in our tribe, and the mists that surround our valley were formed to keep our secret."

"Mother Mayambe, how is it that you are over 500 years old?"

"That young one, is another story I want to tell you. When we were first stranded on the shores of this place, one of the slaves was a wise woman who had knowledge of herbs. She found an herb she recognized as one that extended the lifespan of everybody who ate it. The herb is a common part of our diet. So Varian, Fred, your fears that young Scott will wake up and realize he has wasted his life with two old men is groundless, you all will stay young and fit indefinitely."

Mother Mayambe smiles as she leaves, turning her head to see Fred and Varian with their arms around Scott. Willoway has tears in his eyes as he turns to Liana, bending down to kiss her hand.

"No wonder Mother Mayambe and the others were waiting to make sure we didn't want to leave before telling us this." Fred says, his eyes huge. "Do you realize what would happen if this got out to the outside world."

"Everybody would come looking for the secret. Do you wonder if this is how the legends of Shangri-La and the Fountain of Youth came to be?" Scott asks.

"It very well could be." Varian says, bending down to bury his face in Scott 's hair. Varian smiles at the smell of honeysuckle, one of the scents Sister Sabaye uses in her soap making. "We need to stop in to the market this afternoon, we're nearly out of everything." Fred mumbles, closing his eyes and leaning back against the wall of the pool.

Scott grins over at Liana and Willoway. Liana smiles as Willoway wags a reprovingly finger in front of Scott's face.

"See, you wore them out. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

"Hell no," Scott says grinning as he picks up Vastya. "Come on baby, you wanna go to the market with Daddy Scott?"

Fred opens one eye, giving Scott an evil glare. "You are not going without the rest of us. Give Varian and me an hour to soak, while Willoway and Liana make a list of what we need. And you're staying right here where we can see you. You're soaking for as long as we do, doctor's orders. If you don't want to sit here soaking, curl up around Varian and take a nap until we're ready to go."

"Yes, oh Lord and Master." Scott says under his breath, shifting around until he's laying half on top of Varian. Scott buries his face in Varian's shoulder, soft snores soon letting the others know he has fallen asleep.

"That was quick."

"Scott's running on pure adrenaline right now," Varian says fondly, running his hand down Scott's back under the braid of hair, "once he's gotten a nap he'll settle down."

An hour later Varian nudges Scott to wake him. Scott's immediately awake, quickly standing up and pulling first Varian and then Fred to their feet. Scott scrambles back to his feet after ending up on his butt in the water, spitting out a mouthful of water.

"We ready to go?"

"Just as soon as we get dressed." Fred says, throwing him a pair of pants and tunic as the other two men dress in clean robes, "Liana and Willoway are hitching the wagon up now."

Scott grins as he leads the way out to the front of the house where Willoway, Liana, and Vastya are sitting in the wagon. Boosting Fred and Varian into the second row of seats, Scott scrambles into the back of the wagon.

"Are we ready?" Liana asks, looking back to see Scott tuck his hands under his head and nods at Willoway. Willoway clucks to the horse, and they slowly make their way towards town.

The market in town is just opening after the noon meal when Willoway stops outside the local livery. Unhooking their horse, Willoway releases him in the corral with the other horses before joining the others at the market.

Scott heads for the fishmongers booth first, wanting to go over his schedule with the masterfisher for next week.

"Hola Scott, I was hoping to see you today." Masterfisher Olaf says, grinning at one of his favorite workers. "Wanting to know which days you need to be on the boats, yes?"

"Yes, Masterfisher, and we need some fish." Scott says, grinning at the young man behind the table. Liana bends over the ice filled tubs; pointing out which fish she wants.

"Fred, Varian, should we get a barrel of salt fish now or do we want to hold off for a while?" Scott asks, watching as an empty barrel is rolled behind the tent to join others waiting to go to the cannery.

"I'd get it now," Olaf says, nodding to his apprentices to bring out a barrel from the storeroom. "Pretty soon everybody's going to be stocking up for the off season."

"Ahh, Liana, I was hoping to see you in the market." Gustaf, head of the fish and meat drying rooms, comes out of the tent's back room. "Mara is pregnant again," the tall blond grins in pride as he mentions his wife of fifteen years, "and the smell of fish and brine is making her nauseous. I was wondering if you would trade her days in the drying rooms for your days working in the herb drying rooms until she feels better? I am willing to give you extra trade credits of course."

"I don't mind," Liana says, grinning as two of Olaf's young apprentices carry the fish out to the cart for her. "What days do you need me?"

"1st day, 3rd day, 5th day, 6th day, 7th day, and 10th day." Gustaf smiles, bending down to kiss Liana's hand in thanks.

Willoway is standing in front of the main table in the soap maker and candle maker's tent, cheerfully haggling with one of the apprentices while her teachers' watch in amusement. Meanwhile, another apprentice is putting together a crate of their usual order and takes it to their cart while the bargaining takes place to their mutual satisfaction.

Fred walks into the gristmill with empty bags, smiling at the apprentice who takes the bags and brings out fresh 40-pound bags of various flours and rice.

Liana smiles as the walks into the fabric tent, haggling the price of two rolls of blue cotton fabric, one white, one green, and matching thread, enough to make everybody new clothes for winter before walking over to the woven blankets and furs. '

Three hours later the sun is beginning to go down when everybody meets back up at the heavily loaded cart.

"Did we get everything we needed?" Varian asks, checking the list he holds in his hand. "Flour and rice?"

"Check." Fred says, slapping a bag.

"Candles and soap?"

"Check." Willoway says, tapping the wooden box.

"Fish and meat?"


"Fabric for clothes and bed linens?"


"Another cradle for the new baby?"

"Check," Scott says, checking the ropes to make sure it's securely fastened to the back of the wagon. "Along with new chairs and a bigger table."

"Dry herbs for seasoning?"

"Check," Fred says, nodding to the packets of herbs, "Enough to last us through the winter, such as it is."

"Medical supplies for the births."

"Check," Fred says, looking at the box, "And I hope the hell we don't end up both going into labor at the same time or Scott's going to have to go get Mother Mayambe."

"Sex Toys, Check." Scott says cheekily, tapping a box he tucked under the seats.

"That wasn't on the list." Varian says, rolling his eyes as Scott boosts him into the seat, taking Vastya's sleeping form for the ride home.

"It was on my list," Scott says, grinning as he boosts Fred into the wagon and crawls onto the seat behind him. "You guys aren't going to be able to fuck me through the mattress much longer, I'm not to need something to keep me occupied until you guys are interested in sex again." Scott gets comfortable for the ride back home. "We're going to have to think about getting a second wagon once the babies are born."

They spend the rest of the trip home talking about various plans for the house and second growing season, Liana's new hours at the drying rooms, and Scott's hours on the boats, Fred and Varian's hours in the healing temple, and Willoway's new hours at the chandler's.

Willoway unfastens the horse from the wagon when they arrive back home, leading him to the barn as Scott and Liana begin to unload the cart, swatting hands when Fred or Varian try to lift anything heavier than Vastya from the wagon. It's soon emptied as Fred runs around lighting lamps and Varian dishes out stew that had been slowly simmering while they were gone for the evening meal.

Three hours later everybody settles into their beds and drift off into an exhausted sleep, Scott held securely between his husbands as he dreams of, what else, sex.


The End