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Happy Birthday Scott

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Title: Happy Birthday, Scott

Author: Josette Grover

Fandom: Fantastic Journey

Pairings: Scott/Varian/Fred

Archive: Yes to Beyond Canon and Wonderful World of MakeBelieve

Rating: NC-17 for MPREG and underage sex. Don't read this if the idea of a teenage boy having sex with his older mates squicks you.

Synopsis: A birthday boy gets his wish, losing his virginity to his husbands.


Happy Birthday, Scott
By Josette Grover


Scott Jordan stands under the waterfall, washing the long dark blond hair that falls to the middle of his back. Varian and Fred have settled in the small pool fed by the hot springs, rubbing each other's backs as they soak away the aches and pains the advanced stages of pregnancy have inflicted on them.

Vastya is toddling across the meadow, under the careful eyes of Liana and her cat. Willoway settles himself in the hot springs, smiling as the minerals in the water instantly begin to ease the aches and pains of arthritic joints. The herbal supplements Varian has been giving him helps immensely, but he's glad they decided to stop trying to go home.

They'd finally stopped traveling four years ago by the rough calendar they've started. The first year had been spent building a sprawling ranch style home and planting a crop. The winters had been mild, so mild that the zone's natives are able to grow year-round. The natives of the zone had been a shock to the older men, a mixture of American Indians and Inuits along with descendants of a slave ship that had been lost in the Bermuda Triangle and Norse explorers. But the sight of pregnant men had stunned them.

Varian had found that there was something in the water that allowed men to conceive. Males developed a full female reproductive system, including growing a vagina to ease the baby out.

Fred had been the first one to become affected by the water. He and Varian had spent a year studying the effects before allowing Fred to try to become pregnant. He'd surprised them all by becoming pregnant almost immediately when they'd stopped using the herb the natives used as a form of birth control.

Vastya had been born a year later, a healthy little girl that weighed in at nearly eight pounds. Varian had cried when he cut the cord, holding Fred and Scott in his arms as they watched her nurse at Fred's breast. It had taken about a month for Fred to regain his pre-pregnancy figure, though the breasts he'd grown to nurse the baby had never totally gone away. Fred had shrugged and taken to wearing a breast band along with the other men in the village that had given birth.

Scott walks out of the waterfall, his hair glistening in the sun. Varian and Fred turn to watch their younger lover walk towards them, identical looks of love on their faces. He's so young, they think as Scott slides into the water between them, pulling first one and then the other into a embrace before bending down to plant kisses on their swollen stomachs, what had they done that allowed this young man to want to stay with them for the rest of their lives?

Scott smiles as he reaches down, grasping Fred's cock in one hand and beginning to slowly stroke him to full hardness.

"Scott, don't tease me like that." Fred says, lifting his legs to allow his younger lover fuller access to his cock and vagina.

"Who says I'm teasing?" Scott chuckles as he bites Fred's earlobe, pulling gently on the earring that denotes the man as a mated male. The earring in his other ear denotes him as having had at least one child. Varian and Scott wear matching earrings, marking them as a mated family. "Get up on the ledge and let's have a little fun."

Fred maneuvers himself onto the ledge, laying on his back and pulling Varian 's cock into his mouth as Scott replaces his hand on Fred's cock with his mouth. He'd taken to oral sex like a natural, showing a true love for deepthroating his lovers. That's all they allow him to do, repeatedly telling him they feel he's too young to lose his virginity quite yet.

Without a calendar, they have no way of knowing just how old Scott actually is. Scott had been twelve when they had been washed ashore, making him around seventeen now. They want to wait until they figure he'd be twenty-one, the age of consent in the States, before taking his virginity, but he's finally talked them into allowing him to have sex when they figure he's eighteen. Which happens to be today.

"What do you want for your birthday, Scott?" Varian asks as he comes in Fred 's mouth. Fred swallows him with ease and pulls him into a kiss.

"I want to finally lose my virginity to you guys." Scott says, a streak of cum on the side of his mouth as he lets Fred's cock slip from his mouth. "I want you guys in my vagina and my ass. I want you two to fuck me so long and so hard that I can't walk tomorrow. Then, I want you to fuck me some more."

"Are you sure?" Fred asks his younger husband. "Once you take this step you can never go back."

"Guys, this is what I've been dreaming of for a long time. We are a mated group. Nothing can change that fact, even if we found the way to go home tomorrow. I want this," Scott tugs gently on Fred's cock, "to be the first one in my vagina, and this," Scott reaches over and tugs on Varian's cock, "buried to the root in my ass. I want to feel like they're going to be coming out my stomach they're so big."

"Are you sure you don't want to wait until after we've delivered?" Varian says, pulling Scott into his arms before sticking his tongue down Scott's throat. "I really don't want to take the chance of all three of us being pregnant at the same time and we can't take the anti conception herbs while we're pregnant."

"I've already talked to Mother Mayambe," Scott says, talking about the healer/midwife for the tribe, "She gave me a double dose of the anti conception drugs. She says this should keep me from conceiving today. But if I become pregnant with our child, it's a risk I'm willing to take."

"Okay," Varian says, knowing he'd never be able to convince the younger man to wait. "Bring me the bag. You're going to need to clean yourself for me."

Scott slowly gets to his feet, deliberately striking a pose for his husbands before walking to the shelf in the bathing chamber where they keep the medical supplies. He returns with a bag made of soft leather, triple stitched to be absolutely watertight and a length of soft tubing with a wooden plug fitted to the end. Fred had carved that out of one of the local softwoods three summers ago when Willoway had become ill and couldn't void himself. Willoway had howled like a banshee at the indignity of being given an enema, but it had brought the fever down, purged him, and the threat of another enema if he didn't get better quicker had been all the incentive he needed to get well.

Fred looks up from snipping the herbs they use for enemas as Scott returns to the pools. Varian puts the pot over the fire, dropping the herbs into the water once it comes to a full boil. Taking the jar of salve they use as lubricant, Fred pulls Scott over his lap, greasing the younger man's hole for the plug.

Scott moans as Fred slides a lubed finger into his virgin opening. Varian and Fred watch in amusement as Scott tries to pull the finger further into him. He moans again as the finger is removed, hissing as the enema plug is gently shoved into his ass. He hates this part of it.

The tube is connected to the plug, and Varian holds the bag in the air, watching as the water rushes into the younger man's bowels. The tube is gently removed when the bag is empty, the plug making a popping sound when it comes out. Scott looks up, tears running down his face as Fred kisses him.

"Shh babe, I know you don't like it, but it's necessary." Fred says, rubbing his hand up and down Scott's back. "You want to be nice and clean for Varian, don't you?"

Scott nods his head vigorously, "I just hate how it makes my stomach feel afterwards." Scott gets up, running for the outhouse to relieve himself.

Scott comes back to the pools, watching as Varian lights candles around the grotto. This is what he'd been waiting for, and his husbands are determined to make it perfect for him.

"Who do you want first?" Fred asks, laying a fur down on the stone.

"I want Fred first." Scott says, pulling Varian down for a kiss. "I want to lay on my back with my legs over his shoulder while you stretch me, then line his cock up with my vagina. I want Fred to stop just as he reaches my hymen, bumping it gently a couple of times. I don't want to know before he breaks it, I'm going to keep my eyes closed when he touches my hymen, just decide to do it and shove your beautiful cock in me to the hilt."

"Bossy little thing, ain't you?" Fred says, grinning as he lifts Scott's legs over his shoulders. Varian dips his fingers into the lubricant, sliding one finger into the tight opening between Scott's balls and anus. Scott moans as he's breached there for the first time. His husbands had never touched him there, even though they'd finger fucked his ass numerous times.

"Damn fucking right, I've been waiting for this moment for a fucking long time." Scott says, moaning as Varian adds a second finger to his vagina slowly stretching the folds. Fred fits the head of his cock to the opening when Varian removes his fingers, looking Scott in the eye to make sure he's
ready for this step.

"Dammit Fred, fuck me already. I'm dying here."

"Temper, temper," Fred chides gently, slowly pushing his way through the folds of flesh. One inch, two, th.. He pauses when he feels the tip of his cock brush Scott's maidenhead. Scott closes his eyes as Fred backs off an inch, moving his cock back and forth against the hymen again and again.

Varian reaches down, capturing Scott's mouth in a kiss before waving his hand. Fred takes a deep breath and shoves himself into his husband to the hilt, feeling the hymen tear around him. Scott howls into Varian's mouth, he'd known breaking his hymen would be painful, he hadn't known it would have been that bad.

Fred leaves his cock buried in his husband, allowing Scott to get used to the intruder. He bends forward, kissing the tears off Scott's face.

Scott looks down at Fred's groin pressed against his and hisses, wondering if it had been as bad for his older husbands.

"It only hurts for a moment." Varian reassures him, reaching down to rub Scott's clitoris. "Then it feels wonderful." Fred nods vigorously, slowly pulling his cock out and sliding it back in, slowly fucking his lover. Scott growls, wanting it harder, faster, but Fred is determined the first time is going to be slow and steady. Knowing Scott's libido, there will be plenty more time later for 'dammit Fred, fuck me harder'

"Oh yeah, just like that." Scott purrs around Varian's mouth as the pain of his deflowering turns to pleasure at the knowledge his husbands are finally going to fuck him unconscious like he's begged so many times.

"Damn, Scott you are so tight." Fred groans, trying not to shoot his load right off the bat. He wants to make Scott's first time slow and gentle, but his little Minx is making it hard on him. "Varian, get up here. Stick your cock in Scott's mouth while I'm fucking him."

Varian smiles, getting up on his knees and straddling Scott's head, facing his other husband while Scott latches onto Varian's cock like a drowning man, sucking half the 8-inch length down in one breath. Varian moans as he bends forward to kiss Fred, watching his husband's 10-inch pole of dark chocolate sliding in and out of their husband.

"I thought you were tight, Var, but you've got nothing on Scott." Fred groans, feeling his balls tighten as he's about ready to blow. Scott shudders as a blast of hot cum fills his vagina for the first time. Fred shudders as he pulls out of Scott, his cock coated with a mixture of cum and blood. Scott's legs slip off Fred's shoulder as Fred reaches for the medical bag he'd brought into the grotto.

"Varian, hold Scott's legs apart. I want to make sure I didn't hurt him when I popped his cherry. There's too much blood here for just a simple hymen tear." Fred says worried about hurting the younger man. Varian reaches down, pulling Scott's legs out of the way as Fred inserts the homemade speculum into Scott's vagina.

"Fred, get that thing the hell out of me. I'm fine, promise. I'd rather have you back in me than that damn thing." Scott grumbles, remembering how many times he's had that thing up his ass during Fred's periodic examinations, he doesn't need it in his vagina too.

"Scott hush," Varian says soothingly, "Fred just wants to make sure. He did the same thing to me when he took my virginity too." Varian yelps as Scott pulls his dangling cock back into his mouth, swallowing him to the root in one smooth motion. Varian doesn't last long under Scott's talented mouth, erupting for the third time that night as Fred pulls the speculum out of Scott's vagina, finally convinced he didn't hurt Scott.

"Convinced?" Scott asks, looking at Fred.

"Yes," Fred says, stroking his still hard cock. He knows the look in his youngest husband's eyes.

"Than stick your cock back in me, I want one hell of a ride. Fuck me like you fucked Varian last night."

"Your wish is my command," Fred grunts, slamming into his husband's no longer virgin snatch in one hard thrust. Scott howls under the onslaught, holding on for dear life as he's fucked harder than he ever dreamed possible. Fuck, he knew Fred was big, he'd swallowed his cock often enough, but God he feels like Fred grew another five inches in length and three in width during that wild ride.

Scott howls again as Varian's cock replaces Fred's in his vagina, plowing into him until the younger man is left gasping for breath after he comes down from his latest orgasm. He opens his eyes to find himself cuddled between his husbands, Varian's cock still buried inside him.

"Well, have you finally got enough for one night?" Fred purrs into his ear.

"Hell no, I still want you guys in my ass." Scott says, grinding his ass against Fred's limp cock.

"Jesus, you're going to kill us." Fred groans, reaching for the pot of lubricant as Varian opens one eye. Scott hadn't been the only one to pass out during that last orgasm.

"If you're going to be this damn sex hungry, I'm going to take you to Mother Mayambe tomorrow and get you fitted for some toys." Varian growls, "Fred and I aren't going to be able to fuck you through the mattress much longer."

"Already done it," Scott says smugly, letting a little moan escape as Varian 's limp cock slides out of his cum drenched vagina. "I hope you can get it up again, I want you to take my ass cherry." Scott places his hand between his legs, fingers playing with the lips of his vagina, wincing as Varian slaps his hand.

"Don't you ever get enough? You're going to be too sore to have vaginal sex for a while."

"It doesn't hurt now."

"Trust me, it will in a while." Fred says, helping Varian roll over onto his back. Scott rolls over onto his stomach, sticking his ass up in the air and wiggling it invitingly.


"Come on guys, I've got three years of orgasms built up. Finger fucking my ass isn't enough anymore. I want it all."

Scott moans in pleasure as a lubricated finger slides between his ass cheeks, teasingly poking at the puckered opening.

"Damn it Fred, don't tease me here." Scott groans, trying to suck the finger into his ass. He groans as the finger disappears, hissing as his cheeks are pulled apart and a tongue begins flicking at the twitching hole.

"That's right, shove your tongue as far up my ass as it will go." Scott moans, pushing his ass against Fred's face. He squeals in pleasure as Fred's tongue abruptly shoves its way through the loosened opening. Scott moans as Fred pulls his tongue away, yelping as a single finger shoves its way into his ass.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck my ass." Scott chants, bucking against the finger. Fred slowly begins stretching the younger man, grinning as his husband's inner muscles tightly grip his finger. Scott moans when Fred removes his finger, howling in ecstasy when a second finger joins the first one. Fred grins, twisting his fingers to brush against the prostate, then snickers as Scott erupts for the fifth time that night.

"You are going to be so sore in the morning." Varian murmurs against Scott's hair as Fred works his way up to three fingers.

"It is going to be so worth it." Scott mumbles against his husband's neck.

"Okay, how do you want me?" Varian asks, biting Scott's neck to distract him as Fred pulls his fingers from Scott's hole with an audible pop. "It will be easiest if we're both on our sides."

"Sounds good to me," Scott says, settling on his side on the furs. "I want Fred to fuck me after you do, but I want to be on my hands and knees for that."

"You are definitely going to be the death of us." Fred mutters, holding Scott's leg up in the air as Varian coats his penis with lubricant. "Push out like you're going to take a big shit," he murmurs in Scott's ear as Varian fits the head against Scott's hole. Scott yelps as Varian begins pushing, sighing as the head pops through the loosened ring of muscle.

"Don't move, let us do all the work." Fred orders, holding Scott still as he makes a movement to push back against the intruder. Varian holds still until Fred feels Scott relax under his hands, nodding for his husband to slowly push his way into Scott. Varian slowly pushes his way into Scott's virgin asshole, pausing only when his balls brush against Scott's asshole.

Scott pants harshly; feeling like Varian had just shoved his whole arm up his ass, not just his cock. He hadn't expected it to feel like this, groaning against Fred's chest. He pants through the pain, nodding after a while. "Fuck Varian, if you feel this big, Fred's going to rip me in half."

"Okay, Scott, I'm going to slowly pull out until only the head of my cock remains inside you, all right?" Varian asks, nibbling on Scott's neck before slowly pulling out. He pauses, takes a deep breath, and shoves his way back inside in one smooth motion, causing Scott's eyes to open as huge as possible as Varian proceeds to fuck him as slowly as possible, driving both of them insane with need.

Scott howls as Varian shoots his load deep in Scott's ass, knowing he's going to be too hoarse to talk in the morning at this rate. Varian cuddles him in his arms, allowing his cock to soften and Scott to push it out on his own, knowing it would be less painful that way as Fred pulls a fur over all three of them. Scott's eyes close involuntarily as Varian and Fred hold him close.

"I still want Fred to fuck me when I wake up," he mumbles against Fred's chest as he begins to softly snore.

"Shh, there's plenty of time for that later." Fred murmurs against Scott's hair, "Happy Birthday, Scott."

"He is going to fuck us to death at this rate." Varian looks at Fred, eyes twinkling with lust.

"Yeah, but what a way to go." Fred smirks, reaching over to kiss Varian. "Go to sleep, babe, we're going to need all our energy to wear him out later."

Two months later, Fred and Varian groan in unison as Scott begins throwing up first thing in the morning. Oh joy, all three of them pregnant at one time?


The end