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After The Civil War

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Marvel Heroes: After The Civil War by mbozzo

It was a rainy day. Charles Xavier was looking out the window. With him, was Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Henry Pmy, and Hank McCoy.

"Professor, why did you asked us to meet here?" asked Hank. Professor X has to smile when he heard that. Hank McCoy was one of his smartest studients. He know from reading their mind that the others in this room was thinking the same thing.

"I summon the 4 of you here because of what has happen here in recent weeks," asnwered Professor X. They knew that Professor X was talking about the Superheroes Civil War. Thanks to a law signed by President George W. Bush, the Marvels were split into two camps. One camp led by Captain America, and a camp led by Iron Man. The fighting between the two camps caused a lot of damages around the United States. Worse, the Supervillians took advanage of the fighting to wreck havoc on the normals who live in the United States.

"As you know, the Civil War cause a lot of grief around this country of ours. Most people fear us more than they did before the Civil War started. We need to restore some of the faith that was lost before the war. Our country is in worse shape than Iraq. Countries hostle to the United States may have thought that our country is weaken. We need to prove them wrong. We must help rebuild this country. That is why we are here," said Professor X. They looked at him with worried eyes. They knew that he's right. They help wreck their country. Now, they have to repair the damage caused by their war. Can they do it? The future of the United States depend upon it. Let's hope so. The end, for now.