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A Mother's hold

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Chapter 8 - the end

"You do realise that the others are going to be pissed at us, don’t you?"

"Yeah, I know. But you know just like Sev and me, that what we have done would have been too dangerous for them."

"I want Ron!"

The three teenagers looked at the burned rubble of what once had been Voldemort’s mansion. Every follower had been burned to ashes as well as Nagini and the Dark Lord himself.

Sev was startled from his musings when several loud cracks of apparating from people were heard. He turned around only to see his worried boyfriend running towards him. They embraced tightly; Ron making sure Sev wasn’t hurt, while Sev needed the contact after what had happened.

Hermione hugged Harry, while scolding him for the fact that they went without her. She turned in their embrace to see Draco do the same with Luke.

"Headmaster Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasley, were waiting for the teenagers to turn towards them. "What happened?"

"We’re not completely sure, sir."

"There was this powerful feeling that our magic had tripled. When we joined hands, we accidentally blew up the broom shed."

"And then I got a vision what Voldy wanted to do and we just went to the mansion and took them out…sir!" Three voices explained their story.

"Arthur, let’s get them back to Hogwarts. This answer is a typical teenager answer," Professor Dumbledore stated and walked back to the apparating point.

The boys blushed at those words, but indeed followed the headmaster back to Hogwarts.






"We were amazing, Mum."

"We had so much power in us."

"We defeated Voldy!"

Sev, Harry and Luke were telling their adventures to their mothers as they sat in their lover’s embraces near the graves.

Anca and Lily felt for the first time that their sons felt happy and safe, as it should have many years ago.

"We’re proud of you and we love you," the women said softly, knowing that their sons could hear them.