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A Mother's hold

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Chapter 7

Sev was sitting sadly in the corner of the room, staring at his friends making out on the couch. Ever since Harry and Luke had turned into their teenager form, he couldn’t play with them anymore, no adventures with Harry and drawing with Luke.

Ron entered the room and spotted his Sev right away, before turning his gaze over to the snogging couple on the couch. He coughed before speaking, as it didn’t interrupt them. "Harry! Luke! Stop snogging in front of Sev!"

Harry broke the steaming kiss with his boyfriend and tried to focus on Ron. It took a few minutes for him to come down his pleasure haze. "What?"

"You said to Sev that you’d still play with him now that you’ve grown up, but instead of doing that all you’ve been doing is making out on the couch," Ron accused before picking up his little boy.

Sev immediately embraced Ron and hid his face in the muscled shoulder. Small drops of tears leaked from his eyes on how much he missed his friend settled in. He tensed when he felt other hands touching his back.

‘We’re sorry, Sev. We didn’t realise the impact it would have on you," Harry said, feeling disappointed in himself for breaking his promise so soon.

"Do you still want to play with us?" Luke asked, as he took Sev from Ron’s embrace.

Sev sniffed before slowly nodding as if expecting to be rejected. That movement only increased their guilt. Ron smiled, as he watched as his Sev was placed on the ground before the boy ran to the chessboard. "Please?’" Sev asked with big pleading eyes, even though he knew both his friends couldn’t play as well as his Ron.






Ron entered Sev’s chambers and watched his Sev and his friends colouring happily.

Suddenly Sev screamed out as he felt pain lash through his arm. He stood up, stumbling a bit before he felt a tug around his navel. Sev yelped, as he was taken away the moment Ron latched onto him, they were both port keyed away.

While Harry and Luke were panicking, Sev and Ron appeared in a room amidst of a group of death eaters. A cackling laughter sounded from behind them, and as they turned Ron couldn’t help but cringe at the sight of Voldemort. His hold on Sev became tighter, but his strength failed him as Sev was taken away from his embrace.

Sev was scared as he watched his Ron kneel in front of the scary monster. He didn’t listen to the words the creature said. The only thing Sev saw was Ron, lying on the floor screaming out of pain. He struggled and screamed until he finally was set free. Sev rushed towards Ron, feeling himself return to his teenage self. By the time Sev was near Ron, he took the redhead in his arms and apparated away and appeared at the edge of the Forbidden Forrest.

Ron felt the pain leave his body as he was taken away. He opened his eyes when he was lifted from the ground. "Sev?" "Yes, Ron?" "Put me down!"

As Sev did as requested, he stood uncertainly before the redhead but was pleasantly surprised when warm lips covered his own. Their first kiss grew deeper until a loud cough interrupted them.

Ron smiled brightly as his Sev stepped out of his embrace only to step into his mother’s. Anca held her son tightly, knowing that she and Lily would have to leave soon now that Sev, Luke and Harry were feeling safe and very much loved.






The three couples were spread around the living room. Ron and Sev were cuddled in one nook of the soft couch, while in the other were Hermione and Draco. Luke and Harry were sitting in the love chair near the fire, while Anca and Lily were watching them sadly.

"Anca and I are leaving in a few moments, but always remember that we’re watching you," Lily announced softly.

Sev, Luke and Harry quickly left their lovers to hug their mothers, whispering words of love. When they let go, they watched their mothers fading until they couldn’t see them any longer.

The three teenagers looked sadly at the spot where the women had once stood. A sad silence permeated the room as they huddled together, seeking comfort.