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Bye Bye Love

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Fandom(s): NCIS
Genre (general, hetero or slash): Slash
Pairing/Characters: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: PG, so far
Summary: Actions have consequences
Warnings: Angst

Bye, Bye, Love
Chapter 3

"Where in the hell is DiNozzo?" Gibbs demanded. "David. When did you see him last?"

Glancing up in confusion, Ziva thought back. "I spoke to him right before going to see the Director. He said he had plans for lunch. Maybe they just ran long."

"He better hope to god he's got a better excuse than a nooner, let me tell you. I'm in NO mood for his foolishness today." Still grumbling, Gibbs grabbed his coffee mug and headed for the break room and some much-needed caffeine.

McGee spoke up once Gibbs was out of earshot, "I think something's up with Tony. He's been really down the last couple of weeks. And Gibbs won't even speak to him. Did Tony say anything while we were out? Where he was going at lunch? Anything??"

"Nothing outside of mentioning he had plans. Maybe he's got something written down in his planner." With that, Ziva headed to Tony's desk and began rummaging around on top. "Funny, I thought he always kept that planner book right here. I don't think I've ever seen him put it in a drawer or take it home - but it's not here now. Wonder if he's got something to hide?" With an evil smirk, she started pulling open drawers in a search for the planner.

"Uh, maybe you should leave that alone, Ziva. I know he's got some personal stuff in there that he might not be too happy you were digging through."

"What personal stuff? There's nothing in here but office supplies and old memos. Not even any girlie magazines! I'm disappointed in him."

McGee was up and standing next to her in an instant. "What? I know for a fact he keeps a change of underclothes in here . . ." Opening the bottom drawer and discovering it empty seemed to trigger panic mode in McGee. "Oh, crap. I think Tony walked out! For good, I mean. There's nothing in here that should be here. Gibbs is going to . . . ."

"Gibbs is going to what, McGee?" The senior agent spoke brusquely as he returned to his desk. "Something you needed out of DiNozzo's desk?"

"Boss, you might want to check your e-mail." McGee swallowed heavily before continuing, "I think Tony might not be coming back from lunch after all."

"What the hell are you talking about, McGee?" But Gibbs was moving to his computer even as he spoke. A bad feeling shivered across him as he thought of the last few weeks and his behavior towards Tony. Had he pushed him into doing something stupid??

The quiet 'ding' indicating a new mail message pulled him from this thoughts. There it was - a new, untitled message from Anthony DiNozzo. Fighting off the sick sensation in his stomach, Gibbs double-clicked on the e-mail.

'Dear Special Agent Gibbs,
Please accept this as my official resignation from the Naval Criminal Investigative Services. This resignation is effective immediately.
I apologize that I was unable to give sufficient notice, but I must leave due to personal reasons. I have enjoyed my time with NCIS and learned a great deal from you. . . .'

All the breath in his lungs escaped him in a rush and Gibbs felt slightly light-headed. Tony was gone - and Jethro knew he had been the one to drive him away.