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No idea how they find out who made chuunin and stuff so I'm doing it how I want.

Chapter 20

Harry placed a calming hand on Naruto's shoulder as the younger teen tried to bounce from either excitement or nerves. Sakura was a lot calmer, standing on Harry's other side although she was clutching his hand slightly. He didn't really blame either of them, he didn't care one way or another for himself but the results meant a lot to most of the people here. It had been two days since Harry and Naruto's match and the results were finally being announced. They'd be returning to Konoha this afternoon and while it would be nice to sleep in his own bed again it had also been very nice to spend every night curled up with Itachi. He could feel his lovers' eyes on him even if he couldn't see him in the audience. Harry smiled fondly at Naruto as the blonde waved at the entering Kazekage who nodded in return. The redhead pulled out a scroll and began ready the pre-prepared speech before moving on to what they were all there for, the names of those who were to be promoted. The three clapped when Neji was promoted and Naruto began moving more as the list got closer to the 'P's'. Harry had felt Sakura's disappointment at not being called and gave her hand a tight squeeze in comfort.

"Potter Harry, Konoha." Naruto let out a yell of joy and then went red with embarrassment causing Harry to chuckle before calming himself and stepping forward. He accepted the scroll with his name on it and bowed before joining the others. As they approached the end of the list he held his breath. Yes, Naruto had wanted to progress with Sasuke but at the same time the blonde really wanted to be a chuunin.
"Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha." Harry smiled at his little brother as the blonde's face went blank in shock. He coughed softly to get Naruto's attention and then motioned him forward. The teen suddenly grinned and all but bounced forward to the amusement of most present. Room was automatically made beside Harry for his brother and the dark haired teen wrapped an arm around the blonde's shoulders.

"Congratulations." He whispered and Naruto just grinned.

"We did...oops?" Harry froze at the sound of the familiar voice, his lips still firmly latched onto Itachi's left nipple. He could feel the way Itachi tensed and put his hands on his lovers' shoulders to hold him down even as he raised his head to stare at the other leaf-nin. Naruto was staring at the two older, half-naked males in shock before he suddenly went bright red and turned around to face the door.
"Sorry, really really sorry." He babbled and Harry laughed even as waved his hand, re-clothing them.

"It's okay kiddo, you can turn around now." Harry said as he sat up, making Itachi grumble before also sitting up. The twenty-one year old looked more than a little annoyed at being interrupted but he wouldn't say anything since it was Naruto.
"Could have been worse, at least it wasn't Kakashi or Sakura." Harry whispered before walking over to the still stammering blonde. He wrapped his arms around the smaller teen and began whispering to him. Naruto eventually calmed and looked over at Itachi.

"Hi?" Naruto said hesitantly. Harry threw Itachi a glare over the smaller teen's shoulder and Itachi sighed.

"Hello Naruto." Itachi greeted and Harry smiled. The wizard knew Itachi was uncomfortable around people but he wanted his family to get along. Naruto grinned and walked closer, sitting on a nearby chair. Itachi sighed; so much for the night he had planned.
"I am sorry about our last meeting, Kisame is too." Itachi said awkwardly.

"It's okay." Naruto shrugged. The three fell into a slightly uncomfortable silence.

"Congratulations on making chuunin. A step closer to your dream?" Itachi offered, earning a brilliant smile from his lover.

"Thanks!! I'm sure Sasuke will pass easily next time too. It's stupid that he wasn't allowed to come." Naruto glared at the wall.

"I'm sure he will but I understand why they decided the way they did. Sasuke was willing to turn his back on the village for power and revenge and he nearly killed you in the process. With my supposed actions that would make them nervous." Itachi explained.

"But was he really willing? I think that seal messes with the bearers mind quite a bit." Harry pointed out.
"The Dark Mark did the same unless you knew how to fight it. He's been...calmer I guess since I reinforced Kakashi's work. Either that or because Sakura's finally leaving him alone." Harry grinned as Naruto laughed.

"But you'll get rid of it soon, right nii-san?"

"Soon Naruto."

"Good. Then we just have to convince him Itachi's innocent."

"No!" Naruto jumped and stared at Itachi with wide eyes. The eldest Uchiha sighed and looked at Naruto sadly.
"He can't know Naruto. He can't go after the real culprit, he'd kill Sasuke."

"And you won't kill him. But he hates you Itachi."

"Naruto's right love. His hatred of you is a big part of the problem and from what I've heard is why he wanted to go to the snake. As much as you don't want him getting hurt, this lie is hurting him just as much. Without trying to kill you he could always focus more on his second goal, reviving the clan since you won't be able to."

"Why not?" Naruto questioned and then went crimson as Harry raised an eyebrow.
"Right, forget I asked." The blonde muttered, embarrassed. Itachi chuckled and Harry shot them both a fond smile.
"Well, I'm gonna go now. Have whatever." With that Naruto bolted and Harry collapsed, laughing.

"Poor Naruto." He gasped between laughs.

"You okay?" Sakura looked up at her green eyed teammate and nodded.
"You'll make it next time Sakura, you and Sasuke." Harry encouraged and she smiled.

"Thank you Harry." She answered softly, both looking ahead to watch their blonde teammate run excitedly across the sand.

"Sometimes I wish I had half his energy, I get tired just watching him!" Sakura laughed at his comment, her mood lifting. Harry grinned and let himself fall into step with their teacher.
"So what'll happen now?" Harry asked his flatmate.

"Iruka was planning to put your name down for teaching at the Academy if you want it. Apparently the kids adore you and as seen with Naruto you can teach."

"I've been teaching on and off since I was fifteen so I'm not surprised. What about Naruto?"

"He'll stay with the team unless needed for something else. You can still join us as far as I'm concerned." Harry smiled at the older man.

"Thanks." They walked in silence for a while but Kakashi could tell there was something the teen wanted to talk about.
"Naruto made a good point the other night. Sasuke believing Itachi is guilty is doing more harm than good. How do you think he'd react to the truth?" Kakashi actually froze for a split second, unnoticed by anyone other than Harry.

"He won't believe you without some rather extraordinary proof."

"Yeah, so if I tell him I'll have to tell him everything. The proofs in my memories and the only way to show him those is for him to know who and what I am." Harry said softly.

"He'll feel betrayed when he finds out about you and his brother."

"And the fact that you, Naruto, Iruka and the Hokage know as well. Yeah. But he deserves to know the truth and maybe it'll help his emotional problems." Harry shrugged.
"Personally I'll be happy if he doesn't try to chidori my arse. Why you ever taught him that I'll never understand." Kakashi shrugged, it was something he had wondered about after finding out Sasuke had used it on Naruto.

"IRUKA-SENSEI!!!!" Harry winced at Naruto's volume as the blonde tackled the teacher as they finally entered the gates of Konoha. The older man laughed and hugged Naruto warmly, looking up at the rest of them and nodding in greeting.

"How did it go?" He asked as he began to walk with them towards the Hokage tower.

"It was great!! Harry and me fought the last fight! It was the longest fight of the exams and I won." Naruto chattered. Iruka smiled broadly and offered his congratulations.

"So who advanced?" Iruka asked.

"Naruto and I did from our team. Neji also made chuunin." Harry answered him as they walked; smiling in greeting to Sasuke as the teen suddenly joined them. The other teen just nodded slightly. Harry walked beside him and moved closer to whisper.
"I need to talk to you later, alone. Meet me where I helped you." Sasuke nodded slightly, curious but willing to wait.

Harry fingered his new vest as he paced the clearing, waiting for Sasuke to show up. He had no weapons with him, not wanting Sasuke to feel threatened when he learnt of Harry's connection to his brother. It wasn't like he'd need them to restrain the teen if things went badly and he knew they would. Harry turned as the younger teen emerged from the trees and shot him a nervous smile. He sighed as that put Sasuke immediately on edge. He threw himself down on the grass and motioned for Sasuke to sit.

"Okay, do you want the good news or the sort of bad but also good news first? Forget that we'll go with the good. I can remove the Seal now."

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